How to Create + Sustain a Movement: Lessons Learned from Gloria Steinem

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Gloria Steinem, writer, lecturer, editor and feminist activist, speak about “The Progression of Feminism: Where are we going?”

Gloria Steinem

It was a magical evening witnessing her doing her thing. She has been at the forefront of the feminist movement for many decades.

Here are some of my favorite messages of her speech …

There are 3 phases in creating a movement.

Consciousness =====> Organizing =====> Transformation

Think about how these phases apply to the important work you’re doing in the world. Ask yourself what phase you’re in now.

Movement creation is a LONG journey. It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly won’t happen if you’re not willing to commit to the peaks and valleys of your quest.


While technology and the Internet is AMAZING and has totally changed the way we can connect with our tribe, NOTHING will ever replace 5-senses connection.

This means, you have to GET OUT FROM BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER and meet people LIVE to truly take your movement forward.

I say this all the time.

While I LOVE being able to run my business online, NOTHING will ever replace face-to-face connection.

That’s why I host LIVE retreats for my clients in the Business Adventure School (we have one coming up in a few days!).

BAS 11/13 retreat

That’s why I’ve been hosting live events since I started my business in 2008.

Our brand NEW live event being held this October 2014 is going to BLOW your mind. Talk about 5-senses connection! We’re hosting the event at an award-winning historical resort that will nurture you on the deepest level. You will fire up your mission, move your body, expand your thinking and join forces with fellow female entrepreneurs to turn your gifts into gold.

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Group shot in front of greenery beauty

Movement makers need consistent support structures to continue doing this work at a high level.

You can’t do this work alone. You just can’t. You need a place to go to share the truth of your experience and get support from like-minded peeps on the path.

Sacred self-care is also crucial. It’s easy to fall SO deep in love with your movement and mission that you neglect your needs. This is a no-win proposition. Your health, relationships and perspective suffers … as does your movement if you get sick (and you will).

Need some help here?

I created a FREE audio to bring more sacred self-care strategies into your life and take charge of your day in just 5 minutes. Click here to instantly download your FREE copy.


Wishing you much love on your movement-making journey. The world needs more courageous women. Go forth!



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