Battling the Green-Eyed Monster Named FEAR


I want to tell you a story about the green-eyed monster called Fear.

Fear, fear, fear.

The F-bomb.

The four-letter word called Fear.

Fear is so pervasive in our society. It just is.

Just watch the news or read the newspaper and you can simply FEEL the fear jumping in your face.

And it is one of the most common things that comes up with my clients that we work through as they build their businesses. As they navigate the twists and turns of upleveling, I can see the look in their eyes, and it’s excitement mixed with overwhelm mixed with fear.

Recently, my team received an email from someone in our tribe and shared it with me. While I love hearing from gals in our community, I have to admit that I was taken aback by how much fear was in the email.

My heart broke for her, but I also took a stand for her because she was asking for help. She shared that she felt called by her intuition to connect with me. Yet, the next part of her note was the one that really made an impact on me, which was all of the fear that was oozing out of her words.

She said something like, “I’m afraid of the cost of working with you. I’m afraid that I won’t get what I hope for if I work with you. I’m afraid you won’t even be able to help me because you’re about to have a baby.”

She was channeling a lot of fear and attempting to send it my way.

I’m a pretty empathic person so feel emotions pretty deeply, but this pregnancy has me going even deeper into this so I have to protect my energetic field and not take on the “stuff” of my clients and community. I do no one any good if I attach to that energy.

I’ve learned this the hard way when I’ve gotten sick or extremely worn out from taking on “stuff” that’s not mine.

So my solution I’ve come up with (feel free to model!) is to make it VERY clear to my private or group coaching clients that they must work on the fear that’s holding them back.

I can guide, I can hold your hand, I can teach you and train you in everything around creating this profitable, freedom-based business and gutsy life, but overcoming your fears is an inside job.

I repeat: blazing through your fears is an inside job.

So I ask you now, what are you afraid of?

How are you letting fear hold you back?

Sometimes you let fear hold you back from even making a move, from even sending the email, from even reaching out by phone or going to the meeting.

We are born with faith and love. Fear is learned.

You’ve got to stop letting fear drive your business or stall your business.

Now, I don’t believe that you can completely erase fear from your life 100%.

There are days when I am really afraid of making that next move.

My mind starts spinning in circles asking me impossible questions …

“What will happen if this doesn’t work?”

“What will happen if this does work?”

But what I choose to do is move through it. I call this walking through fire. There’s a fire attached to fear.

honoring the fire

A few years ago at one of my live events, I brought it in a firewalking guide to lead the women through a firewalk. And we literally walked over fire together, bare feet on fire.

Do you think there was fear? Hell yeah.

But every single woman who was there walked over that fire on her own. They weren’t forced. It was a choice they made because they realized that they had let fear hold them back for way too long in so many different areas of their lives and businesses.

hot coals

So I ask you, why are you letting fear hold you back, why are you letting fear chain you, shackle you, enslave you?

You are not doing anyone any favors by letting your fear rule you. When you let fear rule you, you’re sabotaging your business and your life and your dreams.

I want better for you, and I know you do too.

So today, let’s take a stand together for faith and love over fear.

Look fear in the face and say, “Thank you for showing up today and reminding me that I’m alive. Hey, appreciate your concern, but I’ve got this covered and I’m going for it.”

Then put one foot in front of the other as you walk over the fire of your fears towards your desired destination.

Me on my first firewalk in 2011.

Me on my first firewalk in 2011.

Imagine that you’re walking over stars. Works like a charm.



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