The Power of Live Events: Connections, Clients, Clarity + Cash

Live Events

One of the biggest things you can do to grow your business is to get out from behind your computer.

I see way too many biz chicks hiding out behind their technology, behind their screens, behind their emails, behind their social media posts.

All of that technology is great, trust me. Online business is amazing. Love it.

I’m so grateful that we are in this day and age where we have technology at our fingertips. Most of the technology is no cost or low cost technology, which has just revolutionized our potential to connect with people in this world.

However, business is not done behind computer screens exclusively. It’s simply not.

People do business with those who they know, like, and trust.

In order for you to really get out there, and grow your mission and your movement, you’ve got to get out from behind your screen. You have to quit hiding.

I learned this early on in business. I was kind of staying in my little box, and hiding out in my safe zone in New York City. I mean I was in the largest city in the country I figured … wasn’t that enough to grow my fledgling business?


When things really started moving for me was when I got gutsy and bold and went to my first-ever female entrepreneur conference in 2009. And I will never forget signing up for that conference. It was so scary, yet I knew I had to do it. I felt like I was being led in that direction.

Prior to signing up for this conference, I remember listening to a free call hosted by Ali Brown, the woman who was leading this event and it was just what I needed to hear.

Her energy, her message, the opportunity was custom-made for me. That was how I felt and I was listening to her call. I was was fired up listening to what was possible for me that during the call I was on a travel website looking at flights and hotels because I knew I was going.

Let me set the scene for you …

This conference was in Las Vegas. I was living in New York City.

I knew nobody going to going to this conference. I didn’t even really know the woman who was holding the event too well, I had just heard of her a few months prior.

This was my first-ever training call of hers I had ever attended, but it was very obvious that what she was offering was just what I needed.

So what did I do?

I made it happen. I did NOT make excuses. I even sold my wedding dress to afford the ticket to attend. Seriously.

I didn’t say, “Well, I can’t afford the ticket fee because my business isn’t making that much money yet,” or “I don’t know anyone so I shouldn’t go,” or, “It’s hard,” or, “I can’t leave my son.” (My son was not yet one year old and I was still nursing him, but I made the decision to pump the whole time I was away!)

Yes, I went. I made the decision. I made the decision to go. And that event changed the course of my business and my life forever.

Me taking the stage for a Business Makeover at my first-ever entrepreneur conference.

Me taking the stage for a Business Makeover at my first-ever entrepreneur conference.

Let this statement sink in: the event changed the course of my business and my life forever.

I made so many connections at the event. I am still close with a number of people I met there. I ended up joining a high-level coaching and training program at that event so I could learn from the best about what the heck I was doing in my business instead of trying to just f figure it out on my own because it wasn’t working. It just simply wasn’t working.

And it was all because I went to that one event. So, if you are struggling right now in your business, and you’re not really sure what’s next, or how to do it, or just you’re on the verge of giving up, because it’s just too damn hard, then I will say to you, get out from behind your computer.

Go to networking events, go to workshops, retreats, big events that you just feel called to go to led by a coach, a guide, a teacher, who you resonate with. There’s something about her or his path that calls out to you. This is what you need to do. This is what you need to do. Go to live events. Do not give me excuses for why you can’t make it happen because you can. You TOTALLY can.

Think about landing one new client from going to an event. What’s that worth to you?

How about creating a package or a program that can double, triple or quadruple your income this year? All because you have the sacred space to conceive of that idea. Because you’re around other big thinkers.

That is what happens when you go to live events.

So, make it happen, no excuses. We’re talking about your business here. You need to be a big girl. Put on your big girl panties and be a CEO.

If you ever want to truly make it in business. It’s not about making excuses. Go read an autobiography of any successful business person and they didn’t get to where they are because they made excuses. They got to where they are because they made decisions, and they knew how to take risks, and they got themselves in situations around other people who could help them move to the next level.

This is the power of live events, and this is what I want you to experience in your business.

Ready to experience a live event like no other?

Welcome to ALCHEMY Live: Turn Your Gifts Into Gold.

Alchemy BANNER

HEADS-UP: This is NOT some same-old, business-as-usual workshop in an uninspiring windowless hotel meeting room. You know, the ones where the speakers do all the talking while you just listen.

It’s going to be an extremely fun, sacred and adventurous entrepreneur meeting of the minds, hearts and souls.

Yes, you’ll receive the business training you need to advance, but you’ll also experience an alchemical mixture of being in nature, dancing to connect with your raw feminine energy, sacred self-care, laughing your head off and seriously the best networking you can imagine.

Part business event, part sacred retreat, part experiential adventure … everything you need to move to the next level in your business and your life.

The doors CLOSE on our early-bird registration on Sunday, April 13.

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