Mother Your Ambitions: Why Bringing Your Brilliance Into the World Matters

Mother Your Ambitions

When I became a mother 5+ years ago, my whole life changed in what seemed like an instant.

Instead of everything being about ME, ME, ME, my energy was now focused on my beautiful son Sean and what was best for him.

What a welcome change!

I waited 31 years to become a mom and it was a profound moment in my life crossing over that great divide into motherhood.

Up until that point, I was very much defined by my career and accomplishments.

So when I became a mom I wasn’t quite sure how to find my footing as someone who had ambitions OUTSIDE of motherhood.

It took me a while to recalibrate.

I wasn’t sure I was allowed to want to travel to a business event without my baby … or to even want to WORK and not spend the entire day with my child.

It was a struggle finding my personal truth.

Finally, I realized that although I had become a mother, I was still JENNY. I still had a mission to fulfill on this planet, and more importantly, I WANTED TO.

I love touching people’s lives. I am in bliss when I can help a woman find her calling and her path.

In fact, just yesterday I had a client tell me how inspiring my journey has been to her … and how I’ve helped her step into her calling as a childbirth educator and do whatever it takes to impact women with her work. I got goosebumps as she shared that with me (probably moreso because I’m SO passionate about women being informed about their childbirthing options!).

After some soul searching back in 2009, what I realized is this: I HAVE AMBITIONS THAT MATTER.

And so do YOU.

You may want to write a book … write a screenplay … travel the world for a year with your family … have a baby … move cross-country … meet your dream lover and open a bed and breakfast … create an app … start a charity for children … help women rediscover their sexuality … plan weddings … create a photography exhibit … build websites and brands.

Whatever you want to be, do, create, IT MATTERS.

So right now I want to give you permission to MOTHER YOUR AMBITIONS. Don’t let them wither away and die.

Nurture them.

Love them.

Believe in them.

Champion them.

Because without you, they don’t stand a chance in this world. And that would be a damn shame.

For real.

Go to bat for your dreams.

Stand firm on your desires.

Dig deep and do what’s required to bring your brilliance into the world.

You have what it takes.

You were blessed with these gifts for a reason.

And your ambitions chose YOU to come through because you’re the perfect person to share them.


You have a powerful gift that will heal the world. Let’s get it out there. Life is short. I want you to make use of every second you have.

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You’re ready to give BIRTH to something absolutely breathtaking and life-affirming. You could probably use some assistance because it won’t be easy to transition from where you are now to where you’re going.

I can help.

Let’s do this, together.


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