My Intervention on the Vegas Strip

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I’m turning 37.

When I was much younger, I thought 37 made me ancient! Now I know better.

I feel good and grateful about the blessings in my life.

But, I’ll never forget my birthday 7 years ago – when I turned 30.


I was lost.

So lost that I had an “intervention” on the Las Vegas Strip.

Let me explain …

Although I had broken the magical 6-figure ceiling in my corporate job as a conference producer and was living it up in my kick-ass apartment on the 31st floor overlooking the Hudson River in New York City with my husband, I was restless.





All the Coach bags in the world (I seriously had a fetish) and Happy Hours (I thought alcohol would make everything better) didn’t scratch the itch I felt for something MORE.

What that MORE was, I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

So I kept doing what I had always done: worked harder and harder and harder until one day I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore.

It was awful.

The moment it all came crashing down on me was my 30th birthday, when I was in Las Vegas on a business trip.

There, as I was walking alone amongst the crowds and the lights on The Strip, a message hit me loud and clear: “What are you doing? Where are you going?”

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I know now that the message I received was a spiritual intervention.

I wasn’t living the life I was supposed to be living and I couldn’t deny it any longer.  I made a pact with myself to make a major career shift by the end of that year…


What did I do next?

Decide to change it all by taking off on a month-long adventure through Asia with my hubby … and then undergo an intensive training to become a yoga teacher … all while continuing to hold down my full-time, all-consuming job and try to figure out what my true calling was.

Those experiences shook me to my core, changed me, spoke to me. I couldn’t go back to “old Jenny.”

I knew there was more to life than the way I was living. I wanted more freedom, more flexibility, more fun, more fabulousness. I wanted more space. I wanted to spread my wings.

So one cold November day back in 2007, I walked away from my old, comfortable, lucrative job … and set out on a path into the unknown.

It was one of the scariest – yet liberating – days of my life.

I literally felt like I was weaning myself off of a drug. The drug of the conventional path, the drug of certainty, the drug of “this is how everyone else does it.”

It was this clear-cut DECISION that changed the course of my life forever. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I essentially gave myself permission to be ME and to share my message and my gift with the world in the most powerful, meaningful way possible.

In the time since my giant leap, my life has transformed in ways that sometimes even I can’t believe.

Vision boarding!

I’ve built a sustainable, thriving, online business with multiple streams of income serving and coaching amazing women from all over the world.

I’ve mentored with top coaches and guides in the fields of coaching, female entrepreneurship and online marketing who have taught me the secrets of their success and growth.

I’m part of an invite-only mastermind with 6- and 7-figure business chicks where we share EVERYTHING about biz and life. I can’t imagine my life without those women. I was invited into that group because I’ve invested in my growth (you can’t cheapskate your way into biz growth … trust me!) and am willing to be VISIBLE.

I’ve birthed three beautiful children. Being a mother is humbling and hilarious.

My family relocated from the bright lights of New York City to our dream community in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

I’ve traveled the world.

I’ve created a schedule that allows me the flexibility to do amazing work AND be there for my husband and kids so we can spend quality time together doing things we love.


I live my yoga daily.

But, it didn’t look like this when I was getting started. It was dark, lonely, scary, confusing! My head would be spinning most days. I took a lot of wrong turns.

I admit: I’d often quench my fears by reading job postings … thinking that maybe someone could just start telling me what to do again if I went back to working for someone else. But deep down, I knew that wasn’t my path …

And it’s likely not yours either if you have a message YOU want to share with the world. If you are a woman on a mission …

And if that’s you, I don’t want you to have to go through that MUCK I went through. It’s downright sucky and unnecessary. It’s a waste of your time, money and brilliance.

There’s no use in reinventing the wheel on your soulful business journey. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. I’m here to lighten your load, take away the fear, and help you find and walk your true path in life (and have A LOT OF FUN doing it).

And that’s EXACTLY what I teach you in the Live Your Dream Challenge.

The steps I walk you through in the Live Your Dream Challenge are the EXACT same steps I went through to go from lost to found on my journey to FIND and LIVE my calling.

They are the EXACT same steps I’ve used with hundreds of women who have gone through this process with me as their guide. This formula is GOLD.

This course is the FOUNDATIONAL piece that is missing from so many women’s lives. I see it EVERYDAY when women confide in me that they’ve taken the hard-core business courses, but still feel something is “OFF” … something is missing.

You know what’s missing?

Your soul. Your heart. Your truth.

As I learned last year when we put an addition on our house, the FOUNDATION is everything. Without it, your beautiful creation will crumble quickly.

I created this course to share this information with as many people as I can. So I am setting the fee at a level that is affordable but still honors the value of the transformative content.

And you can try out the entire course risk-free. (See my Invest With Confidence Guarantee here.)

Be pulled into your ideal future starting NOW. There truly is no time to wait.

If I would have IGNORED that voice on my 30th birthday and said I was TOO BUSY (the most common excuse I hear for not taking action other than “I can’t afford it”), I don’t even want to think about where my life would be now. I wouldn’t have my children, wouldn’t be doing the work I’m doing and most likely would be in really rough shape.

How much longer will you use the “I’m too busy” or “I can’t afford it” excuse on your journey? Finding time and finding money are actually pretty simple when you DECIDE that there is no other way.

So quit wimping out on yourself. Get gutsy, girl. Allow yourself to own your awesomeness.

What I know is this: this experience WILL change your life and the course of your life’s work forever. Stop struggling. Stop feeling crappy. Stop pretending. Stop playing small. Stop trying to muscle your way through by yourself. Stop wasting your life and talents away!

It’s time to let go of your fears, take inspired action and totally transform your life.

You’re ready.

Let’s go.

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I can’t wait to support you.


Signature (Jenny)

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Here’s my response:

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