Conquer Your Year with Natalie MacNeil

Do you want 2017 to be your breakout year? Are you prepared to conquer your biggest goals, but don’t know where to begin?

Get pumped, ya’ll!

Because the amazing Natalie MacNeil returns to the podcast for a conversation that is going to take your life to the next level.

Natalie shares her incredible journey this year of moving not once, but twice … and how the importance of her environment allowed her to find growth in her business and life. We also talk about trusting your intuition, meditation for entrepreneurs, demanding support, and dealing with overwhelm.

Oh, and Natalie shares a fun story of how she pulled an epic prank on the one and only Richard Branson during a trip to Necker Island.

We also talk about her brand new book “Conquer Your Year” that guides you to break down your biggest goals into bite-sized chunks so you can get more done, grow your business and achieve your wildest dreams!

About Our Guest

get-gutsy-podcast-interviews-natalie-macneilNatalie MacNeil is an Emmy Award-winning media producer; the author CONQUER YOUR YEAR and THE CONQUER KIT; and creator of, recognized by Forbes as a “Top 10 Website for Entrepreneurial Women.”

Episode highlights:

  • How Natalie was able to publish 2 books in 12 months!
  • How to trust your intuition and live your life in alignment
  • Why so many women entrepreneurs struggle with asking for help and how you can demand more support
  • How to surrender control so you can build a successful business
  • Trusting the signs and create an environment that allows you to grow
  • Discover how her new business venture Soul Seconds is helping entrepreneurs meditate, regardless of how busy they are
  • The importance of breaking big goals into small tasks
  • Why celebrating along the way is so important to building your business
  • Natalie describes the hardest decision of her life

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