That’s Not Crazy with Scott + Elise Grice

Is PLAY important to your work? Should it be? Burned out on 1:1 client work?

In today’s episode of Get Gutsy, we’re making history as I chat with not one, but two awesome guests, Scott and Elise Grice. Scott and Elise are online educators, mentors and branding gurus. Plus, they are married and SO, SO cute. And they are OBSESSED with having fun at Disney theme parks.

Scott and Elise share why having a good time is a priority for them, why they walked away from their lucrative design firm and the life-threatening turning point that forced them to shift their perspective ASAP.

They explain how they moved away from the 1-to-1 private client business model and created a successful branding course that allows them to take a full month off to travel several times a year. Both Scott and Elise were happily homeschooled and I grill them on that since I’m now a homeschooling mom.

Scott and Elise are inspiring, energetic trailblazers who created a business that fits their dream lifestyle. You are going to LOVE this episode. It’s full of CHEER and DEPTH.

About Our Guests

get-gutsy-podcast-interviews-Scott+Elise-GriceOnline educators and mentors, Scott and Elise Grice, are on a mission to help self-made entrepreneurs redefine success and build contagiously happy lives and businesses. Together, they built Hey, Sweet Pea, a thriving branding team + studio originally based in Austin, TX.

From 1-on-1 clients to group programs, they’ve coached and branded over 1,400 creative entrepreneurs in the past 5.5 years. They’ve since embraced an unconventional business + adventurous life on the road (which allows them to pour all their time into their signature course, My Own Irresistible Brand).

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