Dream Great Dreams + Make Them Come True with Kelsey Matheson

Wondering if you have what it takes to invest in other entrepreneurs to help make their dreams come true? Or, to create a thriving business in another country?

Well Kelsey Matheson’s instincts have taken her on a powerful journey exploring these realms! I just loved talking to this woman who moves through life with eyes wide open and tremendous courage.

Kelsey reveals how she tapped into her gut feelings to create a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica, — how dreamy! — and also financially back other entrepreneurs with a social purpose.

Now, after healing from a personal health crisis, Kelsey has launched the next chapter in her work >> a new online course about conscious living and optimal health.  

And girl, make sure you listen until the end. Kelsey’s super vulnerable gutsy move is a very personal experience she navigated with grace, love, and no shame. She inspired me to open up about my own experience of discovering at 25 years old that I have an older brother that I never knew I had.

About Our Guest


Kelsey Matheson-McCord was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and, today, she is an international entrepreneur by way of co-owning a number of socially and environmentally responsible companies. Kelsey began dancing and acting at the age of six and went on to train at theatre school in New York City before landing in Toronto to focus on an acting career. During that time she also dabbled in producing and marrying art with business quickly became second nature to her. In 2009 she left the film industry in search of a new challenge that would deliver that combination of creativity and commerce. Kelsey teamed up with two American partners to develop Anamaya Resort – a stunning yoga retreat center in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

After Anamaya opened, Kelsey knew she had found her life’s passion. Her second company, BE Outfitter, produces backpacks and outdoor gear that helps put children through school around the world. While all this good stuff was happening, Kelsey birthed a daughter and subsequently suffered through depression. Instead of letting this condition ruin her life, she sought the help of numerous health and wellness experts.

Much discovery led to recovery and the realization that Kelsey could help others. The call to coach was heard and kelseymatheson.com now serves as a hub for those seeking to benefit from either her business prowess, through private training sessions, or achieve optimal health through her brand new e-course.

Both Kelsey and her various projects have received coveted media attention via Elle, Conde Nast Traveler, Huffington Post, Forbes and In Style, to name a few. Kelsey currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC with her husband and daughter.

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