You Can Give Up Or You Can Get Up with Eleni Andreadis

What do you do when what works for you stops working?

Want to break the cycle of setting yourself up for disappointment?

Then you’re going to love today’s conversation with Eleni Andreadis, who is an amazing Get Gutsy Certified Coach!

I met Eleni a year ago when she became a student in my coaching school. She blew me away with her courage and faith from the beginning. I’m pumped to share her inspirational message and story with you today.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Eleni shares:

  • How her mother’s passing was the catalyst for her becoming a coach
  • Navigating the fear of going from selling products to selling herself and her services
  • How she discovered her connection to God through writing and creativity
  • What faith means to her
  • An epic, life lesson she experienced while (literally) climbing a mountain with me

In this heart-to-heart, I also reveal how I developed my own relationship with God, and the important role my deceased sister Julie played in that.

Warning: This episode goes deep. Don’t listen if you only like to scratch the surface in life.

About Our Guest

get-gutsy-podcast-interviews-Eleni-AndreadisEleni Andreadis is a Soulful Empowerment Coach and Life Design Strategist. She works with women who are stuck at crossroads in their lives and can’t figure out what’s next. She helps them reconnect with their truest self, identify their heart’s desires, and breakthrough what’s holding them back; so, they can move forward with clarity and confidence to create their new life. Eleni meets her clients where they are and together they create a custom roadmap to go from point A to point B in a way that feels good, meaningful, and authentic to them. She provides the support, strategies, and tools needed to shift their thinking and take small daily steps to create big life changes; from the inside out. She is passionate about empowering women to triumphantly rise, thrive and shine unapologetically in life.

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