Mother Goddess, Hear Me Rise

Mother Goddess, hear me rise.

Mother Goddess, hear me rise.

Over and over again, I could hear this powerful message flowing through my body.

I was fully naked.

On a massage table.

In an open-air room at my retreat center in Gokarna Beach, India.

Two massage therapists (angels!) were giving me a synchronized hot oil massage (heaven!).

The oil was a custom blend based on my ayurvedic dosha (I’m vata – pitta).

I had been loved up for an entire week.

Cared for.



I napped everyday.

Went to bed early.

Rose early for sunrise yoga.

Sat in sangha with a circle of sisters on the path.

In a land that had been calling me forward for a decade.


Mother Goddess, Hear Me Rise

And there, on that massage table, I heard a message that was so clear, so solid, so deep, I knew it was meant for me.

And I knew it was meant to be shared by me, with you, right now.

Mother Goddess, hear me rise.

What does that mean?

And what does that mean right now?

Oh, there is so much to say. And so little that even needs to be said.

What we need is women taking action.

To get our ship back on course.

Can you feel it too?

Everyday we’re waking up to more and more crazy situations in the world.

Everyday, we’re experiencing heartache. And loss. And killings. And injustice.

And a continuation of systems and mindsets that simply aren’t working any longer. Often, they never did work.

And as women, we often didn’t have a voice that counted to be able to speak up and say ENOUGH.

Enough of this bullshit.

Enough of the blind leading the blind.

Enough of the hypocrisy.

Enough of remaining silent at the expense of your sanity and your truth.

Mother Goddess, hear me rise.

Welcome to the rising.

Welcome to the moment you were born for.

A few days ago I saw the movie Wonder Woman.

(Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? If not, RUN TO THE THEATER.)

There was such a POWERFUL MESSAGE in the film about women stepping up and not waiting for PERMISSION to go out and do the damn thing you were put here to do, be and have.

Stop waiting.

Stop worrying if people won’t agree with you.

Stop trying to be BFFs with everyone on your quest.

And stop faking.

Stop thinking that your assignment will require anything less from you than your best.

When I say best, I don’t mean perfect.

I mean your best at any given moment.

Are you doing your best and letting God do the rest?

It’s time to ACT.

The time for complacency has long since past.

You know the character that I loved in the film?

Robin Wright’s character. HOLY SHIT.

She trains her students HARD.

It’s her mission to help her students fulfill theirs. And she did her job well with our girl Wonder Woman who totally floored me in the movie (I cried!).

That’s exactly how I feel about my assignment with my students.

I train them hard (with love!) and then I let them soar.

And I’m proud of that.

I do what I do for my students.

For the leaders who are looking for a strong leader + seasoned guide a few steps ahead on the journey to show you the way forward.

That’s why I’ve poured close to 10 years of my time + energy + money + love into THIS MISSION.

I can’t not help my people.

I’m totally being guided by spirit on this launch of the next class in my coach certification school. I’m in it now + whoa!

Learning from the past.

Remembering that not everyone is truly cut out to be a coach (even if they say they are on paper).

My programs are not about VOLUME.

They are about DEPTH.



That means that I needed to redesign our enrollment process.

Bring back a high-touch application process to support our premium, high-vibe experience.

It’s a challenge as it comes with change to much of our systems and back-end, but it’s oh so worth it.


The future of the coaching industry is at stake.

My mission is to train the best of the best.

Those who do what they say they are going to do.

Those who SHOW UP.

Those who look fear in the face + keep on walking.

Those who are ready to do the work.

Those who know that WORK is WORSHIP.

Those who KNOW that NOW IS THE TIME.

ALL IN, baby. ALL IN.

If that’s you, head on over to and click on the APPLY button.

If I feel you’re a right fit after you apply, we will schedule your interview with me to discuss moving forward into this next level.

Welcome to the rising.

Welcome to the moment you were born for.

Mother Goddess, hear me rise.

This is Jenny Fenig sending you so much love, light + faith as you GET GUTSY. I’ll see you next time.

Mother Goddess, Hear Me Rise




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