Change Doesn’t Happen Without Action with Shelley Davidescu

Why can it be so hard to make positive changes in your life?

What’s the secret to creating lasting change?

Are our beliefs to blame when we feel stuck?

Shelley Davidescu and I swim around in all things CHANGE during our compelling conversation on today’s show. She reveals a powerful 4-step process to create change in your life, and explains why change is so scary and why it may require a mourning period.

Shelley, who has both an online coaching business and a therapy practice, shares how she moves between the modalities, and what all of her clients have in common. She also explains how our belief systems and identities can create major blocks and how to break free.

Some of my favorite nuggets from this episode >>

  • How to deliberately craft your life
  • We are always in relationship
  • We MUST let go of things to create change
  • What feels SAFE doesn’t get you to your desired outcome
  • You must commit to your progress to doing the work

About Our Guest

Shelley DavidescuShelley Davidescu is a Business Mentor for women entrepreneurs who are ready to build a business that helps them spread their powerful message in the world. Shelley combines her knowledge in business, psychology, and wellness to help women entrepreneurs enroll more clients, create more freedom in their lives, and make a bigger impact in the world.



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