Do What Feels Real + Right with Erica Gellerman

Can a book really change your life?

This episode will have you believing YES.

You can imagine my delight when I learned that my book “Get Gutsy” played a big role in Erica Gellerman’s gutsy move to release her “successful” corporate executive life (Procter & Gamble and Amazon to be specific!) to embrace entrepreneurship.

Erica had a panic attack one day during work and simply knew something had to give. Her life was at stake.

She literally read my book on a plane as she was contemplating what the heck she was doing with her life.

Her question she pondered >> “What do I want?”

With an MBA from Duke and lots of student loans to boot, she had her back against the wall to figure out what move she’d make next.

Her story will floor you.

It’s about worth, women, meaningful careers, making money, and what she learned from playing on the boys’ water polo team in high school (as the only girl).

And you’ll flip when you hear her story about landing her first client in London, the wife of a Royal! It’s hilarious and oh, so bold (a potent combo).

Erica GellermanAbout Our Guest

Erica Gellerman is a consultant and mentor who helps women find their worth in the workplace. Having spent 10 years honing her skills with great companies (PwC, P&G, Amazon), she’s now helping other women transition into careers they love, gain the confidence to speak up and ask for more, and see the value in their work. She shares information and advice on her website, The Worth Project, through her weekly Forbes Column, The Salary Chronicles, and as the Finance Editor for The Everygirl. She has her MBA from Duke University, is a CPA, and is currently an expat living in London with her husband and her little dog, Hattie.


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