Honor Your Boundaries with Lisa Fabrega

A big theme for the many of the women I’ve worked with through the years is this >> lack of boundaries.

Being unwilling to set healthy boundaries causes you to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and drained. Human doormat, anyone?

Straight-up: this sucks! And you can do something about it.

My conversation today with truth-telling writer, coach and Priestess Lisa Fabrega will get you going on the right path.  

Lisa’s fascinating life experience includes growing up in a dictatorship to acting in New York City to leading retreats around the world. I love how gutsy and vulnerable Lisa is online and our conversation is no different.

We deep dive into following your hunches and how to honor your soul after a lifetime of being told not to.

And, we explore all things boundaries, including:

  • Signs you need to set better boundaries
  • Why we avoid setting boundaries
  • How upholding your boundaries can lead to your next level
  • And so much more!

I recently spent a weekend with Lisa at my coach’s mastermind retreat where Lisa was the Priestess-in-Residence. She is wise, grounded and ready. Lisa speaks her soul and inspires you to do the same.

Honor Your Boundaries with Lisa FabregaAbout Our Guest

As a truth-telling writer, coach and innovator in the realm of soul-driven leadership, Lisa Fabrega has devoted her life to helping people connect more deeply with their soul voice and overcome the misleading chatter of the ego.  By aligning with their true calling in this way, her clients are able to unleash their inner Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa or Gandhi upon the world. Lisa leads retreats called Soul Adventures around the world and is the creator of the popular Soul Whispering challenge — a 7 day challenge to get you back in touch with the voice of your soul.  If you know you’re here to do something big in the world, but for reasons you can’t explain, aren’t quite doing it the way you want to, you can visit www.lisafabrega.com for inspiration and to find out more about how to work with her.


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