Selling is Serving

I’m back from leading my retreat in Tulum, Mexico (OMG – amazing!) … and want to talk to you today about selling.

Some people cringe at the thought of selling, but to me selling is serving.

Sure, free stuff is great (and you know I give my tribe a lot of free value including this blog since 2009!), but if you’re truly committed to growing your business and helping more people, you MUST, MUST, MUST invest.

When you invest, you’re invested.

I’ve found that my clients who have invested at the highest levels experience the deepest transformation. They grow the most (even if the growth was not what they expected!). My clients in Tulum DEFINITELY experienced this. Big-time.

Selling is Serving

And if I wouldn’t have given them the opportunity to invest in themselves, I would have done them a grave disservice.

I speak from experience. I walk my talk.

I consistently invest in my business. It’s a non-negotiable.

I embrace selling. And I embrace being sold to. How about you? You’ve gotta love it to grow your body of work in the world.

I’ve heard from many women in my community that they hate sales and are afraid of it … and that makes me sad. It’s up to you to rise above and FALL IN LOVE with sales.

“90% of selling is conviction, and 10% is persuasion.” – Shiv Khera

The most I’ve ever invested in the shortest amount of time was $17,000 for a 3-month engagement with my book writing coach.

Honestly, the money initially freaked me out. But I knew making that investment was the way forward because I had been “thinking about” writing my book for years. And you know what I learned? Thinking about something doesn’t equal actually doing it.

So what happened after the 3 months?

Let me tell you …

Even though it was REALLY hard writing all those chapters and I wanted to quit at times, there was no way in hell I was wasting that $17,000 and NOT writing my book “Get Gutsy.” There was NO WAY I was upper limiting myself and giving up.


Because I was invested. (That book has gone on to touch lives all over the planet. So grateful!)

And that is why it’s my distinct pleasure and privilege to create and sell innovative offers that solve the problems of my tribe.

Because not taking action on free stuff is easy.

But not taking action when you’ve got skin in the game is a lot harder.

And that’s the point.

There is no growth without tension.

No growth without investment.

No growth without commitment.

No growth without a decision.


SO … having been around the block and back again, I now am celebrating the beauty of what I call GOING HIGH >> high-vibe, high-touch, high-end.

While I love being able to help people with my free or low-end offers, the people I can do the deepest work with are those who invest in my premium programs. I’ve seen it time and time again >> when you invest, you’re invested.

My best students and clients are those who invest at the highest levels. Because they are truly on the line for their growth and results.

It’s very easy to pay $297 for a course and never do anything with the material. You haven’t wasted THAT much money. But imagine what happens when you spend $2,997 or $29,997. (And imagine what happens when your clients invest at that level too.)

Do you think you’re going to not show up for the work that’s required to get a return on that investment? (Do you think your clients won’t show up or do the work?)

And that’s the whole point.

The investment in working with a coach is the investment in your growth. In your evolution. In you achieving your gutsy goals.

In you being a gutsy leader of wisdom.

I want to help you to create and sell high-end offers to your soulmate clients! Ready?

Selling is Serving

I have a few spots available for clients who want to work with with me closely to build out your premium packages. It’s time to GO HIGH.

Ready? Fill out your application here.

Applications close on Friday, August 11.

It’s time to GO HIGH and embrace SELLING as SERVICE.

“Everyone lives by selling something.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Selling is ServingThis is Jenny Fenig sending you so much love, light + faith as you GET GUTSY. I’ll see you next time.



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