You Can’t Escape Your Destiny with Hanna Bier

Ready to amp up, or start, your spiritual practice? Want to express yourself freely? Step fully into a role of service over marketing?

From sex columnist to soul-based entrepreneur, Hanna Bier, has some special gems just for you! I just love her energy and her path that has taken her from Germany to Bali to Amsterdam.

An authentic, ethereal delight who talks to angels and fairies, Hanna shares openly about her mental illness, anorexia and family traumas, and the numerous modalities she studied to heal.

She reveals a tiny, powerful book (I hadn’t heard of it until she shared it with me) that is the foundation of her daily practice and helps her live in a constant state of prayer. Hanna says her life is her temple and every part of life is sacred.

Gems you’ll receive from this episode >>

  • You don’t need to convince anyone
  • Be useful
  • You must be supported if you are supporting others
  • The power of living close to nature
  • Why the biggest risk is not taking a risk

Hanna Bier

About Our Guest

Hanna Bier is a Soulful Success Coach for brilliant, heart-centered women who are ready to live beautiful lives while building soul-aligned businesses or careers that have a world-changing impact. She helps passionate souls discover their life’s work, rock the divine mission they are here to lead and live the beautiful and rich lives they dream of!   Hanna is a Mentor Masterclass certified Coach, Emotional Healing Expert and Priestess Of The Divine Feminine.

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