What Else? with Christine McAlister

How do you bounce back after hard things happen? What do you do when your world is turned upside down?

Oh boy, grab some tissues for this episode of Get Gutsy.

Christine McAlister shares openly about an unimaginable tragedy, and what happened in the aftermath. My heart was shattered as she told her story.

Christine’s world was turned upside down, yet eventually, she had to figure out how to go on. That’s when she asked herself … “what else?” Having already been through the worst possible thing, she made a choice to create a legacy.

She closed her successful business supporting others and stepped into the spotlight herself to live her life with passion. Christine has some powerful insights about being on the entrepreneur path, including mistakes new business owners often make around investing in their business and getting the right type of support.

Christine McAlister

About Our Guest

Christine McAlister is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and expert on turning tragedy into business and life triumph. Her company, Life With Passion, helps high-achieving, motivated women rediscover their unique gifts to create freedom-based businesses.

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