Money Is Not Your Supply

Stop putting so much pressure on money to deliver the goods to you.

Money 💰 is not your supply.

Your next client, your next launch, your husband or your inheritance … these are not what’s going to save you.

I should know. This used to be me. I would put all of my energy “out there” in other people’s hands. I was dependent on decisions that weren’t mine to make. I had given away my power. My happiness was rooted in the numbers in my bank account and whether I got a “yes” from a prospect.

Abundance doesn’t flow this way. I was blocking prosperity and magic and trying to control outcomes. The work was feeling dry and boring and formulaic.

Now I speak my truth to prospects and trust the right ones always say yes (they know how to find a way to work with me).

I trust my gut when deciding which clients to take on (I get a clear signal)… and which to say “I’m not for you” (those who can’t make swift decisions and don’t do what they say they’re going to do).

I price my offerings to stretch my people into their next level. There will be some tension in the leap. Tension is required for growth.

Money doesn’t freak me out like it used to. Because I know money is not my supply. Something else is …

And once you get this, so much can change for you.

It’s so simple and beautiful and I’m excited to share more with you on this episode.

Time to rise + see with new eyes

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