The Power of Leading + Attending Retreats

I’ve been leading retreats in my business since 2011 and can confidently say this >> there is NOTHING like the transformation, space + connections they offer your people.

Plus, retreats can be held in the most powerful locations! Get excited about the possibilities.

Selling is Serving

Ready to rise to your next level in your work + find the answers you seek? Attend a retreat.

Committed to helping more people in the deepest was possible? Lead a retreat.

Tune in as I dive into what you need to know to leverage retreats for amazing results in your business.

On the video I share 3 elements that make retreats so spectacular:

  1. Sacred space
  2. Connection
  3. Transformation

It was hilarious because as I was sharing these elements on the Facebook Live video, my 3-year-old daughter Kate was banging on my locked office door even though I had asked my husband to keep things quiet for the 30-minutes I was broadcasting. Gotta love it.

Retreats are an essential part of my growth in business and as a human.


I know this and give this gift to myself.

And my business results over the years show the impact of this decision.

If you aren’t experiencing retreats, you are missing out on something sacred, deep and profound. Because there is nothing quite like being IN A ROOM (especially a beautiful one with a spectacular view!) with your people that will shift you on the deepest level.

Where will you go on your next retreat?

Seriously, claim it NOW.

Stop waiting for “someday.”

How does magical Costa Rica sound?

Costa Rica balcony1

I’m leading a 5-night spiritual business retreat for leaders who are ALL IN with their sacred work and mission March 24 – 29, 2018. Email my team at for an application. Very limited spots.

We will gather in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. You will be nourished and cared for. You will claim your next level in your work. You will join forces with women who truly have your back.

You will never be the same.

That is the power of retreats.



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