How I Got My First 5 Clients as a New Coach

I’m taking you back in time to 2008 when I was a brand new coach making my way in the world.

How did I get clients as a new coach?

What moves did I make?

How did I work through fear and doubt in that first year in business?

I’ll tell you …

I got my first few clients by sharing my excitement about this glorious path!

I loved coaching and told everyone about my new career because I was just so happy to have finally found the thing that was MY THING. My energy was infectious then – and still is today.

My first client was a friend from yoga teacher training.

I knew she was a great candidate for coaching and offered to coach her pro bono for 3 months. She eventually became a paid client.

From there, I got clients through word of mouth.

I didn’t have a website or email list until 18 months into my business. I relied on business cards and personal outreach to get my business off the ground.

Another critical move >> I started a series of in-person new moms support groups on the Upper West Side of New York City with an organization who had a strong following of moms who appreciated support and connection. Several of the moms in my groups went on to become coaching clients.

Leading these groups taught me the power of sacred circle for women, absolutely paving the way for the work I do now with clients in my premium spiritual business coaching programs. 

I kept saying YES to helping people with my gifts.

Fear didn’t stop me. I  just kept taking the next right step and that’s how you can get clients as a new coach.

As we are in the final STRETCH of 2017, I have BIG VISIONS + BIG PLANS to serve my tribe.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be shining a light on the POWERFUL + PROSPEROUS path that is COACHING. You’ll be seeing me showing up A LOT. Serving. Loving. Sharing. Inviting. Believing. Celebrating.

I’ll be offering up several free resources to help you on this journey + inviting you to take a step forward into my most divine coach certification program if you feel called.

First up … a free gift for you.

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Coaching is my calling. And it’s my mission to help you cash in on your calling helping the people you’re uniquely designed to help.

Let’s go …



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