My Journey to My First 6-Figure Year as a Coach

5 years ago I led my coaching business over the 6-figure mark for the first time ever. It felt like a huge accomplishment. And it was.

Up to that point, my business wasn’t earning the kind of money I knew it could. Because I wasn’t focusing on the right things. Instead, I was chasing a lot of BSOs – Bright Shiny Objects – and looking for the answers outside of myself.

I’ve learned what matters and what doesn’t on this quest. And I’m going to share the lessons with you because earning great money from your coaching gifts is a beautiful thing.

The more money you make, the more people you can help. The more people you help, the more money you make.

Join me. Let’s GO HIGH together.

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Top 6 Takeaways from my first 6-figure year …

  • Laser focus is critical (stop chasing BSOs)

  • Know your numbers

  • Meet your people IRL (in real life)

  • Premium programs offer huge results + consistent cash flow

  • Follow your intuition

  • Put yourself out there daily

OMG huge news!

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What you’ll discover when you get your copy:

  • How to get paid coaching clients when you’re just starting out
  • The mindset required to have your first 5-figure month in your coaching business
  • A day in the life of 12 top coaches doing business online (learn how we structure their days)
  • How to create consistent income by focusing on the best use of your time and talents to connect with your audience

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Coaching is my calling. And it’s my mission to help you cash in on your calling helping the people you’re uniquely designed to help.

Let’s go …



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