How to Make Gutsy Decisions

Do decisions freak you out? Do you sit on something forever because you’re terrified to make a move?

I hear you, girl. Decisions can feel MASSIVE because often they are. But everything in your life and work comes together based on a series of decisions you make daily.

TRUTH TALK: If you’re not willing to make decisions (especially big ones), you’re screwed.

Tune in as I share a 5-step checklist to know when to say YES to a decision (stop the analysis paralysis!).

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5-point checklist for when to say YES

  1. Is this something that you want with your heart + soul?

  2. Is this something you want with your mind?

  3. Does this align with your goals (long-term + short-term)?

  4. Does this excite you even if it’s a bit scary?

  5. Are you making this decision from faith + not fear?

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