Ready Enough with Lorraine Rise

Perfectionism can be deadly for entrepreneurs. So is your fear of fear.

Career coach Lorraine Rise shares how she learned overcome perfectionist syndrome and also explains her take on fear (hint, hint >> it’s your friend!).

Lorraine also reveals how her business is set up, some key tools she uses to run her business, how she connects with clients and spreads her message with LinkedIn.

Gems you’ll love >

  • Let life surprise + guide you
  • Don’t think you’re ready? You are ready ENOUGH (and that is enough)
  • If you’re afraid, your fear is simply telling you have haven’t been there yet
  • It’s okay to proceed

Lorraine Rise

About Our Guest

Lorraine has built her career on the practice of coaching others to succeed. Her career began in the health and weight loss industry, coaching hundreds of clients to reach their weight loss goals. As a Director and Regional Trainer for Jenny Craig Inc., she has hired, trained and mentored dozens of employees in the areas of sales, customer service and management. Lorraine has worked with clients in over 20 industries, and many of her clients come from some of the most recognizable firms in the country including Microsoft, Fannie Mae, PNC Bank and more.

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