mapping out your week

I LOVE mapping out my week every Sunday so I feel prepared for what’s coming.

I pull events from my online calendar + tasks / deadlines from my project management tool and transfer to my written calendar.

mapping out your week

Then I put my kids’ schedule (color coded) on the giant chalkboard door in our kitchen.

And I’m now using one of those pretty hanging calendars in our kitchen too to see each month at a glance for my family. I picked this up at our local bookstore and love it so much. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

For the past several years, I relied on my digital calendar alone. This no longer feels good to me.

I need to write it down (pen to paper; chalk to board) to truly feel it in my body. When I feel it in my body, it truly CLICKS. I feel more connected to my goals and can visually see how my moves will make my vision real.

For several years, I’ve spent time fine tuning my organizational system. It will continue to evolve as my life evolves. I’m pretty stoked about it right now and it feels GOOD, supportive and sacred.

How’s your calendaring / organizational system working for you?

If you could use some help here to get more accomplished at work and at home while exerting less effort, I’d love to teach you some new techniques that you’ll love.

Read the PS below to learn how I can support you in bringing more ease and flow into 2018. This does NOT include pulling all-nighters, posting on social media 24/7 or ignoring your body in a race to an imaginary finish line.

It’s so much better. Trust me.

Absolute love,


PS – So … for the first-time ever, I’m leading an online workshop on INTUITION.

You’ve gotta be there.

Details …


Tune In. Rise Up. Do Less. Make More.

Tuesday, January 23

7:00 – 9:30 pm EST (4:00 – 6:30 p.m. PST)

You can attend online from wherever you are located in this beautiful world.

A recording will be sent to all who register so no worries if you can’t be there live.

No fancy sales page. Just a simple invitation to stop working so hard (and counterintuitively) to get what you want.


Click here to get your spot (recording included).


// Rituals + practices that connect you to your truth + divine wisdom, daily

// Working with the cycles, seasons + smart calendaring to get more accomplished at work and at home while exerting less effort

// How to tune out the noise of the world so you can create the next level of your sacred work without burning out

// Partner with your intuition to name your programs, wisely launch your offerings, and confidently say yes or no to prospects and opportunities

// Develop spiritual protection from critics and detractors who you’ll encounter on your path

// Create a solid brand essence that attracts your soulmate clients

// How to notice the powerful signs that are all around you and take action from a place of inspiration, not desperation or fear

// Plus, I’ll take your questions LIVE (you can submit yours in advance if you can’t join the workshop live)


Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered to win one of my FAVORITE essential oils (which is one of my INTUITION ACTIVATORS).

One winner will be chosen. Will it be you?


Click here to get your spot (recording included).

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