I Gave Birth This Week

You have a special place in my heart.

I started my email list and regularly communicating with my audience in 2009 a few months after my first child was born. I started with 100 people on my list. We now have more than 11,000. Thanks for being here.

This month I’m celebrating 10 years as an entrepreneur (I keep getting messages from my LinkedIn connections congratulating me on this anniversary!).

I started my coaching business in 2008 and hopped into the online business world in 2009.

The journey has been incredible. So many amazing souls have walked through our doors and touched me deeply. I truly feel you’re a part of my life and look forward to talking to you each and every week (sometimes multiple times a week like this week!).

Today I want to share something exciting with you: I just gave birth.

To my newest creation!

For the first time EVER, I realized my creation is a SHE. Isn’t that fun? I’ve been creating programs and offerings for a long time and this is the first time one of my offerings has told me quite clearly that it is a SHE. I’m going with it!

So it has been a while since I created something NEW.

Last year was a year of focusing on what works, healing some areas of my personal life, starting our homeschooling journey and fulfilling a 10-year dream of going to India. I also turned 40 in 2017. Honestly, I didn’t have the space to create anything new.

I scaled major mountains last year. I am proud of the work I did. It wasn’t easy, but it was critical.

I am ending a familial line of emotional neglect. This takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith and consistency.


And I want to help you be, do and have what you desire in 2018 + beyond. It requires a decision. One I can help you make.

So the name of my new program is INTUITIVE POWER. I’m obsessed with it (you should always be obsessed with what you create – that’s a key to remember!). I know it’s needed and I know I am the woman to take courageous female leaders on this journey inward and upward.

Our focus for the 6-week journey is working with cycles, seasons and spirit. Setting goals that stretch you, not stress you. Unleashing your WILD.

I Gave Birth This Week

Establishing boundaries and spiritual protection as you rise higher as a woman on a mission doing fucking amazing work in this world. I’ll help you get clear on what you want to create in our 6-week quest together. (I know so many women in my community are feeling lost and confused about your focus at this stage of your life. I CAN HELP.)

INTUITIVE POWER offers the sacred container of support to make your vision real and sustainable and FUN.

You’re essentially getting to coach with me at a FRACTION of the price of what you’d pay to work with me privately.

You can find out more here.

EXCITING NEWS >> Everyone who registers gets a 1:1 intuitive reading + coaching call with me – yay!

MORE EXCITING NEWS >> First 7 who pay in full get a HOT BONUS … a spot at the 2-day sacred coaching retreat at my home in the Berkshires of Massachusetts on May 5 + 6. OMG this is going to be so, so spectacular.

Early-bird pricing expires this Sunday, January 28 at 11:59 p.m. EST so hop in by then for the best value.

I Gave Birth This Week

6-week magical manifestation journey begins February 1.

Click here to join INTUITIVE POWER.

If you have any questions, just hit reply and my team and I can help you.

Know this: You are a Creatrix. You are powerful. And your work matters. You matter.


Absolute love,


PS – Please share INTUITIVE POWER with anyone you think would benefit. I’m tapping into my sisterhood of support to spread the word about my new baby! THANK YOU.

I’m excited to go on this maiden voyage with the most amazing women in the universe.

You can send this link to your people >> http://jennyfenig.com/power

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