Up Your Practice + Up Your Glitter with Jo Gifford

Ready to rise above the noise on social media? Wondering if you can really share … that?

Sprinkle the glitter! Two glitter gals – glitter rave dancer (for real!) Jo Gifford and moi – dive into Jo’s wealth of wisdom about succeeding in the wonderful and crazy world of entrepreneurship.

Listen in to learn how:

  • To be mindful about your message
  • Witnessing Jo’s mom not living up to her fullest potential drives her now
  • To use creative thinking to stand out from the crowd
  • To amp up your reach by owning the parts of you that make you different
  • Jo and I view serving as a role model for our children
  • Being transparent and real has served her in business
  • People discover her “passive income” products
  • Her biggest lesson as entrepreneur serves her so deeply (hint: it’s about investing in yourself)
  • To keep your vibration high

Jo Gifford

About Our Guest:

Jo Gifford is a recovering overwhelmed entrepreneur with an addiction to making things easier. Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference. A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, YFS Magazine and many more interwebz rabbit holes, she is a respected UK voice on life as a pocket-sized enterprise owner (main coping strategy= juniper berries. Ok, gin). Jo’s background – a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business – makes for an eclectic and colourful killer content approach.



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