Decluttering + Prepping for the Tribe Building Challenge

I’m back in the saddle after a weekend away in Boston. Honestly, it was a TOUGH weekend.

Why? Poor planning.

We left for the car trip too late on Friday and as a result my 2-year-old daughter Kate’s sleep rhythm was totally screwed up.

She had a hard time falling asleep and then woke up at 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. OMG that sucked.

Steven worked all day on Saturday while I took all 3 kids at the Childrens’ Museum. To add to the day, the car battery died while I kept the car on (with no engine) when 2 of 3 kids slept on way to museum.


It was not fun, but we made it through. Honestly I would have rather been at home.

Luckily yesterday was MUCH better as I got a full night’s sleep (we all did!) and my husband was with us as we took in Boston … and were SMART about when we packed it in and traveled home (during Kate’s naptime!).

I let my husband know we won’t travel with him anymore to his games unless the travel times work for the kids AND our hotel room can comfortably hold 5 people. He got it.

Lesson learned: I need my sleep to be my best.

We must keep the kids in mind when deciding on travel times for trips. It affects all of us when one of us is off.

This realization came because I’ve been focusing on DECLUTTERING this week with my GLOW mastermind crew.

Such an important exercise.

Often we realize it’s essential to declutter an old habit or practice.

We realize something simply doesn’t work anymore and it’s affecting your quality of life.

In your business, perhaps you’re realizing that being the best-kept secret doesn’t work for landing clients.

Perhaps you see that being quiet on social media doesn’t translate to sales.

You’re right – you must have an online presence if you want to grow your spiritual business serving clients and customers all over the planet.

Well get pumped because I’m about to lead something EPIC next week and I want you to be a part of it.

And it’s my treat (free for you!).

It’s called the Tribe Building Challenge and it’s HOT.

If you’re ready to grow your audience, business + confidence in 5 days … and do it alongside some powerful spiritual business leaders, click here to claim your free spot.


This FREE Challenge includes:

  1. Daily Email Lesson + Writing Prompts

Everyday I’ll land in your inbox to give you a valuable tribe-building lesson + a writing prompt so you can grow your tribe now.

  1. Facebook Live Trainings

You’ll also be invited to join me in our Facebook group for live video training, motivation, and Q+A time.

  1. Supportive, Gorgeous Community

You’ll love connecting with spiritual entrepreneurs to give + get support.

The Tribe Building Challenge is a game-changer. You’ll walk away with some powerful new content to use in social media, your blog, podcast, talks, a book … you name it!

Click here to claim your free spot

Time to grow your tribe, superstar.

Here we go …


P.S. All Challenge participants who play full-out are eligible to win our GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE!

Our grand prize winner scores a free pass into my rad digital course the Tribe Building Bootcamp (valued at $197) PLUS a full-ride scholarship to Get Gutsy Coach Training School, the go-to training for lightworker leaders ready to make a difference and a great living as coaches (valued at $3,000).

Let’s go!

How to Master Marketing (Psst … Make It Your BFF)

If there’s one thing I’m naturally good at in business, it’s this: spreading the word about how I can help solve the problems of my tribe.

I don’t shy away from this.

I delight in it.

Because I know my offerings change lives.

chair + ritual

And I know that “the world is overflowing with wealth disguised as problems that need to be solved” (thanks to Steve Siebold’s book “How Rich People Think” for that!).

And marketing is my partner in communicating the fact that I’m an expert problem solver.

Marketing allows me to fulfill my Divine Assignment on this planet.

Straight up: MARKETING IS MY BFF (best friend forever, baby!).


But let’s break it down, shall we?

What is marketing?

And why do so many well-intentioned coaches, creatives and healers NOT seem to “get” marketing?

It’s a huge problem … and one that my business solves.

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as:

the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Can I be real with you?

I consider marketing to be a huge, sparkly megaphone that allows me to spread my message like wildfire.

As a former cheerleader, the megaphone analogy rings true.

And the more I bring cheerleader references in my business, the more fun I have!

The more fun I have, the more my business grows … get it? Like magic I tell ya.

(Psst … have more fun in your business!)

cheerleader Jenny

Marketing is a HUGE topic (more than 1.6 million Google searches come up when I did a search).

One that MUST be mastered.

Do you feel me on that?

If you REALLY want to grow your spiritual online business that changes lives, you can NOT hide behind your “I don’t understand marketing” excuse any longer.

I ask my GLOW Mastermind candidates about their biggest challenges … and marketing is right up there at the top of the list for many.

(We’re in our enrollment period now for GLOW. If you’re serious about growing your business and are prepared to invest time, money and energy, I’d love to help you. Go here to apply before we close the doors.)

Can you relate to any of these challenges?

“My biggest challenge is honing my message, prioritizing, and finding most effective way to get my message out. I am ready to take my message out into the world in a BIGGER and launch an online business.”


“My biggest challenge is setting up the business side of things, and marketing to the right audience.”

Don’t let marketing fool you.

Don’t let marketing mystify you.

It’s actually super fun to play with!

Here’s a gorgeous graphic that breaks down your many options when it comes to marketing your online business (thanks to my designer Rayna Hennen of Good Fortune Design Studio for translating my vision so beautifully!).

You can download a pretty PDF copy of this here.

Sacred Marketing Puzzle

I leverage every single one of these marketing pieces in my business.

But you don’t necessarily need to.

Every business is different.

But every business must engage in some form of marketing to your tribe.

And you must make offers.

Some free.

Some paid.

You can’t be afraid to make money! Lots of money (whatever “lots” means to you).

Marketing is the vehicle to consistent abundance and reliable income.

It’s time to master marketing … so you can help more people … make more money … and take your business to the next level.

I ask you now …

Which MARKETING strategies appeal to you the most?

What are you ready to implement in the next 3 months to grow your business?

It’s GLOW time.


P.S. Ready to master marketing + move your mission forward, with my help?

If you are hungry for the most epic experience for spiritual entrepreneurs led by me + you want to grow your business online, then you’ll want to apply for my mastermind GLOW.

Application deadline = Friday, September 2.

Our rock-solid intention: build a magnetic brand that allows you to reach more, make more + play more.

If you are selected for GLOW, you’ll receive:

  • Coaching + consulting that will move your business to the next level
  • Accountability + gutsy moves being made within the sacred container of GLOW
  • Online retreats to bookend the GLOW experience so you START + END like a champion
  • An exotic, luxe mastermind retreat held in the spiritual center of Costa Rica (be a part of the FIRST-EVER retreat I lead outside of the United States)
  • Laser focus on converting your ideas to cash
  • A crew of fellow superstars who get you, stretch you + support you, unconditionally
  • Gorgeous GLOW Planner to track your daily moves that will make your big vision real (no more getting lost in your to-do list and seeing mediocre results)
  • Special surprises, hookups + recommendations just for you

It’s GLOW time.

Click here to apply now.

I Love You

I woke up at 5 a.m. today (thanks, alarm!).

Drank my standard hot water with lemon, followed by green tea.

Took some deep breaths. Got centered. Focused on what I wanted to accomplish and why.

And got to work … on a Sunday … while my family slept.

We leave for another vacation this week (trip #2 this month) and I can’t go until I cross a few items off my to-do list.

Podcast episode.

Promo campaign for the Get Gutsy Challenge (sign up for free here – we start this Thursday).

Updating the autoresponders for the free 7-day challenge that will LIGHT UP the internet (gotta love automation).

Writing this blog post.

Reading candidate applications for GLOW.

Replying to a few emails.

Turning on my out of office email response.

And I’m willing to do all of this because I LOVE YOU.

I do.


I truly love my people.

I love serving you.

I love helping you.

I love guiding you.

I love teaching you.

I love coaching you.

I love celebrating with you.

I love giving you a healthy dose of tough love when necessary.

I love RISING with you.

I love offering you free stuff.

I love selling you solutions to your problems.

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.

He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it.

We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Without YOU, I have NO BUSINESS.

Without YOU, I’m unable to LEAD.

So I ask you today … do you LOVE TO SERVE?

Do you love your customers?

You must.

Yes, you’re going to get some pain-in-the-butt customers and annoying critics from time to time (to be expected), but don’t focus on them.

Focus on those who are truly in alignment with you work.

Focus on your ideal clients.


Notice I said “IDEAL” (not “anyone with a pulse”).

Because if you try to market to and serve “everyone,” you’ll serve no one. You won’t be in business long.

It’s up to you to attract a GORGEOUS AUDIENCE that is absolutely amazing.





Action takers.


Your vibe attracts your tribe.

It’s up to YOU to attract a tribe who you WANT to get up at 5 a.m. for before you head out for vacation.

If you are only serving people who you want to RUN AWAY from, then we need to look at your business.

If you have designed a business that’s not working for you, then it’s time to get in alignment.

Your spiritual foundation is crucial here.

I recently wrote about my dedication to SERVICE and why we do what we do.

Sharing it with you now … perhaps you want to write a version for your business?

Here it is …

Thank YOU for allowing me to serve YOU.

When you invest in YOURSELF through Coach Training School, GLOW Mastermind (applications available now!), Get Gutsy University, my book, podcast or my high-level 1:1 consulting, you feel supported, connected, gutsy and E-X-P-A-N-S-I-V-E.

We pride ourselves on keeping it real … and keeping it simple.

We make it EASY to do business with us.

We make it FUN.

We utilize the best of the best systems, tools, policies and team so that you can EXPERIENCE the TRANSFORMATION you crave while eliminating unnecessary complexity and drama.

My office space is a custom built, super-charged creation cave filled with flowers, crystals, incense, essential oils, candles, twinkle lights, vision boards, my microphone, Mac computers, meditation pillow, a 7-day slay chart, and my P+L.

Sunshine Studio

This isn’t a side gig. This isn’t my hobby.

This is my life. This is my love.

This is me, fulfilling my leadership potential, empowering you to fulfill yours.

YOU + YOUR CALLING are why I do what I do.


Onward + upward.

Let’s RISE.


P.S. Ready to move your mission forward, with my help?

If you are hungry for the most epic experience for spiritual entrepreneurs led by me + you want to ascend to the highest levels of tribal leadership + online visibility, then you’ll want to apply for my mastermind GLOW.

Our rock-solid intention: build a magnetic brand that allows you to reach more, make more + play more.

If you are selected for GLOW, you’ll receive:

  • Coaching + consulting that will move your business to the next level
  • Accountability + gutsy moves being made within the sacred container of GLOW
  • Online retreats to bookend the GLOW experience so you START + END like a champion
  • An exotic, luxe mastermind retreat held in the spiritual center of Costa Rica (be a part of the FIRST-EVER retreat I lead outside of the United States)
  • Laser focus on converting your ideas to cash
  • A crew of fellow superstars who get you, stretch you + support you, unconditionally
  • Gorgeous GLOW Planner to track your daily moves that will make your big vision real (no more getting lost in your to-do list and seeing mediocre results)
  • Special surprises, hookups + recommendations just for you

It’s GLOW time.

Click here to apply now.

10 Reasons You’re Not Further Along In Your Spiritual Online Business

I’ve been seeing an interesting theme lately: aspiring entrepreneurs not truly understanding what it is to BE an entrepreneur.

As a result, their business goes nowhere.

They spend all of their time posting inspirational messages + pretty graphics on Facebook, never make offers, have little to no systems, and then wonder why the cash flow is more of a light trickle (if any at all) rather than a consistent flow of abundance.

It seems that some business owners are simply afraid to double down and INVEST in their business.

One obstacle or challenge sends them into a tailspin as they believe that a roadblock means they should throw in the towel and quit.

I’ve got news for you, if you call yourself an entrepreneur, then you must truly be one.

I’ve found that many I meet actually have more of a freelancer vibe.

The two are VASTLY different.

Definition of an entrepreneur:

“a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

Definition of a freelancer:

“a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.
a person who contends in a cause or in a succession of various causes, as he or she chooses, without personal attachment or allegiance.”

As an entrepreneur, you MUST be willing to take on greater than normal financial risks … and you MUST have an allegiance to your cause.

Do you have BOTH feet in?

Or do you dip a toe into the water until the temperature becomes too uncomfortable?

Be honest.

If you don’t know me that well, allow me to introduce myself … I’m Jenny Fenig and I help spiritual entrepreneurs make a massive impact with their tribe through their gorgeous online business.

cheerleader Jenny

I build powerhouse brands using a potent blend of your mission, message, marketing/sales + mysticism.

Listen – many believe that it’s wrong to make money from your spiritual gifts.

I disagree.


Coming out of the spiritual closet so you can do the work you came here to do is your divine assignment from God. Make no mistake about that.

If you are READY to touch more lives with the wound that is your message and help more people, it’s time to BREAK FREE + claim your spot at the entrepreneurial table.

It’s time to grow your TRIBE like the leader you are.

To help you do just that, I’ve compiled the 10 reasons why you’re not further along in your business and how I’m helping the truly committed to RISE ABOVE.

Let’s go …

1. You compare yourself to others who are further along (and more invested) and feel crappy because you’re not achieving the same level of success. Then you just try to copy them. It doesn’t work.2. You sign up for courses and programs ready to make a change in your business, then freak out at around week 2 when you realize there is work involved.

3. You mistake busyness for business.

4. You don’t think you can afford to get help and instead focus your energy on $15/hour tasks rather than revenue-generating actions that actually grow your business.

5. You are a professional fire killer. You are in full reaction mode all of the time as you have no systems or structure. You fly by the seat of your pants and are worried that your business may crumble at any moment.

6. You waste more time on social media than you’d like to admit instead of strategically connecting with prospects and clients by posting high-value content AND offering opportunities for your tribe to BUY from you.

7. You have no list and aren’t consciously building one. Or you have a list but you rarely communicate with them because you don’t have a content strategy plan.

8. You’re scared to “sell” because you don’t actually know what you’re selling or how to have a meaningful sales conversation. You haven’t quite figured out how to package your magic and transform the lives of your people.

9. Investing in yourself is a foreign concept. You keep looking for free and cheap to grow your business.

10. You’re looking for shortcuts and magic pills. You don’t recognize opportunities disguised as work.

As Richard Branson recently said, “If you spend your time looking for shortcuts, you will find one — right out of business. Creating a successful and profitable business takes time, since you build your reputation as customers learn to trust and rely on you, one by one.”

Just because there isn’t a shortcut doesn’t mean you can’t get HELP.

I know what you NEED to MAKE IT as an entrepreneurial leader who leverages the power of your message, marketing, systems + mysticism to get your big work out there.

GGU crew at retreat

And I also know how EASY it is to get frustrated by all of the decisions and bright shiny objects and give up on your big, gutsy dream.

I also have a deep understanding of how our time can feel very scattered and tight (as a mom of 3, I GET IT!). When building a business and growing your body of work, this can be challenging.

And, you can rise above.

I want to help you do the work you were put on this planet to do … because I know you are tired of wasting precious time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own.

That’s why I’m making this invitation to you to join my coaching mastermind + spiritual leadership incubator called GLOW. This is my 6th year leading this type of journey for my tribe, and I couldn’t be more excited about where we will go together.

So we’re clear, this experience is a game-changer. The faint of heart or chronic excuse-makers need not apply.

GLOW’s 6 golden keys of spiritual business leadership provide the strategic framework and crucial support for your beautiful, sustainable growth.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.58.00 AM

This 6-month adventure will take you into the depths of your spirit and the heights of your potential.

Experience the ultimate in mentorship, masterminding and mastery as you breathe new life into your work, brand essence and tribe.

Up to 13 leaders will earn a spot. A number of these spots are gone.

Is 1 of them yours?

If you want to work with me up close and personal to build your powerhouse brand as you rise to your next level and help more people, GLOW is for you.

Oh – a HUGE element of GLOW is our epic + sacred retreat in Costa Rica! Our resort spa is OFF THE HOOK GORGEOUS.

Just imagine: me + you + a crew of fellow spiritual entrepreneurs hanging out here (in addition to the 6 months of coaching, consulting + upleveling you get as part of GLOW). Yes!

Costa #2

Come see what all the GLOW buzz is about >>

If you are excited by what you see, I invite you to fill out an application.

If you’re a fit for GLOW, we’ll then hop on a private call so I can learn more about you + your big vision + how I can help.

CLICK HERE to apply now.

Excited to see who’s coming on this journey with me!

You must invest to grow.

I believe in you.


P.S. I used to let FEAR rule me! But then I chose to RISE ABOVE, look the TIGER in the eye and walk right through that FEAR.

Since then, I’ve redesigned my business from the ground up with my spiritual relationship as THE foundation for my extraordinary growth.

Spiritual growth = business growth.

My business generates multiple-six-figures.

I have a fantastic team supporting me.

My tribe grows every day … and I adore them.

My personal life with my husband and 3 children is deep and meaningful as I’ve designed my business AROUND my desired lifestyle (not the other way around).

I want to help YOU create YOUR dream by helping you LAUNCH to your next level.

It’s GLOW time.
Click here to go on the adventure of your life.
GLOW banner

Fly Your Freak Flag High + Proud


Imagine this:

  • You launch your newest creation online and within days it sells out
  • You write a blog post that goes viral, netting you an invitation to speak at a MAJOR industry event
  • You receive cards, gifts, emails, phone calls from happy clients, customers and fans thanking you for changing their life
  • You build a community of thousands of like-minded peeps eager to hear your message and learn from you
  • Your email is filled with opportunities from prospects and sales from customers – and this all happened through the power of automation
  • You design a lifestyle that fuels you on the deepest level
  • You can’t wait to get to work everyday doing exactly what you were put on earth to do

It’s all possible. All of it. All of your crazy drama around not enough clients and not enough cash flow and not enough time can go away.

But not until you GET KNOWN ONLINE.

The Internet is here to stay and it’s up to you to maximize it to its full potential to help those beautiful people you are here to serve.

Ready to step up and get serious about growing your body of work?

In a survey with entrepreneurs, I uncovered some major FEARS. Can you relate to any of this?

  • Failure
  • Loss of money
  • Not being able to get clients
  • That people won’t want to buy what you have to offer
  • If it’s not “perfect,” you can’t launch it
  • Spending money you don’t have
  • Not knowing how to get known to the clients who need you
  • Being visible
  • Not enough time to get it all done
  • Fear of success and leaving the pack behind
  • (The list goes on!)

If you said OMG YES, you’re not alone.

I’ve been there, done that since I started on this entrepreneurial path in 2008.

When I left my lucrative corporate life behind in November 2007, I didn’t realize all of the pieces of the puzzle that would be required to succeed as a coach.

I thought just being an AMAZING COACH would be enough.

No, no, no.

I was wrong.

It was when I started learning from entrepreneurial powerhouses who had created HUGE engaged tribes that I realized the power of TRIBES.

And since then, I’ve been on a mission: to lead my tribe of spiritual business leaders to answer the call of their soul through their gorgeous body of work.

Because I didn’t want to cap out at only being able to help a handful of clients at once.

My time on this planet, in this body, in this lifetime is limited.

I’m not going to be selfish by keeping my gifts to myself or only sharing them with my private clients.

I KNOW it’s possible to touch millions of lives with my message.

And I know it’s possible for you too.

It’s time to go further.

How have I attracted a community of tens of thousands of email subscribers, readers, podcast listeners and social media fans?

I FLY MY FREAK FLAG high and proud.


That’s right.

I don’t try to be like everyone else in the coaching space.

I REVEL in being my unique self.

And I bring this into all I do.

At my live retreats, I’ve incorporated amazing experiences like firewalking, hiking, vision boarding, hula hooping, yoga, hot tub masterminding, dancing, healing circles, and shamanic rituals … to open up crucial space for business growth.

In my courses and programs, I weave in guided visualization and meditation to anchor in the experience.

On my podcast, I’m totally me. I say whatever flows through me. I don’t censor or edit out the realness.

In my book, I GO THERE. I expose the deepest parts of my story to give the reader permission to celebrate the wound that is your message.

3d book image

We believe in creating a high-touch company to make our students and clients feel welcome and loved.

Cards in the mail, notebook covers featuring student photos, and welcome phone calls are standard operating procedure for our sacred leadership incubator and mastermind called GLOW and our epic experience for coaches called Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

GET GUTSY GALAXY is the name of our tribe.

I’ve been into celestial energy and space since I was a little girl.

I even went to Space Camp when I was in middle school and was Commander of our mission (had to apply for that position and write an essay about why I was the right person for the job).

The stars, sun, moon, planets and galaxies totally inspire me. Hence the GALAXY name and branding for my tribe.

I LOVE coming up with names and taglines and brand identity for my creations. And I LOVE helping my clients with this. It’s DEFINITELY in my Zone of Genius.

A total blast for me.

And a total game-changer for your business.

This is how you’ll get the attention of your tribe.

With the world moving a million miles a minute these days, you have to be compelling to get anyone to stop and stay for a while.

This is an art and a science.

And it’s totally doable.

When you know what’s up with your people.

FB banner

Tribes matter.

It’s a crucial piece in your puzzle.


This is the missing link for you.

Until you truly say YES to growing your business by BUILDING YOUR TRIBE, you will stay exactly where you are now (or worse, you’ll quit because it will get too freakin’ hard).

Once you get this, everything will shift. EVERYTHING.

One of my favorite quotes of all time about the power of a TRIBE can be found on this gorgeous graphic:

tribe weirdos

That’s right: Your vibe attracts your tribe.

For sure.

Want to learn about how to FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG + ENGAGE YOUR TRIBE on a free training I’m leading?

Awesome because I’m diving DEEP on how this as one of the 6 golden keys to grow your spiritual online business in a free webinar on Thursday, August 11.

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.

It’s also the anniversary of something really significant in my life that I’ll share more about on the free training.

Would love to have you join us!

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.

Touch more lives with your message.

Leverage the tools of technology to expand your platform and make more money.

Launch your course.

Lead your retreat.

Close more sales, with ease and grace.

Rise higher as a LEADER in service to your tribe.

Help more people.

Have more fun.

It’s time to GLOW.

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar now.


And I’d love to read your COMMENTS below… Your vibe attracts your tribe. What’s your vibe? Who’s in your tribe?