How to Build Your Power Tribe

Power Tribe

You can’t grow your business by yourself.

Not only is it essential to have mentors, coaches and intuitive guides on your team, you also need to have biz buddies to join forces with.

What do I mean by biz buddies?

These are people who are at a similar level as you in terms of your biz.

For instance, if you have broken 6 figures in your business you need to be hanging with others who have built a biz that generates at least 6 figures in revenue too.

Me + Shelley Riutta, President and Founder of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, hanging after a mastermind meeting

Me + Shelley Riutta, President and Founder of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, hanging after a mastermind meeting.

Some of these biz owners will have been in business longer or shorter than you. The important thing is that you take your biz and mission seriously and so do they. It’s not just a hobby that you dabble in.

You’ll find when you align with those at a similar level, you’ll be having similar issues in terms of team growth, systems, cash flow, list building, customer service, program creation, passive income. So you can share what’s working and what’s not … with the intention of all rising up together.

Seriously, there is nothing sweeter. I would NEVER be at the level I am in business now had I not consciously and excitedly built my power tribe.

Why is a power tribe important?

  • You can share the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur
  • You can join together for JV (joint venture) promotions
  • You can introduce each other to potential partners and clients
  • You can sidestep the loneliness trap that way too many entrepreneurs fall into
  • They make the journey SO, SO much more fun
Me + Cate Stillman of at a fundraiser for Dress for Success. Cate and I met in a coaching program.

Me + Cate Stillman of at a fundraiser for Dress for Success. Cate and I met in a coaching program.

Where can you meet your power tribe?

All over!

I’ve met my power tribe in high-level masterminds, at live events, through Facebook (this is my social media platform of choice), in coaching programs, through referrals.

In fact, all of the women I invited to join me for the Soulful Business, Gutsy Life Giveaway I met through one of the methods above.

speaker montage

An important note: I had to GET OUT FROM BEHIND MY COMPUTER to meet most of these chicks. I had to invest TIME and MONEY to gain access to this power crew. It was never going to happen by me being cheap and shy and refusing to put skin in the game.

You hear what I’m saying?

There is a WHOLE WORLD out there just waiting to be tapped by you.

Your brilliance needs to be shared and you need a crew to help you spread your magic.

So get out there, make connections, be real and learn how you can help your biz buddies spread their message. From there, they’ll ask how they can help YOU.

It’s one giant loop of love.

You also need some TOOLS to do your big work in the world.

That’s why I  joined forces with my POWER TRIBE of business and lifestyle experts to offer you a ton of FREE transformative tools to help you create a soulful business and gutsy life you absolutely LOVE.

This collection of downloadable products worth thousands of dollars is our GIFT to you! Check out what we have for you here and choose as many freebies as you like.

Enjoy and feel free to share this page with your friends!

Let’s start a revolution.

Opening Up to the Flow of Abundance through Inspired Giving


I recently read through 30 college scholarship applications. This scholarship – the Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship – is given in my sister’s name.

My mom, dad and I started the scholarship 5 years ago to remember my sister and keep her legacy alive. Julie died of brain cancer in 1994. It totally sucked losing her.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

Starting this scholarship helped make things better.

We work with my high school alma mater in Florida to identify seniors who have overcome serious adversity and do it with a smile. We chose the winners based on character, leadership, mission and service. My body is all tingly right now as I contemplate who this scholarship will go to this year.


I give money from my business to fund the scholarship. While my parents have always been relatively tight and frugal with money, I love to GIVE. I just know that these students need the money more than I do … so I release it to them because I want to INVEST in our future.

And my contribution always comes back to me in such wonderful ways.

Giving opens us up to the wonderful flow of abundance.

I share this story with you to get you thinking about what CAUSE fires you up? What group do you LOVE to serve?

Do you love supporting education? Women’s issues? The environment? Politics? Civil rights? The arts?

The list goes on …

You can give in ways big or small … and it doesn’t really matter the size of your contribution … or if it’s money or time. What’s crucial is that you’re plugged into your WHY and your reason for being here on this earth.

If you need some help identifying your big WHY, keep your eyes open as I’m hosting the Soulful Business, Gutsy Life Giveaway starting April 23. I’ve assembled the dream team of female visionaries to inspire you to greatness. We all will be sharing FREE gifts with you with one sole intention: TO HELP YOU GROW.

The world needs you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, now. Ready, set, go.

What’s Your Mission?

What I know is this: you have a mission to fulfill in this lifetime. Also called an “assignment,” you said YES to this mission when your soul chose to be born.

Then you were born and you forgot what your assignment was!

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent much of your life trying to find your way back to your assignment so you can fulfill it.

This may sound “New Age-y,” but it’s true.

Your mission helps heal the planet.

If you’re not sure what you are here to do AND how to align your mission with your business, you’re not alone … many women struggle here, but you don’t have to anymore.

I’ve figured this out myself after MANY years of zigging and zagging and falling on my face and am SO thrilled to share my sacred steps to success at ALCHEMY Live: Turn Your Gifts into Gold.

Alchemy BANNER

And while October may feel far, far away … now is the perfect time to commit to joining forces with me and gutsy gals from around the globe this fall.

We’ll be gathering in one of THE most powerful spots in the world – the Berkshires of Massachusetts – for an experience that will change the course of your business and life forever. The Berkshires in the fall is like heaven on earth. Think changing leaves, a crispness in the air, and unlimited possibilities as far as the eye can see.

Already, 25% of tickets are sold to my private clients and the remaining tickets are going fast.

You can reserve your spot here.


Signature (Jenny)

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Being vs Doing: The Most Powerful Piece of the CEO Puzzle


How often do you allow yourself to BE rather than compulsively DO?

Some of the downsides of Western culture are:
•    Our addiction to habitual DOING
•    Overscheduling to the point of exhaustion and burnout
•    Creating lifestyles and businesses that are unsustainable

I have fallen into these traps more times than I would like to admit.

How about you? If you are nodding your head yes right now, there’s that saying that validates this habit: wherever you go, there you are.

I write this as I’m 4 days away from the due date with my 3rd child. This is the longest I’ve ever been pregnant. 

My first son Sean was born 2.5 weeks early.

My second son Luke was born 1 week early.

So I was pretty much thinking that this child would be early too. And I put a lot of pressure on myself to get a lot of shit done prior to baby’s (early!) birth so I could then chill out and surrender into the birth experience.

And I did get a lot of stuff done … I’m really GOOD at getting things done and delegating to my team what needs to be delegated. But now as I move closer to birth, I’m seeing where there are still holes that need plugging so I can BE more than I DO in my biz.

As CEO and chief visionary, BEING is the most powerful piece of the puzzle I bring to the table.

As CEO of your biz (and start thinking you are the CEO if you don’t already), you must give yourself more space to BE and DREAM than you do now. Guaranteed.

 I see this all the time with my clients.

Once they start working with me, they see it too because I model it in my biz and teach them WHY it’s important to step off the hamster wheel of habitual OVERdoing. 

Once you step into this mindset, you’ll never want to go back to the old way.

 You actually get more accomplished by doing LESS. Crazy, but true.

This is one of the reasons I attend live events and retreats – both personally and professionally.

When I step away from my computer, to-do list, and responsibilities at home, magic happens. I have SPACE to conceive of new ideas, develop connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and human beings, and simply BE. I make more money attending events than I ever do sitting at home at my computer running my business.

Attending events is my secret sauce.

And I want it to be yours too so I created ALCHEMY Live: Turn Your Gifts into Gold. I know you need it deep down in your bones, in your heart, in your soul.


You need to learn the art of balancing the DOING with the BEING. I’m going to teach you what I know be true.

Learn how to live easier, serve with strength, and advocate for your deepest desires. Oh, and make a much bigger impact with your work than you are right now.

Click here to join us.

Live Events

Business doesn’t have to hurt so much. It can be fun. Promise.

BE more than DO.

You Are Enough

I guarantee that you’re AMAZING at what you do. One of the best.

You don’t need to become better at your craft to grow your business and attract clients who will easily pay you top dollar. Not necessary.

What you DO need to become better at is being a GUTSY BUSINESS WOMAN.

Your tribe of committed, amazing clients is waiting for you to TRULY understand their needs and problems and package your solution in an elegant, easy-to-understand offering that makes it a no-brainer for them to commit to their growth with YOU as their guide.

It’s that simple.

But you’re going to have to change your way of thinking and doing business if you’re serious about taking your company to the next level.

You need to think more strategically.

You need to learn to leverage your time and expertise (stop giving it away!).

You need stronger boundaries.

You need more clarity in your mission and message.

You need to fall in love with marketing and create your sacred marketing plan (think of it like a beautiful ATM machine).

You need to make more consistent offers for clients to engage with you to solve their problems … and (here’s the kicker!) to be OPEN to receiving an unlimited flow of money for your talents.

YOU CAN DO THIS, but you can’t do it alone.

Ready to turn your gifts into gold?

Alchemy BANNER

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Signature (Jenny)

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