Last Day to Apply for Get Gutsy Coach Training School

I love my morning walk (took this shot before I headed out after dropping my kids off at school).

So invigorating connecting with nature! I used to bitch and complain about winter’s cold weather, but now I revel in it.

Jenny Peace

I’m a COACH through and through.

I’ve come to realize that if I can’t change something then I better change my attitude.

As a result we’ve had one of the warmest winters on record – crazypants!

Before I went for my walk I checked my email and did a happy dance as we welcomed in another student into my coach certification school. Her application gave me goosebumps! She’s a woman on a mission.

That’s what coaches are: strong leaders who know with every fiber of their being they are here to HELP their people.

Is that you too? Want my help building your coaching skills + your business?

I’ve been coaching since 2008 + running a 6-figure business since 2012 (yup, took me 4 years to figure out how to actually make a good living from my calling).

Let me shorten your learning curve. There’s no time to waste + so much to gain.

Since 2012 (the year I got SERIOUS in my business + committed to breaking the 6 figure mark), my business has generated more than $550,000 in revenue.

This year we are poised to expand even further and deeper.

I work from home in a gorgeous, relaxing and nature-filled community in Western Massachusetts.

I have 3 kids, a husband and a life.

A book.

A podcast.

And of course: Students, clients and a tribe I adore.


My greatest JOY is helping YOU step into your CALLING + design an online business around your dream lifestyle.

For me, that’s been through COACHING.

So last year I decided to create my very own coach certification school so I could powerfully train the next generation of coaches to make a difference and a great living.

It’s called Get Gutsy Coach Training School and we’ve graduated 2 classes of superstar coaches. They are making a HUGE impact in the world already.

Applications for our next class close TODAY.

We keep our groups cozy so you will NOT get lost in the crowd. You’ll be seen, heard and held. I’m taking you under my wing, girl.

And then AFTER you graduate, you’ll continue to be supported.

And if you choose to go for your Get Gutsy Certified Coach designation (optional!), I will promote you to my tribe.


I pour my soul into this training. Because you deserve this.

The world is waiting for you to share your God-given gifts + talents as a coach. Let’s go!

Apply now >>

Gutsy coaches unite.


P.S. I’m not sure if I’ll offer this training again this year. I’m staying open to where I’m called to serve in 2016 so can’t make any promises!

If you want to train under me as a coach, the time to make that decision is NOW.

Click here to apply.

Don’t look back. We’re moving forward, together.

Watch Your Words (Check Yourself!)



Do you ever hold yourself back from going after what you really want out of fear or doubt of things not working out the way you hope … or that somehow you don’t deserve success?

Do you let negativity flow out of your mouth out of habit?

As rapper Ice Cube wisely says in his blockbuster song, “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” (The movie “Straight Outta Compton” had a big influence on me!)

This post is inspired by a few of my Get Gutsy University students and what they wrote in the forum in response to a question I asked.

I lovingly called them out when I saw their words getting in the way of their growth.

It was so obvious to me that they were limiting themselves and what they believed was possible in their business.

And I don’t let that stuff go … because my job as a coach, teacher and guide is to SHINE a light on POSSIBILITIES + POTENTIAL.

Know this: you’ve got to be super mindful about what comes out of your mouth.

Poor mouth = poor circumstances.

How often have you spoken these words?

“I’ll never get out of debt.”

“I’ll never attract all the clients I need.”

“I’ll never grow my business.”

“I’ll never find someone to love.”

“I’ll never feel better again.”

“I’ll never figure out all this tech stuff to be able to have an online business.”

You MUST speak with FAITH to create your desired reality.

Don’t waste your words.

Breathe life into your deepest desires as you tap into the belief that you are worth your dreams.

When I look back on the 20+ interviews I’ve done so far with guests like Denise Duffield-Thomas, Ali Brown, Hibiscus Moon and Keith Callahan on my podcast, one common theme I’ve seen is this:

Relentless faith.

These extraordinary leaders from all walks of life spoke their destiny into existence.

If you are one of the MANY who fall into negative patterns with your words (happens to me too!), here’s a handy dandy guide for REFRAMING what comes out of your mouth so it’s EMPOWERING instead of making you feel like crap.

• Can’t =====> choose not to
• Should =====> could
• Have to =====> choose to or want to
• Try =====> will

Example: “You may not like putting your book writing on hold to help your mom, but
think about how the change of scenery will influence your writing.”

(Want to help clients reframe the way they look at life? Join us in Get Gutsy Coach Training School. We dive deep here!)

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

It sounds so simple and it is.
When you align your thoughts with your words and your actions, amazing things happen.
But it starts with YOU.

You’ve got to believe that what you want is 100% possible.

I had to practice this big-time to …
Write + publish my book
Launch my podcast + book amazing guests
Lead a 6-figure business (4 years in a row)
Host retreats for clients from around the world for the last 6 years
Birth 3 healthy babies
Attract my soulmate
Travel the world
Work with top mentors and guides
Move from New York City to a community that’s more our speed
Heal the relationship with my mother
Surrender + walk in faith + trust God’s plan for me

I used to say HORRIBLE things to myself about myself.


I didn’t believe in my potential.

I played small.
I surrounded myself with small thinkers.
I dimmed my own light out of fear of what others would think.
But then I got tired of screwing myself over.
Because I realized that I engaged in a no-win game of self-sabotage.
And I got bored. Really bored.
So I experimented more with my own potential.

I wanted to see what would happen when I thought POSITIVE THOUGHTS, spoke POSITIVE words + took POSITIVE actions.


And the results of the experiment have been quite remarkable.
Everything I’ve created has been a direct reflection of my own thoughts + inspired actions.
And it’s my DUTY to spread this message to my people (that’s you!).
alchemy 2015

Success is truly an inside job.


What are you speaking life into?

Remember: your words dictate your reality.

P.S. I want to work with you this year! You game?! Here are 2 options for you …

1. Let me teach you to be a confident coach! Application deadline for my coach certification school is this Monday, February 8. Click here to apply.


2. Join me + fellow spiritual entrepreneurs in Get Gutsy University, our digital campus of sacred strategy + glittery growth. Training, coaching + community that will catapult you to your next level in your online business. We’ve just re-opened registration! Come see here.

GGU banner

Fake It ‘Til You Make It?

Last week I was STRETCHED big-time.

Felt amazing and also intense.

I led my 12 clients in GLOW Mastermind in a sacred retreat at a legendary resort here in the Berkshires.

GLOW Mastermind

It was extraordinary to see them show up in that way.

Each one of them took the stage to share their “talk,” essentially the message they came here to share.

IT WAS ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR watching them take the stage and claim their power.

No doubt, these women are making a MASSIVE impact in the world.

Not only did we make massive traction on their businesses, but we talked about faith, their fascination advantage, and their big gutsy dreams. We masterminded our hearts out.

We laughed. We cried. We made commitments.

We went on a meditative walk together on the beautiful grounds of our resort.

And we hottubbed at the spa!

And we got noticed by a more “corporate” company also having a meeting at our resort. They weren’t quite sure of what to make of our GLOW – LOL.

As I told my GLOW girls, get used to being talked about!

It was cracking me up because the company having a meeting at our resort was one I had interviewed with several years ago before I said YES to coaching and entrepreneurship. God has a funny sense of humor … allowing me to see my current path is SOOO much more “me.”

Plus I took about half the group on a mini pilgrimage to Kripalu, which was just a few minutes down the street.

A few days prior to the retreat, I wasn’t sure how the event was going to go down … it was scheduled a few days after Jonas was forecasted to do its thing up and down the East Coast.

“Are you going to reschedule your event?” my mother texted me (she’s always freaked out by snow).

“No,” I responded. “Everything is going to be alright. It always is.”

That’s honestly my take on life.

You can tell me all the gloom and doom that’s going on in the world, but I’ll still look at life as one giant GIFT.

I feel that’s what makes me such a solid COACH.

It’s what allows me to remain grounded and confident no matter what STORMS come my way.

Coaching allows me to feel confident launching an epic 7-day Get Gutsy Challenge AT THE SAME TIME I’m leading the GLOW Mastermind Retreat.

Coaching allows me to brush off silly critics and stay focused on doing the work.

Coaching saved my life when I was on the brink of despair in my corporate career wondering when I was EVER going to find the work that truly allows me to use all of my God-given talents.

Back then, I wondered why I cared so much.

I asked myself why I couldn’t simply be satisfied with my hefty paycheck, “comfortable” job and fast-paced New York City life.

I asked myself when that Inner Voice would leave me alone.

As I learned, my soul would find peace when I surrendered to my path as a COACH.

It was a revolutionary experience.

I know many of you reading this right now want to OFFICIALLY CLAIM COACHING as your CALLING.


And you want to be the most CONFIDENT, SKILLED coach around.

You don’t want to FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT.

There are too many lives at stake. Too much on the line.

Good for you.

Many would rather take a shortcut here and simply hang up your coaching shingle online and wait for the clients to come flooding in, which ends up being a big mistake.

Here’s why.

Without solid training on how to BE A COACH from a certified coach who is making a living as a COACH, it’s a bit like opening a beautiful boutique in a perfect, high-traffic location with a major issue:


And if you’re trying to follow the crowd and fake your way through coaching, it’s only a matter of time before your lack of training catches up with you as you become unable to coach from a place of wisdom, practice and integrity.

Coaching without a framework can quickly erode into CARETAKING, CHASING, CO-DEPENDENCY and BURNOUT.

And training to become a coach WITHOUT spending time learning about building a sustainable online business as a coach is simply setting yourself up for disappointment and broken dreams.

That’s why it’s time for something FRESH in the COACH TRAINING INDUSTRY.

A call to arms for NEW and ASPIRING COACHES who desire to coach from a foundation of STRENGTH, SKILL and STRATEGY.

Welcome to Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

Application deadline = Monday, February 8.

You don’t have to choose between solid skills and solid business.

You don’t have to choose between integrity and growth.

We’ve got you covered.

And not only do we hold your hand during the 4 months of training, but we provide ongoing support AFTER you graduate, which is PRETTY amazing if I do say so myself 😉

And we give you the opportunity to get certified as a Get Gutsy Certified Coach if you desire. I would LOVE to promote you to my tribe and help you grow your business as an excellent coach!


It’s time to show up as YOU.

In service to your people.

In service to your soul.

In service to this gorgeous path called coaching.

I’d be honored to be your guide.

Gutsy coaches unite.

Apply now to go on the adventure of your life.


P.S. We have OODLES of student success stories on our program page. You can check them all out here.

Here’s one from an awesome gal named Renee Slembarski.

“I was once right in your shoes trying to decide how to become a life coach. I searched for months until I stumbled upon Jenny. It was one of the best stumbles of my life. I appreciate her authentic personality and energy.”
P.P.S. Oh, the places you’ll go with COACHING.
Look at all of the possibilities!
VIP Days
Retreats in exotic locations
Online courses
Group programs
The list goes on …
Application deadline = Monday, February 8.
alchemy 2015

“It’s Orgasmic,” She Said.

Last spring, I received an email from a gal in my local community named Lacy. Something about it spoke to me very deeply.

Lacy found me through my book Get Gutsy in our local bookstore called The Bookloft in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Lacy told me she HARDLY ever went into a bookstore and up until that point hardly had ANY time to read due to her very senior corporate position with its heavy workload.

But my book caught her attention that fateful day.

She bought it, read it AND responded to an email I have set up that goes out to our readers who opt in for our book bonuses.

When Lacy shared more about her career story and what she was looking for with her next chapter, I INSTANTLY felt that she had what it took to be a coach. I also knew with every fiber of my being that the Universe had delivered her to me to serve.

And so I stepped up and did my job: I INVITED HER TO APPLY for my awesome coach certification program Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

Lacy answered the call.

I’ll share her testimonial in a moment …

But before I do, I want to say this:

I know you may be on the fence about taking the next step.

I know you may be scared shitless.

I know you may wonder where you’ll get the money for tuition for this coach certification program.  

TRUST ME: saying YES to this decision will change your life + work FOREVER.

Get ready for clients who are psyched to work with you.

Say YES to setting your own hours.

Say YES to creating value-packed programs, packages, courses and workshops.



Here’s Lacy Consolini’s story, in her words.

Lacy C

“I have described working with Jenny a few ways: Energizing, glittery, and breathing life back into a slowly dying soul.

Taking it to the next step and training under her, I can best explain by saying it is like having an EpiPen in your hand while standing in a swarm of bees. She makes you go deep. She is the mirror we all need, the soft hand to hold, and the kick in ass when we are stuck.

Get Gutsy Coach Training School was not just a training course or certification opportunity. It is that gift that keeps on giving. The skills, tools, and tips she shares are ones you can apply to everything in your life or biz. She is a true mentor, teacher, role model, and most of all she is REAL!

Taking her course with the goal of growing my business after being in a corporate role for 25 years was frightening, exciting, stressful and more. Working with Jenny and her tribe has provided the support, lasting friendships, and unlimited possibilities for years to come. It has helped me step out of the Co-Pilot seat into the Pilot seat.

I have always said, gift-giving starts at home! Yes, I gifted this course to myself and I encourage you to as well. It’s ORGASMIC.”



My trainings have been described in various ways – this is the first time “orgasmic” was used. I’ll take it!

Reminds me of that classic restaurant scene from “When Harry Met Sally” with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Gotta love the line that comes out of that scene, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Do you want to have what Lacy’s having?



I recommend you take action TODAY and apply for our next class of superstars in Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

Because when you apply by TODAY, January 25 you save $1,000 on your tuition. Once your application is accepted, you’ll get instant access to a suite of my digital courses that you can dive into NOW so you can start rocking and rolling.

I’ll take you under my wing for this program and teach you all I know about walking the prosperous path of an authentic coach.

Join the next generation of coaches making a huge impact in the world on every level imaginable.

And so we’re clear, after you graduate we don’t just say goodbye and send you on your merry way to fend for yourself. We offer ONGOING coaching and community so you can continue receiving the support you need to SUCCEED as a coach.

CLICK HERE to check it out + apply.

Whether you want to build a 6-figure full-time coaching business, add coaching into your current business offerings, coach leaders within your organization, or generate a little extra income by working with a handful of clients a month, we’ve got you covered.

Gutsy coaches UNITE.

See you inside the Get Gutsy Coach Training School!

CLICK HERE to check it out + apply.


P.S. I have consciously created Get Gutsy Coach Training School to teach you exactly what you need to know NOW to truly make it as a coach. You won’t find anything in the market like this or at such a huge value.

Securing 2 – 4 paying clients to invest in a coaching package with you will pay for this training. I’m essentially giving you a sacred coaching business in a box.

If you’re ready to become a confident coach with HUGE skills + learn the biz tools needed to succeed as a coach, I want to work with you in our next training class.

Remember: when you apply by TODAY – January 25, you save $1,000 on your investment.

CLICK HERE to check it out + apply.


Boost Your Message, Reach + Faith (your free invitation)

We are well into 2016 (hello, day 19!) and do I have something you’re going to love.

Before I tell you what it is … let me tell you what I know about you.

You have a big mission to fulfill through your business.

You need ALL the energy you can harness to truly rise to your next level and lead your tribe.

How are you doing with this right now?

Be straight with me.

I know this can get REALLY hard.

I know there are times you want to give up, throw your hands in the air and say, “ENOUGH!”

I get it.

I totally, totally do.

That’s why I created something that will get 2016 moving and grooving for you like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

It’s called the GET GUTSY CHALLENGE and you’re invited to dive in for free to boost your MESSAGE, REACH + FAITH (because these are ESSENTIAL elements on your quest).

Click here to instantly claim your spot in the Challenge.


Join forces with me and a global crew of gutsy women as you align your business from the inside out and journey up each level of spiritual leadership.

The free 7-day Challenge kicks off next Tuesday, January 26.

We’ll all go on this adventure together. It’s going to be so rad.

Here’s what we’ll focus on each day:

Day 1: Foundation

Day 2: Passion

Day 3: Power

Day 4: Heart

Day 5: Voice

Day 6: Intuition

Day 7: Liberation

We’ll be sharing and connecting in my free Facebook group (if you’re not already a part of it, you’ll get a link to access it once you join the Get Gutsy Challenge) AND you’ll be encouraged to share OUTSIDE of the group too … because that’s when things get really juicy.

And I’ll be giving away some pretty amazing prizes for those gals who show up every single day and totally bring the HEAT with your participation.

You in?

Click here to instantly claim your spot in the Challenge.

Let’s make 2016 the year that everything clicks into place for you.

It starts with YOU rising to the Challenge and saying YES to boosting your MESSAGE, REACH + FAITH.

I believe in you.

Gutsy leaders unite!


P.S. There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who take action + those who watch others taking action while they sit on the sidelines and wonder when it will be their turn.

Which camp are you in?

Click here to instantly claim your spot in the Challenge.