Burn the Ships: How to Truly Succeed In Business

Burn the Ships

I’m feeling SO full of love, joy and pride after being with my Business Adventure School Inner Circle clients the last few days at the Get Gutsy + Be Unstoppable Retreat: Systems, Leverage + Profit.


I introduced this program close to one year ago at my last-ever Retreat for Goddesses and had a number of women step forward into it. Then I launched it online a few months later and had more step forward.

(I’ll re-open registration at ALCHEMY Live in October.)

The caliber of women blew me away. (I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE GALS.)


So did the program launch. It has been my most successful launch (more than $100,000 generated from this program) in the history of my 7-year-old business.

It’s a program that I had developed in my mind over many, many years … to provide the kind of sacred support and soul sisterhood necessary to walk the crooked path of entrepreneurship.

I have tears in my eyes as I look at the growth my clients have achieved … and the MIRACLES and MAGIC they have manifested in their BUSINESSES and LIVES.

  • More clients
  • More self-care
  • A marriage
  • Moving
  • Pregnancy
  • A client who PAID IN FULL for an entire year’s worth of service (a first for this client)
  • More fun and vacations
  • Feeling the love and support of her community as she had a kidney removed due to cancer and redesigning her life and biz as a result
  • More time for art!
  • More time for riding motorcycles!
  • More content creation
  • Business model evolution to be more in line with her truth
  • Increased visibility
  • Stronger boundaries and clear-cut business policies
  • An invitation from the top association in her field to deliver a webinar to her ideal audience
  • Listening to SPIRIT
  • Embracing her connection to God for the first time in a LONG time and surrendering to being fully supported on her journey

The list goes on.

I’m humbled. I’m honored. I’m FULL.

THANK YOU, UNIVERSE for giving me this download to create this SPACE for gutsy biz chicks to do their big work in the world.

BAS 11/13 retreat

I share this with you to give you insight into what happens when you immerse yourself in a sacred container of unconditional love and support.





I share this with you to show you what is possible when YOU share your Divine Downloads with the tribe you are here to help.


Now I’m making this sound easy yet I understand that you still might feel confused about what you should be focusing on to grow your biz. My first few years in business I felt like I was chasing my tail most days!

Don’t worry, girl … I’ve got you covered.

So here are 20 tips for you to get the juices flowing:

  1. Don’t hoard … CIRCULATE.
  2. Have more fun! You’ll attract more business to you when you’re happier.
  3. Create more valuable content and spread it around.
  4. Help more people.
  5. Trust that there are people RIGHT NOW looking for your solution.
  6. Don’t use money as an excuse to hold you back from growing. Instead of saying “I can’t afford it,” flip that around and say “How can I afford it?”
  7. Recycle and repurpose old content (it’s still good!).
  8. Stand for something bigger than yourself. Come back to your “why” whenever you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.
  9. Celebrate your successes and tell people about them. It’s OKAY TO BRAG.
  10. Find a mastermind to join.
  11. Just say no to tolerations and bullshit that are holding you back.
  12. Sign up for a live event that can help you leapfrog in your business.
  13. Develop systems for tasks that you do regularly in your business so that you’re not always reinventing the wheel.
  14. Chunk your time to get massive shit done while still having time for your life.
  15. Engage in sacred self-care regularly.
  16. Get testimonials from your clients. This social proof is HUGE in attracting more clients.
  17. Have fun on social media and ENGAGE with your audience. It’s one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal today.
  18. Fly your freak flag. Embrace your uniqueness. We’re all weird in our own weird way. Love your weirdness.
  19. Get help! Don’t try to do all this shit all by yourself.
  20. Remember – entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Run your own race. Pace yourself and perfect the art of the hustle.

Commit to being the gutsy biz chick you are.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

The time to RISE UP is now.

Build your business AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.


Abandon Plans B and C and D.

Burn the ships.

Bask in the glow of your faith that anything is possible.

Commit to going on the adventure of your life.

There’s no turning back.

You’re safe, you’re supported, you’re spectacular.



48 Hours: The Reality of Entrepreneurship Mixed with Motherhood

48 hours

Do you ever wonder how people design their days? I do. I find it fascinating to learn how human beings LIVE day-to-day.

You can learn a lot about someone when you see how they spend their precious time.

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be ULTRA smart about how you spend your time. Literally before I do anything for my biz, I ask myself, “Is this helping me grow my business? And is this the best use of my time right now?”

When it comes to my personal life, I’m always looking at how to make my routine and systems more efficient and enjoyable to reduce stress and drama.

So I thought it would be fun to track 2 of my days this week to see where my time was going and how I wear all the hats I proudly wear – woman, wife, mama, biz owner, coach, daughter, friend.

I recently wrote a post about how I chunk my time, and while I SO believe in time chunking, ever since I gave birth to my daughter in April, my schedule has SHIFTED. So it was interesting tracking two days in my life to see the reality of my daily routine.

Hope you find this recap helpful. It’s real. It’s uncensored. Just like life ought to be!

Wednesday, July 9

6am – Wake up with baby Kate, nurse her and put her in her swing. The rest of the house sleeps so I finish writing sales emails for the Cash in on Your Calling course launch.

7am – The house is awake! Play with kids, make breakfast, help my 2 sons get dressed.

9am – Say bye to boys as my husband drives them to art camp. Cross fingers Sean has an easier time with separation today. Clean up from breakfast. Play with Kate on the floor.

baby buddha

9:30am – Babysitter Sophie arrives to help watch Kate! Take shower :)

10:15am – Review projects in Asana for deadlines for today so my brain knows where to focus.

10:30am – Meet with new assistant for continued training to get her up to speed and give her materials for our Business Adventure School client retreat next week.

11:30am – Eat early lunch that babysitter whipped up for me while nursing Kate.

12:00pm – Hop onto Q+A tea party on my Facebook page with some amazing gals from around the world. Love answering questions and hearing what’s coming up for gutsy biz chicks.

tea party

1:15pm – Hop off Facebook and STRETCH. Drink water and prepare for next part of my day. Check email. See that FedEx has delivered Kate’s birth announcements from minted.com. Run to every possible location around my house to find the package. Find it in the last spot I check (outside the garage). Excitedly open box and look inside. I’m in love :)


1:30pm  – Client call! We focus on team building and delegation as she’s hitting a plateau in her business and teetering on the brink of burnout.

2:30pm – Client call! We focus on creating packages leading to higher engagement and bigger paydays for her. She’s ready to stop trading hours for dollars. Breastfeed Kate during call.

3:50pm – Leave for baseball practice. We’re running late (shocker!) and I wonder if it’s worth it to even go. We go anyway.

4:15pm – Make it to baseball practice. Nurse Kate on arrival. Only 2 other kids are there because most people are on vacation or something. My younger son Luke even gets to play since hardly anyone is there. He’s thrilled. I even hit some balls my husband pitches to me. It feels so good to let out that energy!


Have a conversation with a dad of one of the players and realize he laid the concrete during our home renovation project last year. Small world indeed. He just started his own business so we talk biz. It’s fun hearing his passion for his work. I hope he succeeds!

6:30pm – Dinner at pizza joint. Big crowd so we wait outside while our food is prepared. My son Luke tries to open the door of the toy store next to restaurant. He doesn’t understand the “Closed” sign on the door and thinks if he pulls hard enough, toy store will open. It’s so cute. I hope he stays this innocent forever.

toy store

8:00pm – Nurse Kate and put her to bed.

8:15pm – Eat the best cookie I’ve ever had. Banana cream icing in between 2 chocolate chip and walnut cookies. HOLY SHIT! This is worth its own entry on this day because the cookie is so damn delicious.

9:00pm – Pass out putting my kids to bed. Their bed is so comfortable and I fall asleep right between my sons. I love sleeping next to them and listening to them breathe.

Thursday, July 10

2:00am – Breastfeed Kate! Move to my bed with Kate.

5:30am – Wake up to my son Luke kicking me because I won’t give him mooeys (his word for breastfeeding). He’s having a hard time weaning. If you have helpful tips on weaning a 3-year-old, I’m all ears. Breastfeed Kate.

6am – Cave and give Luke mooeys and then change the batteries in his Rockenbok toy. Wonder why kids’ toys go through so many batteries.

7am – Write my July check-in for my mastermind group I’m a part of. Love checking in with my ladies and getting and giving support. These women rock my world!

8:15am – Take a walk around neighborhood once plan to go to yoga was foiled by Kate’s needing to nurse at 8 a.m. Take Luke with me on the walk.

9am – Pay 1st tuition installment for sons’ enrollment at new school for 2014-2015 school year. Feel proud that my business contributes to my children’s education!

9:10am – Say goodbye to boys as they head to art camp. Again cross fingers that Sean has an easy time at drop off.

9:30am – Breakfast for me! I sit outside as Kate sits in her vibrating seat. The warm air feels so good on my skin! Kate coos and smiles her toothless grin.

11am – Babysitter arrives to help with Kate!

11:30am – Write copy for a co-promotion I’m launching with my guest speaker at my live event this fall – ALCHEMY. I get excited thinking about how much fun we’re going to have at the event!

1pm – Host monthly access call for my Business Adventure School clients. Themes we focused on: Choosing list providers; Elegantly embracing your varied passions in your business; Sequencing for your IFO (opt-ins, autoresponders, thank you pages); Hiring + firing. I also shared just how lucky we are to be doing this work. How lucky we are to be ALIVE. Got teary as I recalled a few connections who are battling cancer, and one who recently passed away.

2:30pm – Social media check-in. I’m using a new social media scheduling software called Edgar that my pal Laura Roeder’s company created. I’m OBSESSED with it. It has freed up so  much time in my biz I want to cry.

3pm – Meet with former assistant to have her return a few biz things and thank her for her service. She was awesome and will be missed.

3:30pm – Work on proposal for a prospect.

4pm – Say bye to babysitter and eat a VERY late lunch of salami and cheese!

4:15pm – Leave for swim lessons with the entire crew. Revel in watching each boy LEARN how to swim. Sean has grown so much! And Luke is learning to be unafraid in the water. He starts the lesson not wanting to go into the water and ends it jumping up and down on the submerged platform. Life is good. So grateful for their two teachers who LOVE teaching children how to swim.


6:30pm – Take shower with baby Kate. It’s more efficient that way!

7pm – Nurse Kate, read to her, swaddle her and put her to bed.

7:30pm – Eat dinner that my husband prepares. What a saint! I don’t enjoy cooking and I’m glad he steps up to the plate.

9pm – Say goodnight to my boys.

9:30pm – Write this blog post and feel good doing it as it’s been brewing for a while.

11pm – Off to bed! In-laws are coming tomorrow for a few days and I’m thankful for the extra hands to help with our crew. Next week I’m hosting my Business Adventure School Inner Circle clients and my hubby can use the help from his parents with the kids! Our babysitter will be out of town of course :)

The life of an entrepreneur … never a dull moment. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

How to Wow Your Prospects With Your Irresistible Free Offer On Your Website

Wow Prospects with IFO on Site

I believe there are 4 MUST-HAVE elements on your website:

  1. Opt-in box
  2. Video
  3. Irresistible Free Offer (this is tied to your opt-in box)
  4. “About” page

Let’s focus on your Irresistible Free Offer (IFO).

Your IFO needs to accomplish 2 things:

  1. CREATE VALUE: Educate and wow (share the WHY and the WHAT of your message)
  2. SELL: Move your prospect along to the next call to action in your nurturing process

How to WOW your prospects with your IFO:

  • What can you provide that would be an eye-opener?
  • What would get your new lead to say “wow”?
  • What inside perspective do you have that they are hungry for?
  • TIP: Give your BEST content away upfront and FREE (seriously)

Ideas for your IFO:

  • Videos
  • CD/Audio
  • Special Report
  • Tips Sheet
  • Quiz
  • Webinar/Teleclass
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • E-course
  • Expert interviews
  • Gift certificate/coupon

We use a FREE CD/Audio in my business. You can request yours at the top or bottom of this page and see how our process works.

free CD

Your IFO will grow your list substantially. You’ve gotta have one if you want to own a company that makes money and allows you to have a lifestyle that fuels you on a deep, deep level. The gold is in your LIST.


Want to learn more about smart, soulful marketing and rock-solid systems so you can build a solid foundation to grow your online business?

Check out my Cash in on Your Calling Course.

Doors on ENROLLMENT close Monday, July 14.

Guess what? I’ll walk you through how to create YOUR amazing IFO during the course. No need to figure this out by yourself, gutsy biz chick. Let’s go!

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Purple badge

What To Do When the Doubts Come Marching In


“Oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts come marching in.”

It happens right?

You better believe it does.

On your journey to create YOUR soulful, profitable biz, you too will have to deal with DOUBTS. Most of them from YOU.


But don’t fret, there’s a way to RISE ABOVE so you don’t SABOTAGE your success.

In this episode of Get Gutsy TV, I share a simple tip you can implement TODAY that will help you lovingly yet firmly tell your doubts to take a hike.



Ready to BURN through your BIZ DOUBTS with a crew of SOUL SISTERS who has your back? Come on IN to the Cash in on Your Calling course.

Purple badge

Cash in on Your Calling is for you if you’re READY to:

  • Earn more without working more
  • Accelerate transformational results for your clients and customers so they become raving fans
  • Grow your business ONLINE using no-cost and low-cost tools, working with clients you love all over the world
  • Set your own hours. Be your own boss. Take vacations whenever you want to. Travel the world with your business and not skip a beat
  • Be yourself and get paid to share your expertise and unique personality with your tribe

Fast-Action registration closes Monday, June 30, 2014. Save more than 50% off your tuition and score a super HOT bonus pack valued at $4,000+.

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Earning More and Freaking Out? 3 Steps for Dealing With Money Upleveling Woes

Money Upleveling Woes

Got money woes?

Upleveling and freaking out about receiving more than you ever have before?

You’re not ALONE.

Recently one of my private clients was experiencing some overwhelm because she was about to receive the largest payment EVER in her business.

Awesome right?!

Yes … and also no.

Because her money gremlins were rearing their ugly heads!

I shared my 3 tips with her to help her RISE ABOVE and bring more IN.

In this episode of Get Gutsy TV, I share these tips with YOU to help you move through the turbulence that often comes when you attract more income to your business and life.


Under the video in the COMMENTS, share your tips for moving through money upleveling WOES. We’re all in this together.

And if you’re ready to attract more money into your passion-fueled business, I invite you to join me on a FREE training call series coming up on Wednesday, June 25+ Thursday, June 26 (and yes, if you miss any of the calls, we will have recordings for ya!).


Click here to register.

Your life will never be the same once you take your mindset and business skills to the next level.

You’ll change the game for your family, future generations and the causes you’re crazy about and want to support.

Get out from hiding. Share your gifts more powerfully with the tribe you are here to serve.

Accept help.

I’m ready for you …


Much love,

Signature (Jenny)