Want to be a Coach?

I have a few questions for you:

  • Have you been the go-to gal for advice from friends, family, colleagues and strangers for as long as you can remember?
  • Do you love reminding people of their innate power and gifts?
  • Do you have a knack for lasering in on an issue and shifting to a solution with grace and confidence?
  • Do you read self-help books, blogs and advice columns and think you could write what you just read?
  • Are you ready to step into an exciting, lucrative career and personal growth path called COACHING?
  • Are you committed to being a skilled and intuitive COACH with a solid foundation so your clients get the best results?

If you’re nodding your head YES, know this …

I was once in your shoes: thinking about becoming a coach.

Then I embarked on an extensive coach training certification program in 2008 that turned me into a coach.

In fact, I’m one of the few coaches you see in the online marketing space who actually TRAINED to become a coach instead of just calling myself one.

If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE A COACH, you’re going to want to pay attention to this email.

Today we are opening registration for my free awesome webinar for aspiring coaches.


I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes info about how to make it as a coach in an industry that’s super crowded and noisy … but has plenty of space for AUTHENTIC LEADERS ready to COACH with CONFIDENCE.

I’ll also be letting you know how you can grab a spot in our next class for GET GUTSY COACH TRAINING SCHOOL that kicks off in October (the coach training is 100% online and super convenient!).

I’m so excited to connect with you. Gutsy coaches unite!

Details on the webinar:

Converting Your Expertise Into a Successful Coaching Business

Thursday, July 23 at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST)

Recording will be sent to all who register so no worries if you can’t join live (though aim to come live as I’ll be answering audience questions during the webinar!).

All you need to join the webinar training is a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Easy!

It’s time to join the COACHING revolution …


P.S. “Business coaching and the personal development and self-help industry is considered to be one of the booming industries today.” – Brendon Burchard

I agree!

Enter your information below to register for this free awesome webinar.

Focus of the Month: Angels, Guides + Messengers

jenny-fenig-monthly-themes-07-julyWelcome to July, GET GUTSY GIRLS!

It’s time to unveil our FOCUS FOR THE MONTH.

You are never alone. There are forces at play working for your highest good at all times.

Do you believe this? It’s true. How can you invite more angels into your life? How can you spot the messengers on your path? How do you know when you’re being guided?

I’m thrilled to share one of my most revealing, vulnerable posts ever, plus our theme for July.

The theme for JULY is: Angels, Guides + Messengers.

A few days ago I was working with a therapist who is helping me gain new perspective over the death of my younger sister Julie.

We’ve been focusing on a traumatic scene from my childhood: the day Julie died at 12 years old from brain cancer in a hospital room in Florida.

I have many jumbled emotions from this time in my life. As a 16-year-old girl, I was so not emotionally equipped to handle illness and death. No one in my life was. Going through that experience was awful.

So the day that Julie was dying in that Florida hospital room was a day that I was hungover from going out the night before to try to drink away the reality of my sister’s prognosis. I wanted to numb my pain. I wanted to rewrite the shitty story.

Chapter 3 of my book “Get Gutsy” details this day that changed everything for me and my path (you can grab this chapter for free here), and writing my book was hugely healing for me around this traumatic experience.

But as I’ve learned since, it’s very difficult to completely release traumatic memories and their effect on just about every area of your life.

So I’ve been working with this therapist (she specializes in a form of therapy called EMDR), and the results have been profound.

And on this day a few days ago, I visualized that hospital room scene and saw something magical and other worldly: a team of light-filled angels floating over my sister’s hospital bed. They were helping her frail body sit up so she could put her hands together and pray while her Last Rites were being given to her by the hospital priest.

Then these angelic beings called forth her Spirit into another dimension. Julie’s angels assured her that she was safe to cross the veil into the other side. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and holy.

What a vision! As I saw that scene and worked through the visual with my therapist, my body instantly felt lighter, less tethered to the trauma of my sister’s illness and subsequent death.

I understood what happened on a soul level, and that Julie was safe and cared for even as her family was in deep shock and grief.

I cried, released and recommitted to the leader I’m here to be.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced angels, messengers and guides in my life.

And I feel the same can be said for you.

According to good ol’ Wikipedia, here’s the definition of angels:

An angel is a supernatural being or spirit found in various religions and mythologies. In Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism, angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits or a guiding influence. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God’s tasks. The term “angel” has also been expanded to various notions of spirits found in many other religious traditions. The theological study of angels is known as “angelology”.

You may be a bit surprised to see me talking about ANGELS when you know me talking about business concepts and marketing know-how and all that good stuff. Know this: I’ll still be teaching on those concepts because they are awesome.

And … I’m excited to be moving into some new territory to help you connect with your spiritual world. Because the spiritual world is where it’s at.

So as I was conceiving of the FOCUS for July for our tribe, this theme presented itself to me: ANGELS, GUIDES + MESSENGERS.

You ready to call in divine support?


It’s the most powerful form of support in the world.

Some ideas for you for bringing our JULY FOCUS to life …



alchemy - meditate

Ask for help from your spirit guides.


Use guided visualization (here’s a free one from me to you).

Create an altar in your home with crystals, spiritual statues and candles.

Spend time in nature.

alchemy - nature

Notice everyone who comes into your life and the messages they share with you about your work, your health, your family, your path, everything.

Open your eyes. Look at the signs around you. Literally look at signs (billboards, street signs, magazine articles). Just this week I saw a homemade sign on the side of the road when driving my kids to camp that said “Slow Down.” I exhaled, and went slower.

“Simply thinking of your deceased loved ones whenever you want to feel them around will draw their energy near. They can hear our thoughts and will do everything in their power to give you the signs that you need to know for sure that they are well and around. All you have to do is be still enough to see.” – Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

Check out Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Therapy Oracle Deck”. I use this deck rather religiously!

Healer heal thyself! The GET GUTSY TRIBE (you!) is filled with a lot of healers. In order for YOU to do your healing work in the world, you must commit to regular sacred self-care in whatever form that takes. Don’t let your own light burn out!

Listen to songs about angels.

Look at photographs of angels.

Add an angel sculpture to your garden.

Hire a guide to help you navigate the next level of your growth in your business.

Listen to your inner voice as you create your newest business offerings.

Surround yourself with like-spirited people.

Alchemy-- gutsy leaders

Attend an event that fuels your mission.

Enjoy July. This month will be spectacular.



There will be angels among us at my last-ever ALCHEMY Live.

If you’re craving community, connection and clarity with fellow leaders, then grab your ticket now. Come hang out with a spirited group of smart women making magic in the world.

More details here >>> http://TheAlchemyEvent.com

I’m excited to see you at our FINALE event!

Check out this video to get a feel for what you’ll experience at ALCHEMY Live.

Writing + Meditation Retreat (interested?)

A few days ago an idea came to me in a flash right before I went to bed. It grabbed me so tight that I got out of bed and started mapping it out. (Being a creator is pretty wild sometimes!)

Here it is:

I’m hosting an ONLINE WRITING + MEDITATION RETREAT and think you’ll dig it.

Jenny sitting on edge of couch at Cranwell

I’ve hosted virtual retreats before, but never one SPECIFICALLY for writers and women ready to write their books!


I’m having a blast teaching my amazing students in Get Gutsy Book Writing Immersion and know that there are soooooooo many other gals in my tribe who will get a TON of value (and fun!) from this ONLINE WRITING + MEDITATION RETREAT.

Here’s the deal:

I’m running this event LIVE during TWO different time blocks to accommodate our global tribe. Get ready for the action!

The ONLINE WRITING + MEDITATION RETREAT is 2.5 hours and includes:

  • 2 hours of writing prompts (get ready to write!), meditation practice (this is CRUCIAL to hearing your voice) and powerful messages about your opportunity and responsibility as a storyteller. I will lead the group through a guided visualization to open you up to the message you are here to share in your book. You’ll walk away with thousands of words written, a huge boost to your confidence, plus a personal MANTRA you can use throughout your book writing process.
  • 30 minutes of group coaching and Q+A about writing and self-publishing your book.
  • Interactive chat feature so you can connect with your fellow gutsy storytellers and writers.
  • Recording of your event (so no worries if you miss the live session!).
  • NOTE: we will connect ONLINE. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection and you are SET. You’ll be able to see and hear me. You’ll DEFINITELY want to have a notebook and your favorite pen with you as you’ll be WRITING!

I’m so excited to connect with you!

I want to make it SO EASY to say YES to the ONLINE WRITING + MEDITATION RETREAT … so I’m pricing this at only $97.

Crazy awesome, right?!

Why am I doing this?


What’s your NEXT STEP?

Choose your time preference on WEDNESDAY, JULY 15:

GROUP A: 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST

GROUP B: 8 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. EST

*To convert these times to your timezone, click here.

Once you register, your spot is reserved.

Feel free to forward this email to the powerful storytellers in your life who have a BOOK IN THEM. The world needs more EMPOWERING STORIES FROM WOMEN.

No excuses.

It’s time to go inside, hear that wise inner voice and write your book!

Pumped to connect with you soon.


P.S. Oh – almost forgot to mention!

The first 27 to register get a HOT BONUS mailed right to your front door: a signed copy of my bestselling book “Get Gutsy.” So pumped to send this to you!


What If Money Isn’t Your Core Motivator?

How do you stay inspired to grow your body of work, business and life when MONEY isn’t your core motivator?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately.

Do you ever ask yourself this question?

I’ve loved money since I was a little girl (proof in the picture below of me as a money-loving cowgirl as I was learning the letter M as a kid!), but I’m not driven by the desire to earn, earn, earn more.

Jenny money

Sometimes I wish I was wired to be like this as I see so many of my peers charging hard for more money as they grow their business to HUGE levels, HUGE teams and LOTS of complexity (I’m so excited for these girlbosses!), but it’s simply not the biggest motivator for me.

I’m motivated by something different at this stage in my life …


Here are some facts about me:

I didn’t grow up poor (though my father and father-in-law grew up quite poor).

I was never on welfare.

I never worried about where my next meal was coming from.

I grew up middle class though my mom’s side of the family had accumulated wealth (my grandfather Jack was a very successful entrepreneur).

I LOVED name brand clothes and bags (Guess, Generra, Esprit, Z Cavaricci, Liz Claiborne, Citizens of Humanity, Coach, Prada have all lived in my closet at one time or another).

I got a new car when I was 17 because my first used car my dad gave me at 16 started breaking down immediately when he passed it on to me. My mom didn’t want me driving a clunker to college so she bought me a new car. I always paid for gas and insurance on my own.

I started working at 16.

I always worked in restaurants: as a gal taking phone orders at Domino’s Pizza, as a hostess, then as a waitress when I turned 18 and could serve alcohol (I LOVED the thrill of getting tips!).

I graduated college with NO student loans. I was on an academic scholarship and kept that scholarship all 4 years of college.

I did have credit card debt when I graduated college though. This was from spending the previous summer in New York City working at a public relationship agency for a plum internship.

The amount I was paid was not enough to cover my expenses (and entertainment!) from living in the big city. I didn’t care though – that experience changed my life and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

There are times when the expenses are going to be more than the income. If you’re learning and making connections, then you can parlay that experience into something bigger very quickly. That’s what I did when I was offered a full-time position upon graduation. I racked up more debt as I was paid a very modest salary ($28,000 when I started and $60,000 by the time I left 4 years later) and lived in the city, but eventually I rallied for performance-based raises and bonuses and erased my debt and was FREE by the time I was 25.

Then I started my business in my early 30s and used 0% credit cards to invest in coaching and experiences to GROW my business. Since I wasn’t seeking outside funding from investors, I gladly borrowed money from cards to grow my business. One of the many causes of businesses NOT succeeding is undercapitalization.

Through diligence and discipline, along the way I figured out how to serve my clients and students at a high level, make offers and continuously bring in $10,000 – $50,000 a month in sales. This has been a journey and I am GRATEFUL for it all.

But as I gunned harder and harder to bring in more and more, I found that I was less and less in love with my business.

Because honestly, it’s not the money that gets me the most excited.


Sure, earning money is HUGELY important (the purpose of your biz is to turn a profit), but it doesn’t have to be the driver for all that you do if that idea insults your soul.


It’s more important what you DO WITH THE MONEY that you earn.

I was reminded of this truth when I read “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.

Have you read that book? If not, you must!

Many people with the highest INCOMES have the LOWEST net worth. They often fall into the trap of spending so much to “keep up with the Joneses.” They never acquire real wealth.

I’m a HUGE fan of earning big money and charging based on the VALUE you bring to your tribe, and I’m also a believer of looking at what’s going on INSIDE.

Because if your INSIDES are BARREN then no matter how much you earn, it will never feel like ENOUGH.

That’s not wealth.

I want more for you.

Are you a magnet for wealth or a repellent?

What I’ve realized on this wild road of being ALIVE …

I’m lucky to be alive, and I have a powerful mission to fulfill.

My tribe, clients and students are AMAZING. (I adore you!)

All of my needs are met in my life.

I have a beautiful home.

A great view of trees and green and flowers.

Awesome and inspiring workspace.

My new studio space brings me so much JOY and is SO supportive of the growth of my business.

My new studio space brings me so much JOY and is SO supportive of the growth of my business.

Three healthy children.

Two cats.

A rotating crew of fish.

A husband who loves his work (he doesn’t want to come work in my business because he has work of his own that he enjoys) and has LOTS of time to spend with our family.

A local community that is so “me.”

A solid yoga practice

After having a problem relationship with alcohol since I was 14 years old, I gave up drinking all together in May and am walking the road of sobriety.

I’ve recently fallen in love with cooking and am having fun in the kitchen.

Most importantly, I’M HEALTHY and have PEACE in my heart.

Sure, I still get tripped up by life’s curveballs like most humans, but really I’m good day-to-day.

What motivates me at this stage in my life is INSPIRING MY TRIBE TO GET GUTSY and BUILDING MY BUSINESS AROUND MY FAMILY.

That’s why – for the first time ever – I’m actually taking a month’s sabbatical this summer to wander, explore and BE.

My business is all systematized so our programs, social media posts, and all that jazz will continue serving our amazing and clients, but I’m stepping away for a bit.

I have some big projects, dreams and ideas in the works and I’m SO pumped to see what SPROUTS during my time off when the daily grind has been set aside. You may still get an email from me as I get inspired, but mostly I’m just chilling with my hubby and kiddos.

It feels SO EUROPEAN to be taking this BREAK. I wish it felt more AMERICAN, but Americans are still so chained to the grind. The grind is so not me.

This idea came to me back in May when I attended Ali Brown’s REPOWER workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was around BIG-TIME businesswomen and our energy combined into something FIERCE and FABULOUS.

Ali and crew

I actually threw up the last morning of the workshop in my hotel room as my body was processing so much. It was INTENSE in a liberating, beautiful way. I shed so many layers and labels I had outgrown: namely the thought that I have to be all things to all people.

I don’t … and neither do you.

Today, I encourage you to think about these questions for a bit …

What do you want to create with this last half of 2015 that is stretched out in front of us?

Is your business model working for you or draining you?

Are you excited about your projects, tribe and clients?

Is your team supporting you fully or do they keep letting you down?

How are your systems?

How are you handling the ebbs and flows? (Too many ebbs and you’re in trouble!)

Are you being your WHOLE self or simply a sliver of who you really are?


How is your body and health?

How is your spirit? Your soul?

Do you have hobbies OUTSIDE of your work that bring you joy?

How are your friendships?

How is your romantic life?

How is your wealth? And I’m not just talking about your revenues, but your NET WORTH. Because honestly that’s what’s truly important. Your NET WORTH is your FOUNDATION, your ROOTS, your STABILITY. And your business is just ONE PIECE of your NET WORTH.

Exploring the answers to those questions AND creating inspiring solutions in a LUXURIOUS, SACRED SPOT is what’s going down at my beautiful event ALCHEMY Live this October in the magical Berkshires of Massachusetts (about 2 hours from NYC and Boston).

ALCHEMY Live 2015 badge

If you’re craving community, connection and clarity with fellow leaders, then grab your ticket now. Come hang out with a spirited group of smart women making magic in the world.

Fast-action tickets expire TUESDAY, JUNE 30. Save $200 and score some SUPER-HOT BONUSES (worth thousands!) while you’re at it.

More details here >>> http://TheAlchemyEvent.com

Oh, you should know that ALCHEMY Live 2015 will be the FINAL one I’m hosting. Different projects are calling my name, and I’m making space for them.

I’m excited to see you at our FINALE event!

Check out this video to get a feel for what you’ll experience at ALCHEMY Live.


Leader or Lurker?

How are ya?

So I want to take a quick moment to talk to you about FAITH.

Faith is something I’ve had to develop BIG-TIME as I do my big work in the world. It is NOT easy to step out and shine your light. You’ll be faced with criticism, confusion, and things not working the way you think they will.

The path of being a LEADER (instead of a LURKER always watching, but not taking any action) is profound and filled with highs and lows.

Know this: you’re going to need to step into LEADERSHIP and strengthen your faith muscles if you want to help more people, earn more money, and fulfill your mission on this planet.

One of the most profound lessons on FAITH for me was creating my first-ever live event in my biz back in 2010.

I created the event after it came to me in a dream when I made a MAJOR move out of New York City to the magical mountains of Western Massachusetts while pregnant with my second son Luke.

In my bones, I just knew that women needed to experience a RETREAT of their own, away from the noise, distractions and obligations of everyday business and life.

So I made it happen. I’ll never forget pulling all the pieces together while I was getting settled in my new community with my family in between visits to my midwife. And I’ll definitely never forget writing marketing copy with one hand while holding Luke with another while he nursed.

And no doubt, I won’t ever forget spending the night away from Luke for the first time to lead the Retreat for Goddesses (what my first live event was called) back in 2011 when he was 4 months old.

It’s what I was called to do and I listened to that Inner Voice that said, GO FOR IT, Jenny.

Since then, my live events have changed hundreds of women’s lives.

And it’s no surprise.

Because magic happens at events.

When you commit to getting out from behind your computer, out of your house, and OUT in this big, wide world, the Universe takes note and starts rearranging things for your highest good.

It’s absolutely phenomenal.

I’m being called to step up in an even BIGGER way … and serve gutsy leaders from around the WORLD for their transformation as they turn their GIFTS into GOLD.

That’s why I birthed ALCHEMY Live last year while I was pregnant with my 3rd child Kate (you see a theme here? I birth events when I’m making babies – lol!).

I’m PSYCHED to bring it back again for another spin.

Have you checked it out yet?


AlchemyLIVE vertical banner

25% of our seats are GONE. I would LOVE for you to claim yours.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

Awesome gals you are going to LOVE from AROUND THE WORLD will be meeting in Massachusetts this October amidst changing leaves and crisp fall mountain air …

Already, we’ve got representation from:



British Columbia, Canada

Ontario, Canada


New York

Alberta, Canada



New Hampshire

Can we add your STATE / COUNTRY to the LIST?

Here’s the deal. Life is all about choices, and there is a choice now I’d like you to make.

The choice has less to do with where you are NOW, and everything to do with what you DESIRE: how much of an impact you want to make, how much fun you want to have, your motivation to take action AND not try to figure this out by yourself.

Come hang out with me and fellow gutsy, do-whatever-it-takes leaders for 3 days of magic to rise to YOUR next level.

Say YES to your GIFT and the TRIBE you are HERE to help.

Reminder: fast-action tickets are only available until THIS Tuesday, June 30.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

NO MATTER WHAT: Be a leader, not a lurker.


P.S. If you have questions not answered on our website, just reply to this email and we’ll get back to you pronto.

P.P.S. We added a few NEW HOT BONUSES you’re going to want to check out. Most are time-sensitive. Don’t snooze and lose!