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Hello there, new + aspiring coach!

I have a few questions for you:

  • Have you been the go-to that friends, family, colleagues and strangers come to when they need guidance?
  • Do you love reminding people of their innate power and gifts?
  • Do you have a knack for lasering in on an issue and shifting to a solution with grace and confidence?
  • Do you read self-help books, blogs and advice columns and think you could write what you just read?
  • Do you dream about leading grateful clients through powerful transformation?
  • Are you ready to step into an exciting, lucrative career and personal growth path called COACHING?

Hi, I’m Jenny Fenig, and I was once in your shoes: thinking about becoming a coach.

If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE A COACH, you landed in the right spot on this page.

Don’t you just love when that happens?

But before I tell you more about how you can become a student in Get Gutsy Coach Training School, I want to tell you a story about how I found my way to coaching and built my business as a coach.

I want you to see what’s possible for you when you say YES to coaching.

I like to think of my life as BC (Before Coaching) and AC (After Coaching).

My entire life changed when I discovered the field of coaching and said YES to an extensive coach training program.

This was March 2008.

In November 2007, I quit my $175,000 a year job as a conference producer in New York City while in the midst of a 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

jenny-fenig-coach-training-02At that point, I didn’t know much about the field of coaching. It hadn’t yet exploded onto the internet or in our collective conscious like it has now.

But as fate would have it, I met a woman in a workshop led by Jonathan Fields who was a yoga teacher and creativity coach.

At that point, I was really trying to figure out what the heck I was doing with my career since I had quit my corporate job and was trying to figure out the next step in my work.

I considered becoming a teacher with Teach for America, training to become a nutritionist, taking a corporate fundraising position with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, becoming a marketing executive for a branding firm, going for my 500-hour yoga teaching certificate, and selling yoga apparel at lululemon in my neighborhood.

Pretty diverse options, right?

That’s my Gemini mind at play!

Having babies was in my future so this was a consideration for my new career path.

What would allow me to make a great impact in the world with my gifts, earn a fantastic income AND have a flexible, freedom-based schedule with me calling the shots?

When I heard the word “coach,” my curiosity was piqued. My body took notice and something inside me shifted as I contemplated this path.

Just what was this “coach” thing?

I madly researched coaching schools and found one that spoke to me to the tune of $9,000 and 10 months of hard-core training.

Throughout the course, I evolved into what I had always been deep down inside: A COACH, a GUIDE, a TEACHER.

I learned to ask open-ended empowering questions, listen deeply, reframe situations, work with different levels of energy … the list goes on.

Most importantly, I found myself again after spending much of my 10-year career feeling like I had taken a wrong turn.


I LOVED coaching.

Loved what it did for both coach and client.

Having known so much about psychotherapy after working with my fantastic therapist for several years, I appreciated how coaching used a different modality to shift energy quickly in high-functioning clients who were committed to their growth.

Everywhere I went, I would tell friends and strangers what I was up to and that’s exactly how I got my clients.

I didn’t have a website or email list or newsletter until July of 2009 – 17 months into my coaching career.

So getting clients at the beginning of my coaching business involved me spreading the word about what I was doing to anyone who would listen and handing out my trusty business cards.

I did a lot of 30-minute “complimentary” coaching sessions by phone and was able to convert a good number of prospects into paying clients.

I’ll never forget when I got my first paying client! I was still in coach training and I was simply over the moon that this gal – a friend of a friend – was interested in hiring me as her career coach. I took it as a sign from the Universe that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

When I first started, I would coach my clients 4 times a month at around $300 a month. This was the holy grail of coaching. If you could sign a client who wanted the 4-time-a-month package, you were doing a happy dance!

To accommodate different commitment levels and budgets, I also would offer 2 sessions a month at around $200 a month. I’d assign homework between sessions and would be available for email coaching.

Honestly, it felt like free money because I loved the work so much.

After signing a number of clients into multi-month coaching packages, I realized we had a problem.

And that problem was this: the model that I had been taught in coach training was not going to work long term. It was truly a broken model for a gal like me.

Sure, I was having fun coaching my clients. I was making a difference in their lives and I was earning some money.

But I got pregnant with my first baby in May 2008 (yay!) and I knew I wouldn’t be able to coach 5 days a week for hours at a time once my baby was born. I also knew that even IF I wanted to keep this schedule, the money simply wouldn’t add up to what I desired for my family or lifestyle.

Up to this point, I wasn’t even coaching full-time. I was pulling in MORE money as a freelance consultant as a conference producer (this is the job I used to do when I worked in corporate) and this took up about 75% of my work week.

But I LOVED coaching and I didn’t love being a conference producer anymore. I was doing it simply to help pay the bills as I built my coaching business.


So I started thinking about what I could do to LEVERAGE my time more effectively, step away from my freelance consulting work, and generate more income as a coach.

The year is now 2009 and my first baby Sean had just entered the world in early January.

I joined a new mom’s support group to help me navigate the world of motherhood, which was a God-send.

I eventually got the idea to launch my own new mom support group on the Upper West Side with a company called mommybites as there was a major need for it.

This support group concept took off! We ended up launching groups for working moms (I know – all moms work!) and entrepreneur moms, too! And I trained other women passionate about supporting moms to lead their own groups. It was truly amazing. I like holding space for women to grow.

It was during these groups that I saw the magic of women coming together to support each other. I saw the magic of soul sisterhood. This is truly where my love of group coaching was born!

At this time in mid-2009, online marketing was getting some of my attention.

I had launched my website (I paid a designer $1,000 to build this for me) and published my first monthly newsletter and started growing my list on Constant Contact.

I was on Facebook and involved in some online networking groups.

It was in one of these online networking groups that I met a gal who had a shared interest in supporting moms online.

She knew A LOT more than I did about online marketing, CRM software, teleconference lines, sales pages, preview calls and more … but I was so eager to learn.

We put our heads together and eventually launched my first-ever group coaching program called the Inner Mama Mastery Program. It was a 3-month program that we were in love with.

We thought we’d get like 300 women to sign up during our launch. What did we know? I think we got about 10 and then we offered a few bring-a-friend for free spots, which brought our total enrollment to about 16 women.

I was CRUSHED as I realized this world was a lot more complex than I thought, but also so PUMPED to be working with women from AROUND THE WORLD through the power of technology.

There was something totally magical about this and I was hooked on the world of online marketing, but realized I needed to know A LOT more if I ever wanted to be successful as a coach doing business with women around the globe.


What did I do next?

Released my conference production consulting (I was free!) and signed up for my first-ever entrepreneur conference called SHINE hosted by a big-time business owner named Ali Brown who I had just heard of a few months prior.

I sold my wedding dress to afford the ticket. (I tell that story in my book “Get Gutsy.”)

I left my baby for the first time and had to pump the entire time I was away since I was nursing.

That conference changed my life and saved my business.

I would not still be coaching if I hadn’t invested in myself and learned everything I needed to know about establishing my brand platform online.

This move was crucial even though I had extensive experience in brand-building and marketing communications for huge companies like M+M’s candies, Kellogg cereals, Hershey chocolate, Polaroid cameras, Pfizer’s Viagra (they all were former clients during my public relations career).

This move was crucial even though I also had a business background curating and producing hugely profitable business conferences for marketing strategists at Fortune 500 companies.

I lacked training on how to be an ENTREPRENEUR!

It’s true: being an amazing coach is one thing, making a sustainable living as a coach is another.

Don’t be fooled by the slick online marketing machine that noisily tells you the bells and whistles with no substance will cut it long-term.

And don’t believe that being the best coach in the world while simultaneously being the most unknowledgeable marketer and entrepreneur in the world will work either.


I’ve been a coach and entrepreneur since 2008.

As I sharpened my skills as an entrepreneur and rolled out courses like the Live Your Dream Challenge, Cash In On Your Calling™ and the Business Adventure School, I was attracting amazing, talented clients who wanted to build businesses as coaches, but lacked the foundation, skills and tools to COACH with INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY and CONFIDENCE.

I coached them privately on how to coach and what to do with clients and all that good stuff, and we made progress, but it got me thinking that there has to be a better way.

With all the noise on social media about making 6- and 7-figures online with your gifts and talents, many well-intentioned women are jumping on the coaching bandwagon as a fast and easy path to cash, clients and freedom (who can blame them?!).

BUT, here’s the problem with that approach …

Without solid training on how to BE A COACH from a certified coach who is making a living as a COACH, it’s a bit like opening a beautiful boutique in a perfect, high-traffic location with a major issue:



And if you’re trying to follow the crowd and fake your way through coaching, it’s only a matter of time before your lack of training catches up with you as you become unable to coach from a place of WISDOM, PRACTICE and INTEGRITY.

Coaching without a framework is dangerous and can quickly erode into CARETAKING, CHASING, CO-DEPENDENCY and BURNOUT.

And training to become a coach WITHOUT spending time learning about building a sustainable online business as a coach is simply setting yourself up for disappointment and broken dreams.

That’s why it’s time for something NEW in the COACHING TRAINING INDUSTRY.

A call to arms for NEW and ASPIRING COACHES who desire to coach from a foundation of STRENGTH, SKILL and STRATEGY.

Welcome to the experience you’ve been looking for:
Get Gutsy

I’ve created the Get Gutsy Coach Training School to give you the tools, skills and business blocks you need to confidently step out as a coach as your new career OR as a supplement to the work you’re doing now as a healer, psychotherapist, social worker, yoga teacher, consultant, financial advisor, personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist, web designer, writer and more.

Imagine … earning a great living doing the work you were put on this planet to do, working with clients you adore all over the world by phone, Skype or in person (locally or in exotic destinations around the globe).

It’s not a pipe dream. It’s very real.

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Superstar Students Speak Up


Jenny’s passion, genuine attitude, and desire to help others inspired to join Coach Training School. At first I told myself “I can’t afford this” but I’m so glad I found a way. I was the first male student in this course and I’m so glad this fantastic experience has been created!

Now I’m incorporating the coaching techniques I’ve learned into my professional life as a manager as well as my personal life, and I’m starting my coaching business. You get so much access to many wonderful people who will support you in so many ways and you learn step by step how to be a wholehearted coach.

Make the decision. Take the plunge. Get GUTSY!!!!

Aaron Robinson, Aaron Robinson Coaching


Before I joined GGCTS I lacked the confidence I needed to put myself out there more and close a sale.

Guess what? I paid in full for the program with my credit card and signed on a new client the same month that I started GGCTS. That client paid for my tuition! So if it’s the money you’re worried about … don’t be.

And so far, each time I have a call with a potential client, they sign on with me! That means I am now helping people using my passion!!

Plus, in GGCTS get you an amazing community of women leaders that you get to know, the peer coaching experience, the LIVE/recorded video calls, the support from your classmates as well as Jenny + her team, and the ability to go at your own pace.

If you are considering joining GGCTS I highly recommend that you do. Even if that means you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Take that step and never look back! It’s the best thing that I have done so far for my business.

Misty Catheline, Organizational Life Coach/CEO, Misty Catheline Worldwide, LLC


Get Gutsy Coach Training School has truly been a game-changer for me. It’s an incredible opportunity to build a solid foundation and time-tested approach to coaching. This program is the real deal.

Everything that I learned I could immediately apply and use. It gave me the knowledge, guidance and confidence that I needed to land my first few clients.

Jenny is a true leader who will be with you every step of the way during this program. She is so generous with her information and experiences.

I could not ask for a more powerful coaching program. I loved everything about this offering and it has forever changed my life.

Kristina Peduto, Founder/Owner, Careers on Fire


I have described working with Jenny a few ways: Energizing, glittery, and breathing life back into a slowly dying soul.

Taking it to the next step and training under her, I can best explain by saying it is like having an EpiPen in your hand while standing in a swarm of bees. She makes you go deep. She is the mirror we all need, the soft hand to hold, and the kick in ass when we are stuck.

Get Gutsy Coach Training School was not just a training course or certification opportunity. It is that gift that keeps on giving. The skills, tools, and tips she shares are ones you can apply to everything in your life or biz. She is a true mentor, teacher, role model, and most of all she is REAL!

Taking her course with the goal of growing my business after being in a corporate role for 25 years was frightening, exciting, stressful and more. Working with Jenny and her tribe has provided the support, lasting friendships, and unlimited possibilities for years to come. It has helped me step out of the Co-Pilot seat into the Pilot seat.

I have always said, gift-giving starts at home! Yes, I gifted this course to myself and I encourage you to as well. It’s ORGASMIC.

Lacy Florentino-Consolini, Little Black Book Concierge


I knew that my path was leading me towards becoming a Spiritual Life Coach however, I had NO CLUE how or where to even begin!

Having completed the course I feel incredibly equipped with all the tools and resources I need to confidently continue on my entrepreneurial journey. The best part about GGCTS is the loving and supportive community Jenny offers her students. I have not only gained a great deal of knowledge, I have also established lifelong friendships of love and support. If you are considering joining GGCTS be prepared for a lot of love, support and a heart warming experience!

Anita Naumoff, Spiritual Life Coach, Bonsai Spirit


So much has happened since I met Jenny. Who knew that I would learn so much in such a short amount of time? Now I can design and create my own unique selling proposition. I am having a blast. Thank you so much Jenny Fenig for all of your wisdom and guts to put yourself out there!

Michele Julian, Intuitive Coach + Spiritual Guide, Julian Method


If you’ve ever thought about being a coach or KNOW you are a coach and would just like someone who walks the talk guide you towards the life + biz of your dreams, Jenny Fenig is your gutsy gal!!! I can’t think of anyone more qualified to certify me as a coach. Four years in the making and this coach is ready to come out of the closet — are you?

Julia Slike, Business + Marketing Coach, Julia Slike + Co


I signed up for Jenny Fenig’s Get Gutsy Coach Training School (GGCTS) after I was already enrolled in an ICF-certified course. Even with the best teacher, an ICF course tends to be dry, restrictive, and left-brain oriented. But Jenny’s teaching methods, classes, and materials ignited my right brain. My creativity is on fire! Plus, I truly understand WHY I chose to become a coach. Make the investment in yourself now and sign up for GGCTS. You will love every minute of it.

Andrea Wilson Woods, Career + Business Coach

Get Gutsy Coach Training School Is For You If You Are …

  • Looking for cutting-edge coach training curriculum
  • Committed to becoming well-trained and masterful credentialed coaches
  • An internal corporate or organizational coach responsible for developing a strong coaching culture within your company
  • Looking to blend this approach with other philosophies
  • Interested in layering coaching skills and offerings into other careers or businesses as a healer, psychotherapist, social worker, yoga teacher, consultant, financial advisor, massage therapist, web designer, writer and more
  • Wanting to communicate more effectively across the board and experience more sacred success in business and life
  • Excited about walking the personal growth path as a coach
  • Obsessed with helping people fulfill their potential
  • Ready to learn about the business of coaching so that you can earn a great living as a coach
  • Desiring to be confident as a coach AND coach with integrity
  • Self-motivated, resourceful and know how to take action
  • A fan of having FUN while you’re learning and growing
  • Wanting to give support to and get support from a crew of lightworkers + leaders walking a similar path as you

The Get Gutsy Coach Training School Is NOT For You If…

  • You can’t keep commitments and have difficulty honoring your word
  • You get defensive about candid feedback
  • You’re not willing to do the “inner work” and “outer work” necessary to grow as a coach
  • You are negative, passive-aggressive, unorganized and don’t take responsibility for your results
  • You love to bitch, whine and make excuses pretty much every damn day
  • You love to pick fights, bully, antagonize, disrespect, be rude or judgmental
  • You have trouble making decisions and need constant hand-holding
  • Investing in your growth would be a huge financial burden on your family
  • You expect to be financially successful immediately from your coaching business and aren’t willing to put in the sweat equity to build a solid, sustainable foundation for your business

Apply Now

Guest Teachers

We have the most extraordinary, generous guest teachers sharing their wisdom with YOU. Check out who is ready to help you grow …

Danielle LaPorte


Keeping It Real On Your Spiritual Path

Danielle LaPorte is an invited member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.”

She is author of many books including her newest >> White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path—from one seeker to another.

When you join Get Gutsy Coach Training School, you’ll get access to an exclusive (and revealing!) Q+A jam that will rock your world.



Building a Master Brand

Jennifer Kem loves brands because brands make the world-go-round. She loves teaching entrepreneurs how to master and monetize their businesses, create an unforgettable personality brand and dominate their niches by turning their ideas – their brilliant, world-changing ideas – into CASH and MEANING.



Connecting with Influencers

Want to reach more people and change the world with your work? Selena Soo teaches coaches how to cultivate your own powerful relationships with influencers and the media, and become seen as the leaders in your industry.



Speaking Your Way to Success

Imagine getting paid top dollar to share your story, getting book deals, creating a massive following of raving fans, selling out your coaching programs and making a huge difference in the lives of your tribe. All this juicy goodness comes from showing up and getting your brave on while speaking on live and virtual stages. Chantelle Adams will show you the way.



Creating Stellar Content

Do you want to save a minimum of 10-15 hours every week so you can focus on what you do best while your communities build themselves?

Copywriting and content marketing is all about sending out the right message to the right people at the right time.

Learn what you need to know to successfully launch your coaching business from stellar copy crafter + content chef Prerna Malik.


**Get Gutsy Coach Training School begins in January 2018 and lasts for 4 glorious months.**

The Coach’s Path: Your Sacred Calling + Opportunity

To truly make it as a coach, you must first go inward to understand why you’re being called to coaching. This is a deeply enriching yet intense personal growth path so we will spend time preparing you to walk this path with courage, integrity and confidence.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Understand the difference between coaching, consulting, therapy and mentoring and why it matters
  • Redefine the rules you live by (if you don’t do this, you won’t go far in your coaching business)
  • Connect the dots of what led you to coaching so you can share this powerful story with your clients and prospects
  • Get intimate with your fears and doubts so you can see them for what they are (self created!)
  • Bring an end to the tolerations, bullshit and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Claim your unique gifts, credentials, experience, passions and priorities so you can stand out in the market
  • Tap into the power of visualization to start carving out your ideal future now and making decisions that move you in the right direction
  • Establish a solid foundation for your brand rooted in values, truth and your gutsy dreams

Skills + Tools Every Transformational Coach Must Master

Alright, this is the JUICY stuff that separates pro coaches from the amateurs. I know you want to get amazing results for your clients! That’s why we’ll spend plenty of time exploring and playing with these mission-critical concepts.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Coach clients to redefine their relationship with their Inner Critic (this is a game-changer!)
  • Ask empowering questions (take a sigh of relief – you DON’T need to know all the answers for your clients OR be a perfect human being!)
  • Hone skills like acknowledging and validating; moving through energetic blocks; planting seeds; listening; reframing; accountability; visualization; bottom-lining; forwarding the action; and inspiring that will lead to powerful client engagements
  • Steer clear of victim and vampire energy as you grow your coaching business
  • Gracefully but firmly handle “nightmare” clients
  • Leverage tools used in my book Get Gutsy to aid in massive shifts for your clients (these tools are awesome for workshops and for homework between coaching sessions as a complement to your approach with clients)
  • Develop boundaries, policies and procedures to protect you and your clients

Making a Great Living as a Coach + Marketer + Entrepreneur

This is where the rubber meets the road. Now that you have what it takes to be a POWERFUL coach, it’s time to teach you how to set-up your coaching business and fall in love with sacred marketing and smart entrepreneurship so you can attract your ideal clients.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Embrace your unique vibe to attract your tribe
  • Coach your first client with confidence and strength
  • Tell your “heroine’s journey” story as a way of connecting with your prospects who are a few steps behind you on the path
  • Announce your business to the world
  • Commit to a regular content creation schedule for your newsletter, blog and freebie creation so you can consistently be attracting prospects and serving your tribe
  • Hold space between sessions (this is when the most amazing shifts take place!)
  • Lead powerful enrollment conversations with prospects interested in coaching with you
  • Onboard new clients with class and systems (and how to deal with clients who freak out and change their mind)
  • Decide if email coaching is worth it (it can quickly get out of control if you don’t have parameters around this)
  • Implement the right systems and technologies from the get-go
  • Choose the coaching model that is best for you at this stage in your business
  • Lead powerful retreats and workshops by taking your expertise and slicing and dicing it into teachable content that your clients will love
  • Create and sell VIP Days for huge client growth and massive paydays for you (nailing this skill will pay for enrollment in this course many, many times over)
  • Develop online courses and group coaching programs that move you out of the 1:1 model

The training modules that you’ll dive into include …



What You Get

Weekly Training Lessons

jenny-fenig-coach-training-cd-2016You’ll have exclusive access to 12 audio training lessons, each lasting 30 – 90 minutes. These lessons will immerse you in the 3 GOLDEN KEYS described in our Curriculum.

Training lessons are delivered by email each week and are housed over on our handy dandy customer portal (so easy to stay organized there!). Listen to them at the BEST time for you and never worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access to all of the trainings and can go back and listen again and again.

You’ll receive 3 training lessons each month with an integration week built in during 1 week of each month so you can pause and truly take stock of what you’re learning.

Step-By-Step Action Guides

Along with each training, you’ll receive a step-by-step action guide walking you through how to bring the concept to life as a coach.

Live Group Q+A Calls + Coaching Demos

You’ll love our Group Q+A Calls + Coaching Demos happening throughout the program. This is where deep connections, commitments and breakthroughs are made.

Work Samples + Resources + Tip Sheets

jenny-fenig-coach-resourcesYou’ll receive access to Jenny’s online library of coaching awesomeness.

Some of what you’ll score:

  • Client intake form
  • List of empowering questions to use during sessions
  • Package and pricing examples
  • Tools from Jenny’s book Get Gutsy that you can use with your clients
  • Sample offer form for a live workshop
  • Tips on hosting a live retreat or workshop
  • Mastering a preview call/webinar launch tipsheet + suggested flow for your training
  • Dealing with price objections
  • Mastermind application example
  • Sales + enrollment conversation tip sheet
  • When + how to refer a client to a therapist

Opportunity to Be Paired with a Peer Coach + Peer Client

jenny-fenig-coach-training-peer-to-peer-coachingYou’re about to be GIVING and GETTING a lot more coaching. Time to do a happy dance. You aren’t required to be paired up with a peer coach and client during Get Gutsy Coach Training School, but you are encouraged to make space for this opportunity. Many of our graduates say that this is their FAVORITE part of the entire experience.

Private Connection Forum

Enjoy ongoing support in our private Get Gutsy Coach Training School Facebook forum. Connect with the other leaders in the program as you evolve into the coach you’re meant to be.

Opportunity to Become a Get Gutsy Certified Coach 

PrintEveryone who graduates from this course in good standing will have the ability to promote that you are a graduate of Get Gutsy Coach Training School through a badge you can add to your website.

You can also apply to become a Get Gutsy Certified Coach. The Certification process (written test, oral test and coaching hours) is created to make sure you completely understand the coaching tools and concepts and have confidence in your abilities.

All coaches who are granted certification receive a Get Gutsy Certified Coach badge for your website and will become a part of Jenny’s referral network. You’ll also be considered for visibility opportunities within Jenny’s community to further hone your coaching and business-building skills.

Apply Now

Superstar Students Speak Up


I wanted to add new dimensions and offerings to my yoga and health work, and stay connected with past clients after I moved to a rural area. I knew the internet was the way to do and I wanted to learn from one of the best.

In GGCTS, I experienced lots of a-ha moments, a very kind, connected group and total support from Jenny and her team. I learned how to truly LISTEN! I l also learned clear, manageable steps to move my mission online. By joining the program, I’m sure I saved my self A LOT of wasted time and heartache because really I had no idea how to proceed and now I feel confident. I loved the ease, structure and support of the program and the peer coaching was wonderful.

I am now in the process of moving my business online and I feel confident putting in the time and energy because I have a fantastic road map to follow.

GGCTS is a wonderful program and a great value for your money.

Kristin Hertz


I realized I needed to improve my coaching skills to run my own mastermind groups and coach my clients through my programs. Having the skills to help my clients stay motivated, positive and consistent with their desires and determinations is helping me create successful clients for sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the assignments on my schedule and completing them when it made sense for me so I could dedicate the energy it deserved.

Today, my business is solid and growing. My enrollment conversations are easier, the marketing message is easier, the words are coming to me easier….. I have clarity on who I want to work with and how to handle those who are not my ideal client with grace and loving support.

I absolutely recommend GGCTS to someone considering doing ANY kind of “coaching.” I use these new skills when mentoring my employees, when working with my clients, when speaking to my prospects. It is a perfect blend of personal and professional development that has served me in many ways.

Kimberly Ferrara, President of Coach Kim LLC: Kim Ferrara’s Inclusive Fitness Coaching


I knew that I am designed to be a coach and I wanted a program that offered how to be a coach and guide me in sound business principles to get me to that spot where I can make an income at this well.

My experience has been remarkable. The connection with Jenny and the other students has showcased the power of a the group learning process. Stronger together is a good way to describe the energy of this training. I absolutely love the peer coaching aspect as you are able to get a firm understanding of how to coach through this process.

As of today, I am fully involved in developing my coaching business, I am working towards the certification process to become a Certified Get Gutsy Coach. I am involved in the GLOW Mastermind Experience, and I have recently launched a local Kickboxing gym in my home town. The Coach training allowed me to value the importance of taking care of your heart and living your dream by Gutsy moves that are inspired by ACTION.

GGCTS is an ACTION program. If you are desiring a program that pushes you firmly and gently into the direction that is yours, I would definitely choose GGCTS!

Cari Oppen, Prairie Ninja/Cari Oppen Coaching


After I discovered and read Jenny’s book Get Gutsy, I felt this calling to explore the world of coaching. I had the desire to implement coaching into my current business of holistic healing which includes Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, and Reiki.

There were things covered in the modules that I didn’t expect, and it was truly a journey of deep inner reflection and self discovery. What I liked most about the program was the peer coaching! It helped me to open up on a whole new level, and to meet some amazing people, too.

I am in process of finishing the course now and I’m already much more clear on how I want to implement coaching into my current business.

Joining GGCTS is totally worth it! Especially if you are in alignment with, or curious about, the spiritual aspect of Jenny’s way of coaching. Heck…vision boarding, sage smudging, crystals, meditation…this is my THING…and I loved every minute of it!

Roberta Haley, Owner & Operator, Body, Spirit, and Stone Therapy


Before I joined Get Gutsy Coach Training School, I was beginning to get frustrated with my life as a stay at home mom. I really felt that I had so much more to offer the world, but had no idea of exactly what that meant or how I would ever make that happen.

I joined GGCTS because I loved the vibrancy of Jenny. She was so approachable, yet so polished, professional, glowing. I knew I needed her to impart her wisdom and guidance on me, because I wanted (and needed) to be more like her.

Throughout the program, I experienced highs, lows, aha moments, and breakthroughs. It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth it. I learned to embrace my flaws, my wounds, my struggles…because that is what makes me uniquely me, it’s my message and my medicine that I need to share with the world. Jenny has also helped instill a level of confidence in me that I never thought possible.

Now, I am working on becoming a certified Get Gutsy Coach, and taking steps everyday to heal, inspire, and encourage women in my own tribe.

If you are considering joining this program, I sincerely encourage you to do so. The content is remarkable and inspired, and I am thankful every single day for Jenny Fenig. If you go into this program with an open mind and an open heart, you will experience monumental growth and change. Trust me, I did.

Stina Smith, aka Stina Starry-Eyed, Priestess & Women’s Empowerment + Spirituality Coach


Anyone who is on the fence about joining Jenny Fenig on this journey, do yourself a favor and just “friggin do it”. She is an excellent guide and has amazing chops. It is transformational, real, deep, and honest. If you do the work, show up with an open heart and mind, then you will see and experience all that you are hoping for. I just completed the course and have zero regret. Make the investment. Trust yourself and Jenny.

Chris Brooks

Hot Bonus!

Access to Jenny’s Treasure Chest (value = $1,500)

GGU courses

You’ll get juicy access to a number of resources to experience for yourself AND get ideas for creating courses and programs for YOUR clients. Boom!

Dive deep into these mission-critical concepts:

★ Growing Your Platform ★ Niching ★ Sales ★ Your Signature System ★ Launching ★ Team Building ★ Copywriting ★ Content Creation ★ Systematizing + Automating ★ Visibility ★ Mindset + Money Secrets ★ Writing Your Book ★ And so much more

Hot Bonus!

LIVE 2-Day Retreat at My Beautiful Home (value = $2,000)

DSC_7405While I LOVE that this program is 100% online, allowing us to serve students all over the world, gathering in-person certainly takes the experience to another level.

That’s why, I’m leading a 2-day retreat for my coaching students in my beautiful home in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts (we have an energy vortex here).

Our retreat will be held in late April / early May 2018 to give you a chance to come together with your classmates to go deeper into the training and tools .

I’ll also teach the art of leading SACRED CIRCLE and other powerful RITUALS (in person + online) for your clients.

Attending the retreat isn’t REQUIRED, but it’s a valuable bonus our students! If you can’t make it live, we will livestream as much of it as we can for you.

Hot Bonus! (JUST ADDED)

ONLINE WORKSHOP > Leading Powerful Meditations + Guided Visualizations for Your Clients (value = $250)

Mudra imageThis is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your coaching clients > support for going inward where true answers + peace live. In this 1-hour workshop, I’ll share how to best serve your clients with your spiritual guidance.

My premium clients who invest significantly to work closely with me in my programs love that I bring this skill to our work. And I want to teach you to plug into this too. These tools are game-changers for you and your clients.

This online gathering of spiritual coaches in GGCTS will be held on December 21 (and will be recorded if you miss it). What a beautiful way to bring an end to 2017 + make way for 2018!

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Superstar Students Speak Up

“If there was anyone who was going to train me to become a coach, it was going to
be Jenny. I jumped in with both feet and it was the best experience ever.”
– Julia Slike, LessHustleMoreHeart.com

“This course was filled with soulful women and practical applications.”
– Beth Belshaw, Infinity-coaching.ca

“I had been through several coaching programs before that didn’t really resonate with me before I met Jenny and right away I just vibed with her. She’s there for you 110% of the way.”
– Ashleigh Roda, UpYourShineFactor.com

“I wanted to learn from the best. Jenny is an incredible example of running your own business from a spiritual perspective. She helped me build my business from the bottom up and be an incredible coach. Jenny holds space for you to reach your full potential.”
– Kristina Peduto, YourCareerOnFire.com

“I highly encourage you to take the leap of faith and jump. It is well worth it.” – Lacy Consolini-Florentino, Little Black Book Concierge

“The guidance and support of Jenny is spiritual and strategic. Now I have a method to my madness to help you claim your power center.”
– Michele Julian, JulianMethod.com

“Jenny has been a guiding light leading me to the next level of my business. She’s helped me become a better coach. If you are thinking of becoming a coach or sharpening your skills, I highly recommend Jenny’s program.”
– Dena Blevins, DenaBlevins.com

“I was once right in your shoes trying to decide how to become a life coach. I searched for months until I stumbled upon Jenny. It was one of the best stumbles of my life. I appreciate her authentic personality and energy.”
– Renee Slembarski, ReneeSlembarski.com

“I feel that I have a message to get out to people, but I was afraid to let my voice be heard. To use my voice, I decided to do Get Gutsy Coach Training School. It helps me focus and bring my voice to light and help others through my experiences.”
– Lynn Spiro, LynnSpiro.com


Superstar Students Speak Up


I had a thriving, full therapy practice, even turning away a clients each week. But I felt a huge calling inside that I had to find a way to reach more people, expand my business, and manifest a fabulous team.

I bought a building and started my work in Get Gutsy Coaching School. Then, well trained and respected therapists whose core values and goals lined up with mine suddenly found me. As a result, I built my team, business, and helped more people, and I doubled my income in less than a year!

Therapists trade hours for dollars but this training program guided me to create two online courses, start writing a book, speak on high-level stages and create my very own retreat called AWAKEN.

After you graduate, the program will continue to work in you and for you, it’s about getting gutsy, showing up, and believing you can do it!

Heather Brito, LMHC, SP, Therapist & Transformational Coach


My entire life has been about empowering women to recognize their own worth, help them to rise above their circumstances and teaching them how to create lives they want to live. But, I never had the confidence to charge money or make coaching a career until now.

I discovered Get Gutsy Coach Training School shortly after my Mom passed away. I was brokenhearted and at a crossroads. and the only thing that kept me going was my faith in God and my Mom’s voice saying, “You need to share your message and launch your business, no matter what!”

I remember watching Jenny say, “Your wound is your message.” At that moment, I knew God led me to Jenny for a reason. So not only did I join the coach training, I up leveled and joined the certification program too.

I have conquered so many fears and gained so much confidence from Jenny, Elaine & the group. The modules gave me the affirmation I needed to show me that I have always been a great coach. The coaching tools in the modules have really helped me in serving my clients. The FB group gave me a safe and supportive place to be unapologetically me, even when I felt behind or scared. I have gained a group of awesome friends that I feel I was meant to meet. The peer coaching aspect of being coached and coaching others was invaluable.

I overcame my fear of saying “I’m a coach.” I overcame my fear of being seen online. I created and shared my own content. And, I overcame my fear of heights by literally climbing a mountain with Jenny and my other coaches. I even did my first Facebook live from on top of the mountain.

After only 6 months, I now tell people “I am a life coach and I help women create lives they want to live.” I’m collaborating on a workshop series, creating a women’s coaching circle, and booked my first paying client for my 3 month program.

As I reflect on my journey this past year, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I am a happier, healthier and a better person now than I was before. And I am an awesome coach that can really help the women I serve.

Eleni Hope, Empowerment Coach and Life Design Strategist, Eleni Hope


“Before I joined GGCTS, I knew coaching was my calling, however, I had no clue how to provide services to clients … the business of the calling. The 15-minute call I had with Jenny was priceless. I received clarity and an azimuth to chart my pathway to a successful coach.

The best part of GGCTS is peer coaching and access to resources. Peer coaching allowed me to get comfortable with the techniques of coaching and develop foundational procedures that will work for my clients.”

Christian S. Newton, Personal Growth Strategist-Leadership Coach


Get Gutsy Coach Training School has changed my life and the way I think about business.

I had a vision of bringing my best gifts as a coach and a caregiver to my business but no model of HOW to do that.

Gutsy Coach Training School taught me how to blend all of my talents to create the business I wanted. We learned not only how to tap into our deepest desires were but how to use them to create a strong foundation for our future growth.

In my generation, computers and cell phones were not created yet. I am not a techie person! Jenny and Get Gutsy Coach Training School taught me to use the tools I needed and that a 55+ women could craft a business that would not only help my clients but give me financial freedom in my golden years.

I feel confident in my role as CEO of my own business and life. Every day is filled with excitement and goals to grow beyond where I am now. By digging deep in each lesson, we learned to change the lives of our clients which changed us.

Having a community of coaches and Jenny’s team is a crucial part of the process. There is always someone who has the knowledge you need. Someone is there to bounce ideas off, an extra pair of eyes to give you input and to give you a push when you are holding yourself back.

If you are thinking of joining Get Gutsy Coach Training School, don’t think twice … just do it! You will see your business grow in ways you never thought possible. You will learn to go deep and move your clients forward in ways they can only dream of. And you will walk into a community of coaches who know the “sky is the limit.” Come Get Gutsy with US.

Beth Ferguson, Owner


What does it really takes to be a coach in the online marketplace today? I gleaned the insight + expert knowledge on this very topic in Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

Jenny brings such a unique approach to training you how to build your Coaching practice. When I signed up for GGCTS, I was amidst the “gutsy” decision of quitting my six-figure corporate job in venture capital in Silicon Valley!

There was no debate, however, as to whether or not I would be in good hands with Jenny to take me to the next chapter in my spiritual and entrepreneurship journey! Ever since I listened to her podcast back in November 2015, I was immediately magnetized to her vivacious + intelligent energy!

I can’t explain this feeling I get inside when I hear Jenny speak, but if I could visualize this for you, I would say she brings out the fireworks everyday!

When I started GGCTS, I hadn’t the slightest idea of where to begin on this journey of entrepreneurship. I didn’t know how to share my story of transformation in a way that would make a great impact. I didn’t know the systems I needed in place or how to structure my biz in a way that made perfect business sense.

JUST 4 MONTHS LATER, I have learned it all. I feel a POWERFUL rush of confidence in how to position my business, and even more amazing, is how much I have gained confidence in myself.

In GGCTS, you get the opportunity to work with another student in the program who will coach you, and you will coach another. I have such a strong relationship with my coach now that we have decided to continue working together! EVEN more incredible is what she said to me just the other day in how much I have done a complete 180 in just the 3 months we have worked together.

With Jenny’s guidance, love, and support, I have been SO INSPIRED to continue doing the work. To continue not only the work of my biz, but working on my own personal transformation. Through GGCTS, I have become more authentic to myself and my Tribe. Jenny has told me I am one of her best students to go through her program, and this is what I continue to strive for … excellence, not perfection.

Jessica Schiller, Founder + Wellness Coach, Mo Zen Wellness


Through Get Gutsy Coach Training School, I was able to gain more clarity in my business, direction, purpose, and have the confidence of knowing how to be a life coach.

I also have gained enough confidence to embark on a big cross country move and establish myself and my business.

I’m so excited because I finally have direction in my business, have attracted my dream clients to the point where they COME to ME. I didn’t have to seek them out.

Know this: You CANNOT sign up for this program without being prepared to take action. Jenny and the other students are extremely awesome about holding you accountable.

You also CANNOT be afraid to invest in yourself. Jenny, in a live call once quoted ‘you cannot be freaking out about whether or not it will work out.’ This was the push I needed to not fall into analysis paralysis.

Shalese Heard, Life + Business Coach


Get Gutsy Coach Training School was exactly what I had been looking for – Jenny and this program resonated with me like no other program had, and believe me, I researched for months before finding Jenny. Her program cut ‘right to the chase’ and allowed me to find my calling and pursue my dream.

As a result, by business has grown by at least 75% and my personal growth by 100%. She has made me realize my business isn’t just a hobby – I have confidence, knowledge, passion and drive which translates into more $ in my business and more satisfaction within myself. I have clients that I wouldn’t have thought I would ever attract. I have doubled my revenue and I haven’t even attended the live retreat or mastermind yet!!!!

Thinking of joining GGCTS? Definitely go for it!!!! Jenny supports you, pushes you past your comfort zone, enables you to see clearly, teaches you to believe in yourself. She allows herself to be vulnerable with you so you feel comfortable being vulnerable with her and the rest of the class. Your success will be unlimited!

My biggest recent win is a new client I acquired. She had so much negativity in her life, she didn’t know where to start but knew she needed help. I have been able to help her set priorities, make more money, believe in herself to the point where she would like to have a VIP day with me. She wants to invest in herself and said during our call last week, ‘I am so glad I found you. I don’t know where I’d be now if it wasn’t for you! I can’t wait to continue working with you – I finally feel that my life is turning around and I am excited for the first time in years.’

Peggy Everson, Owner/Founder, Superior Organized Solutions



Questions You May Have

Where is the BONUS live retreat located?

The LIVE Retreat is held at a my beautiful home in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts! The intention of the Retreat is to fine-tine your coaching skills, ensure you feel confident using the sacred + strategic tools available to you and your clients, and develop powerful partnerships with the women in the room as we sit in sacred circle together! You can fly into several airports (ALB, BDL, BOS, LGA, JFK and EWR). Train and bus travel are also possible. And, of course, driving! The LIVE Retreat is a BONUS + optional element of Get Gutsy Coach Training School. It's not required for graduation though you are HIGHLY encouraged to come as doing so will greatly deepen your learning and odds of sustainable success. While the Retreat is offered at no additional cost to you, you’ll be responsible for your travel expenses, lodging and some meals. Tentative date = late April or early May 2018. If you're unable to join us in person, we will livestream parts of the retreat + share with you.  

Do you offer scholarships?

We do not currently provide scholarships or adjustments to our payment plan. We've found that when students invest at the same level, there is a powerful + clean energy in the group.

How will I get my clients? How much can I charge my clients?

I'll teach you how to use the same methods I've used over the past 10 years and will encourage you to get out there and work with clients as soon as possible. As far as charging, this is totally up to you! I will give you guidance on various packages and price points to play with to see what gets traction and results with your prospects and clients.

How do I become certified? Is there an additional cost to become certified? And is certification required?

I understand that not everyone is interested in becoming a Certified Coach, but some are ... so we have created this training with various needs in mind. Everyone who graduates from this course in good standing will have the ability to promote that you are a graduate of Get Gutsy Coach Training School through a badge you can add to your website. You also have the option to become a Get Gutsy Certified Coach. Here's how the process of becoming a Get Gutsy Certified Coach works:
  • Documentation of 24 paid coaching hours or 50 unpaid coaching hours
  • Complete the written review process by completing an exam based on the curriculum in Get Gutsy Coach Training School
  • Once you’ve met the above criteria, you will coach one of our COACHES for your final oral review, where we will decide if you’re eligible for certification or give you feedback for additional development before trying again.
The Certification process is created to make sure you completely understand the coaching tools and concepts and have confidence in your abilities. Certification is optional and is not automatic or guaranteed. There is a 1-year time limit on becoming certified after your 4-month training ends, and the certification process may change. All coaches who are granted certification receive a Get Gutsy Certified Coach badge for your website and will be considered for visibility opportunities within my community to further hone your coaching and business-building skills.

I really want to do this training, but I’m so busy. How committed do I need to be?

You can't "fall behind" in the training material. All content (audio + action guides) is delivered in our membership portal each week during the 4 months of the program - so you can listen at the best time for you each week and get lifetime access to curriculum. Each month, you'll receive 3 weeks of training + 1 week of integration/pausing built in. Group Q+A and coaching demo calls are recorded if you miss the live calls. Easy! That being said, I encourage you to truly give this your all and show up as best you can so you can truly shine as a coach.

I’m going to be on vacation during part of this training program. Will I fall too far behind in the class?

Great question … and great news: Get Gutsy Coach Training School is set up to be VIRTUAL so you can truly go through at your own pace. Training lessons will be sent to you each week and if you fall behind, don’t worry … you can always go back and complete them at a better time for your life. You have lifetime access to all of the content and materials as long as your account stays in good standing (your payments are up to date). In terms of the group Q+A and coaching demos, if you miss the live calls, you can send your questions to us by email in advance and we’ll answer them on the call. Then you can go back and listen to the call recordings when you are back from your time away. You can come into our private Facebook forum at anytime and share your questions and ideas and you’ll have a crew of fellow women going through the program who will want to support you as you will want to support them.

How does the private forum work?

The online community is virtual and housed over on Facebook. Think of it the forum as a sacred women’s circle. You’ll get to know each other and won’t get lost in the crowd. We take the energy in online forums seriously and you will see the forum rules to follow when you enter the forum so we can keep it a beautiful, sacred, supportive space for everyone.

How do I get my spouse/partner to support me in this decision?

When presenting the opportunity to get results in Get Gutsy Coach Training School, it is important that you share with your partner, 1) What the program specifically entails, 2) what solution it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve considered, 4) the credentials of the coach (me!). Your partner simply wants the best for you and when you describe what you’ll get and what your return on investment will be, you will likely have full support. Go for it!

I know I belong in the training, but I’m not sure I can afford the investment right now…

When any opportunity for growth is presented to you, it’s important to evaluate it based on the value and specific results you will receive from it, not from what it “costs.” This requires a mindset shift. For example, when looking at my own opportunities for investing in myself, I use a ‘3x’ model. “If I implement everything that is presented to me in the program, using the expert coaching, training, support and accountability that are built in, is it likely that I will make 3x my investment back in the program?” If the answer is “YES!” then it is a very good investment. Obviously if this investment, even at the low installment level, is going to bring financial hardship to you and your family, then you are not ready (and that’s okay!). But realize that if it IS within your comfortable grasp, then investing in yourself is the BEST investment there is because you get results that pay for the training and more, and you can use the learning for the rest of your life and career.

Is the Get Gutsy Coach Training School ICF Certified?

I’m glad you ask! While I trained with an ICF-accredited school and respect the ICF, I’m not interested in making my training program ICF certified. You should know that there are no regulations on coaching or coaching requirements. The ICF is a trade organization with its own rules and ideas. I like maintaining flexibility with my teaching and training and can best do this by remaining independent. I was also influenced by the fact that not one of my coaching clients have asked if I was certified by the ICF.

What if I miss a live group coaching call?

All our calls are recorded and uploaded to your online customer portal within 48 hours. No worries!

What if I live outside the U.S.?

Awesome! The benefit of our online program is that anyone can participate, no matter where you live on this great planet.

Can I use my cell phone or computer for group coaching calls?

Sure thing! You can connect via your phone or online to our group calls which run on Zoom, a rad video connection platform. Easy and powerful. My company has been running online trainings for several years and has access to great technology tools for our calls (you may decide to use the same technology to run YOUR calls in your business).

Do I need to hire my own coach?

No. However, you may choose to hire a private coach to deepen your learning, but it’s not required. All students in Get Gutsy Coach Training School have the option of being paired with a peer coach and a peer client. This benefit is HUGE.

Are there any other expenses involved in the program besides the fee?

We do ask that you purchase and read my book “Get Gutsy” (either in Kindle or paperback from Amazon here) as it provides a framework for the energy of this training AND will show you how I've taken my message and teachings and have extended it into several formats and media. If you'd like to attend the LIVE RETREAT, you'll need to cover your travel expenses and lodging. You aren't required to attend the retreat, but are encouraged to. Other than that, you are not required to hire a coach or purchase anything else during the training. Once you’re ready to build your coaching business during or after the training, you’ll want to have some money budgeted for marketing tools and technology. I aim to share mostly no- and low-cost tools as you grow your coaching business. I'm sensitive to start-up cash flow!  

How much homework will there be?

This varies by week, but a good estimate is about 2 – 3 hours per week. The coursework is where the concepts come alive! This is where you’ll put your coaching skills to work and also learn SO MUCH about yourself. You’re going to LOVE this kind of homework. You'll also be encouraged to start coaching clients (either pro-bono/barter or fee or a mix of both) as soon as possible so you'll want to have time for this if you're ready to hit the ground running.

Is there any pre-work or anything I need to do prior to starting Get Gutsy Coach Training School?

Yes. To get the most out of the training, please read my book Get Gutsy either before or during the program (either in Kindle or paperback from Amazon here). You're also encouraged to listen to my podcast Get Gutsy to keep you inspired on your journey. I interview a lot of successful coaches and entrepreneurs and you're going to LOVE learning from us as you build your business. Once your application is approved + you secure your spot, you'll receive a new student orientation training (all online) that will pave the way for your success.  

Do you offer payment plans?


What is your cancellation + refund policy?

Once you are accepted into Get Gutsy Coach Training School, you'll immediately receive a new student orientation training to pave the way for your success plus a welcome kit in the mail. The program officially begins on January 4, 2018, and you are welcome to test drive the program for 14 days (once we officially kick off on January 4, 2018). If you're not excited to continue in Get Gutsy Coach Training School, email my team at support@jennyfenig.com with your cancellation request AND your completed assignments from Modules 1 + 2 by Friday, January 19. If these conditions are met, you will receive a refund of funds paid, or a release of the obligation to continue to pay, less the amount of $1,000 which will be retained by us to cover the cost of services already provided to you. There are no exceptions to this policy. After the cancellation period has expired, no further cancellations or refunds will be granted. Get Gutsy Coach Training School is a 4-month, full-bodied commitment. If, for any reason, you choose not to continue after the cancellation window has expired, you will still be liable for the full fees for the program. If you are not 100% sure about your passion to be doing this type of work I highly recommend that you listen to my podcast Get Gutsy before applying for Get Gutsy Coach Training School so that you can get a better sense of me and the nature of this modality. You can also request my free report THE MAKING OF A COACH to get more a sense of my journey and what is possible when you say YES to coaching. Click here to download the report.

Can I do this later? Will you be doing this again?

Our next class of Get Gutsy Coach Training School is tentatively scheduled to begin in July 2018.

Does Jenny Fenig Worldwide license or regulate its coaches?

Neither I nor my company Jenny Fenig Worldwide, LLC regulates, oversees, or has a financial relationship with Get Gutsy Coach Training School Coaches or Get Gutsy Certified Coaches. Get Gutsy Coach Training School is an educational program. Ethics and professional responsibility education will be given to all coaches who complete the Get Gutsy Coach Training School. I envision all coaches I train to conduct themselves at the highest ethical and professional standards, but my company cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual coaches.

I have a question that’s not answered here. How can I get it answered?

Great! Please send an email to vip@jennyfenig.com we'll get your question answered as soon as possible.

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Get Gutsy Coach Training School

Jenny Fenig // Founder + Head Coach

jenny-209Hi, I’m Jenny Fenig, the creator of the Get Gutsy movement. I’m a mentor to spiritually-driven coaches, healers and creatives saying YES to building powerhouse businesses online.

Is that you?

The sacred mission of my courses, best-selling book, podcast, and coach certification school is: how to touch more lives with your message and cash in on your calling®.

After a successful corporate career in New York City, I quit my 6-figure job to do what I was put on this planet to do: coach gutsy leaders to help more people and rise to their next level.

In April of 2015, I founded Get Gutsy Coach Training School to empower spiritual coaches to make a difference and a great living.

I’m THRILLED to have won a 2016 Silver Stevie Award for COACH OF THE YEAR.

I live in Massachusetts with my husband and three children who make the journey sweet … and a little wild.

My husband Steven and I homeschool our 2 amazing sons and marvel at the magic that is our daughter. I’m SOOO grateful my coaching and training business allows me to do what’s best for my family and still make a powerful impact with my work.

Check out my digital headquarters here – http://JennyFenig.com.

Time to RISE.



How to Join …

Get Gutsy Coach Training School teaches you exactly what you need to know NOW to truly make it as a coach. You won’t find anything in the market like this or at such a huge value.

Securing 2 – 4 paying clients to invest in a coaching package with you will pay for this training. We’re essentially giving you the key to unlock your next level of growth.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 6.07.11 PM

Your Next Steps

1. Choose your payment preference – PAY IN FULL or PAYMENT PLAN (there are 2 monthly payment plans to choose from). Simply click one of the “Yes! I’m In.” buttons below.

Enrollment ends on Tuesday, December 19.

2. Once you submit your payment, you’ll be led to our application page where you can tell us more about you. We pride ourselves on “right fit” in GGCTS (plus we love getting to know our students!). If your application isn’t approved for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full.

3. Once your application is approved, you will get immediate access to our resource library, Facebook group + a new student orientation that you can go through at your leisure before our January start date.

4. Celebrate!

Enrollment Closes In …

Choose Your Payment Option

PAY IN FULL (best value)*


*You’ll get these 2 bonuses when you pay in full: 30-minute private coaching call with Jenny + Step Into the Spotlight training that teaches you how to work with the media to gain visibility for your work + attract clients.

Yes! I’m In.

 – OR –


$750 deposit + 7 payments of $600

Yes! I’m In.

 – OR –

PAYMENT PLAN #2 (Just Added!)

$750 deposit + 11 payments of $380

Yes! I’m In.

The sooner you say YES, the sooner you can start creating your future and changing the world in the way that only you can.

I created this program to marry the best of classic coach training with what you need to know to make a great living as a coach. You won’t find anything in the market like this or at such a huge value.

Whether you want to build a full-time coaching business, add coaching into your current business offerings, lead group programs and retreats, coach leaders within your organization, go deeper into your spiritual leadership journey, or generate a little extra income by working with a handful of clients a month, we’ve got you covered.

Coaching is a transformative personal growth path that will change your life – and the lives of the tribe you are meant to serve – forever.


See you inside Get Gutsy Coach Training School.


P.S. If you have any questions before you join, feel free to contact us at vip@jennyfenig.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with every business endeavor, there is no guarantee that you’ll make money. It should be clear to you that by law we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented on our Sites, and we offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.


Superstar Students Speak Up


GGCTS is a welcoming, loving, caring and sharing environment. I know it all sounds too good to be true and cliché but the energy and passion Jenny brings to everything she does exudes throughout the group.

Before I joined I was floating through life with blinders on until I got to a point and thought there must be more?!?! Now I feel disciplined, passionate and know that we can all achieve greatness in our lives. We do not have to conform to a certain mold.

If you are considering joining GGCTS don’t look back, take the leap, change your life, your outlook, your previous ideas TODAY! DO IT!

Claire Wardley, Event Adventurer & Coach


My intuition kept telling me to join Coach Training School but I was nervous and scared about what I was getting myself into. Right after I clicked to join, however, I felt this sense of peace.

I have learned so much about myself, and continue to learn as I soar through my path as a Life Coach. The best part of being in GGCTS, are the new friendships that I made, because I know that my life would not be the same without those connections. If you are considering GGCTS, trust your intuition and allow it to guide you.

Thea Mae Jorbina, Gifts From Thea


I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or where I was going with my coaching business. I had been helping people get healthy and fit with fitness and nutrition programs as an independent coach … but I included the coaching for free.

Now after going through GGCTS I feel like I’m a whole new person here for a much higher purpose than I imagined. It’s opened me up to possibilities I wasn’t even aware of!

The best part of being in GGCTS is, well, everything from the curriculum content, the live group calls, the peer coaching, the FB community, and the friendships created. I loved it all!

I’m just a beginner here, and without this training, I might have just given up on my dreams. Now I have a clear purpose, the tools to help me be an amazing coach, the support of an awesome community, and the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and go for it!

If you are you looking for something to take you to the next level and help you cash in on your calling, join today!

Mollie Daze Hearne, Health and Wellness Coach


I’ve been a full-time professional artist for 16 years. Yet, it become increasingly apparent that there was more for me to express, and to engage with my tribe on a more intimate level. I wanted to make a more direct impact with those in my world sharing what I have studied so deeply over the last 30 years.

GGCTS helped me define how this new creative expression as a coach looks, feels and functions on a personal level and online. I am on my way to creating the biggest and best work of my lifetime, and truly living into my creative legacy.

Thank you so much Jenny Fenig and the Get Gutsy team!

Lisa Lamoreaux, Creative Legacy Coach


Jenny said I could learn to “package my magic” and I loved that! I have so many facets of magic to offer and I love the possibility, framework and sacred container of putting it all together and making a living doing what I love! And with incredible support to boot!

Now I feel inspired and motivated to show up and create and enjoy the life of my dreams. AND I believe it’s possible. It’s happening.

The best part of being in GGCTS is the community. I loved being paired with a peer coach and a peer client. It really allowed me to practice the tools and get more comfortable coaching. If you are considering joining GGCTS and you are willing to move through fear with faith to freedom, say yes! If something in your soul asks you to go for it, listen.

Casey Shaw, Consciousness Coaching


Get Gutsy Coach Training School has been an incredible, life transforming opportunity for me. Before joining GGCTS, I had a couple of business ideas in my head but no clear path on how to set them up for success.

Jenny is a genuine coach. Her leadership skills and business/brand strategy expertise are first-rate. GGCTS is an invaluable asset. The personal and business growth I’ve experienced has been phenomenal. Everything you learn can be promptly implemented and the friendships made through this program are priceless. Truly a tribe of Gutsy Women (and men) who build each other up and celebrate each other’s successes.

If you are considering joining GGCTS I urge you to take the leap! The knowledge, guidance and confidence that I have gained through this program is transforming me into a true leader and successful entrepreneur.

Cindy Taylor, Personal Growth Specialist, Fit Skin HQ


Jenny’s message and spirituality really resonated with me. I learned a lot about myself, and who I’m here to serve. Throughout the program, I encountered some amazing women who have since become life-long friends. I’ve also pushed past my comfort zone; even surprising myself at how much I can accomplish when I put my mind & heart into something.

You definitely feel like you’ve come home in this community. If you’re looking to start your own spiritually based business and begin your true journey, then I highly recommend you join GGCTS…your life will never be the same again.

Tara Marulli, The Spiritual Self-Love Coach, Spiritual Self-Love Coaching


Something attracted me to sign up for Jenny’s Coach Training School, and I am very glad I did! This course is packed with value and fun. I really love Jenny’s way of creating – how she channels her inspiration into amazing tools to help her tribe and into everything she does.

This course guided me to stay true to myself while at the same time learning a ton of things on how to be a better coach, how to handle the administrative part of it and ways to market better. I feel better equipped to help people reach their dreams!

Nathalie Sorensson

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