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Superstar Student Stories

"I realized I needed to improve my coaching skills to run my own mastermind groups and coach my clients through my programs. Having the skills to help my clients stay motivated, positive and consistent with their desires and determinations is helping me create successful clients for sure.  

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the assignments on my schedule and completing them when it made sense for me so I could dedicate the energy it deserved.  

Today, my business is solid and growing. My enrollment conversations are easier, the marketing message is easier, the words are coming to me easier. I have clarity on who I want to work with and how to handle those who are not my ideal client with grace and loving support.  

I absolutely recommend Get Gutsy Coach Training School to someone considering doing ANY kind of “coaching.” I use these new skills when mentoring my employees, when working with my clients, when speaking to my prospects. It is a perfect blend of personal and professional development that has served me in many ways."  

Kimberly Ferrara, President of Coach Kim LLC: Kim Ferrara’s Inclusive Fitness Coaching behumanu.com

"I had a thriving, full therapy practice, even turning away a clients each week. But I felt a huge calling inside that I had to find a way to reach more people, expand my business, and manifest a fabulous team.  

I bought a building and started my work in Get Gutsy Coaching School. Then, well trained and respected therapists whose core values and goals lined up with mine suddenly found me. As a result, I built my team, business, and helped more people, and I doubled my income in less than a year!  

Therapists trade hours for dollars but this training program guided me to create two online courses, start writing a book, speak on high-level stages and create my very own retreat called AWAKEN.  

After you graduate, the program will continue to work in you and for you, it's about getting gutsy, showing up, and believing you can do it!" 

Heather Brito, LMHC, SP, Therapist & Transformational Coach www.hswcounseling.com