You’re invited …

jenny-fenig-business-marketing-coach-mastermindHi, I’m Jenny Fenig and I’d like to first off say congratulations for SHOWING UP in a big way as a leader. I’m proud of you.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that entrepreneurship and business ownership is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s intense!

Consistent inner work is crucial. Tending to your inner world and nurturing your spiritual relationship is absolutely essential in creating a rich, vibrant outer world.

It’s true: You can’t help your people if your foundation is shaky. You can make some progress, but eventually all you’ve built will crumble.

I want better for you, and I know you do too.

You CANNOT be the best-kept secret who is drowning in a sea of overwhelm and analysis paralysis. No, no, no.

I learned this the hard way when I started my business back in 2008. To be fair, I didn’t even realize I was starting a business. I just knew I had no desire to go back to spending most of my waking hours working in an uninspiring cubicle for a company that didn’t reflect my values. So, I quit, got certified as a yoga teacher, then a coach … and hung up my shingle in business … and expected the clients and money to just start rolling in.

Problem is, that simply didn’t happen. So I scored some freelance work in my old career to help pay the bills while I built my dream business … but it was SLOW going. I started freaking out and secretly reading job postings seeing if some company could “rescue me” and give me a steady paycheck and benefits again. But by then I was a mother to my infant son Sean and the thought of leaving him everyday to go work in a job that I wasn’t passionate about simply wasn’t an option.

So, in a “Hail Mary shot,” I stumbled upon a female entrepreneurs conference taking place in late 2009 in Las Vegas and signed up even though I didn’t know the woman hosting it or anyone else attending. It was a “do or die” moment for me.

During that event, my life changed. I saw what was possible. And when I was 1 of 3 people out of hundreds who was called onto the stage at that event for a live business makeover, I had chills run up and down my spine. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The mentor – none other than ALI BROWN – allowed me to see my potential. I could tell she believed in me and had been where I was at that very moment (muddy in my message, inconsistent with my marketing, doing it all by myself, scared about money).

So when the offer was made to participate in her program, I felt with every fiber of my being that I was supposed to sign up.


I’ll never forget calling my husband to “ask his permission” to sign up. I thought I’d have to sell him hard since it was a 5-figure investment. I worried he’d think I was being bamboozled (he can be a bit cynical!). But to my surprise, he was totally onboard. He saw the value and knew that I was smart and didn’t make rash decisions. I cried after that phone call to him and submitted my application and have been riding that energetic wave ever since.

Everything that I have learned through investing in myself and my business these past 8 years has allowed me to build a 6-figure business that is a true expression of my soul’s calling from my beautiful home office here in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts AND have plenty of quality time with my husband Steven and young children Sean, Luke and Kate.

I know what you NEED to MAKE IT as an entrepreneurial leader who leverages the power of marketing, systems + spirit to get your big work out there.

And I also know how EASY it is to get frustrated by all of the decisions and bright shiny objects and give up on your big, gutsy dream.

I want to help you do the work you were put on this planet to do … because I know you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own.

That’s why I created my BRAND NEW program, which I’ll tell you about in a moment. A gorgeous blend of business training, strategic coaching, and soulful community, this program was created to be a one-stop shop for spiritual business leaders ready to make a BIGGER impact with their work.

Is that you?



I had a feeling you were a gutsy woman on a mission with important goals and projects brewing.

I’m curious … what ideas do you want to make real?

Write a bestselling book

Launch your podcast

Create your new online course

Grow your list

Host regular webinars

Lead a retreat in an amazing locationRetreat image from Alchemy Live with Jenny Fenig

Become a media sensation

Increase your fees + redesign your packages

Give back to your community

Build your brand + launch your website

Hit the speaking circuit

Commit to a regular content creation schedule

Embrace a 1-to-many business model

Generate $10,000+ a month in new revenue

The opportunities are ENDLESS + the choice is YOURS.

My new program will support you through your journey.

Ready to hear more about it + how you can join?


Introducing …


You are invited to join me + fellow spiritual business leaders on our digital campus of sacred strategy + glittery growth.

Experience the ultimate in training, coaching + community as you get what you need to take your business to the next level and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Get Gutsy University is for you if you are:

:: Gutsy
:: Kind
:: Mission-driven
:: Generous
:: A believer
:: An action-taker

Get Gutsy University is NOT for you if you:

:: Live in the land of excuses
:: LOVE to play victim and get into fights
:: Like to talk shit about people (this is a gossip-free zone)
:: Take more than you give
:: Just want to promote all of your stuff (free or paid) to our students. While you’re encouraged to share what you are creating to get feedback from the group, this isn’t the place to market your products, programs or services. (We have a weekly post in our forum related to your awesome promotions that will offer you the opportunity to share your creations.)

The transformational experience that is Get Gutsy University is detailed on this page so I invite you to dive in.

Allow the words and images on this page sink into your heart.

Then embody the spirit of GET GUTSY and take a sacred step into your next level of growth.

I’ve got your back. So do the amazing leaders in Get Gutsy University. We’re can’t wait to meet you.

Let’s go!



What You Get

Group Coaching + Training Calls


  • You’ll be LIVE on a monthly call with me, one of our Get Gutsy Certified Coaches (amazing women!) + your fellow GGU crew. Get pumped! I start each call with a short meditation and centering to get us open to receiving divine guidance. Then I’ll share some teaching related to our monthly theme that you can immediately apply to your business and life. Then we’ll take questions from our Get Gutsy University community. And if you can’t join the call LIVE, you’ll have access to the recording and can send your question in advance to be addressed on the call. You’ll also learn a ton just by listening to the questions asked by the other gals in Get Gutsy University.
  • You’ll also be invited to training webinars throughout the year where you’ll learn from top teachers about a topic to grow your business and take your mission to new heights. All of our webinars are recorded and available to you in Get Gutsy University so you can watch (or re-watch!) whenever you want.


Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group will be your go-to for planting seeds, growing dreams, giving and getting support.

  • Get feedback on things like your big idea for your online course, coaching program, book, pricing, tagline and more
  • Get the latest tips and strategies on what’s working in the online business world right now
  • Help other spiritual business leaders in the Get Gutsy University on their journey (giving support feels so good!)


jenny-fenig-coach-training-what-you-getUnlimited Access to Value-Packed Courses + Trainings

You’ll receive instant + unlimited access to my value-packed courses and trainings giving you insights into:

Tribe Building ★ Developing Irresistible Offers ★ Growing Your Platform ★ Sales ★ Your Signature System ★ Launching ★ Profit Mapping ★ Team Building ★ Copywriting ★ Content Creation ★ Systematizing + Automating ★ Visibility ★ Mindset + Money Secrets ★ And so much more …

Here is a list of ALL of the content you receive as a student in Get Gutsy University.


cash-in-on-your-callingCash In On Your Calling

I created this course to walk you through step-by-step how to create your online business. These are the steps I took to go from struggling to 6 figures. You can do this. You can.

Training audios + worksheets + PDF transcripts guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Converting Your Passion Into a Profitable Business ★ Who Are You Serving + Why? ★ Attracting Ideal Clients Who Can Pay You What You’re Worth ★ Websites That Sell ★ Creating Systems to Support You ★ Time Management for Busy Entrepreneurs ★ Creating, Launching + Filling Group Programs + Events to Go from One-to-One to One-to-Many ★ JVs, Affiliates, Partnerships + Masterminds ★ How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

Valued at $997. Included in Get Gutsy University.

live-your-dream-promotional-badgeLive Your Dream Challenge

I used to be REALLY lost in my work. Chasing all the wrong things. Feeling crappy although I had the outward trappings of success: money, marriage, high-powered corporate career in New York City. And then I decided to surrender to the flow of the Universe and TRUST where I was being called to go (even when I was freaked out).

What drove my stunning clarity and gave me the confidence to find my purpose and my voice, birth my spiritual business, grow my family, and move to my dream community in the country is the exact same process you will discover when you dive into the Live Your Dream Challenge.

This course sets the foundation for your massive personal and business growth. Training audios + worksheets + PDF transcripts guide you on your path to fulfill your destiny.

Valued at $97. Included in Get Gutsy University.


make money love you graphicMake Money Love You

This 7-Day Cleanse clears the way for the abundance and wealth that you deserve. Training audios, videos + worksheets guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Letting Go of the Old Story ★ Your Relationship with Money ★ Allowing More Money In ★ Show Me Your Wallet ★ Business, Life + Spirit Audit ★ Cash Flow Clarity ★ Your Gutsy Dreams

Valued at $97. Included in Get Gutsy University.

jenny-fenig-tribe-building-bootcampTribe Building Bootcamp

Building + loving your tribe is SO crucial. So, so crucial. Once you get this, everything will shift. This course helps you REACH MORE, MAKE MORE and PLAY MORE.

Training audios + worksheets guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Showing Up, Standing Out, Being Visible ★ Finding Your People ★ Getting Amazing Shit Done + Still Having a Life ★ Becoming a Content Creation Pro

Valued at $497. Included in Get Gutsy University.

badge (no URL)Business Adventure Summit

Enjoy 3 training videos to prep you for the adventure that is entrepreneurship.

Are You Reaching Them? Tap Into Sacred Marketing + Leveraged Offers to Spread Your Message Like Wildfire ★ What Are You Saying? Craft Your Aligned “Problem-Solving” Message + Embrace a Business Model That Works for Your Desired Lifestyle ★ Sacred Money Containers: The More People You Help, The More Money You Receive


Banner (with photo)Business Adventure School

Dive into the content in the Business Adventure School ONLY if you are ready to skyrocket your growth. These trainings were originally created for clients in my mastermind. I’m so pumped to share this with you in Get Gutsy University. Training audios + worksheets guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Visualizing + Mapping Your Business Growth ★ Your Niche Will Make You Rich ★ Developing Irresistible Offers Your Market Craves ★ Becoming Known as the Go-To Expert in Your Field ★ Mastering the Art of Selling Online, In Person or On the Phone ★ Creating Your Signature System ★ Launching ★ Income Leap Strategies + Profit Mapping ★ Hiring + Training Team Members ★ Staying Ahead of Your Competition In a Crowded Marketplace ★ Writing Copy that Reels Clients In ★ The Entrepreneur’s Path

Valued at $2,000. Included in Get Gutsy University.

bannerGet Gutsy Book Writing Immersion

Want to know what the BEST business card in the world is? YOUR BOOK. If you are ready to write and self-publish a book that takes your mission to new heights, you’ll want to dive into this course. Training audios + worksheets guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Not Letting Fear Stop or Censor You ★ Organizing Your Chapters + Leveraging Content That You’ve Already Created ★ Excavation, Memoir + Writer’s Block ★ Firing Up Your Tribe, Blurbs + Bonuses ★ Post-Production Dream Team + Self-Publishing Process ★ Your Blockbuster Launch + Beyond ★ Visibility ★

Valued at $2,000. Included in Get Gutsy University.

Alchemy Live GraphicALCHEMY Live

Get access to videos + worksheets from my blockbuster retreat ALCHEMY Live 2014. Topics include:

Being the Most Confident Person You Know ★ Fine-tuning Your Message ★ Sacred Marketing Tools ★ Cash Flow Clarity ★ Shifting to a Leveraged Business Model ★ Developing a Supportive Romantic Partnership As You Grow Your Business

dvd-and-caseVision Board Magic

Let me walk you through the creation of your vision board in this video workshop.

Your vision board is essentially you submitting your order to the universe. You’re giving visual expression to your divine calling. So important! So fun!


Guided Meditations GraphicMeditations

“Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It’s like the ultimate rest. It’s better than the best sleep you’ve ever had. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh.”
– Hugh Jackman

Yoga is my foundation for life and I’m stoked to share these meditation tools with you! As Lao Tzu says, “To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.” Meditations you’ll receive:

Static vs. Signal

What the heck is meditation anyway and why is it so darn powerful? Oprah does it. Deepak does it. Sting does it. Top CEOs do it. Do you do it?

I’ll give you the low-down on the power of meditation in this audio, then guide you through a powerful meditation to help you quiet the STATIC and tap into powerful SIGNALS waiting to be converted into content and action in your business.

Your Voice Matters

It’s time to activate your 5th chakra in your body. This is where your VOICE lives. This is where your story lives. Dive into this 8-minute meditation when you need an extra jolt of confidence as you speak your truth.

Flow Through Me

There are 3 powerful words that I use every time I’m stepping up into something new, exciting and freakin’ scary! I’ll share them with you on this powerful meditation that you can listen to as you flow through fear on your transformational journey.

One Minute Meditation

Don’t have time to meditate? No excuses with this 1-minute meditation that will root you into the earth as you feel your strength, your breath and your power. An ideal way to start your day, everyday. Watch in AWE at how your world shifts for the better.

Breakthrough to the Future

This 60-minute guided visualization audio empowers you to see, meet and connect with your most ideal self. You’ll literally be pulled into the future and see exactly what you want in terms of business, romance, family, happiness, home, money, health and more.

Resources + Tip Sheets

Study, implement and watch the magic unfold.


  • Gutsy Guide to Vision Boards
  • Sacred Marketing Puzzle
  • Schedule Template Tool
  • Creating, Hosting + Leading Live Events + Retreats ebook
  • 8 Keys to Living Your Soul’s Calling Tip Sheet
  • Superstar Essentials: 7 Must-Haves for More Money, Impact + Fun in Your Soul-Led Business
  • Take Charge of Your Day in Just 5 Minutes: Sacred Self-Care Success Strategies
  • Journey Up the Chakras ebook
  • VIP Rolodex of Resources
  • Write + Publish Your Book Resource Guide
  • Sample offer form for a live workshop
  • Press release example
  • Mastering a preview call/teleclass launch tipsheet + suggested flow for your call
  • Sample job description for an assistant
  • Mapping your online presence to drive traffic + make sales


Pay In Full Bonus


  • Sacred strategy message from me. How does this work? Upon registering and paying in full, I’ll review ANY page on your website (or your social media profile if you prefer) and give you my strategic feedback to help you take your sacred brand to the next level.



Extra Hot Bonus

glow-mastermind-marketing-business-coaching-event-jenny-fenig-02Spiritual Business Retreat

As a Get Gutsy University student, you’ve scored an invitation to my spiritual business retreat. The retreat will be held at the legendary Cranwell Resort + Spa in the magical Berkshires of Massachusetts on the evening of Sunday, July 31 with a fabulous “letting go” bonfire + s’mores celebration and all day on Monday, August 1.

Summer is my favorite season here and I can’t wait to share it with you. The Berkshires are home to legendary spots like Kripalu, Canyon Ranch, Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow. You’ll get so much out of your adventure here!

At the retreat, we’ll dive deep into boosting your MESSAGE, REACH + FAITH.

Think: masterminding, coaching, sharing, growing, connecting, laughing, letting go + standing STRONG together. I LOVE gathering in person + want to build a super strong community for Get Gutsy University.

I’m known for creating the most sacred yet strategic retreats imaginable. You’ll be nurtured on every level.

Just ONE idea, ONE connection or ONE decision as a result of attending this Retreat MORE THAN pays for your investment in Get Gutsy University.

(There will be be a nominal fee for participants to cover materials + delicious food.)


We’re confident that you’re going to love what Get Gutsy University has to offer.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. Go ahead, invest in your business. Invest in your dreams. We’ve got you.


Meet Our Gutsy Students

Celine Remy Get Gutsy University Student

Celine Remy

Where do you live?
San Diego

Why do you love your work?
My business is my passion. I get to inspire a worldwide paradigm shift where sexuality is sacred and celebrated, where love and connection are the priority, where beauty and pleasure are valued and expressed, and where everyone fearlessly shines in their authentic nature.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
In my free time, I enjoy organic cooking, reading, singing, dancing and creating custom beauty potions. I look for joy and inspiration every day, and find it in the simple things around us: the beauty of a rainbow, or the freedom of a butterfly!

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I am a TM (transcendental meditation) practitioner, yoga instructor and lover of life. I have a daily morning routine of walking in nature, meditation, affirmation, visualization, writing and lovemaking. It helps me to be centered, balanced, grounded and focused on what matters. I believe in magic and love to co-create with the universe a life of celebration.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Having a community to cheer me up, to be accountable to is essential to me, to keep me on track.I get inspiration and motivation from our FB group, even if I don’t post often. Also I love to be able to revisit the course contents anytime I feel stuck and need to course correct. It’s like having Jenny on speed dial…

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
The gutsiest move I’ve ever made was to invest in myself, believe in myself and declare out loud that no matter what I wouldn’t stop until I was successful and living my dreams. Choosing to be seen and put myself out there by sharing weekly content to add value to my peeps + making sure that each day I become a better version of myself.

Lauren Ferreira Get Gutsy University Student

Lauren Ferreira

Where do you live?
Portland, OR

Why do you love your work?
I am on this planet to be of service, and through a life of service, help heal myself and others. Having finally discovered and embraced becoming a champion of women to free their fierce and find their fabulous future path. This is a new calling and burgeoning business and I am already so in love with this baby. The coaching I’ve done so far has had a significant impact on my clients (as reported by them and felt by me!) and the vulnerable writing I’ve shared online has been met with wonderful responses of people feeling inspired and connected. Growth and connection-this is my raison de vivre. I am so freakin’ psyched to birth this baby fully into the world and nurture it so it thrives and impacts many women to find their fierce!

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I have an adorable 9 month old son with whom I spend a lot of time. I love to be in nature, as does Pax, so we get out for walks in the woods, or at least near trees, as often as we can. Healthy foods are uber important to me so I cook from scratch nearly every day and make Pax’s food as well. Nothing compares to healthy home cooking (except perhaps green curry from a Thai restaurant…oh my God delicious). Pre-baby I spent a lot of time rock climbing, bike riding, being in (more remote) nature, doing yoga. Some of these things are beginning to enter back into the picture.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I feel connected to Source and make a habit of reconnecting through visualization when I am adrift. I have a meditation practice that consists mainly of metta, loving kindness. I believe deeply that self-love is the cornerstone to our ability to heal, grow, connect, and do beautiful things in the world.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
My two fundamental values are growth and connection. Community in general is important in order for me to live in these values. A place like GGU in particular is an intentional community, which allows for the potential to have a lot of growth and connection.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
I chose to embrace becoming a mother after "accidentally" getting pregnant. I had never wanted kids, was in an unhealthy relationship, and dealing with lifelong bouts of severe depression. Despite all my fears of what kind of mother I would be, if I would resent my child, how I would get along as a single mom, would my depression return, I held onto a small flicker of faith. There was a lot of struggle during pregnancy and the early month’s of my son’s life, but I embraced being a mom and fell so in love with that baby. He unleashed something in me, something that ignited the flicker of hope, and I became fiercely dedicated to learning to love myself, kicking depression to the curb for good, finding my true calling, healing many old wounds, and becoming a champion of other women freeing their fierce and finding their fabulous futures.

Anna Holden Get Gutsy University Student

Anna Holden


Where do you live?

Why do you love your work?
I love my work because of the incredible women I get to work with. The narrative of their aura is like a movie of the year just waiting to be made – full of hope, heartache, pain, strength and inspiration. It’s such a joy to be part of the journey of someone finding their truth and becoming empowered. I love being able to walk through the dark with someone and see them find their own light. I love seeing sensitive women becoming empowered by embracing their sensitivity, rather than running from it or hardening, and having a damn good time doing it!

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I’ve been studying martial arts for the past year and love how it merges the hardest and most masculine of energies (violence) with awareness and the softness of sensitivity (response). I love being able to work that spectrum. My husband and I both practice at our dojo a few times a week. When I’m not there, I will be walking in the forest, which seems to have a voice that speaks to me. I love knitting, cooking and watching reruns of my favorite shows (it’s like comfort food for me). My husband and I take hikes, go on dates, and drink lots of coffee on Sunday mornings. I also spend time with friends a few times a week – trying new restaurants, drinking whiskey, taking walks or just grabbing coffee.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I feel like life is a spiritual practice – there’s not really a moment or experience I have that I don’t consider the spiritual implications. I’m a psychic by trade, so much of my day is spent in connection. But to really connect just for me, I take “spirit walks” in the forest – I go in with a question (or none), sink into my body and follow my breath as I walk. At each trail junction, I ask which way to be taken and I go that way. I stay alert to lessons, and I’m always guided to some sort of message. I also meditate and spend time in the space between sleep and wake.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Isolation is the number one thing that gets me down. It’s wonderful to have a community like this one so that I can be pushed out of my comfort zone, have support when things get tough, and be encouraged to come out of my hidey-hole from time to time 🙂

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
I chose to divorce a wonderful man because I knew I was being held back. I saw in a meditation that I would never be able to really do my life’s work while being married to him. I had no money of my own, except a few hundred dollars I had earned as a nanny and snuck into a secret bank account (it felt really terrible and infantile to have made “babysitting” money to use to get divorced). I moved out and lived with a friend for a while, then made a huge leap and moved to Seattle with only the promise of a $40/hour yoga teaching job. From there, I found another part time job and started by business on the side. Choosing myself out of a situation that seemed hopeless taught me that I really CAN do what I’m inspired to do, even when fear is present. It taught me that things really can change and we really are the creators of our reality. It showed me how capable I am and it helps me see that in others.

Andrea Hood Get Gutsy University Student

Andrea Hood


Where do you live?
New Hampshire

Why do you love your work?
I love to connect with like-minded women – it fuels my soul and inspires me to be the best me. And the person I’ve become over the past few years while doing this work – wow. I really like this person! I love the journey of growth and new opportunities my work has given me, and all of the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve learned my purpose in the world – and I know, without one once of a doubt, that I’m here for a reason. My work brings me endless amounts of joy, love, and energy – it really is an amazing thing to experience!

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I live life on her my terms unapologetically – this is the classy way of saying I do whatever the F I want in life! I love yoga, walks in the woods, traveling to tropical beaches, reading the latest self-improvement book, and spending time with my family. I am currently living in the woods of Southern New Hampshire with my husband, Al, and two shih-tzus fur babies, Annabelle and Gus. And while I love being amongst the woods, I have a love for the city life as well. The food, culture, energy – it all excites my soul. I’m happy to be only a short drive from Boston and go visit whenever I can!

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
My spiritual practice grows each year and I just love it! I was never into spirituality when I was younger, but now I just can’t seem to get enough. I’m really into yoga and practice regularly. I meditate every morning. I love working with energy and I’ve recently become fascinated with crystals and stones, so I’ve been incorporating them more into my life. I talk to this energy, my spirit guides, and the Universe often – always asking questions and thanking them for their guidance and insight. I feel like I’m just getting started on my spiritual path, even though it’s been a few years now – I just know there is SO much more to learn about and SO much more growth coming my way!

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Back in 2012 when I started my entrepreneurial and spiritual journey, I was lonely, isolated, felt like I didn’t belong. I invested in myself and signed up for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a whole new world to me – in particular, new friends all over the world. My journey has taken lots of fun twists and turns since I said YES to investing in myself 4 years ago, and the ride has been nothing short of spectacular. The like-minded people that I’ve met through places like IIN, GLOW Mastermind, and Get Gusty University – honestly, they blow my mind away. I surround myself with these people daily – these amazing souls who are making the world a better place – and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They help make me a better me. They encourage me and inspire me when I’m feeling less than fabulous, and help celebrate all of the big wins and growth opportunities I’ve experienced. I truly believe that being a part of a like-minded community is essential for growth – the key to success! You don’t have to do it alone. There are SO many people out there just like you – with similar beliefs, goals, and dreams. They want to support you, you just have to find them.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
My gutsiest move I ever made was a co-gutsy effort with my husband back in the Summer of 2014. We sold our house, quit our jobs, and decided to move 900 miles away to North Carolina, to live out our dream of living in a warmer climate. It was scary and completely exhilarating at the same time! We absolutely loved it at first, but slowly started to miss our family and life in the Northeast. So, exactly a year after we moved to North Carolina, we turned around and came right back to New Hampshire! When we were discussing coming back my husband was fearful of what people would say, thinking we were failures. I looked at him and said, “NO WAY are we failures! We did something most people would never do and we learned a TON about ourselves. We grew a ton, we met a bunch of great new friends. Our priorities just changed, and that’s okay.” The whole experience taught us that we really can do whatever we want in life, to take chances, to go after our dreams. And even if our dreams change a bit, that’s okay. Just keep moving forward and go after new dreams! I live my life like this everyday and I aim to inspire others to do the same.

Peggy Iverson Get Gutsy University Student

Peggy Everson

Where do you live?
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Why do you love your work?

Touching lives fulfills my soul. I love seeing a spark ignite within a person and grow into a warm flame. Helping someone grow and learn about themselves personally, professional, spiritually and helping them grow beyond what they ever imagined is what my life is all about.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
My immediate family (husband and two twenty-something sons) are my world. I can talk to them about anything. My youngest son, Bill, just received his degree in psychology and for the past 3 years, we have had the most amazing late-night discussions about life. We all play golf so we go out as a foursome a couple of times per months from May to September (Canada remember) when both sons are available at the same time which doesn’t happen very often. I started a once-per-month get together for all the women in my family – sister, nieces, future daughter-in-law and friends (who I feel are also my family). We used to only see each other at family funerals and I decided life was too short and we needed to have fun together. We have pot lucks, dinners at favourite restaurants and I have even arranged for everyone to have pictures of their auras taken at the end of the month. My sister is hosting that one.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I am a member of Central Presbyterian Church here in Hamilton. My family is also members. My husband and I were married there and both our sons were baptised there. I have been involved as Christian Education for children and teens and now facilitate women’s retreats and speak at the mom’s group. We had a Christian Education Director whom I worked very closely with. He was very young and this was his first position within a church. Unfortunately, our Minister left and he was left adrift. I helped mentor him and we took part in a children’s conference in Ohio in 2014. He has since left our church, went back to school to become a congregational minister and graduates this month. He and his wife are still very close friends and we get together often.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Being on the same page as others helps me embrace my courage. Knowing I have loving support from my Get Gutsy family allows me to dream bigger than I thought possible. Taking part in the Get Gutsy Challenge made me realize that sharing my thoughts and dreams allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t think possible. Getting responses from my friends on my facebook page blew me away because of their love and support.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?

Leaving my abusive husband and moving out on my own. I realized I was stronger and more capable than I had felt in more than 11 years. I met my loving husband, had two wonderful sons, grew spiritually, accepted myself and stopped feeling like everything was my fault. I now try to be the best I can be and and never stop growing in every way I can.


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A portion of your membership fee will be donated to 2 philanthropic organizations with important missions: Kiva and Make-A-Wish®. Kiva connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. Make-A-Wish grants the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

Together, we will change the world!

I’m excited to see your registration come through.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
– John F. Kennedy

It’s time, and you know it.

Gutsy leaders unite.


P.S. If you have any questions prior to registering, please contact us at or 1-877-529-2098. You can find the answers to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS towards the bottom of this page. Cheers!


About Jenny Fenig

AlchemyLive-143Jenny Fenig is a brand strategy coach, bestselling author, motivational speaker, and champion of gutsy women in business.

She believes that women have the power to create their own economy through unleashing their unique gifts and standing firm on the immense value they add. Jenny is the author of “Get Gutsy: A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream” and the host of the popular new podcast Get Gutsy, which features interviews with visionary leaders and inspiring messages to help you move to the next level on your spiritual business path.

Spending the first 10 years of her career in the corporate space in New York City, Jenny developed promotional campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world like Kellogg, Hershey, M&M’s and Pfizer.

She then parlayed her experience into her role as a conference producer, creating 40+ business events attracting thousands of attendees, hundreds of speakers, keynote luminaries like Tony Robbins, Colin Powell, Malcolm Gladwell and Tom Peters, and millions of dollars in revenue.

Jenny launched her company in 2008 to empower women to embrace entrepreneurship as the path to take charge of their time, money and impact.

Through her online courses, coach certification school, mastermind, membership community, retreats and strategic coaching, Jenny teaches spiritual business leaders how to reach more, make more and play more.

Jenny is a regular speaker at live and online events and podcasts.

She lives in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

Visit Jenny at her online home –

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Jenny Answers the FAQ

Is Get Gutsy University right for me if I don’t have a business or an idea yet?

Yes, Get Gutsy University is great for you! First course you should dive into once you register is Live Your Dream Challenge. You should also read my book, which you will receive as a free bonus in the mail when you register by 12/23. Clarity will come with GGU by their side.

How can I access the trainings and resources?

All of the content in Get Gutsy University is housed on a membership platform from Infusionsoft called CustomerHub. It's super easy to stay organized here. You'll receive your very own log-in and password and can go in to access your materials at any time.

How do the monthly coaching calls work?

You’ll be LIVE on a monthly call with me, one of our Get Gutsy Certified Coaches + your fellow GGU crew. Get pumped! I start each call with a short meditation and centering to get us open to receiving divine guidance. Then I'll share some teaching related to our monthly theme that you can immediately apply to your business and life. Then we'll take questions from our Get Gutsy University community. And if you can’t join the call LIVE, you’ll have access to the recording and can send your question in advance to be addressed on the call. You’ll also learn a ton just by listening to the questions asked by the other gals in Get Gutsy University.

How do I get my spouse or partner to support me in this decision?

In my experience, spouses who aren’t wired like entrepreneurs don’t always immediately see the value in these types of investments. Typically, the spouse is skeptical and wants to be reassured that this isn’t just another “bright shiny object” for you, but rather, something that is going to produce real results and provide a substantial return on investment. I still remember when I told my husband about the first-ever big coaching program I wanted to invest in ($13,000) back in 2009 and was scared out of my mind. Once he sensed the value and how confident I was that it was exactly what I needed to do, he supported my decision 100%. Thank goodness! My whole life, business and spirit transformed during that program. Ever since then, I’ve never NOT invested in business growth program. The results are too amazing to ignore. When presenting the opportunity to get results in Get Gutsy University, it is important that you share with your spouse, 1) What the program specifically entails, 2) what solution it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve experienced, 4) the credentials of the coach, 5) the fact that you get lifetime access. Your partner simply wants the best for you and when you describe what you’ll get AND that you'll take full advantage of everything GGU offers, you will likely have full support. Go for it!

What does Lifetime Access mean?

LIFETIME ACCESS in Get Gutsy University means as long as Get Gutsy University is around, you receive benefits of membership. It's a huge value. Down the line, we may evolve the program into a yearly membership fee to participate, but you'll be grandfathered in to LIFETIME ACCESS and won't pay a yearly fee.

I have a full-time job. Is Get Gutsy University right for me?

Many students in my past courses have been employed in a full-time job. So to answer your question, YES, Get Gutsy University is right for you IF you're committed to building your business as a side hustle until you're ready to make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. It's a smart way to grow your biz. As a student in Get Gutsy University, you will be growing faster and stronger than if you tried to figure this out on your own.

This sounds so powerful, but I think I want to get the foundations of my business set and clear time in my schedule before I get started. Is this the best route to take?

It’s been my experience, from coaching hundreds of gutsy, mission-driven women, that when they are left to their own devices, to implement on their own, they inevitably fall flat. Why? Because busy entrepreneurial-minded women are people who are strong “starters,” eager to begin new things, but not strong “finishers.” On your own you will likely implement some of the elements crucial to profiting from your gift in the world. However, with the support of Get Gutsy University giving you step-by-step guidance, getting you unstuck, giving you accountability and the unconditional sacred support of a structured environment of soul sisters who care about you, your implementation and impact increases dramatically. Without it, you tend to default to your old way of doing things (paralysis analysis sound familiar?!) and create slow or uninspiring results. Don't keep falling in the same traps!

I’m in another coaching program now. Should I wait until that one is done before joining Get Gutsy University?

If you are currently working with a coach or mentor or you belong to a mastermind group, awesome! But it's rare that you can get everything you need from just one person or program. My advice: never delay results you could be experiencing now. Your mission depends on you taking efficient, wise actions! If you feel Get Gutsy University is calling your name, listen. And remember, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to Get Gutsy University, meaning as long as Get Gutsy University is around, you receive benefits of membership. It's a huge value.

Who is Get Gutsy University for?

Get Gutsy University was created for spiritual business leaders in a variety of industries.
  • Speakers
  • Life Coaches
  • Business Consultants + Coaches
  • Holistic Health Coaches
  • Healers
  • Bloggers
  • Financial Planners
  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Copywriters
  • Authors
  • Community Leaders
  • Artists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Experts
  • Interior Designers
  • Professional Organizers
  • Non-Profit Directors
  • Event Planners
  • Sales Experts
  • Image Consultants
  • Nutritionists
  • Intuitives + Psychics
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers
  • (And more!)
GET GUTSY UNIVERSITY IS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE: :: Gutsy :: Kind :: Mission-driven :: Generous :: A believer :: An action-taker GET GUTSY UNIVERSITY IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU: :: Live in the land of excuses :: LOVE to play victim and get into fights :: Like to talk shit about people (this is a gossip-free zone) :: Take more than you give :: Just want to promote all of your stuff (free or paid) to our students. While you're encouraged to share what you are creating to get feedback from the group, this isn't the place to market your products, programs or services. (We have a weekly post in our forum related to your awesome promotions that will offer you the opportunity to share your creations.)

Is this right for me even if I’m starting out?

Yes. I WISH I would have had access to this info when I was just starting out as a business owner. My journey would have been A LOT smoother and more profitable from Day 1. Instead, it took me almost 2 years into my business (and many dark nights of the soul sweating about how I would ever make it as an entrepreneur!) to discover this information, which Get Gutsy University offers to you now. The requirements for being a student in Get Gutsy University is that you consider yourself a LEADER and are ready to take consistent, imperfect action. If you do, Get Gutsy University can help you.

Can I join later?

Yes, you can. But know that certain bonuses are time sensitive and may not be available if you wait. Also, our 10-pay option goes away on Monday, February 15. If you feel an urge and desire inside to enroll in Get Gutsy University, go for it and don't look back. The women who are the most successful in life are those who know how to spot an opportunity when they see it and take fast action. We look forward to seeing your registration come through and helping you design a business and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We’re confident that you’re going to love what Get Gutsy University has to offer. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. Go ahead, invest in your business. Invest in your dreams. We’ve got you. If during the 30-day period after purchase you don't feel you've received value from Get Gutsy University, send an email to requesting your refund and cancellation and we'll take care of you. Please note no refunds or cancellations will be issued after the refund window has expired (if you are on a payment plan, you'll be responsible for your remaining payments).

When does Get Gutsy University begin?

As soon as you register! You get instant access to the various courses, resources and community. Time to get a plan and work it, girl. Can you imagine where you'll be at this time NEXT YEAR? Let's get moving.

I want to join GGU, but I’m scared.

Just so you know, anytime I say yes to something that's in line with my calling + highest good, I'm scared. I get that BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH feeling.
I used to let that feeling hold me BACK from stepping FORWARD. Then I learned that that feeling was actually a SIGN that I was on the right track and was allowed to take that LEAP. I learned to RIDE THE BUTTERFLIES into my next chapter of growth. It's been an amazing ride. I hear from so many potential students that they WANT to be a part of one of my courses or events, but they are SCARED. And they are SCARED that they are SCARED. Can you relate? Here's what I have to say about fear: I'd be worried if you WEREN'T scared. You're supposed to be SCARED, lady. Pretty much every student who has ever walked through my virtual door is totally FREAKED OUT!!! I love it. Shows me that you're ALIVE! I come to expect it and hold the space for you to do your thing in the way you came to this planet to do! I'm terrified pretty much every day as I do my thing ... especially when I'm creating + sharing something that's TRULY an expression of my soul. I wouldn't have it any other way! Be ever-mindful of those points on your JOURNEY where a DOOR is opened. Know this: it's up to YOU to walk through it. I'm SO confident that once you walk through this door to your destiny, you won't look back. We've got you!

Meet Our Gutsy Students

Misty Catheline Get Gutsy University Student

Misty Catheline


Where do you live?
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Why do you love your work?
I love my work because it is my passion + my souls true calling + helping women calm the chaos in their lives doesn’t feel like work at all! It’s the most amazing feeling to help someone so tremendously that it’s life changing for them + their family. That they have been set free from the shackles of clutter (physical, emotional + mental) that was their life before I started working with them.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I am a wife and a mom of two kids that are 18 months apart, a son(the oldest) and a daughter. On my off time I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and music, spending time with our cat Pixie,being out in nature + around and in the water, spending time with my family, traveling when we can, going out to dinner, catching up with my friends, watching movies. I LOVE being at home, but I do enjoy the occasional night out!

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I enjoy going to church with my family on Sunday mornings when we don’t sleep in. Outside of church I listen to Joel Osteen Podcasts with my kids and read from the bible. My faith has gotten stronger over the past few years and conitnues to daily. I step out in faith daily and know that God will be there for myself and my family.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Being part of such a supportive community is so important to my growth mainly because everyone there can relate to me and where I am, where I’ve been and/or where I want to be on my journey! I also can relate to them as well. It’s also nice to connect with like minded women and share things along our journey.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
The gutsiest move I’ve ever made was to start my business while working my part time job, owning another business and taking care of two kids. That move inspires my work today by propelling me forward into action daily so that I can live the life of my dreams for myself and my family. A freedom based lifestyle. So that I can quit my part time job and my husband can work less and we can all spend more quality time together really living this one life that we get here on Earth!

Jessica Schiller Get Gutsy University Student

Jessica Schiller


Where do you live?
San Ramon, CA

Why do you love your work?
I love my work because it embodies the true essence of the human spirit, which is that of oneness. While the ego would like us to believe that we are all separate, my work allows me to share my love + light with others in the marriage of the one universal truth, which is love. I have been guided to my calling as a spiritual leader + healer out of the darkness on my journey in the corporate world. I love my work because it allows me to be authentically me, to radiate my visions of love + spirit + light with all. I have a unique gift to relate to women of all walks of life, and my work releases this gift in the spirit of ONE. From the busy stay at home mother, to the corporate slave, to the grandmother that wants to feel important in a changing world, my work has taught me that we are all the same at our core. We all want to love and be loved. Any distance from this is an act of fear. My work shows others the symphony of their greatest gifts when they envision their wildest passions. I used to live in a black/white mind, and my work has helped me to love all the colors in between. In the on demand world we live today, I feel people are so overwhelmed with negativity. My work brings us back to the spirit of our birth + childhood of love, inspiration, and undying faith.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
Outside of work, I live + breathe the simple pleasures in life. What gives me the greatest pleasure and sense of leisure is breathing in the beauty of nature that I’m blessed to have at my fingertips here in Northern California. From a breathtaking hike up Mount Diablo to wandering around Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills, I’ve learned that my happiest moments are spent in natural peace + serenity in the SUNSHINE! As a Florida girl, I find true happiness in the radiance of the sun. I also deeply love the sport + spirit of running, as it reminds me of my freedom and gift to use the health and body I’ve been blessed with. It is also a gorgeous metaphor for life, and has taught me the challenges of pushing through your comfort zone to achieve lasting success! Running a marathon was one of the most physically challenging, yet happiest days of my life and experience of true JOY! My first love, however, started with yoga, where I learn through each practice the beauty of undoing back to love. At the core of my personal life, I also keep close to my heart the love of my life, my fiancee, my loving parents, and my deep connection to friendships I’ve built over the years.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
My spiritual practice has evolved over the years, beginning with a yoga for stress course back in 2007 to help me through my constant anxiety in corporate finance. Since my first connection to spirit through yoga, my practice has evolved into a deeper meditative state of being. While I begin my mornings with a tea ceremony and daily meditation, my practice also embodies spirituality through the physical world. By this, I mean that we don’t have to be on top of Mt. Fiji meditating to enjoy the effects of mindfulness. Being present in all aspects of my day such as sharing a meal, a conversation with the one I love, or with my tribe on social media is what I find to being truly spiritual in a way that’s sustainable. We can’t always control how our day will evolve, but we can control our state of presence that brings LIFE to all we do!

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Being connected to a tribe of gorgeous, light-filled women like GGU has been life changing to my personal + entrepreneurial growth. True strength comes in numbers, and GGU has blessed me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who share spiritual values and visions of empowerment! We all come to the world with a unique gift, and being a part of GGU enables me to not only share my gift with others, but unite our passions together to rise higher in support of one another. Similar to why I love my work as it embodies the sense of "oneness", I have fallen in love with the energy and spirit of GGU as I feel a deep connection with each person I have connected with through the group, and it’s a place I can truly feel at home everyday.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
The gutsiest move I’ve ever made was leaving my six-figure corporate job just a month ago! It’s a move I’ve been thinking about for many years, but wasn’t in the right mindset to have faith in my gifts to leave the blanket of security that most of the world sees as true success. From a young age, I’ve always had the mind of a nonconformist. I’ve always wondered why we were taught to live by the boundaries of our physical world, and why something outside of this spectrum wasn’t possible? For as long as I stayed in the corporate world, I felt amiss. I felt like I was living a lie as to the true spirit of my being and my purpose in this world. I feel a piece of me was dying everyday. As one who has struggled with weight loss and finding balance in my life, I have learned I was gifted these challenges as a calling to help others come to the revelations I’ve lived through in my journey. Finally taking the leap of faith and making the gutsy move has inspired me to ignite the fire that burns within my soul + give back to the world that which I’ve been blessed from the universe. It inspires me to show others that we don’t have to live within the limitations of our mind + body, and that we are truly destined for more in this life. Achieving balance is the center of my work, and by shedding the layers of what no longer was serving me, I have made space to birth my vision of Mo’Zen Wellness!

Julie Bishop Get Gutsy University Student

Julie Bishop


Where do you live?
Great Barrington, MA

Why do you love your work?
I love my work because I get to partner with my clients in taking their biggest challenges, heartbreaks, and losses and tranform them into catalysts for creating kickass lives full of joy, abundance, and true love.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I spend much of my time outside of my work with my two amazing children, ages 10 and 15. I can also be found out enjoying the nature of the Berkshires, practicing sacred self care, working with adults with special needs, dancing with my friends, listening to live music, or attending women’s circle once a week for soul food.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
Meditation is a daily practice and comes in many forms for me. I am deeply connected to nature, my higher self, my spirit guides, angels and the universe. I see myself a spiritual being inhabiting a human experience. I strive to become.more whole and be at peace with all aspects of myself. When I encounter a part of me I am repulsed by, I do my best to discover the gifts and integrate/accept it as a healthy part of myself. This is a life long process that I believe is never quite complete.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Community, group energy, and connection are essential for not only my individual growth, but collective growth as well. Supporting one another accelerates our individual and group success.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
Standing up in court and voicing the verbal, emotional, sexual and physical abuses I experienced over twenty years from my ex husband in front of his parents, whom I love deeply and did not wish to hurt with the truth. Since I was able to tap into a courage from a higher source than my own in that courtroom, there hasn’t been anything I can’t do or say evrywhere else in my life and work. I’m here to play full out in this lifetime and to use all my experiences for the greater good.

Dena Blevins Get Gutsy University Student

Dena Blevins


Where do you live?
Orlando, FL

Why do you love your work?
I love my work because it fulfills me to my core! If everything that I have been through can all be used for a purpose, to help other women get through experiences similar to mine, then it will have all been worthwhile. I have always wanted to help women in some way, to help them regain their inner power. The world is moving toward balance and harmony with the rise of feminine power and I am honored to take part of the rising consciousness of women!

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. I love spending time outside in the sun, at the beach or paddleboarding. I’m an animal lover and have a dog and a cat. I love yoga and living a healthy lifestyle!

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I try to always nurture my spiritual connection to Source. Sometimes I stray, which causes me misalignment and lack of clarity. Each day I try to carve out time to do yoga and/or meditation. I keep a journal close by to write down ideas and inspirations as they arise. I listen to uplifting podcasts and read spiritual books. I pray and then I create open space to listen. I try to see the higher perspective in life and not allow myself to get trapped in every day details and chaos. I ask for guidance from my angels and spirit guides. I honor my body’s signals and intuition.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
For so many years, I was missing this piece in my life. I felt so alone. I honestly felt like there was no one else out there like me and I was on this solo spiritual journey. I made slow progress and spent a lot of time depressed. Since connecting with Jenny and the Get Gutsy girls I feel a sense of camaraderie and support which is what I so desperately needed. This support helps keep me motivated, focused, accountable and connected. For this, I am so grateful.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
The gutsiest move I have ever made was to follow my inner guidance and move two hours away from my family to take a job. I decided to let go of my ten year marriage and pursue a life of my own. After feeling tied down and suffocated for many years, I craved freedom. I needed to experience life on my own, make my own choices and make my own money. After questioning myself and my decision for years, I knew it was time. In doing this, I had to leave my two small children to finish up their school year (4 months) only seeing them on weekends. It broke my heart but I could not deny the pull any longer. On the other side, I found my strength, resolve and my true purpose in life. This situation has inspired me to observe and analyze the transition process that many go through for different reasons in life. Everyone goes through hard times, but it’s HOW you move through them and what you learn from them that offers the lessons. I now offer women tools for a smoother process through life’s challenging transitions and for gaining clarity on their current life struggles.

Elizabeth Winheld Get Gutsy University Student

Elizabeth Winheld


Where do you live?
Boulder, CO

Why do you love your work?
I love, love connecting with other women on a soul level. I love inspiring them into action, giving them the confidence to transform their lives and therefore their families, communities and the planet. I am passionate about helping women become their boldest, happiest selves.

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
Outside of work, you’ll usually find me in my pajamas playing police or princesses with my four year old son and my 1 year old daughter on my hip (or breast! lol).

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
I am currently exploring a few different practices – sitting meditation, guided meditations and a bodily practice that I am still developing. Life with two little ones plus marriage, community and new business is very full and often unpredictable so I don’t have a set schedule for my practice. I simply do it when I crave it, usually at night before bed or at the start of a work day to ground me.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
I am a huge believer in women’s community. We need other women to reflect the beauty we see in each other and give us the confidence to take chances.

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
My gutsiest move so far was walking away from the 6 figure business that I spent 7 years building and signing up for Get Gutsy Coach Training School when my 2nd child was only 8 weeks old. One nugget that I take from this is that we are never stuck. Things are always changeable. You can always take steps to make your life better, even if it seems "impractical". Secondly, the experience reminded me that I can trust my emotions to guide me. In my old business, I felt tired and bitter. When I decided to become a coach, I became energized and alive. Now when I feel that exhilaration and child-like excitement imagining myself on the other side of a major leap, I trust that it’s the right leap to take.

Terri Sides Get Gutsy University Student

Terri Sides


Where do you live?

Why do you love your work?
Because I get to assist women connect with their pet partners and open their lives and hearts up to higher levels of LOVE!

Give us a glimpse into your personal life outside of your work:
Taking care of my menagerie – Corazon, my beloved horse along with my dog, 2 cats and a cockatiel bird. Reading, listening to podcasts, getting together with friends. Yoga classes.

Tell us about your spiritual practice:
Meditation daily – usually guided audio. Walking meditation – several days per week Yoga class Wed nights. Creating sacred spaces in my home, work and life.

Why is being part of a supportive community like Get Gutsy University important to your growth?
Since I do not have many like-minded people in my local community – I have sought those relationships online. And the support is AWESOME!!

What’s the gutsiest move you’ve ever made + how does it inspire your life + work today?
Honestly, I have many to choose from since being an independent gutsy woman is part and parcel of who I am! Here’s one -When my horse, Dakota thew me off multiple times and I was injured – I had to face the fear of riding a horse for the first time in my life.  The whole idea of climbing back into the saddle made me nauseated and panicked.  AND the whole idea of never riding another horse made me sick too.  One of my friends claims that horse people have a horse shaped hole in their soul.  And that certainly describes me!  I cannot imagine my life without being around horses. So, how do you overcome fear?  I started with a great book called……"Overcoming fear of riding" by Theresa J. Jordan and Peter E. DeMichele.  Then I hired an instructor who had the grace and understanding to not laugh at me for being ridiculous.  I always put it in these terms – We humans are sitting on top of  a 1000 pound PREY animal. And sometimes the results can be messy.  Pat understood how determined I was to enjoy riding horses again! Next I got back in the saddle on her school horse, Charlie – a very steady older Appaloosa.  I was inside a 30 foot round pen and I remember crying in relief and joy when I asked him to canter.  Pat and I knew that I was on my way back! Now, it was time to find a new horse!  Corazon came into my life as a young spooky 4 year old.  You might ask, if I was so afraid why in the heck did I choose a young untrained horse?! Yea, I thought I was nuts too!  But I recognized an incredible soul in the guise of a gorgeous red sabino Tennessee Walking horse and I knew we would be ok.  And it helped that the Universe provided a couple of angels in Ferdinand and Elisa, the horse trainers working with Corazon. They were determined to help me get through my fears and become Corazon’s owner and partner. Currently, my beloved Corazon is 24 years old and still going strong.  We are truly partners in play and riding trails together.  I like to say that we have been together longer than most marriages these days!  LOL! How does this inspire my life and work today? 1. NEVER GIVE UP A PASSION! I cannot imagine paying the price of giving up horses. 2. Be willing to seek outside help. Other people have walked this path and you can follow in their footsteps. I didn’t have to do it alone. 3. Be open to letting go of the fear. My fear was physical but it’s impact on my mental game was intolerable. Until I became willing to admit I was afraid and let go of it, I stayed stuck in the limitation of not being around horses.

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