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A gorgeous blend offering you a TRIFECTA of training, coaching + community, Get Gutsy University is a one-stop shop for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to expand your body of work and help more people.

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jenny-fenig-business-marketing-coach-mastermindHi, I’m Jenny Fenig and I’d like to first off say congratulations for SHOWING UP in a big way as a leader. I’m proud of you.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that entrepreneurship is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s intense!

Consistent inner work is crucial. Tending to your inner world and nurturing your spiritual relationship is absolutely essential in creating a rich, vibrant outer world.

It’s true: You can’t help your people if your foundation is shaky. You can’t help your people if you’re a Lone Ranger trying to muscle through all by yourself. You can make some progress, but eventually all you’ve built will crumble.

I want better for you, and I know you do too.

You CANNOT be the best-kept secret who is drowning in a sea of overwhelm and analysis paralysis. No, no, no.

I learned this the hard way when I started my business back in 2008. To be fair, I didn’t even realize I was starting a business. I just knew I had no desire to go back to spending most of my waking hours working in an uninspiring cubicle for a company that didn’t reflect my values.

I had already spent 10 years in Corporate America and I was ready for a change. In fact, my soul was BEGGING ME to walk a new path. So, I quit my 6-figure job, got certified as a yoga teacher, then a coach … and hung up my shingle in business … and expected the clients and money to just start rolling in.

Problem is, that simply didn’t happen. So I scored some freelance work in my old career to help pay the bills while I built my dream business … but it was SLOW going. I started freaking out and secretly reading job postings seeing if some company could “rescue me” and give me a steady paycheck and benefits again.

But by then I was a mother to my infant son Sean and the thought of leaving him everyday to go work in a job that I wasn’t passionate about simply wasn’t an option.

So, in a “Hail Mary shot,” I stumbled upon a female entrepreneurs conference taking place in late 2009 in Las Vegas and signed up even though I didn’t know the woman hosting it or anyone else attending. It was a “do or die” moment for me.

During that event, my life changed. I saw what was possible. And when I was 1 of 3 people out of hundreds who was called onto the stage at that event for a live business makeover, I had chills run up and down my spine. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

The mentor (the amazing ALI BROWN in case you’re wondering) allowed me to see my potential. I could tell she believed in me and had been where I was at that very moment (muddy in my message, inconsistent with my marketing, doing it all by myself, scared about money).

So when the offer was made to participate in her program, I felt with every fiber of my being that I was supposed to sign up.


I’ll never forget calling my husband to “ask his permission” to sign up. I thought I’d have to sell him hard since it was a 5-figure investment. I worried he’d think I was being bamboozled (he can be a bit cynical!). But to my surprise, he was totally onboard. He saw the value and knew that I was smart and didn’t make rash decisions. I cried after that phone call to him and submitted my application and have been riding that energetic wave ever since.

Everything that I have learned through 2 decades spent in branding, marketing, content development, coaching and commitment to my spiritual practice has inspired me to build a multiple 6-figure business that is a true expression of my soul’s calling.

You should know that I work from my beautiful home office here in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts AND have plenty of quality time with my husband Steven and young children Sean, Luke and Kate. My family means THE WORLD TO ME.

Earlier this year I started homeschooling my 2nd grader Sean so I’m laser focused on getting the best return on investment from my time (I simply don’t have time to waste!) … and guiding my students and clients to also get the best results from their soulful + strategic efforts.

You game?

I know what you NEED to MAKE IT as an entrepreneurial leader who leverages the power of marketing, systems + spirit to get your big work out there.

And I also know how EASY it is to get frustrated by all of the decisions and bright shiny objects and give up on your big, gutsy dream.

I want to help you do the work you were put on this planet to do … because I know you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own.

That’s why I am SO, SO, SO EXCITED about inviting you into something incredible that you don’t want to miss: Get Gutsy University, the most soulful membership program on the internet.

A gorgeous blend offering you a TRIFECTA of training, coaching + community, Get Gutsy University is a one-stop shop for spiritual entrepreneurs like you ready to expand your body of work and help more people.

I’m curious … what ideas do you want to make real?

Increase your fees + redesign your packages

Write a bestselling book

Lead a retreat in an amazing locationRetreat image from Alchemy Live with Jenny Fenig

Launch your podcast

Create your new online course

Quit your job

Grow your list of prospects and fans

Host regular webinars

Deepen your relationships

Become a media sensation

Give back to your community

Co-create with Spirit

Build your brand + launch your website

Hit the speaking circuit

Commit to a regular content creation schedule

Embrace a 1-to-many business model

Generate $10,000+ a month in new revenue

The opportunities are ENDLESS + the choice is YOURS.

Offering 2 affordable membership levels, Get Gutsy University will gracefully support you through your journey.

Ready to hear more about it + how you can join?


Introducing the ultimate membership experience offering you a trifecta – training + coaching + community – to take your business to the next level and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Get Gutsy University is for you if you are:

:: Gutsy
:: Kind
:: Mission-driven
:: Generous
:: Committed
:: Smart
:: An action-taker

Get Gutsy University is NOT for you if you:

:: Live in the land of excuses
:: LOVE to play victim and get into fights
:: Like to talk shit about people
:: Take more than you give
:: See roadblocks instead of workarounds
:: Don’t like being in a community of fellow leaders
:: Are freaked out by growth and want to avoid it at any cost

How It Works

Get Gutsy University is a living, breathing member experience.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to our courses, resources, meditations and community. Other benefits like Ask Jenny, Expert Masterclasses, Inside Scoop + Member Hot Seats are developed in real time and offered up to our members on an ongoing basis. Holy wow!

Allow the energy of this opportunity to sink into your heart.

Then embody the spirit of GET GUTSY and take a sacred step into your next level of growth and become a member today.

It’s time, and you know it.

Gutsy leaders unite.

Let’s go!


P.S. If you have any questions prior to registering, please contact us at support@jennyfenig.com. You can find the answers to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS here. Cheers!


What You Get


You’ll receive instant access to my value-packed courses and trainings giving you insights into elevating your business, life, money, vibration and spirit.


Our private Facebook group will be your go-to for planting seeds, growing dreams, giving and getting support. Get feedback on things like your big idea for your online course, coaching program, book, pricing, tagline and more.


No need to reinvent the wheel! Study, implement and watch the magic unfold.


Yoga is my foundation for life and I’m stoked to share these meditation tools + audios with you! As Lao Tzu says, “To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.”


Ask me whatever you want in this interactive Q+A in our forum. I’m excited to help you.


Come behind the scenes in my multiple-six-figure business where we give you an insider’s view on how we run things, what’s working, and what trends you want to keep an eye on.


Get ready to learn + be inspired by our Get Gutsy Certified Coaches + other guest experts sharing their Zone of Genius with you and answering your questions on how to apply this wisdom to your world.


Every quarter, a few members will be selected for HOT SEAT COACHING on a call led by me. Will you be next?

What Courses Do You Receive?

Click a title to expand and learn more.

Cash In On Your Calling
Live Your Dream Challenge
Make Money Love You
Business Adventure School
Book Writing Immersion
Vision Board Magic

Resources + Tip Sheets You Score
How Will You Stay Organized?



Julie Berry


Working with Jenny is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I’ve been working with her and applying her systems and online business knowledge for 5 years. Without her spiritual and business coaching, I would not be the owner of a successful tour business today. Jenny is dedicated to your success and helps you through roadblocks to elevate you and redirect you so you never give up.

Kimberly Ferrara


Working with Jenny has been an enlightening adventure. She is knowledgeable, supportive, organized, fun and caring. She provides the right amount of support and wisdom to help you realize what your true calling is and then helps you map out the journey to get there successfully. Jenny leads from a place of integrity and trust. I am confident when I say working with her has pushed my business dreams to a whole new level.

Tracy Imm


Working with Jenny has been transformative. I’ve created and sold an 8-week coaching package to my ideal client. I’ve landed 2 contracts in excess of $6,000 to teach courses on marketing and communications. I’ve let go of what no longer serves me as I step into my next phase of life.

Erin Peluso


Jenny’s program provided the framework for all the things that MUST be done to be a success and in its right order. Learning from Jenny is like learning from your best friend who happens to be a huge successful entrepreneur. I went from feeling overwhelmed and scattered to feeling focused and on point in my business.

Rayna Diane Hennen


Working with Jenny is a mix of business and soul. She gives you the tips and tools you need to grow your business and build your platform. And you also learn how to make space for who you truly are … and take care of yourself, deeply.

Casey Shaw


Working with Jenny is like having an angel in my life. She sees into my future and meets me exactly where I’m at. Jenny is an incredible asset in my business and my life.

Elaine Wellman


Working with Jenny is awesome! She is a a light and also a powerful force. She teaches you all that she knows and will also call you on your shit. Jenny is the real deal.

She’s done the hard work to get to where she is and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. And she wants success for you too. Jenny has been my guide for years and my life and business have truly transformed through our work together.

Christine Dyan


Working with Jenny has been a blessing not only for the growth of my business, but her coaching has helped me grow on a human level. She’s a business coach and spiritual guide all in one!

Hot Bonuseses – Yours When You Choose the Annual Membership Option Before Enrollment Closes

Step Into the Spotlight Training (valued at $497)

It’s mission-critical that you understand how to work with the media to gain visibility for your work + attract clients.

When you choose the ANNUAL membership option, you’ll score this rad training where I will teach you how to stand out with the press, develop an online press kit, and the basics of how to pitch yourself. As a former PR exec, I know what you need to do here and am excited to help you shine.

Get Gutsy MUG (valued at $25)

How amazing are you going to feel drinking your tea or coffee out of this baby? SO. FREAKING. AMAZING.

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Monthly Q+A with Jenny


Masterclasses with Guest Experts

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Private Facebook Forum

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
– John F. Kennedy