How do I get my spouse or partner to support me in this decision?

In my experience, spouses who aren’t wired like entrepreneurs don’t always immediately see the value in these types of investments. Typically, the spouse is skeptical and wants to be reassured that this isn’t just another “bright shiny object” for you, but rather, something that is going to produce real results and provide a substantial return on investment.

I still remember when I told my husband about the first-ever big coaching program I wanted to invest in ($13,000) back in 2009 and was scared out of my mind. Once he sensed the value and how confident I was that it was exactly what I needed to do, he supported my decision 100%. Thank goodness! My whole life, business and spirit transformed during that program. Ever since then, I’ve never NOT invested in business growth program. The results are too amazing to ignore.

When presenting the opportunity to get results in Get Gutsy University, it is important that you share with your spouse, 1) What the program specifically entails, 2) what solution it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve experienced, 4) the credentials of the coach, 5) the fact that you can cancel your membership at anytime. Your partner simply wants the best for you and when you describe what you’ll get AND that you’ll take full advantage of everything GGU offers, you will likely have full support. Go for it!