This sounds so powerful, but I think I want to get the foundations of my business set and clear time in my schedule before I get started. Is this the best route to take?

It’s been my experience, from coaching hundreds of gutsy, mission-driven women, that when they are left to their own devices, to implement on their own, they inevitably fall flat. Why? Because busy entrepreneurial-minded women are people who are strong “starters,” eager to begin new things, but not strong “finishers.” On your own you will likely implement some of the elements crucial to profiting from your gift in the world. However, with the support of a strong coach giving you step-by-step guidance, getting you unstuck, giving you accountability and the unconditional sacred support of a structured environment, your implementation and impact increases dramatically. Without it, you tend to default to your old way of doing things (paralysis analysis sound familiar?!) and create slow or crappy results. Don’t keep falling in the same traps! That being said, you’ve got to be ALL IN on GLOW for this to be a fit. Ya, you’ll probably feel scared, but I’m not going to convince you to join. You’ll see this as an opportunity if it’s meant for you.