How Did I Get Unstuck?

Here’s my story. Hmmm … where do I begin? Ah yes — I know. My 30th birthday (4 years ago). The day when I knew I couldn’t live my lie of a life any longer. The day I knew I had to leave my comfortable yet demanding six-figure job as an event producer and jump off the proverbial cliff into the UNKNOWN because I couldn’t ignore the messages of my heart and soul any longer.

Ya, that day I was by myself on a business trip in Las Vegas, far away from my husband and any other person I’d want to be with … and I just knew that I couldn’t play this game anymore. I made a silent pact with myself that I’d make a major change by the end of that year … what that looked like I had no clue, but I made good on that promise when I quit my corporate job one random day without another job or a concrete plan (very scary for a type-A, overachieving gal like me), got certified as a yoga teacher, spent time at an ashram (a yogic community — yes, I was having my own “Eat Pray Love” moment), caught the entrepreneurial bug when I realized the only person I wanted as a boss was ME, got certified as a career/life coach, and launched my successful coaching and strategy business … all within a matter of months!

From there, I’ve experienced more richness in my life than I ever thought possible. I had a baby, traveled to fabulous locations with my family, worked with hundreds of amazing clients from all over the world, launched a series of support groups for moms in New York City and globally, created my own schedule, moved into my dream home in a community (the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts) that fuels and inspires me, had another baby, launched the Retreat for Goddesses, and experienced the ultimate: sweet FREEDOM to make choices that are right for me and my family.

Sounds like I figured it out pretty easily, huh? Um, not so much. I was scared out of my head A LOT. I felt lost. I felt alone. I felt a bit crazy (okay – sometimes really crazy!). I felt like I had made a massive mistake leaving the security of my job behind to “go it alone.” I really wished I had a solid support network to hold me up. I wanted to connect with women who were like me, got me, and wanted what I wanted.

On the business-building front, I often felt I was grasping in the dark, finding my own way forward. Luckily I found some brilliant mentors and coaches to guide me along. I attended entrepreneur conferences, VIP strategy days with top marketing mentors, and participated in mastermind brainstorming groups. Last year I made a HUGE leap: to join entrepreneur guru Ali Brown’s yearlong training program, the Millionaire Protégé Club, about getting OUT there in a big way with my message and mission. 

Being a part of these powerful groups, around these positive “Living the dream” kind of people changed me forever. I can’t go back to living in the dark. And I love sharing what I’ve learned with the peeps in my world. Nothing gives me more pleasure.

So this past August, I made a dream come true: hosting the inaugural Retreat for Goddesses, a transformational weekend for gutsy gals to unplug from the daily grind, connect back to what matters, and create a plan to rock life. It was the highlight of my career. Immensely gratifying, especially since I was juggling this creation with an infant and toddler at home!

Some people ask me, “Jenny, where do you get this fire in your belly?” My response? The memory of my younger sister Julie who passed on when she was only 12 years old (I was 16). Julie had cancer. Losing her was the hardest, craziest thing that has ever happened to me. She taught me early on that life is a precious gift. It goes by fast, my friend. It’s meant to be lived (not wasted away complaining about what you’re unhappy about).

Through MANY, many years of soul searching, healing, exploring, doing work on myself, playing with myself, and putting myself out there, I’ve discovered my calling, my mission, my gift:

To bring women together to experience ALL of life’s magic. To empower gutsy gals (you!) to find and walk your path, leave a legacy and enjoy the ride.