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A Powerful Private Strategy Session with Jenny to Give You Answers, Guidance and Resources to Take Your Business To the Next Level

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From: Jenny Fenig, Great Barrington, MA, USA

Dear gutsy business leader,

Tired of going it alone and wasting your time and money on bright shiny objects that don’t yield the results you’re looking for? Wish you had someone you could bounce ideas around with who has been in your shoes? Want to get moving on your business path while honoring your priorities of freedom, flexibility and wealth?


That’s why I’ve created this private Quick Start Strategy Call with me. So we can brainstorm and get clear about the next phase of your business path. As a certified coach and 9-Quick Start on the Kolbe Strengths Assessment tool (that means I’m lightning fast at coming up with kick-ass ideas for your biz and life), I will get to the heart of your challenges super fast … and give you rock-solid solutions that will blow your mind (in a good way!).

The Quick Start Strategy Call is ideal for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners and female leaders in transition (corporate gals and organizational leaders, I’m talking to you!) — who are ready to take decisive action and create powerful, transformative results.

It’s time you UNCOVER what your unique gift is, fully OWN it and claim it, and develop a plan to PROFIT from your expertise. This is EXACTLY what the Quick Start Strategy Call will do for you.

You’ll learn the secrets to creating a freedom-based lifestyle business where you can do your big work in the world, get paid really well and have the time and space to enjoy it.

Together we will carve out the shortest path to success. (C’mon, do you really have time to waste taking the long way here?) You will leave our session empowered, motivated, inspired AND with the tools and resources to get to the next level.

Are you ready to hone in on what your gift and message is … and how to share it in the most valuable, scalable way possible?

This Quick Start Strategy Call is unique in that it’s:

  • Intimate and totally focused on YOU
  • POWERFUL! You’ll be amazed at what you uncover when you have uninterrupted energy focused on your dreams, vision, truth and path
  • All about getting your individual questions answered during our time together
  • Designed to give you a break from the everyday, the deadlines, the drama, the stress. This session is about you feeling refreshed, energized, empowered, enlightened, powerful, plugged in
  • Focused on helping you pinpoint, prioritize and commit to immediate next steps that will get you to where you want to be
  • Led by me, a branding and marketing expert and coach to gutsy women-on-a-mission who are ready to step up and make an impact in the world

What does the call include?

  • Pre-session questionnaire you’ll complete to maximize our time together
  • 1 hour of focused time between me and you to talk biz strategy and thinking bigger about how you show up in the world
  • Audio recording (mp3) of our session
  • 1 follow-up 30-minute call 2 weeks later to answer any additional questions that arise and ensure you are moving FORWARD toward your vision

Questions you may have …

Do I offer longer-term coaching packages? Yes, subject to my schedule. We’ll know if you’re a fit for this after the Quick Start Strategy Call.

What types of business leaders have you helped in the past? Oh, all types! Coaches, consultants, parenting experts, event planners, graphic designers, artists, spirit artists, intuitive guides, therapists, accountants, teachers, software developers, sales experts, you name it.

Do I need to be at a certain level to qualify for this session? All you need is a commitment to get out there with your gift. If you’re already a business owner, I’ll help you scale your operation, leverage technology more effectively and get you to that next level with your clients. If you are ready to make the leap into business ownership, I’ll help you map out a feasible plan to get there.

Can we meet in person? The Quick Start Strategy Call is conducted by phone or Skype. Makes it easier for everyone.

What if you miss the call? That’s on you, my friend. If you simply don’t show up for the call or cancel within 24 hours of the call start time, there are no refunds. My time is valuable as is yours. Protect this commitment to yourself and it will pay for itself many times over.

Do you get any take-aways? Yes. Within 4 business days after your Quick Start Strategy Call, you’ll get an mp3 audio of your session where you’ll be able to listen again and again to all of the amazing a-has and gems that were unearthed on our call.

Jenny’s Clients Speak Up!

“I just love Jenny. During my session, I feel she really nailed down my business and gave me some really concrete ideas to use right away. She was very concise with her take-aways and suggestions for me so I had no questions … only things to get rolling on.

One of her ideas is something I will implement immediately and will change the course of how people interact with me when they first come in contact with me and that alone will boost my business tremendously! Thank you Jenny and I just know anyone that works with you will forever be changed for the better…you are blessing to all of us!”

–Jen Fitzgerald, Founder, www.theclientangel.com

“I really enjoyed the hour I spent with Jenny. The practical guidance was powerful, and all the prep work that went into the pre-call questionnaire was truly valuable. It seems clear to me that Jenny has a gift for taking ‘a great idea’ and helping people build that into something tangible.

Some of us are great dreamers and some of us are great builders, but we all need to do both. I am benefiting from the building blocks Jenny gave to help me create a foundation for my dream.”

— Jennifer Currie, Intuitive Guide + Spirit Artist, www.lightheartspiritportraits.com

“Jenny is truly a master at asking the tough questions, listening and guiding you to achieve your goals. I’m so excited and thrilled to see how the decisions made will pan out in the coming months.”

– Regina D’Alesio, Storytelling + Transformation Coach, www.reginadalesio.com

“Working with Jenny was an absolute catalyst in my life. Her support and candor helped me not only identify and engage in the path I’d been seeking but also gave me the courage to face my fears and allow myself to believe in my own dreams. I’m happy and moving forward with confidence. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.”

–Mira Olson Rubiano, Producer, Personal Growth Consultant and Writer

“As someone who stepped up and purchased a session with Jenny, I can say with conviction: Jenny Fenig delivers. She helped me, with her many years of experience as a corporate executive, to conceptualize how I wanted to structure my professional life, network, and message. She gave unconditional support while also helping me to “see the forest for the trees” and envision the bigger picture, as well as step out, formulate my goals, and play on a bigger stage.

More than only focusing on my work, however, Jenny also looked at how I wanted my work to fit into my larger life with family, “me time”, and my relationships. In just 60 short minutes, Jenny was able to provide razor sharp insight, ask important questions, and give transforming advice. The investment paid back in peace of mind, new goals, and an improved vision of my intentions for LIFE. When’s my next session?”

– Juliet Keeler LeBien, Therapist

“I’m in, Jenny!What’s the process for getting started?!”

Simply enroll in the session through the secure payment link below. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link to reserve the time on my calendar, as well as a pre-session questionnaire to fill out so I can fully immerse myself in your business, life and spirit in preparation for our time together.

Make It So!

No matter how you prepare for being the recipient of my full attention, I’ll help you get crystal clear on what you really want RIGHT NOW and how to convert this into immediate next steps so you can share your gift with the world in the most powerful way possible. The magic is in the action, the commitment to “make it so.”

Investment …


Let’s get moving!

P.S. On the fence? At the end of our call, if you do not feel that I helped you get clear and courageous about your next steps … tell me, then and there, on the call, and I’ll immediately refund the money you paid me. Ya, I’m all about your satisfaction and you feeling good about this investment in your happiness.

Still On the Fence?

Ask me any question about the Quick Start Strategy Call and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our offering and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, and desire.

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