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Goddesses, Guts + Glory: The Art of Knowing + Getting What You Want

This workshop was held in New York, Miami and Western Massachusetts in 2012. Stay tuned for future offerings by subscribing to our updates at

Ever feel stuck? Confused? Overwhelmed? Like you’re spinning in circles and getting nowhere fast?

You’re not alone.

When you want big things to happen in your life, you must be willing to make LEAPS and do what it takes to create and live your vision. It doesn’t just happen by hoping alone. You have to be willing to make some SPACE for transformation.

That’s where this workshop comes in with the powerful Jenny Fenig as your spirited leader. On this idyllic day, to-do lists, deadlines and responsibilities fade away … so you can get quiet, sit still and hear the innermost desires of your soul, yourself, your truth. You’ll be surrounded by inspiring women, dreams, a sacred space, good music, and flowy fun. It’s pure magic, Goddess style.

With 2012 already ticking away, it’s the perfect time to take stock of where you’ve been and where you want to go from here. This transformational immersion is for gutsy gals who are ready to get clear about what you want in your life … and then get the mindset, moxie and momentum to go after it!

Through group work, writing and discussions, you will explore:

  • How to use the power of visualization to your advantage
  • Ways to breathe your way through the ups and downs of life
  • Unleashing your inner artist through the creation of your very own vision board (creative materials will be provided for you).  Whether you are a novice or seasoned vision boarder, this element will literally blow you away
  • Why girls who know how to have fun get what they want
  • Integrating powerful rituals into your daily routine to get you closer to living your dream life
  • The crucial difference between movement and action and how to get the biggest impact from each



Retreat for Goddesses

July 27 – 29, 2012 / Menla Mountain Retreat / Catskills of New York

The Retreat for Goddesses is a transformational experience for gutsy gals to unplug from the daily grind, connect back into what really matters, and create an action plan to rock life.

If you’re READY and FIRED UP to intentionally and powerfully create the life that a goddess like you deserves, then we’ll see YOU at this retreat.

Our 2012 retreat was a sold-out success! Stay tuned for details about the 2013 Retreat for Goddesses by entering your contact details on the Retreat site.