Doing Your Taxes Bum You Out?

Let’s talk about money for a minute.

I was surprised to hear some of our tribe members recently talking about how bummed they were to realize when they completed their 2015 taxes that they hadn’t made any money in their business.

Listen – it’s normal for new businesses to take a bit of time to generate a profit, but it’s not smart to NOT know your numbers until tax time. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Money loves attention.

I learned this the hard way when I didn’t look at my numbers closely in 2011 (my 4th year in business) and ended the year at our lowest numbers ever: $30,000 in revenue (only about $1,500 in profit – ouch).

I vowed to lead the business over the 6-figure mark the next year. And I did. The business quadrupled in 2012 … meaning I didn’t need to jump ship and find a job that would pay me better than a business that was barely staying afloat.

Crisis averted!

Listen, you can’t avoid numbers in your business, which is why I am so excited to introduce you to Carol LeBlanc of


Carol is a former client in my mastermind. I was so impressed by Carol that I hired HER to be my financial strategist as I grow my business substantially this year.

Carol LOVES talking business numbers (unfortunately a lot of women entrepreneurs are totally freaked out by numbers!) … and when it came time to select our GUEST TEACHERS for Cash in on Your Calling®, I KNEW Carol had to be in the mix.

She’s ready to help YOU love your numbers now too.

I’m so pumped Carol will be serving our students in Cash in on Your Calling.

So you’re clear …

Cash in on Your Calling is a gorgeous boutique-style experience for spiritual coaches, consultants, experts and leaders of service-based businesses who want to grow their business ONLINE.

Because when you understand the ONLINE space, you can do, be and have ANYTHING in this lifetime. You become a miraculous manifester and a whipsmart marketer touching lives all over the planet.

And that’s what I’m here to help you become.

That’s what Carol and our other amazing guest teachers are here to help you become.

Can we help you?

This group of ambitious women in Cash in on Your Calling receives the ultimate in step-by-step training, transformational coaching and ongoing community. You’ll be seen, heard and held and won’t get lost in the crowd.

Grab your spot here >>

IMPORTANT: Enrollment closes TODAY – Wednesday, March 30.

As a student in Cash In On Your Calling, you will learn to shift your mindset and energy levels so you can tap into your highest potential and eliminate roadblocks that crop up.

You will develop a plan and WORK IT.

You’ll look fear in the face and WALK FORWARD.

You will grow your online empire and have people GRAVITATING towards your work.

You’ll GLOW, girl.

Watch and see.

Best of all, Cash in on Your Calling is a DIGITAL program, meaning you can enroll as a student from wherever you are located in this great big world (the power of the internet, right there!).

Come on in! We’re waiting for you for a few more hours >>


P.S. Remember: Early Bird Enrollment closes Enrollment closes TODAY – Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

If you have any other questions about the course, just hit reply and let me know. My team will get back to you as soon as possible.

P.P.S. You’ll get results!

“I felt truly connected to Jenny after she was one of my expert speakers on my Telesummit. She is so down to earth and it really hit home that I could be an entrepreneur, wife and mom (in the future) and be successful at all 3 AND live the life I wanted with the freedom I craved.

Cash In On Your Calling provided the framework for all the things that MUST be done to be a success and in its right order. Learning from Jenny is like learning from your best friend who happens to be a huge successful entrepreneur. I went from feeling overwhelmed and scattered to feeling focused and on point in my business.

To me, it’s a spiritual practice to invest in myself and it creates the energy and space for others to invest in me. I thank you Jenny for helping move me along on my path!”

– Erin Peluso, Coach to Yoga Teachers

3 Keys to Getting More Clients Now

I’ve been in business for myself since 2008.

A lot has changed in the online space since then. A LOT.


How are you doing here?

Feeling confident or feeling lost?

I have discovered there are 3 keys to getting more clients.

And these keys have shifted from where we were several years ago. It’s pretty fascinating.

Once you embrace these golden keys, life gets easier. Your business grows. You exhale more deeply.

I’m going to be sharing these 3 keys to getting more clients now in a brand new webinar next Tuesday.

It’s free + I’d love for you to come!

Click here to instantly claim your spot on the webinar.

I want to help you do the work you were put on this planet to do … because I know you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own.

That’s why I’m making this invitation to join my free training.


3 Keys to Getting More Clients Now: Growing Your Spiritual Business as a Coach, Consultant, Teacher or Expert

Tuesday, March 29

3 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. EST (12 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. PST)

Location: My online Zoom room (you’ll love it!)

(If you can’t join live, reserve a spot anyway so we can send you the recording.)

Click here to instantly claim your spot on the webinar.

See you there!


P.S. On the webinar, I’ll answer any questions you have about growing your business online as a spiritual entrepreneur. Bring ‘em on!

This webby is also a fantastic time to ask me any final questions about being a student in Cash In On Your Calling. If it’s a fit for you, I’ll invite you to be a part of it! Enrollment for our 2016 class of spiritual business superstars closes on Wednesday, March 30.

Confused by the Tech Stuff in Your Online Business?

I’ve been consulting privately with a few clients around how to take their online businesses to the next level.

It was very clear to me what each one of these entrepreneurs at the earlier stages of online business needed to do: SIMPLIFY their business offerings, CLEAN up their website, SOLIDIFY their sales strategy, and get the back-end tech elements dialed in so their structure is solid.

I love when trends emerge!


The next trend that emerged was that each one of these clients confided in me that they were STUMPED when it came to the tech pieces.

Who can blame these gals? The tech elements are NOT their gift.

Their questions focused on the tech questions I’ve heard from so many of the gals in the Get Gutsy Galaxy (join our crew here):

How do I set up an opt-in page?

Can I have this opt-in page look like any old page on my website?

How many free offers should I have to grow my list?

How do I set up an autoresponder?

What am I saying in these autoresponders?

And how many do I need?

How do I link up all the pieces on the backend so that when someone opts in to my list, they go into the right list?

Do you have these questions too?

While the tech may NOT be your area of expertise, it IS your job to figure out the answers if you want to be successful as a spiritual entrepreneur doing business online.

We are going to dive into these elements (and SO much more) in the Cash In On Your Calling® course that starts next week. I’m so pumped.

Because I LOVE giving you tons of value, I’m going to hook you up with MY answers to the above questions right now, in this post.


How do I set up an opt-in page?

There are many ways to do this and many services and templates you can use.

I’m going to recommend Leadpages. I recommended to my client because we use and love it in my business. Simple, intuitive and great for tracking conversions on your offers. Plus you don’t necessarily need a Virtual Assistant to create this for you. Score for newer entrepreneurs!

Can I have this opt-in page look like any old page on my website?

No, that’s why I love Leadpages because they have MASTERED the idea that your opt-in page needs to be clean and simple and ONLY drive prospects into taking ONE desired action. You don’t want prospects getting distracted and NOT taking action because they got lost on your busy page.

Here are a few of my opt-in pages with the highest conversion rates. See how simple they look? All built on a Leadpages template, baby!

How many free offers should I have to grow my list?

It depends of course, but I recommend a few to test out to see what gets the most traction for you.

Test out freebies like:


Cheat sheet

Check list



PDF guide



Strategy Call / Discovery Call

Facebook group

You always need to be creating and testing. Experimenting, launching, fine-tuning and growing.

How do I set up an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an email that automatically gets sent to a prospect or client who takes an action. For example, when someone registers for your webinar, they AUTOMATICALLY get an email sent to them from your email management system (examples: Aweber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Infusionsoft) confirming their spot on the webinar.

YOU are not sending this email individually to each person who registers. That would be crazy yet too many newbie online entrepreneurs still don’t know this!

Each email management system has a different step-by-step system for setting up an autoresponder. Check your tutorials for guidance or hire a virtual assistant to help you.

What am I saying in these autoresponders?

You are speaking to them AS IF you were writing the email in real time … so be real, authentic and YOU.

Congratulate them.

Thank them.

Tell them how to get the “thing” they ordered.

Be clear about what happens next.

Be crystal clear.

Often, there is a SERIES of autoresponders that gets mailed over a period of days. This is often the most effective use of autoresponders.

There are experts you can hire who FOCUS on writing and crafting autoresponder campaigns. This is serious stuff.

I’ve never hired this piece out in my business. Not saying I never will, but for now I craft my copy and messages myself.

And how many do I need?

Totally depends based on the “product” they are supporting, but probably more than you think you need! You are nurturing your prospects or proving to your customers that they made the right choice to buy from your company!

If you want to better understand what works here, subscribe to someone’s freebie and/or purchase a course and WATCH the sequence. Save these emails in a special folder in your inbox or in Evernote.

I’ll be sharing some autoresponder sequences and copy with students in Cash In On Your Calling.

“When you know better, you do better,” as my girl Oprah likes to say!

How do I link up all the pieces on the backend so that when someone opts in to my list, they go into the right list?

This is something my Operations Manager handles in my business. Honestly, I would SUCK at doing that myself. I’ve actually never done this in my business.

There are “techie VAs” you can hire to help you with this … or you can learn how to do it yourself by following the tutorials from your email provider.

And because technology can easily give you HEADACHES, I’ve asked MY Operations Manager Darcee Sellers to serve as a Guest Teacher in Cash In On Your Calling. She’s hanging out in the forum throughout our 9-week journey to help technology challenged students get stronger, smarter and gutsier in not letting tech STOP YOU from helping more people. It takes a village to raise a business … for sure!


There you have it.

Let me tell you, if I can figure out this tech stuff, so can you.

You know how I figured out what moves to make in my business?

I hired mentors.

I signed up for courses and trainings.

It’s really that simple.

You MUST be willing to ACCEPT help when it’s offered.

I know it can feel scary when given an opportunity to invest in your business, but it’s the only way forward.

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur ready to be shown the steps necessary to grow your business ONLINE?

Tired of being confused by technology?

Bummed that your courses, workshops and programs aren’t getting the signups they could?

Ready to come out of the closet as an entrepreneur on a mission?

Cash in on Your Calling® is for you.

Registration closes Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Grab your spot here >>

Your time is now.

Don’t let tech stand in the way of helping those you’re here to help.

You don’t have time for that, girl!

Let’s RISE.



Is Social Media Growing Your Business or Stealing Your Life? (Plus, Meet My New Boyfriend)

When I first started my coaching business in 2008, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

I knew how to coach, but I didn’t know how to run my solo operation.

Not only did I not know what I was doing, I was doing practically everything myself.





Scheduling and rescheduling with clients.

Newsletter design.

Business card design.

Public relations.



Event management.

Ordering supplies from

You name it.


Until I started getting some help, bit by bit.

My business started to grow … slowly at first.

Then more quickly.

Then so quick it was hard to keep up! (This is a good problem to have … when you know how to get help!)

Often people ask me how I’ve been able to grow my biz so authentically and so quickly, especially since I’m a mom of 3 young children (Sean is 6; Luke is 3; and Kate is 9 months).

Want to know one of my fave connection tools?

SOCIAL MEDIA, Facebook especially.

I simply love that platform (thanks Mark Zuckerberg for being a badass visionary!).

All I would do would be to share my thoughts, be myself … and my prospects and client list would grow. Like magic!

But as my platform on social media would grow, I found that my ability to keep up with the demands of social media was dwindling.

I would create all this great content and most of it would be seen by only a fraction of my fans and followers.

This broke my heart! I invested so much time and soul creating my content. I wanted more of my peeps to benefit from it.

This quandary was eating me alive.

I had seen various tools that could schedule posts in advance on social media, but none of them had exactly what I was searching for, until …

… I found one tool called EDGAR!


Edgar is my NEW BOYFRIEND!

He literally saved my life.

Here’s why …

Billed as “the only app that stops social media updates from going to waste,” Edgar allows me to get more mileage out of every update.

The facts …

Edgar 2

By using Edgar, I’m simply building a limitless library of my content and ideas.

All of my updates are sorted into categories that I created and published on a schedule that I’ve chosen. Bye-bye busywork and reinventing the wheel, hello peace of mind + connection.

I’m spending less “busywork” time on social media and more high-value connection time with my tribe, which is the cat’s meow.

I LOVE that my messages get the chance to be seen, shared, and loved by an amazing crew of people just like you … especially in the private groups I’ve created on Facebook. Edgar allows you to post your content to your Facebook groups, too! Isn’t that amazing?

We use Facebook groups for a number of my courses and programs. These private forums are one of the most powerful elements of the program!

We have set up our Edgar library and publishing schedule so that our students and clients are consistently being served in these groups with messages that will help them GET GUTSY in their business and life every day. I cannot underscore the importance of this enough, especially when running a coaching and training company like I am.

Recycling, repurposing and regularly publishing high-value content is the COOLEST.

(You can request an invitation to work with Edgar here.)








If Not Now, When?

Real quick …

Are you still committed to building your purpose-driven, profitable and passion-filled coaching, consulting or service-based business?

Tired of watching everyone “else” making a great living doing what they love, while you sit around and wonder when it will be your turn?

Why try to white-knuckle your way through, trying to figure it all out on your own when someone else has already broken it down for you with a simple step-by-step system that you can TOTALLY implement?

At 11:59 p.m. EST tonight, EARLY BIRD registration ends for the Cash in on Your Calling Coaching Program.

Save $$ + get in on the action now. This is the most affordable pricing and payment plan we’ve ever offered. I’m allowing you to pay for the course in simple installments over the next 12 months!

Purple badge

I don’t want you to miss out.

So stop struggling by yourself and join forces with a crew of power women who are GOING PLACES, just like you.

Psyched to guide you to get your big message out into the world AND profit from it.

You’re a superstar.

The clock is ticking …

Yes im in button

High five!


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email or call us at 1-877-529-2098 and we’ll be happy to help you.

P.P.S. You’ll get results.