There’s Always a Way

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Napoleon Hill

I know there is something that you really want right now.

More clients.

To launch your podcast.

To launch an online course.

To fill your mastermind.

A partnership with a fabulous company.

A baby.


To travel the world.

What I also know is this: there is always a way.

It’s very easy to give up at the first roadblock or disappointment.

Many give up even before they get started.

I’ve seen it all in my role as coach, teacher, guide, truth-teller.

Persistence is the key.

As a producer of conferences back in my corporate days, I used to create conferences with up to 100 speakers over a 3-day period.

To get that number of speakers to commit, I’d need to invite around 500 to speak.

I didn’t pay these speakers, nor their travel expenses. (I did have a budget for some big-name professional keynote speakers – those were a different story.)

So all I had to go on was my ambition and the ambition of those whom I was inviting – because I knew the speaking engagement would be a boon for their career.

Still – 100 speakers was TOUGH to pull off. Especially because I needed a commitment about 6 months prior to the conference. And I needed a written description of what they’d talk about (I usually crafted this for them and got their approval).

My mantra: walk the fine line between persistence and annoyance.

It was my job to pull this off.

And I wouldn’t let anything stop me.

Because there was always a way to create an amazing finished product. There was always a way to top what I had done the year prior.

My hunger and curiosity fueled me.

As a result, I was one of the most profitable producers on my team … and I received a cut of profits from my conferences.

I’m thankful for that job because it taught me how to financially think like an entrepreneur (how will this decision impact the bottom line?).

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

How about you?

What moment from your past has paved the way for this very moment in time?

When have you proven that you have what it takes to rise above ANY obstacle that comes into your path?

Don’t sell yourself short here.

I know you’re something fierce. Because you’re listening to this podcast.

Listen – there will ALWAYS be roadblocks on your journey as you build your business.

And I’ve found that success often comes with twists and turns. It’s rarely a straight line. It’s rarely without challenges … or a few surprises.

Such is life.

Such is the beauty of life.

I was reminded of this over the past few weeks during the launch of my mastermind GLOW.


Although this was my 6th time leading a mastermind, I’ve always found the enrollment process to be an interesting time.

It has never gone the exact way I think it will. In the moment, this can feel terrifying. But when you look back, it’s actually hilarious … and totally makes sense.

You truly have to trust the divinity of it all. You MUST have faith that it’s ALL WORKING OUT even better than you can imagine.

And you have to commit to being a leader during the enrollment process.

You also must know that there are a lot of emotions at play, especially when you launch a high-level mastermind.

Because when you are making an invitation for a high-ticket experience … this is when even the most confident candidates FREAK OUT.

Many disqualify themselves straight out the gate and don’t even apply.

Others apply and then don’t take the next step to book a conversation with me.

A handful give you a verbal commitment and say “Yes, I’m moving forward,” and then fall off the face of the Earth.

And then the right people who are meant to be in this sacred container, at this exact moment in time apply, say yes, and commit.

Having enrollment conversations with prospects who see the value of what you offer is so, so fun.

There’s no selling involved.

No resistance.

Simply two wise souls saying: “You’re the answer to my prayers. Let’s do this, together.”

Enrollment conversations have led to HUGE paydays for my company … as well as the opportunity to help our beautiful clients GROW (that’s our mission!).

In fact, enrollment conversations are a big factor why company sales are up 74% this year as compared to this time last year.

I’m reminded of this every time I log into our CRM system. This percentage continues to increase as we tighten up our operation and HELP MORE PEOPLE.


If you’re a coach, creative or healer and want help closing more sales through enrollment conversations, you DEFINITELY want to come to my online workshop on this. You can sign up at

When you BELIEVE that there is ALWAYS A WAY to do, be and have anything you want, then you will attract prospects, partners and friends who vibe the same way.

And this is a good thing.

Don’t give up on your dreams.

They were entrusted to you for a reason.

Funny – as I was preparing today’s episode, I got an email from The Universe (also known as the good people at

Here’s what it said:


Even funnier was the fact that I took my sons bowling yesterday! I haven’t done that in a long time so this email really cracked me up!

The point: don’t compromise your vision, your values, your dreams. There is always a way.

You can find the money.

You can find the solution.

You can attract the clients.

You can launch your course.

You can grow your tribe.

You can write your book.

You can build your dream home.

You can manifest the miracles.

“Paralyze resistance with persistence.” – Woody Hayes

Stop complaining.

Stop bitching.

Stop whining.

Stop drowning in a sea of excuses.

Start breathing life into your dreams.

There is ALWAYS a way.

This is Jenny Fenig sending you so much love, light and faith as you GET GUTSY. I’ll see you next time.

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She Landed Her First Clients

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

We are heading up to Rhode Island today for a family getaway. Steven has some work there and we’re all going! My mom is even meeting us there and I’m so excited to spend time with her.

Quick story for you …

A few days ago, my high school cheerleading coach sent me this newspaper article from 1994 when I won the Miss New Smyrna Beach High School pageant. I wrote and recited a poem about my sister Julie who died a few months prior. She gave me the strength to be a contestant!

Jenny Newspaper article

How sweet that my coach held onto this article and sent it to me! I took my opportunity to thank him for taking a chance on me as captain my senior year.

I’ll never forget writing him a letter very soon after Julie died and telling him why I wanted to be captain of our squad and my vision … and asking him to consider me for captain.

You don’t ask, you don’t always get.

The feeling of being named captain was amazing.

I wasn’t the most skilled cheerleader. Girls on my squad were better at certain jumps or gymnastics or dancing or making spirit ribbons with puffy paint for the football and basketball players. But I’ve always known I was a strong leader and am not afraid to put myself on a stage or in the spotlight. I wanted to lead our squad.

So I ask for leadership opportunities every chance I get and step into them with grace and guts.

Cheerleading helped pull me through my grief from Julie’s death!

You know what’s super cool? I’m still a cheerleader today. Now I get paid for it as a COACH to these amazing women I’m blessed to call CLIENTS.

One of these clients is a gal by the name of Kristina Peduto of I adore her! We first met when she came to ALCHEMY Live last year. She’s coming again in a few months. Yay!

Jenny and Kristina P

So Kristina recently graduated from Get Gutsy Coach Training School and is already building her clientele and her reputation as a career coach who truly CARES about helping her tribe of dream job seekers.

As we’re in the midst of our early-bird application period for my coach certification program, I want to share Kristina’s story so you can see what’s possible for YOU!

“Get Gutsy Coach Training School has truly been a game-changer for me. It’s an incredible opportunity to build a solid foundation and time-tested approach to coaching. This program is the real deal.

Everything that I learned I could immediately apply and use. It gave me the knowledge, guidance and confidence that I needed to land my first few clients.

Jenny is a true leader who will be with you every step of the way during this program. She is so generous with her information and experiences.

I could not ask for a more powerful coaching program. I loved everything about this offering and it has forever changed my life.”

Don’t put off your dreams for another day.

It’s time to say YES to your calling as a COACH. And not just any coach, a Get Gutsy Certified Coach (yes, you have the opp to get certified as you successfully complete this course + your coaching hours + final exam).

If you’re ready to become a confident coach with HUGE skills + learn the biz tools needed to succeed as a coach, I want to work with you in our next training class.

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P.S. Remember: when you apply by August 6, you save $1,000 on your tuition.

I’ll take you under my wing for Get Gutsy Coach Training School and teach you all I know about walking the prosperous path of an authentic coach.

Come see what we have for you.


What To Do When the Doubts Come Marching In


“Oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts come marching in.”

It happens right?

You better believe it does.

On your journey to create YOUR soulful, profitable biz, you too will have to deal with DOUBTS. Most of them from YOU.


But don’t fret, there’s a way to RISE ABOVE so you don’t SABOTAGE your success.

In this episode of Get Gutsy TV, I share a simple tip you can implement TODAY that will help you lovingly yet firmly tell your doubts to take a hike.



Ready to BURN through your BIZ DOUBTS with a crew of SOUL SISTERS who has your back? Come on IN to the Cash in on Your Calling course.

Purple badge

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How to Build Your Power Tribe

Power Tribe

You can’t grow your business by yourself.

Not only is it essential to have mentors, coaches and intuitive guides on your team, you also need to have biz buddies to join forces with.

What do I mean by biz buddies?

These are people who are at a similar level as you in terms of your biz.

For instance, if you have broken 6 figures in your business you need to be hanging with others who have built a biz that generates at least 6 figures in revenue too.

Me + Shelley Riutta, President and Founder of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, hanging after a mastermind meeting

Me + Shelley Riutta, President and Founder of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, hanging after a mastermind meeting.

Some of these biz owners will have been in business longer or shorter than you. The important thing is that you take your biz and mission seriously and so do they. It’s not just a hobby that you dabble in.

You’ll find when you align with those at a similar level, you’ll be having similar issues in terms of team growth, systems, cash flow, list building, customer service, program creation, passive income. So you can share what’s working and what’s not … with the intention of all rising up together.

Seriously, there is nothing sweeter. I would NEVER be at the level I am in business now had I not consciously and excitedly built my power tribe.

Why is a power tribe important?

  • You can share the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur
  • You can join together for JV (joint venture) promotions
  • You can introduce each other to potential partners and clients
  • You can sidestep the loneliness trap that way too many entrepreneurs fall into
  • They make the journey SO, SO much more fun
Me + Cate Stillman of at a fundraiser for Dress for Success. Cate and I met in a coaching program.

Me + Cate Stillman of at a fundraiser for Dress for Success. Cate and I met in a coaching program.

Where can you meet your power tribe?

All over!

I’ve met my power tribe in high-level masterminds, at live events, through Facebook (this is my social media platform of choice), in coaching programs, through referrals.

In fact, all of the women I invited to join me for the Soulful Business, Gutsy Life Giveaway I met through one of the methods above.

speaker montage

An important note: I had to GET OUT FROM BEHIND MY COMPUTER to meet most of these chicks. I had to invest TIME and MONEY to gain access to this power crew. It was never going to happen by me being cheap and shy and refusing to put skin in the game.

You hear what I’m saying?

There is a WHOLE WORLD out there just waiting to be tapped by you.

Your brilliance needs to be shared and you need a crew to help you spread your magic.

So get out there, make connections, be real and learn how you can help your biz buddies spread their message. From there, they’ll ask how they can help YOU.

It’s one giant loop of love.

You also need some TOOLS to do your big work in the world.

That’s why I  joined forces with my POWER TRIBE of business and lifestyle experts to offer you a ton of FREE transformative tools to help you create a soulful business and gutsy life you absolutely LOVE.

This collection of downloadable products worth thousands of dollars is our GIFT to you! Check out what we have for you here and choose as many freebies as you like.

Enjoy and feel free to share this page with your friends!

Let’s start a revolution.