I See Things Before They Happen

It took me many, many years to understand my powers of SEEING.

I have a gift for seeing events in the future before they happen.

When I was younger, this ability freaked me out. I used to push it away. Doubt it. Darken it.

Until I surrendered … and embraced this ability for the betterment of my people and myself.

I can SEE the power and potential of a venue, an experience, a program before it actually occurs. Then I create something TANGIBLE out of THIN AIR.

With the SEEING, comes the FEELING.

The visual opens me up to the TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE that will be had.

I’ve harnessed this power to lead more than a dozen retreats through the years(this email contains some OMG shots from my most recent retreat in TULUM – saw these images before they actually happened) … oodles of programs … and more creative projects than I can count.

I trust my hunches … because I know they are taking me to where I’m meant to serve at my highest level.

I’m being called into greater levels of service and expansion … and it feels absolutely amazing (and at times, terrifying too!).

One thing you’ve gotta deal with on this quest > REJECTION.

 You’re going to be told NO more times than you’ll be told YES. Ain’t no shame in that, love! REVEL IN THE NO. Because you’re that much closer to an ALIGNED YES.

Easier said than done?

I feel you.

Today on my FB page Jenny Fenig, I gave a talk on DEALING WITH REJECTION.

It was powerful. Thanks to everyone who came!

Here’s a link to the video.

Excited to see your comments when you watch!

Click here to dive in now.



PS – Full moon energy tonight. Very, very powerful time.

PPS – Save the date >> I’m doing another FB Live this Wednesday, August 9 at 12:30 p.m. EST (9:30 a.m. PST) on …


My intention is to help you create more GROWTH in your spirit-led business. Something you’ve gotta know >> the more shots you take, the more you’ll make (and the more you’ll miss).


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Your Big Leap: What You Need to Know

There you are, standing at the edge of the cliff, contemplating your next move.

You know you can’t go back, but it scares the crap out of you to think about taking that leap.


It’s the great big unknown.

It beckons you forward, but yet your feet feel like they are stuck in the mud.

Do you know this feeling?

I sure do.


Flashback to 2007.

New York City.

Corporate America.

6-figure income.

Black suits.


Business travel.





Trip to Asia.

No kids.


That essentially described my life in 2007, before I made the leap into coaching and entrepreneurship.

I’ll never forget receiving these sizable bonus checks in my job of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and feeling happy about the money, but sad about my career.

I felt like I was stuck, trapped, and completely burned out.

What was I supposed to do?

How was I going to reinvent myself for the 3rd time in my career?

Why couldn’t I simply be satisfied?

Those questions plagued me for years up to that point.

I finally surrendered … by quitting my job one cold November day at the tail end of a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

Yoga is life.

Yoga is life.

Naked. That’s how I felt. Stripped down to the bare essentials, I vowed to move forward honestly and using Spirit as my guide.

It was at once liberating and terrifying.

Can you feel me on this?

I was so lost in my career.

Like a boat, lost at sea.

I needed an anchor.

That lifeline came in the form of a person when she told me about her work that she loved.

Work that I had been doing my entire life without me being conscious of it.

What was this work? COACHING.

As soon as I discovered this field, it felt like I came HOME.

Home into my heart.

Home into my calling.

Home into the knowing that coaches act as midwives for our clients and students as they birth their biggest dreams.

It’s the ultimate blessing to be a coach, to create space for my people, to ask questions, to serve.



My gorgeous clients say YES to sailing away from the safe harbor and doing BIG things like:

Hosting a big giveaway to grow her list + help more people

Starting a free Facebook group to serve her tribe

Hosting a kickass workshop in an awesome venue

Launching an epic offering and generating $15,000 in sales in 30 days

Writing her story + healing the past

Launching a podcast

Giving a TED talk

Buying a URL that is SOOO hot + the total homebase of her growing online empire

Going on a mastermind retreat to Iceland

Closing 100% of her prospects over the phone

All of these leaders are COACHES.

I LOVE being a coach + guide to fellow spiritual coaches.

It’s truly, truly fantastic.

A dream come true helping these gals make that LEAP across the abyss into their next chapter in their spiritual business and gorgeous life.

How about you?

Are you ready for massive shifts on your career journey?

Ready to take charge and help people all over the world (not just the ones in your zip code)?

Pumped to say NO to hours for dollars and embrace packaging your magic in the most exquisite, abundant way possible?

Here’s what you need to know:

You’re not alone. Feel me on this.

You can do this.

You’re good enough.

You’re strong enough.

You will attract the right people to your work and repel the wrong people. This is good.

Cashing in on your calling is your responsibility.

Anytime change is happening, the Ego FREAKS OUT and wants to keep you small.

It takes a lot of guts to walk away from an “okay” life that isn’t you and say YES to your destiny.

And it’s absolutely worth it.

Without question.

Without fail.


chair + ritual


“When you have come to the edge of all light that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.” – Patrick Overton


P.S. If you want to train under me + get certified as a Get Gutsy Certified Coach + qualify for visibility opportunities with my tribe, you’re in luck.

Enrollment is OPEN for our next class of Get Gutsy Coach Training School. Yay!

Click here to reserve your spot.

Your time is now. Do not waste another day.

Your destiny is calling.

It’s time to say yes to your livelihood as a COACH.


10 Reasons You’re Not Further Along In Your Spiritual Online Business

I’ve been seeing an interesting theme lately: aspiring entrepreneurs not truly understanding what it is to BE an entrepreneur.

As a result, their business goes nowhere.

They spend all of their time posting inspirational messages + pretty graphics on Facebook, never make offers, have little to no systems, and then wonder why the cash flow is more of a light trickle (if any at all) rather than a consistent flow of abundance.

It seems that some business owners are simply afraid to double down and INVEST in their business.

One obstacle or challenge sends them into a tailspin as they believe that a roadblock means they should throw in the towel and quit.

I’ve got news for you, if you call yourself an entrepreneur, then you must truly be one.

I’ve found that many I meet actually have more of a freelancer vibe.

The two are VASTLY different.

Definition of an entrepreneur:

“a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

Definition of a freelancer:

“a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.
a person who contends in a cause or in a succession of various causes, as he or she chooses, without personal attachment or allegiance.”

As an entrepreneur, you MUST be willing to take on greater than normal financial risks … and you MUST have an allegiance to your cause.

Do you have BOTH feet in?

Or do you dip a toe into the water until the temperature becomes too uncomfortable?

Be honest.

If you don’t know me that well, allow me to introduce myself … I’m Jenny Fenig and I help spiritual entrepreneurs make a massive impact with their tribe through their gorgeous online business.

cheerleader Jenny

I build powerhouse brands using a potent blend of your mission, message, marketing/sales + mysticism.

Listen – many believe that it’s wrong to make money from your spiritual gifts.

I disagree.


Coming out of the spiritual closet so you can do the work you came here to do is your divine assignment from God. Make no mistake about that.

If you are READY to touch more lives with the wound that is your message and help more people, it’s time to BREAK FREE + claim your spot at the entrepreneurial table.

It’s time to grow your TRIBE like the leader you are.

To help you do just that, I’ve compiled the 10 reasons why you’re not further along in your business and how I’m helping the truly committed to RISE ABOVE.

Let’s go …

1. You compare yourself to others who are further along (and more invested) and feel crappy because you’re not achieving the same level of success. Then you just try to copy them. It doesn’t work.2. You sign up for courses and programs ready to make a change in your business, then freak out at around week 2 when you realize there is work involved.

3. You mistake busyness for business.

4. You don’t think you can afford to get help and instead focus your energy on $15/hour tasks rather than revenue-generating actions that actually grow your business.

5. You are a professional fire killer. You are in full reaction mode all of the time as you have no systems or structure. You fly by the seat of your pants and are worried that your business may crumble at any moment.

6. You waste more time on social media than you’d like to admit instead of strategically connecting with prospects and clients by posting high-value content AND offering opportunities for your tribe to BUY from you.

7. You have no list and aren’t consciously building one. Or you have a list but you rarely communicate with them because you don’t have a content strategy plan.

8. You’re scared to “sell” because you don’t actually know what you’re selling or how to have a meaningful sales conversation. You haven’t quite figured out how to package your magic and transform the lives of your people.

9. Investing in yourself is a foreign concept. You keep looking for free and cheap to grow your business.

10. You’re looking for shortcuts and magic pills. You don’t recognize opportunities disguised as work.

As Richard Branson recently said, “If you spend your time looking for shortcuts, you will find one — right out of business. Creating a successful and profitable business takes time, since you build your reputation as customers learn to trust and rely on you, one by one.”

Just because there isn’t a shortcut doesn’t mean you can’t get HELP.

I know what you NEED to MAKE IT as an entrepreneurial leader who leverages the power of your message, marketing, systems + mysticism to get your big work out there.

GGU crew at retreat

And I also know how EASY it is to get frustrated by all of the decisions and bright shiny objects and give up on your big, gutsy dream.

I also have a deep understanding of how our time can feel very scattered and tight (as a mom of 3, I GET IT!). When building a business and growing your body of work, this can be challenging.

And, you can rise above.

I want to help you do the work you were put on this planet to do … because I know you are tired of wasting precious time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own.

That’s why I’m making this invitation to you to join my coaching mastermind + spiritual leadership incubator called GLOW. This is my 6th year leading this type of journey for my tribe, and I couldn’t be more excited about where we will go together.

So we’re clear, this experience is a game-changer. The faint of heart or chronic excuse-makers need not apply.

GLOW’s 6 golden keys of spiritual business leadership provide the strategic framework and crucial support for your beautiful, sustainable growth.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.58.00 AM

This 6-month adventure will take you into the depths of your spirit and the heights of your potential.

Experience the ultimate in mentorship, masterminding and mastery as you breathe new life into your work, brand essence and tribe.

Up to 13 leaders will earn a spot. A number of these spots are gone.

Is 1 of them yours?

If you want to work with me up close and personal to build your powerhouse brand as you rise to your next level and help more people, GLOW is for you.

Oh – a HUGE element of GLOW is our epic + sacred retreat in Costa Rica! Our resort spa is OFF THE HOOK GORGEOUS.

Just imagine: me + you + a crew of fellow spiritual entrepreneurs hanging out here (in addition to the 6 months of coaching, consulting + upleveling you get as part of GLOW). Yes!

Costa #2

Come see what all the GLOW buzz is about >>


If you are excited by what you see, I invite you to fill out an application.

If you’re a fit for GLOW, we’ll then hop on a private call so I can learn more about you + your big vision + how I can help.

CLICK HERE to apply now.

Excited to see who’s coming on this journey with me!

You must invest to grow.

I believe in you.


P.S. I used to let FEAR rule me! But then I chose to RISE ABOVE, look the TIGER in the eye and walk right through that FEAR.

Since then, I’ve redesigned my business from the ground up with my spiritual relationship as THE foundation for my extraordinary growth.

Spiritual growth = business growth.

My business generates multiple-six-figures.

I have a fantastic team supporting me.

My tribe grows every day … and I adore them.

My personal life with my husband and 3 children is deep and meaningful as I’ve designed my business AROUND my desired lifestyle (not the other way around).

I want to help YOU create YOUR dream by helping you LAUNCH to your next level.

It’s GLOW time.
Click here to go on the adventure of your life.
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Focus of the Month: Crown Chakra


Welcome to April, beautiful soul!

April is one of my FAVE months in the whole entire year. Such possibility in this month. Can you feel it?

Plus, 2 of my children were born in April! And so were my sister, brother and grandmother. Va va voom!

This month, we are continuing a new series that I’m OVER THE MOON about it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each month for the rest of 2015, we’ll be focusing on a THEME to explore together.
  • In the blog post that goes with the theme, I’ll share a few ideas about bringing this THEME to life in your world.
  • I want to hear from YOU in the Facebook comments section below about how you’re bringing this theme to life. Everyone who comments will go into the running to win a FREE copy of my bestselling book Get Gutsy. I want to hear from you!
  • Please SHARE this post with your networks so these ideas can CIRCULATE!


Me too!

Drumroll please …

The theme for APRIL is: CROWN CHAKRA.


How often do you trust and act on the ideas you receive? I’ve got news for you: the ideas and guidance you receive “out of the blue” are the answers you’ve been seeking for your current situation.

The truth and best course of action to take is inside you, lying JUST beneath the surface. When you honor these Divine Downloads, the Universe hooks you up with sacred support so you can continue taking gutsy, healthy action aligned with your highest good.

The crown energy center is the 7th chakra, which governs your ability to tap into the Universe’s collective energy. WARNING: Your crown chakra can become BLOCKED (ouch!) if you dismiss the wisdom of your Inner Voice as wishful thinking or “never going to work out” ideas.

Know this: the ideas and companies that you see as HUGE today (think: Apple, Mercedes, Coach, lululemon, Oprah!) began as daydreams that turned into massive contributions to the world.

Ideas for bringing our APRIL FOCUS to life:

You’re Turning Violet, Violet!

Bring more VIOLET into your life. Violet is the color of the crown chakra. Color contains ENERGY!

Experience SILENCE.

Silence is one of the direct paths to experience this level. When you get silent, you can truly listen. Do NOT be afraid of silence.

Have a meal in silence whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t get on your phone and check email. Don’t even read. Sit there and appreciate the food and be quiet. Have a journal with you to write down what comes to you when you are swimming around in the silence.

Showers are rad.

I’ll be honest with you: I get some of my ABSOLUTE best ideas in the SHOWER! What’s happening in the shower? I have cleansing, powerful water flowing onto my CROWN CHAKRA, baby! The ideas fly like wildfire in my shower. I have a glass door that steams up when I’m showering and I’ll write my ideas on there. It’s AWESOME. Then I run out of the shower and transfer the ideas to a notebook I keep on my bedside table.

Where do you get your best ideas? Probably not sitting behind your computer. See if the shower is awesome for you. Maybe it’s soaking in the bathtub? Or swimming? Or taking a hike. Whatever it is, go to your happy place and open up to the Divine Downloads!

Follow it.

It takes a lot of courage to follow an idea. What ideas do you have brewing now? Do you see all that I’ve created in my business? All of my projects and success simply started as an idea I followed. What ideas will you follow this month?

Okay, your turn!

I want to hear from YOU in the Facebook comments section below about how you’re bringing this theme to life. Everyone who comments below by April 30, 2015 will be entered into win an autographed copy of my book “Get Gutsy: A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream.”

Please SHARE this post with your networks so these ideas can CIRCULATE!

3d book image

Here’s to an AMAZING APRIL.


The Healing Power of Crystals

The Healing Power of Crystals

I love rocks.

I often will bring stones and crystals like citrine, rose quartz or amethyst into my client retreats and live events for sacred ritual.

Everyone who attended my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first child in 2008 received rocks with the word “love” written on them. We did a really powerful ritual as we passed the rocks around. I’ll never forget that experience.

A giant piece of citrine, the “success stone” that symbolizes abundance, is prominently displayed on my office desk.

There is something magical about the strength of rocks. The healing energy these stones emit is deep-rooted and real.

Did you know that healing properties of certain stones were first recorded in the early Egyptian days? Wow!

After growing up at the ocean in Florida and then spending my 20s in the concrete jungle that is New York City, I now make my home in the mountains of Western Massachusetts.

I’m surrounded by powerful, energizing rocks everywhere I look!

Rocks ground me.

My kids love rocks too. They pick them up and we put them all around our house in glass containers and on windowsills.

Anytime I have a question about which stones can help me in my business and life, I turn to one brilliant gal named Hibiscus Moon.

Jenny and Hibiscus

Hibiscus and I met online about a year ago and she just blew me away with her knowledge and passion about crystals and her business model!

She seriously is one of the smartest, most spirit-led women I’ve ever had the good fortune of knowing.

We got to hang out IN PERSON on my recent trip to Florida. She radiates so much light. She’s like a real live crystal in a human’s body!

Hibiscus is the founder and developer of the curriculum for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work.

Hibiscus has loved crystal beauty all her life, but as an adult she began seriously exploring the spiritual and metaphysical facets of working with them as a healing tool. After several years of research and practice she began teaching others about Mother Earth’s natural gifts.

When her incredible Hibiscus Moon community (she now has more than 200,000 Facebook fans!) asked her to create a Certified Crystal Healer Course, she got to work researching but couldn’t find anything out there that had the integrity and science she was looking for.

So she created it herself.

It’s an amazing story of following your passion and solving a real need in the market!

  • Can you feel the inherent mystical power in crystals & stones?
  • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
  • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
  • You can feel that there’s an inherent mystical power in crystals & stones, right? How about backing it up with science?
  • Are you looking for a crystal healing course with vibrant community, real integrity & internationally recognized certification?

If you are nodding your head YES right now, then I invite you to check out my friend Hibiscus Moon’s amazing crystal healer course.

Click here for all the details before enrollment closes on March 6.

Following your passion always pays sparkly dividends.

Rock it out!


Crystals Not Your Thing, But Coaching Is?

If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE a COACH …

(You’ve got questions like:

How do you hold the space during your client sessions?

How do you onboard clients?

What do you charge?

How do you work with clients?

What technology do you need?

What policies and procedures will keep you in business?

How do you actually get clients?)

… then you’ll want to keep your eyes open for what I’ve got brewing.

I’m looking for a gutsy crew of women who are ready to step into the next generation of COACHES who are changing the world with their GIFTS.

Enter your information below if you want to get on our early notification list when my COACH TRAINING IMMERSION is open for enrollment.