Let Life Come Towards You with Sara Avant Stover

Does it feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream? Do you wish you could embrace your inner voice and follow the path of least resistance? Prepare to be empowered!

In this episode of Get Gutsy, Sara Avant Stover will open up your heart and show you how to find deeper trust with your own voice. She takes you through her incredible journey and shares the healing methods that helped her beat cancer and get in tune with her body.

We also talk about seasons, cycles, and what it takes to reclaim your feminine spirituality. During this interview, learn how to let life come towards you, so you can find clarity in your own life and start living your truth.

About Our Guest

get-gutsy-podcast-speaker-Sara-Avant-StoverSara Avant Stover is a teacher of feminine spirituality and empowerment, bestselling author & founder of The Way of the Happy Woman®.

Sara graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s school, Barnard College. After a cancer scare in her early twenties, Sara moved to Thailand, where she lived for ten years and embarked on a decade-long healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia. She has since gone on to uplift tens of thousands of women worldwide.

A pioneer in contemporary women’s work, she’s the creator of the world’s first Women’s Yoga Teacher Training, Reversing Our “Curse,” and The SHE School. Sara has been featured in Yoga Journal, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, Natural Health, and on ABC, NBC, CBS, and more.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Her new book, The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power, is now available.

Episode Highlights:

  • How the creative process helped Sara relook at her circumstances and better align with her vision
  • Bringing more maturity and sovereignty to your choices
  • Coming into a deeper trust with your voice
  • How to use social media for your business without it taking over your life
  • Being honest with yourself, putting out your best work, and sharing your teachings
  • The importance of letting life come towards you
  • Sara’s journey from New York to Thailand and the healing methods that allowed her to overcome a battle with cancer
  • The benefits of aligning with the seasons and cycles
  • Why you should listen to your body when it’s trying to get your attention
  • How Sara got her first book deal and expanded her business and life
  • Remembering that you’re not in this alone
  • Reclaiming your feminine spirituality and returning home to yourself
  • Why it’s okay to untie the threads that are protecting your heart
  • The importance of following your heart and taking a leap of faith
  • Find out how Sara keeps people actively engaged with her monthly newsletter

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How Cancer Changed My Life

In 2 days, I’ll mark a very significant moment in my life: the 22nd anniversary since my sister Julie’s passing.


Hard to believe it’s been that long since she took her last breath.

Many people ask me how she died.

CANCER. Brain cancer, to be specific.

Julie was 12 years old and full of life.


And I know she’s STILL with me.


Julie is one of my SPIRIT GUIDES.

What are spirit guides?

These guides are help nudge and guide us through life. Think of them as trusted partners who help us fulfill our assignment here on earth.

Here’s how you can connect to your GUIDES more deeply:

// Listen to your intuition.

// Trust your gut instinct.

// Notice the signs all around you. These signs are trying to get your attention.

// Meditate + pray.

// Journal your heart out. Get that stuff out of your head and onto paper.

// Work with healers + intuitives + coaches.

I have a number of SPIRIT GUIDES in my life. These guides help me every single day. I call them in. I accept their help. I trust that I am NOT alone.

And neither are you.

Call them in. Call in your guides by name.

They are ready to help you advance your mission + spread your message.

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Your Wild + Precious Life

One of the gorgeous gals in our tribe posted this GEM in the Get Gutsy Galaxy Facebook forum (join now if you haven’t yet).

Jessica Schiller FB quote

First off, I LOVE that Jessica represents the type of LEADERS we have in our crew. A woman willing to SPEAK UP and USE HER VOICE to spread GOODNESS in the world.

How would YOU answer the question?

It’s easy to skim over this or simply delete the email (life’s so FULL, right?!), but I truly encourage you to PAUSE and FEEL into your answer RIGHT NOW.

Take a breath.


What comes up for you?

I want to know!

Seriously, I want you to tell me!

Everyone who posts a response to this post is going to get a SHOUT-OUT on a future episode of my podcast Get Gutsy, which has hit the “New + Noteworthy” list in all 3 categories on iTunes.

I want to SAY YOUR NAME.


Go here to join the group + post your response.

SPEAK UP. Be a leader, not a lurker.

See you there.

I’ll respond personally to your post. Because that’s how I roll.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild + precious life?” – Mary Oliver


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I’ve Kept This Private Until Now…

I've kept this private until now revCelebrating Easter yesterday brought up so many memories from 1 year ago.

My daughter Kate was born a few days before Easter 2014. It was a powerful VBAC birth and I was so grateful to hold her in my arms after dreaming about her for what seemed like forever.

But something happened in the hospital that was pretty much the worst fear of any parent of a newborn: she spiked a fever less than 24 hours after her birth, which set off a series of alarm bells and standard protocol from the hospital staff including drawing blood and running tests to find the root of the fever. As I learned, a fever in a newborn can be a VERY dangerous situation that needs to be treated immediately for the safety of the child.

When the tests came back with a possible bacteria in her blood, the hospital staff then had to give my baby girl antibiotics through a tiny IV that I just cried watching them put in. I felt so helpless!

We were finally discharged on Easter only to be readmitted a day later due to the tests coming back questionable again.

I was a hormonal wreck as I just KNEW my girl was healthy and that the tests were somehow off. I felt this in my bones. She was so alert, a great nurser and vocalizer!

My husband and I worked together as a team to ask questions of our medical team and make arrangements for our older children to be watched by our babysitter (we don’t have any family nearby) so we could travel back with our baby to the hospital one hour from our home and pray all the way that all was well and all would continue to be okay.

We made lemonade out of lemons and had a little baby-moon in the hospital room that night with our daughter. Steven got takeout and we feasted in our room as we read, meditated, slept, and believed in our girl.

I nursed her, held her and talked to her.

The next day, our caring doctor confirmed that his hunch was correct: the test that showed that my daughter had possible bacteria in her blood came back CONTAMINATED when further investigated by the lab.

Yup, the test was botched and Kate was completely healthy.

We were elated.

And we were set free to go home to our sons with our baby daughter. Our family of 5 was finally back together.

What a rollercoaster of emotions! Just going back in time writing this makes my heart start beating faster.

I’ve kept this experience mostly to myself for the past year as I had to process that tough time privately.

But I’m sharing it with you now – almost 1 year later as an example of how I tap into my INNER COACH, that wise place inside of me that knows the way and knows I’m held and protected.

This INNER COACH knows how to ask smart, empowering questions.

This INNER COACH knows how to assemble a dream team.

This INNER COACH knows that every challenging situation is an opportunity for growth.

This INNER COACH is what keeps me connected to my path with YOU doing this work in the world. It’s my contribution on the planet.

Not only do I get to COACH my heart out with my clients and tribe, but my COACHING skills help me be a stronger mother, wife, friend, daughter and human being.

I’ll be a COACH until the day I die, even if “how” I coach evolves just as I evolve.

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Imagine … earning a great living doing the work you were put on this planet to do, working with clients you adore all over the world by phone, Skype or in person (locally or in exotic destinations around the globe).

Maybe you’ll simply layer coaching into your current business or work. You get to CHOOSE. Coaching is SO flexible and powerful.

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Coaching is a transformative personal growth path that will change your life – and the lives of the tribe you are meant to serve – forever.


See you inside the Get Gutsy Coach Training School!

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