My Greatest Initiation: Birth (+ NEW Workshop!)

One week ago, my oldest son Sean celebrated his 9th birthday. We were in Florida. I couldn’t resist the urge to WRITE about that experience of becoming a first-time mother.

I’ve committed to doing a lot more writing this year. Because it’s the craft that I love so much.

Here’s what I wrote …

At 10:51 p.m. on January 5, 2009, I crossed through a gate of INITIATION > motherhood.

My life would never be the same.

My Greatest Initiation: Birth (+ NEW Workshop!)

You should know that I was not that girl who knew she always wanted to be a mom. For many years, I was very much “undecided.” Prior to that, I was more in the NO camp.

My career aspirations seemed more exciting and worthy of my attention. Plus I had always been acknowledged for my leadership and success at work … I had a lot of doubts and fears about becoming a mother.

It didn’t help that my own mother told me that I probably shouldn’t become a mom since I was so “selfish.”

But something started shifting a few years after I got married.

I started feeling babies all around me. Started feeling a soul of a child ready to come through me. I started noticing children everywhere. In the past they used to come across as loud, wild nuisances … now, they appeared as magical angels of light (who are often loud!).

This also largely coincided with me diving headfirst into a 200-hour yoga teacher training. I was more in my body and more fascinated with the human body and soul than I had ever been.

I felt myself being pulled into a new dimension. A new chapter.

An opening emerged.

I stepped through.

After a few months of trying to get pregnant (and simultaneously doubting my body and relying more on science than spirit), I finally surrendered and TRUSTED.

We got pregnant that month. We lived in New York City at the time, but conceived in the place of my birth – St. Petersburg, Florida.

I was overjoyed. And also totally amazed that I WAS GOING TO BE A MOM.

Pregnancy was one of the most extraordinary times in my life. I was blessed to have “easy” pregnancies (I’ve had 3 now).

Having a natural birth (no interventions or drugs) was something I knew I wanted. I knew this even though my mother had told me when she was birthing me, she told the doctor to “kill her now” and that she gladly got an epidural when birthing my sister 4 years later. “I was reading a magazine when having a contraction – the only reason I knew I was having a contraction was because I could see the contraction on the monitor,” she told me.

No offense to those who go this route (for whatever reason!), but I wanted to feel EVERYTHING in labor and birth as I had spent so much of my life numbing, numbing, numbing – afraid to feel PAIN.

I saw this as a beautiful quest and one of the great rites of passage for me as a woman. I knew my body was designed to birth and I wanted to feel my power as my baby and I did what we both knew how to do.

I had to be willing to have many people tell me I was “crazy” for wanting to go this route.

I minimized the impact of those who couldn’t support my choice and instead surrounded myself with like-minded people.

I read books (“Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives” by Deepak Chopra was my fave at that time), watched “The Business of Being Born” (EYE-OPENING!) and assembled a birth team who would honor our wishes and would create a sacred, calm environment for the birth of my first child. I said “NO” to my mother’s repeated requests to be at the birth.

(TIP >> learn how to say NO with grace and firmness. I can help you here … keep reading.)

I followed my intuition EVERY STEP OF THE WAY even when what I was guided to do meant disappointing people or going against popular convention.

Sometimes my intuition led me to know more than “experts.” Like when I went into labor with Sean 2.5 weeks early and was told by the L+D doctor on call at the hospital that although I was having some contractions, the baby’s birth was days, if not weeks, away.

Even though this was my first pregnancy, I KNEW THE DOCTOR WAS WRONG.

How did I know?

Because I was in my body. I kept following the signs. Trusting the nudges I was getting. And connecting with spirit.

When Steven and I left that hospital, my body was full-on in labor … even though even he couldn’t accept it. I don’t think he felt fully ready to be a dad … he thought he had a few more weeks to prepare!

When we got home and he told me he was going to go to the gym, I looked at him like a women with fire inside of me and said firmly, “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO THE GYM.”

I promptly went into the bathtub in our NYC apartment and labored while Steven ate Chinese take-out (“Do you want any, Jenny?” he asked. “NO!” I groaned.) and timed my contractions.

Thank God my intuition told me to hire a doula because without her we wouldn’t have made it back to the hospital a few hours later. Steven would have needed to deliver our baby at home – that’s how quickly Sean was making his way into the world.

Our doula sped over to our apartment and helped me get dressed to head back to the hospital while I was in the hardest part of labor – TRANSITION. And my friend Kelly who was a doula in training also met us at the hospital to help me birth this baby.


Every contraction. (Like a giant wave forming in the ocean … growing in intensity until it crashed over me.)

Every centimeter opening.

And my body knew exactly what to do.

Knew how to open. Knew how to groan. Knew how to rest. Knew how to push.

My soul was fully alive as I joined forces with my baby.

We did it! We did it. We did it.

The last 9 years have flown and also been some of the most challenging of my life. Someone told me early on in my parenting journey – “The days can feel like they last forever yet the years fly by.” SO TRUE.

I’ve learned to sharpen my intuitive skills as a mother, woman and entrepreneur. I honestly believe my intuition is the most powerful gift I own – and I believe this for you too.

But it is SOOOO fucking easy to lose your connection to your intuition. Especially when you spend more time listening to everyone else over your own soul.

2018 can be the year you reclaim yourself and your truth and your divine wisdom.

This is my wish for you.

If you want to join me on this quest, read the PS below.

I’ve got your back.

Absolute love,


PS – For the first-time ever, I’m leading an online workshop on INTUITION.

You’ve gotta be there.

The theme …


Tune In. Rise Up. Do Less. Make More.

Tuesday, January 23

7:00 – 9:30 pm EST (4:00 – 6:30 p.m. PST)


You can attend online from wherever you are located in this beautiful world.

A recording will be sent to all who register so no worries if you can’t come live.

No fancy sales page. Just a simple invitation to stop working so hard (and counterintuitively) to get what you want.

Click here to get your spot (recording included).


  • Rituals + practices that connect you to your truth + divine wisdom, daily
  • Working the cycles, seasons + smart calendaring to get more accomplished at work and at home while exerting less effort
  • How to tune out the noise of the world so you can create the next level of your sacred work without burning out
  • Partner with your intuition to name your programs, wisely launch your offerings, and confidently say yes or no to prospects and opportunities
  • Develop a spiritual protection from critics and detractors who you’ll encounter on your path
  • Create a solid brand essence that attracts your soulmate clients
  • How to notice the powerful signs that are all around you and take action from a place of inspiration, not desperation or fear


  • Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered to win one of my FAVORITE essential oils (which is one of my INTUITION ACTIVATORS). One winner will be chosen. Will it be you?

Click here to get your spot (recording included).

My Greatest Initiation: Birth (+ NEW Workshop!)

2015, You’ve Been Good To Me: Reflections On a Year Well Lived

As we approach the end of this year, I’m the kind of girl who likes to reflect so I can make sense of it all.

It’s by looking back that we can wisely move forward.

So here are the highlights … I hope my recap helps YOU get clarity about YOUR year and where you feel called to go next.

I’ve organized the highlights of 2015 into 5 buckets.These buckets made all the difference for me in making this year so spectacular.

1. Spiritual Relationship

2015 was the year so much opened up for me.

Blog post photo

I strengthened my relationship with God.

I healed the trauma around my sister Julie’s death that had been haunting me for more than 20 years.

I released alcohol from my life and am walking the road of sobriety.

After practicing yoga for 13 years, I’ve now added a Kundalini yoga practice to my life. I love it.

I called in my Spirit Guides (all the time) … and do this for my clients too.

I went to my 20th high school reunion (OMG) and reconnected with my sister Julie’s best friend Sandra while I was there.

I surrendered.

I started seeing miracles EVERYWHERE. It freaked me out at first … then it became my new normal, one that I’m grateful for every single day.

I said YES to being a spiritual leader … and all that comes with it.


Faith became my best friend on this quest. Yes, I’m a woman of faith and I stand strong in who I am and why I’m here.

Here’s what I know to be true …

“We are spiritual beings here to create positive change in the world. Our assignment is to wake up and leave the planet healthier than how we found it. Love is our universal language.”

As I stepped out as a leader of spiritual leaders, the most amazing thing happened: I started attracting in the most AMAZING people into my world. Everywhere I turned, I’d fall deeper and deeper in love with the people in my life.

I started listening to podcasts by spiritual leaders like Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, Ram Dass. I communed with nature. I put my body, mind and spirit FIRST … and in front of my work. Because without my health, nothing else matters.

My spirituality saved me from myself.

From here on out, I co-create with my Creator and have regular conversations with God.

I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be, without a doubt.

Putting my spiritual relationship FIRST has made ALL the difference.

2. Advancing the Get Gutsy Mission

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.” – Richard Bach

I’ve been in business for myself since 2008. The first few years are a bit of a blur, but I’m sure that every single move I’ve made has led me to this exact point in time.

“Gutsy” is a word I’ve been using in programs and courses for years. I love the sound of it. I love how it makes me feel. I love the types of clients it attracts.

So when I started writing my first book several years ago, it became clear it wanted to be called “Get Gutsy.”

It felt like a RALLY CRY for this tribe I was leading.

GET GUTSY = listen to your gut. Heed the call of your soul. Be brave. Be courageous. Get out of your comfort zone and build your business around your God-given gifts. Live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Yes, GET GUTSY is the mission … and has become this GIANT platform for the brand.

It’s so exciting watching it take shape before my every eyes.

When your message lines up, all you have to do is say YES and get out of the way.

Let what’s flowing through you to be shared with your people with courage, grace and love.

This is the ultimate act of wisdom and valor as a spiritual business leader.

Try it and see.

So in January of this year, “Get Gutsy” was self-published and became a #1 bestseller on Amazon on launch day.


My book took me on the ride of my life. I reconnected with long-lost friends, teachers and family members … and opened up to a new level in my business.

Readers reached out to me to share their story and tell me how the book touched them.

All the blood, sweat, tears, time and money I invested in this book PAID OFF.

The mission went to a COMPLETELY new level.

It was humbling, heartwarming and gorgeous.

From there, I conceived of the next creation in the Get Gutsy suite of offerings: Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

I had been tossing around this idea of training the next generation of coaches who want to make a difference AND a great living. There was a total gap in the market and I said YES to filling it even though there was a small voice inside of me (the Inner Critic) saying “just who do you think you are, missy?”.


Launching anything new is exciting (my program is going to change the world!) and terrifying (what if no one signs up? what if people hate it?), but the hallmark of an entrepreneur is to take chances and follow your creative urges by blending strategy and guts.

I am SO proud of the two classes of students who have gone through Get Gutsy Coach Training School AND the awesome gals who have gone on to earn their Get Gutsy Certified Coach designation.

GGCTS Group July 2015

Gutsy coaches unite!

Our next class of Get Gutsy Coach Training School kicks off in in the first half of 2016. Get on the wait list here.

The next evolution of the Get Gutsy message was the creation of a new course – Get Gutsy Book Writing Immersion.

I knew there were A LOT of gals who want to write and self-publish their book and I wanted to help them.

So I created this course and walked these talented storytellers through the process so they could bring their truth to the page. I hosted a Sacred Writer’s Retreat over the summer and watched these women BRING THE HEAT with their message.


I’m so excited for them! I know how much a book changes your business for the better. (Book Writing Immersion is now included as a training inside my larger program Get Gutsy University.)

What happened next? Well, I wanted a spot online for our GET GUTSY tribe to gather … so I created it on Facebook via a private group.

Called it GET GUTSY GALAXY and started welcoming in the most amazing women! The conversations are ELECTRIC and I can feel such LOVE going out and coming into the group.

Come on in and join us.

The next creation to advance the Get Gutsy mission was a podcast!

What did we call it?

Get Gutsy of course.


Finalizing the logo design almost killed me. I think the same could be said for my designer Rayna. We had to go around and around for a bit until we nailed it. Sometimes design is brutal like that, but it’s worth it to get the design that you’re absolutely obsessed with.

Plus, the design has to WORK for the medium. There are MANY factors at play and you often don’t realize the complexities until your knee deep in the project. Breathe through it and stay strong.

Launching my podcast had been a dream for more than a year. The seed was planted when I heard John Lee Dumas of speak at a conference. A fire was lit inside of me. I knew it was only a matter of time and the podcast would be born.

About the podcast …

A cutting-edge show blending business + spirituality, Get Gutsy serves up a potent blend of stories, lessons, and actionable tips to help you make a massive impact in the world through your soul’s work and gutsy life.


No more going it alone. No more excuses. The world needs more brave women saying YES to leadership. Join me each week for interviews and messages that will shift you into inspired action.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some AMAZING guests like Ali Brown, Jennifer Kem, Joanna Garzilli, Suzi Eszterhas, Tara Travis, Laura Roeder and more. And our 2016 lineup is OFF THE CHAINS.

And I absolutely ADORE creating my solo episodes for you.

The coolest part? I feel this effort is sustainable and I can see a direct line between the podcast and increased business. Plus, I feel VERY guided by spirit as I’m creating the episodes.


The show has hit the “New + Noteworthy” list in all 3 categories on iTunes. Definitely gratifying.

And I ADORE my team for helping me get this baby off the ground. Could not do it without them.

I just hired someone to write the show notes and social media promos for the show. This feels like a HUGE WEIGHT off my shoulders so I can focus on my unique brilliance and leave EVERYTHING else to my team.

Let’s EXHALE together on that. Dreams need teams.

Are you subscribed to Get Gutsy yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE to listen and it will become a treasured part of your week!














The next creation was my new mastermind GLOW, which stands for Gutsy Leaders of Wisdom.

This is my 5th year leading a mastermind, but the first time for GLOW.

I’m so happy I followed the call to evolve my former masterminds (first one was called Gutsy Goddess Society, which morphed into Business Adventure School, which morphed into GLOW!).

When we listen to our Inner Voice, we are never led astray.

GLOW banner

I wanted 12 high-vibration leaders in the group. 12 women stepped forward, saying YES to the next step on their destiny.

We kicked off our journey earlier this month and I can feel with every fiber of my being that we are in for quite a ride. These women are FANTASTIC.

Such LEADERS. You’ll be hearing from me about these GLOW girls.

GLOW December retreat

My final creation of 2015 is Get Gutsy University.

This had been brewing inside of me since April or May. I simply needed to give it space to take shape and tell me what purpose it wanted to serve within the business.

Once I gave it room to breathe, WHOA! Watch out.

Launching Get Gutsy University was my BIG GOAL I set for myself when I participated in Jennifer Kem’s rad business incubator called Momentum Pro.

It was through this relentless focus that this project got off the ground, and I’m forever grateful to Jen and Team XOXO (Maureen Saladino, Sonaya Williams, Lorrie Remmington, Pat Romain) for holding me accountable.

GGU banner

It became clear that the purpose of Get Gutsy University is to be the one-stop shop for spiritual business leaders ready to make a BIGGER impact with their work.

This translates into a gorgeous blend of business training, strategic coaching, and soulful community for spirit-driven entrepreneurs doing business (primarily) online.

I decided to put the VAST MAJORITY of my trainings and resources I’ve created over the years inside Get Gutsy University. It simply felt RIGHT.

And we gave students LIVE coaching + training each month with me and one of our Get Gutsy Certified Coaches … because YOU deserve and need this.

And then set a price that can’t be beat. And we made it a program with LIFETIME ACCESS (meaning as long as GGU is running, our students in good standing will keep getting access to it without needing to keep paying yearly membership fees).

alchemy 2015

Charter memberships are available until THIS Wednesday, December 23. You’ll save $200 and score some amazing bonuses (including an online planning workshop with me on January 4 so we can rock 2016!).

Go here to grab your spot.

Enrollment will reopen in early 2016 with a higher price. (I’m mapping out that launch now – it will be exciting!)

Would love to get to know you in Get Gutsy University as you say YES to allowing your business to move to the next level WHILE maintaining a strong connection to everything else you treasure (your family, health, spirituality, relationships).

2016 is YOUR YEAR.


Just writing all of these elements related to the GET GUTSY mission makes me realize just how much we created this year.




I’m confident I’ve been entrusted with this message and I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to spread it.

I’m committed.

Ready to ADVANCE YOUR MISSION? Two questions for you to get your juices flowing …

What’s your mission?

Why are you on this mission? (Be specific and follow the heat.)


3. Media Darling

A big focus for me when this year started was to be what I lovingly call a MEDIA DARLING.


Because being featured in the media AMPLIFIES your message big time. It makes your life sooooo much easier. Ideal clients, customers and students come to YOU … instead of you having to find them.

If you’re not working with the media, you’re doing your mission a GRAVE disservice.

This year I was featured in a bunch of awesome media outlets, including some biggies like:

Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.18.46 PM

EOFire with John Lee Dumas

Florida Gator Magazine

Berkshire Magazine

NBC’s TODAY Show Parenting Team

Hack the Entrepreneur

When I got invited, I was READY with my media kit to make the media’s life easier.

Want to get featured in the media? Here’s what you can do NOW.

Have an online media kit on your site. As you start getting more media requests, you can send this page to them instead of having to reinvent the wheel every time.

  • Bio
    • Short version (50 words)
    • Long version
  • A few photos (plus links to download them)
  • Website
  • Monikor (what you want people to call you – ex: Spiritual Business Coach)
  • Social media links
  • Sample interview questions
  • Skype handle
  • Biz mailing address
  • Press contact (it can be you)

Example >>>

Media coverage can come in the form of …

  • Guest blogging
  • Guest speaking
  • Podcast interviews
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Social media

4. Magical Mentors

2015 was the year of the MENTOR for me.


I said YES to being GUIDED by women who had something to teach me. I let go of any JEALOUSY I felt because they had something that I wanted.

I allowed the jealousy to dissolve and curiosity to take its place.

The curiosity mixed with commitment led me to sign up for their offerings and work with them up close and personal to help me grow my business.


Big props to:

Ali Brown

Gabrielle Bernstein

Jennifer Kem

Kimra Luna

Forever grateful, ladies.

You gals are absolutely AMAZING.

Thanks for paving the way.

Thanks for being my teacher.

5. Family

Steven, Sean, Luke and Kate are my rocks.

Pure joy in physical form.

alfond inn

Add in our cats Cricket and Michael (who miraculously returned after having disappeared for 20 days!) and rotating cast of fish and there you have it!

My family are why I do what I do.

I want to show them what is possible when you believe in yourself and say YES to following the call of your soul.

I want to show them that you can work for yourself, follow your own rules, and create a gorgeous life.

I want to show them you can build your WORK around your desired LIFESTYLE.

I want to show them you can live anywhere in the world and do work that fills you up and changes the world.

I want to show them what it means to be a leader.

They are my inspiration.

And I’m forever grateful for Steven in allowing me to be ME.

For being SO excited by and understanding about my work.

He’s never threatened by it.

He doesn’t tell me I’m dreaming too big.

He doesn’t insist that I make dinner every night (or any night for that matter!).

He has my back … and he’s on my team.


We want to show our kids what true partnership looks like.

And I think we’re doing a pretty damn good job.

Yes, we run into obstacles, but we navigate them together.

We figure it out.

And we remember we’re on the same team.

Steven and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on June 4. I’m proud of us! I’m excited for what’s to come.

On the family front, I did a lot of forgiveness work for myself and my mom this year. I was holding on to a lot of old wounds and traumas.


Happy to share that for the first time in more than 7 years, I’m spending Christmas with my mom. I WANTED her to spend the holiday with us, which is huge.

Earlier this year I didn’t even know if I’d be able to maintain a relationship with her. We didn’t talk for 6 months. It was hard, but necessary. I wrote an entire post on healing the relationship with her.

What has occurred between us truly is miraculous.

I even invited her to attend my spiritual business retreat ALCHEMY Live … and be a speaker about her career journey!

It was a moment I’ll never forget.

me+mom Q+A 2015

We truly SEE EACH OTHER now.

Isn’t that what we all want?

To be seen.




What I’ve learned is this: the people in your life have something to teach you … just like you have something to teach them.

We are each others’ students and teachers.

Jenny on swing

I learned a lot from my dad Paul this year too … and believe I taught him something too.

He retired earlier this year and we had a party for him here.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, he told me all about his time in the Army (I asked him a series of questions). I saw my dad in a completely new way. He shared a piece of himself I’d never seen.

dad in army

We had some juicy conversations.

I told him all about the EMDR work I did with my therapist and how I saw angels flying over Julie’s hospital bed the night she passed away in 1994. He got it. He got me.

This experience was hugely healing and I’m so glad I got to share it with my dad.

He listened, and listened, and listened some more.

And I also gave him a book that changed my life – “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A Singer.

He read it and enjoyed it!

I also had deep conversations with my in-laws who have always been SO kind to and generous with me.

My mother-in-law Doris is an extraordinary woman. She fled from Nazi Germany as a young girl (around 3 years old) and has lived a truly remarkable life. She’s an advocate at her core and one hell of a writer!

So I interviewed her for my clients as an example of bringing your truth to the page in honor of advancing your cause. In her case, she’s been published in the Letters to the Editor section of the New York Times more than 20 times in her life … and she’s still going. She’s very inspiring and I let her know that.

My father-in-law Sid is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Came from VERY humble beginnings and went on to become a successful cardiologist who saved MANY lives. This year I took the time to ask him important questions and listen to his answers. I took time to share more of who I am. I wanted both of us to truly SEE each other.

It was an amazing experience.

When I get to the end of my life, I want to be able to say that I DID MY BEST.

That I LOVED with every once of me.

I want my parents to know I appreciate them – for bringing me here. For doing their best. For giving me what they could … and forgiving them for not giving me what they didn’t have to give.

2015 was a gorgeous year for strengthening family connection.

For speaking my truth.

And standing in my power.


Now it’s your turn!

What are your REFLECTIONS of the JOURNEY that was 2015?

Write them down.

Claim them.

Celebrate them.

And then let’s make space for the best year of your life: 2016, baby.

It’s knocking on the door.

And it’s beautiful.

Fit for a gorgeous leader like you.


P.S. Want my help as you get gutsy, get seen + get paid?

Let’s make 2016 your absolute best year yet.

Experience the ultimate in ongoing training, coaching + community for spiritual business leaders.

REMINDER – Deadline to enroll in Get Gutsy University + score an online workshop with me (plus other bonuses!) + save more than $200 is THIS Wednesday, December 23.

Click here to reserve your spot.

We’ll be exploring these gutsy themes together.

AMAZING doesn’t even begin to describe the experience …

Come on in.


The Making of a Coach [Part 4] – Pregnancy, Solid Systems, Consistent Marketing + Writing My Book

The Making of a Coach [Part 4]

** This is a continuation of a multi-part series on how I’ve built my coaching business. If you missed part 3, check it out here. If you missed part 2, check it out here. If you missed part 1, check it out here. **

2013 – my 6th year in business as a coach – was a massive uprising of sorts. I blew things up, built things and got pregnant!

Here’s a snapshot of my celebrations and lessons learned. May these help YOU get clear on what’s possible for YOU in your business, especially if you’re ready to rock it as a COACH.

13 Celebrations from 2013

1. Made space for baby #3

Jenny - blue (preg#3)Out of everything that happened in 2013, this is what I’m most proud of. Being the mom of two young boys was FULL already. Add onto that being a wife and running a business from home and whoa!

But this new baby soul spoke to me in my quiet moments and told me she was ready to join our family. And instead of ignoring the voice and being too busy or scared, we made space and said yes.

You should know that I never was that gal who always wanted to be a mom or was a babysitter as a teenager or daydreamed with my husband about the children we would one day have.  No, this all happened organically as I evolved into the woman I am today.

Being the daughter of divorced parents who don’t speak to each other … and having lost a sister to cancer as a young girl, I was scarred to the core and afraid I wouldn’t know what to do as a mom since I felt I didn’t have a lot of my emotional needs met as a child.

Honestly, there are days I know what I’m doing and many days I feel like a wreck, but as I reflect back on 2013 in particular, my family is what I’m most proud of creating.

And I’m proud to have made space for a new baby in my business so it could keep growing when I took time off after giving birth. (I hadn’t done this with my first two babies, but I learned.)

2. Grew the business

After first crossing the 6-figure mark in 2012, I learned that we can do that every year because I know where to focus my energy for maximum impact at this stage in my business cycle.

In terms of numbers, we experienced 30% growth in revenue in 2013. I wanted this to be higher because that’s how I’m wired, but I got over it once I realized everything else I had on my plate this year.

I hired a bookkeeping company mid-year that specializes in online businesses to help me get a handle on the numbers because I couldn’t do it myself anymore. Huge decision. Should have done it sooner.

I’m proud that we doubled our list size and let go of the peeps who weren’t in alignment with our message. I used to get totally sad when people unsubscribed from my list. Now I celebrate because they are making space for women who are ready for my teachings and who want to be part of this tribe. We have more systems in place for tracking growth (I never did this before!).

And I did all of this by chunking my time and working about 20 – 25 hours a week. I take Fridays off with my kids. This is often my most “challenging” day of the week, but I protect that time at all costs because my kids are only little once.

3. Wrote my 1st book

I flew out to Los Angeles for a book blastoff VIP day with my writing coach. Here, the book was conceptualized and the path was charted.

I flew out to Los Angeles for a book blastoff VIP day with my writing coach. Here, the book was conceptualized and the path was charted.

This was a big doozy for me. I had this on my goal list for a LONG time. Finally, in 2013, I said “I’m freaking doing it.” So I hired writing coach Rachel Resnick of Writers on Fire and paid her $17,000 to help me birth my book in 3 months. I had never invested that kind of money in such a short time period. You better believe I hustled my ass off to make good on that money.

This was one of the most intense 3 months of my life. Lots of deep digging into my past to tell my honest story of what I’ve learned on my journey and how these learnings apply to YOU living a gutsy, dreamy, rich, kick-ass life using your natural gifts and talents.

Mind you, I started this process at the EXACT same time we broke ground on our home renovation and addition. Crazy? Yes. Were there times I wanted to give up? YES.

4. Got and gave regular support in my soul sisters mastermind group

I’m in a mastermind group of 6- and 7-figure female business owners from around the world and we have this awesome thriving forum on Facebook where we share just about everything related to being a woman, entrepreneur, mom, wife, human, you name it.

I seriously do not know what I’d do without these gals. We champion each other, are full-out honest about whatever comes up and just totally get what each one of us is about.

Getting together in PERSON with these gals is a dream of mine that I look forward to making real someday. For now, our online universe rocks.

If you don’t yet have a mastermind group, get one! I created a beautiful one this year called the Business Adventure School. I LOVE all the women in it. Total rockstars who lay it all out on the line in the name of building their business to change the world. I’m honored to be their guide!

5. Streamlined systems + strengthened team

After almost having a breakdown a few years ago, I am a systems maniac in my business now. We use as a project management tool and use it religiously to stay on track. When problems arise (and they will), instead of blaming people, I look for the glitch in the system and then fix it. I’m building a business, not a job. Most newbie entrepreneurs suck at this. Don’t be an amateur. Get good at this.

We also tightened up the team this year. I let some peeps go who got us to a certain point but couldn’t get us any further … and brought on a few new team members to get us to that next level.

I also have a bookkeeping team who gives me regular profitability reports, as well as a brand studio who creates my brand identity and knows my voice and personality SO well (the head of the studio also a client in my mastermind!).

Who do you need on your team to get you to that next level? Free yourself up so you can focus on your brilliance. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

6. Traveled to important events

I was a traveling banshee this year. After having my second son Luke in 2011 and feeling pretty attached to being close to home in 2012 as we were still nursing, it felt GREAT to get my wings back and fly around the country mining for “gold” as I like to call it.

Me and my mentor Ali Brown.

Me and my mentor Ali Brown.

I attended mastermind meetings in Connecticut and California as part of my work with my mentors Fabienne Fredrickson and Ali Brown.


Hanging with my Infusionsoft coach Georgetta at InfusionCon.

I went to InfusionCon, hosted by my CRM software company Infusionsoft. That one blew my mind. Never had been around so many men at an entrepreneurs conference – LOL! It was refreshing to see the way this gender operates. They seemed to have no problem with growing their business to epic levels. Men just go for it and figure things out as they go without overcomplicating things. Nice.

One of the coolest events I attended was the Women + Power Retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. Brene Brown was a speaker, among other inspiring women. My pal Christine Gallagher and I went together. It was special to grow that friendship with her. She was also a guest speaker at the Retreat for Goddesses and nailed her talk!

Me and Christine Gallagher at the Women + Power Retreat at Omega Institute. Fun girlie slumber party weekend.

Me and Christine Gallagher at the Women + Power Retreat at Omega Institute. Fun girlie slumber party weekend.

Near the end of the year, I attended a Dress for Success Gala in Arizona. My mentor Ali Brown was an honorary chair for the event and it was awesome to see her in action. Hearing the stories of women impacted by this organization filled my heart in many ways. The trip to Scottsdale also allowed me to do some maternity clothes shopping at my fave spot – a Pea in the Pod!

Going to events is a crucial component to growing your coaching biz at certain stages of your biz. Look at your calendar now and start circling dates of the events you want to attend. Make it happen!

7. Hosted my 1st telesummit – the Business Adventure Summit

BAS-speaker-montageI had been wanting to host a telesummit ever since telesummits came on the scene.  My former corporate job as a conference producer made this a PERFECT project for me … I just had to carve out the time.

This year, I made it happen with the Business Adventure Summit, featuring 14 women biz owners I find particularly empowering and inspiring.

Not only did we receive rave feedback on the Summit, but it was a huge list builder for us and many of these new peeps to my tribe became private clients in the Business Adventure School I also launched this year. Triple win!

Note to telesummit virgins who want to host one: Pulling a telesummit off is a HUGE undertaking. You need a team to really do this right. But it’s totally possible and it’s so worth it … as long as you know WHAT the intent of your telesummit is (money maker, list builder, platform booster, etc.). Be clear from the get go and get gutsy when inviting some awesome “big draw” speakers to take your virtual stage. Make sure they promote for you, too!

This is crucial.

8. Created new, mostly “evergreen” offerings

allThis was a crazy creation year. I was fully in my flow and having a ball bringing my magic out into the world.

Here’s a list of what I created (with help from my team and angels, of course!):

  • Wrote my book (see celebration #3)
  • Business Adventure Summit (see celebration #7)
  • Make Money Love You 7-Day Cleanse (for now, this is only being offered as a bonus for customers buying certain programs, but let me tell you it’s amazing!)
  • A LOT of free preview calls, webinars, and livestreams (I probably averaged about 1 a month)

The coolest part is that much of this content is EVERGREEN meaning it can be sold and offered over and over again as part of the business. We’ve set up the back-end systems to make it all work automatically for our customers and clients so they have a fabulous experience. It took me 6 years to nail this concept.

9. Completed new home renovation + addition (and am still married after it’s all over!)

Workstation in our new library.

Workstation in our new library.

This was probably the toughest of all of my celebrations. The sheer timeline and money outlay attached to this was brutal. Totally shifted me out of my comfort zone … not to mention my house was a fucking wreck during the construction and we LIVED here during the whole process.

Crazy, right?

But good. And Steven and I got through it together!

Our kids LOVED watching the construction take place and learned so much. Just today Sean and I were at the library and he was building with blocks and he asked another mother who was helping if that was the foundation she laid down. He then proceeded to tell her why he knows about foundations and how he put his hands in our wet concrete when the cement truck poured it. I smiled like a proud mama!

And now, our house is an absolute sanctuary. I have an office that I can’t get enough of (I call it the Sunshine Studio).

My new studio space brings me so much JOY and is SO supportive of the growth of my business.

My new studio space brings me so much JOY and is SO supportive of the growth of my business.

My old office was in a spare bedroom that never felt quite right for what I was creating. I knew I had to change that. So we did. Now that spare bedroom has been opened up to be used for my baby’s room. Sweet!

My hubby Steven has an office in our new library that our kids also use for projects. We have a beautiful gas fireplace in there as well that warms me up on every level.

We added a front patio which opened up our land and my kids love going outside to play now through a door in our kitchen that didn’t exist before. We organized all the kids toys and sports equipment in the garage and it’s awesome. Our kitchen is very Zen and SO conductive to family living and entertaining.

This house is one that my family will grow into and make so many memories. I’m forever grateful we took this on and appreciate everyone on our team who made it possible. It takes a village.

10. Practiced yoga, sacred self-care + oodles of self-love

This is a non-negotiable in my world. The more I take exquisite care of myself, the more my business and soul grows. Try it! You’ll see.

I’ve been practicing yoga consistently for 12 years. It’s my rock. Make sure you have a rock to get you through the ups and downs of life.

Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU. Then treat yourself with the utmost love and respect.

Om and namaste.

11. Read A LOT of books

I probably read more books in 2013 than I ever had in previous years (not including textbooks I read in college).

A big focus of my reading was on money and wealth consciousness. I read “The Law of Divine Compensation” by Marianne Williamson, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas, “The Energy of Money” by Maria Nemeth and “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.

I also read “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown, “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstien, “Embrace Your Magnificence” by Fabienne Fredrickson, “The Golden Motorcycle Gang” by Jack Canfield and William Gladstone, “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders and “The Desire Map” by Danielle Laporte.

12. Went on a bunch of family adventures

Hanging with horses in Montreal.

Hanging with horses in Montreal.

Travel and adventure is a family value and we made it happen in 2013. My husband Steven travels for his job quite a bit so the boys and I often go along and shack up in hotel rooms around the country.

A highlight for us this year was Montreal and Mohonk Mountain House in the Catskills (this is the spot I hosted the Retreat for Goddesses – see #13 below). Both of these trips were pure pleasure and we had a ball.


13. Hosted my 3rd annual and last ever Retreat for Goddesses

I'll never forget the magic we created at the Retreat for Goddesses.

I’ll never forget the magic we created at the Retreat for Goddesses.

This offering was something I brought to the world in 2011 and I’ll be forever grateful for the journey it took me on. The women who stepped up and joined forces with me and the other gutsy gals will forever stay etched in my heart.

I just knew that after 3 years, it was time to left this retreat go to make room for what was next on my biz and spiritual path. I’m proud of how this event evolved from its organic roots into a luxurious retreat for women who believe they deserve the very best in business and life. (We hosted the 2013 event at the #1 resort spa in America.)

I also launched my mastermind the Business Adventure School at the retreat and a number of amazing gals stepped forward into the offering.

Creating high-level, high-touch group coaching programs has been a secret to my business success. You’ll never make it as a coach if you ONLY rely on 1:1 coaching. The numbers just don’t add up and you’ll burn out and only touch a fraction of people with your message and mission.

13 Lessons Learned in 2013

  1. Not all clients are a match. Be courageous and only take on ideal coaching clients (you must first know who your ideal clients are!). This is hard at first. It gets easier after you take on a client that’s not an ideal match. Always remember you are responsible TO your clients, not FOR them.
  2. Some offerings run their course. It’s okay. Be willing to let them go to make room for your evolution.
  3. Don’t throw your money away. Be vigilant about what your expenses are and cut anything that you don’t use. Understand the difference between investments and expenses and understand that investments take time to mature.
  4. Email can be a beast. Don’t chain yourself to this tool. Set limits and only check at specific times. You don’t have to reply to everything. Set up automatic filters. If you’re a biz owner, set up a support mailbox where your general inquiries go.
  5. Do it the way YOU want to do it. You’ll hear every piece of advice out there for what you’re doing. Most will contradict each other. Tips and advice from peeps who have your best interests at heart are gold … but at the end of the day, listen to your heart. Do what’s right for YOU and your path. No one is wiser than you.
  6. Consistent marketing works. In 2013, we published 50 ezines (just about every week, skipping a few weeks for vacation!) and 100+ blog posts. This is MUCH more content than we’ve ever published before. Our biz grew as a result. If you do nothing else in your marketing, BE CONSISTENT and do what you say you’re going to do. And if you’re publishing an ezine, newsletter or blog, once a month isn’t going to cut it. Put on your big girl panties, create a schedule and STICK TO IT.
  7. Family is the most important thing there is. It’s true. And great friends count as family, too. Don’t take your family or friends for granted. Let them know you care. Cards in the mail work really well because they are so rare! So do cute notes and surprises at home. Little things go a long way.
  8. Sacred self-care is crucial. Seriously, this has to be a priority for you. I tell my clients their top 3 priorities in terms of how they spend their time are current clients, money-generating activities and sacred self-care. Don’t neglect yourself. For me, it’s yoga, massage, facials, pedicures, solo dates, reading and deep breathing. What are your self-care faves? These are not luxuries. They are necessities.
  9. Giving is better than receiving. Way, way better. What organization or person can you make an impact with today? For me, I love giving to young people. In 2013, we gave college money to high school students in my hometown in Florida. This was the 4th year we gave the Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship in my late sister’s honor. Feels great! I also gave to the Unstoppable Foundation and Dress for Success. Give money, give time, give love, give whatever you can. Just give.
  10. Entrepreneurship and coaching is the most intense personal growth path you can walk (in addition to parenthood). This is simply the truth. All your shit will come out to be dealt with. It’s okay. You can handle it. The upsides far outweigh the downsides. Just make sure you have a sacred support system you can share the journey with. This is not a road you want to walk alone.
  11. You will have critics. The more you shine your light, the more you’ll attract some people (a very small percentage) who won’t like what you’re doing and will tell you they don’t like what you’re about. Have buffers and boundaries in place and don’t let these energy vampires get the best of you. Focus on your fans, not your critics.
  12. Policies, procedures and agreements will save your butt. You must have these in place and HONOR them when it comes to cancellations, refund requests, payments, scheduling time with you … and more. Don’t leave this to chance. Be a CEO and a leader. Always remember you’re running a business. Have high-level clients sign agreements so you both are on the same page about the terms. Don’t leave this to chance and a handshake. You’ll thank me for this later!
  13. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, who will? It starts with you. Have a regular practice to boost yourself up everyday and stick to it. Your mindset is crucial to doing this work in the world. Be strong! You can do this.

soulWhat would 2014 bring with a new baby, new mastermind program and a book to finish and publish?

And that is where we will pick up with the next post in our series on “The Making of a Coach” …



If you feel you’re being called to the COACHING industry as your career or a supplement to what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure how to actually BE a COACH …

(You’ve got questions like:

How do you hold the space during your client sessions?

How do you onboard clients?

What do you charge?

How do you work with clients?

What technology do you need?

What policies and procedures will keep you in business?

How do you actually get clients?)

then you’ll want to check out Get Gutsy Coach Training School.

  • Step into your highest calling as you share your coaching gifts with clients you adore
  • Work with clients while you’re still in training
  • Learn how to earn a great living from an award-winning entrepreneur
  • 100% online learning immersion. Train to become a coach from anywhere in the world

Click here for details + to apply.

I’m Joining the TODAY Parenting Team Community: Wanna Come?

new mom1

I gave birth to my first child Sean in the dead of winter in New York City.

He came 2.5 weeks early, which meant I was prepared for the birth (I studied everything I could about that!), but hadn’t yet gotten to the chapter in “The Happiest Baby on the Block” about how to actually take care of this bundle of joy, cries, pee and poop. Yikes!

I was holed up in my apartment trying to figure it all out while sleep deprived and often alone with just my baby as my hubby traveled for work.

It was an exciting yet lonely time.

Luckily in my NYC neighborhood, there was a prenatal yoga studio that offered a new mom support group and I signed us up! I needed a safe space to be around other new moms and talk through this new role we were growing into. How liberating!

My head was spinning as I was receiving so much contradictory advice on sleep, nursing, bathing, playtime, napping, and “me time.”

This group saved my life!


And I saw a need for more of these support groups (they’d usually be filled up weeks in advance and turning moms away due to space!) so I partnered with a fantastic organization for moms and moms-to-be called mommybites to start facilitating these groups for more new moms in NYC.

It was pure heaven supporting these women and their beautiful babies.

NYC is great at offering support and resources for parents and I’ll always be grateful I lived there when I became a parent.

A mom in one of my groups was Rebecca Dube. She and I really hit it off and have stayed in touch through the years.

She’s a huge believer in support for parents EVERYWHERE as the Senior Editor at, overseeing the parenting section of the TODAY show website.

We got together on a recent trip to NYC and I asked how I could support her work with my work. That’s when magic happens … when we help each other out to make a difference in the world.

Moms and moms-to-be: it’s time to move away from snarky comments, judgment and guilt.

Ready to take the PARENTING conversation to the next level?

Excellent … because I have the coolest news to share!!

NBC’s TODAY Show is launching the TODAY Parenting Team community with one gorgeous intention: SUPPORT.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.06.52 PM

It’s a place to ask and answer questions, to share your thoughts and to support other parents. Nobody is the perfect parent, but all of us have something to offer, whether it’s a practical solution, inspirational advice or just a funny story to get us through the day.

And the good peeps at TODAY have asked me to be a contributor to the platform! I’m honored and humbled.

My first post is about loving yourself enough to not lose yourself in motherhood. It’s a very real and vulnerable look at how to handle the contradictory advice you receive as a new mom that continues everyday through your parenting adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.08.46 PM

Come check it out, leave a comment and share with the mamas in your world!

I truly want to let every mother know that she’s not alone on her journey as she raises her child.

We are all in this together. ❤️

CLICK HERE to read my post and join this SUPPORTIVE community of parents raising the future generation of our world.



48 Hours: The Reality of Entrepreneurship Mixed with Motherhood

48 hours

Do you ever wonder how people design their days? I do. I find it fascinating to learn how human beings LIVE day-to-day.

You can learn a lot about someone when you see how they spend their precious time.

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be ULTRA smart about how you spend your time. Literally before I do anything for my biz, I ask myself, “Is this helping me grow my business? And is this the best use of my time right now?”

When it comes to my personal life, I’m always looking at how to make my routine and systems more efficient and enjoyable to reduce stress and drama.

So I thought it would be fun to track 2 of my days this week to see where my time was going and how I wear all the hats I proudly wear – woman, wife, mama, biz owner, coach, daughter, friend.

I recently wrote a post about how I chunk my time, and while I SO believe in time chunking, ever since I gave birth to my daughter in April, my schedule has SHIFTED. So it was interesting tracking two days in my life to see the reality of my daily routine.

Hope you find this recap helpful. It’s real. It’s uncensored. Just like life ought to be!

Wednesday, July 9

6am – Wake up with baby Kate, nurse her and put her in her swing. The rest of the house sleeps so I finish writing sales emails for the Cash in on Your Calling course launch.

7am – The house is awake! Play with kids, make breakfast, help my 2 sons get dressed.

9am – Say bye to boys as my husband drives them to art camp. Cross fingers Sean has an easier time with separation today. Clean up from breakfast. Play with Kate on the floor.

baby buddha

9:30am – Babysitter Sophie arrives to help watch Kate! Take shower 🙂

10:15am – Review projects in Asana for deadlines for today so my brain knows where to focus.

10:30am – Meet with new assistant for continued training to get her up to speed and give her materials for our Business Adventure School client retreat next week.

11:30am – Eat early lunch that babysitter whipped up for me while nursing Kate.

12:00pm – Hop onto Q+A tea party on my Facebook page with some amazing gals from around the world. Love answering questions and hearing what’s coming up for gutsy biz chicks.

tea party

1:15pm – Hop off Facebook and STRETCH. Drink water and prepare for next part of my day. Check email. See that FedEx has delivered Kate’s birth announcements from Run to every possible location around my house to find the package. Find it in the last spot I check (outside the garage). Excitedly open box and look inside. I’m in love 🙂


1:30pm  – Client call! We focus on team building and delegation as she’s hitting a plateau in her business and teetering on the brink of burnout.

2:30pm – Client call! We focus on creating packages leading to higher engagement and bigger paydays for her. She’s ready to stop trading hours for dollars. Breastfeed Kate during call.

3:50pm – Leave for baseball practice. We’re running late (shocker!) and I wonder if it’s worth it to even go. We go anyway.

4:15pm – Make it to baseball practice. Nurse Kate on arrival. Only 2 other kids are there because most people are on vacation or something. My younger son Luke even gets to play since hardly anyone is there. He’s thrilled. I even hit some balls my husband pitches to me. It feels so good to let out that energy!


Have a conversation with a dad of one of the players and realize he laid the concrete during our home renovation project last year. Small world indeed. He just started his own business so we talk biz. It’s fun hearing his passion for his work. I hope he succeeds!

6:30pm – Dinner at pizza joint. Big crowd so we wait outside while our food is prepared. My son Luke tries to open the door of the toy store next to restaurant. He doesn’t understand the “Closed” sign on the door and thinks if he pulls hard enough, toy store will open. It’s so cute. I hope he stays this innocent forever.

toy store

8:00pm – Nurse Kate and put her to bed.

8:15pm – Eat the best cookie I’ve ever had. Banana cream icing in between 2 chocolate chip and walnut cookies. HOLY SHIT! This is worth its own entry on this day because the cookie is so damn delicious.

9:00pm – Pass out putting my kids to bed. Their bed is so comfortable and I fall asleep right between my sons. I love sleeping next to them and listening to them breathe.

Thursday, July 10

2:00am – Breastfeed Kate! Move to my bed with Kate.

5:30am – Wake up to my son Luke kicking me because I won’t give him mooeys (his word for breastfeeding). He’s having a hard time weaning. If you have helpful tips on weaning a 3-year-old, I’m all ears. Breastfeed Kate.

6am – Cave and give Luke mooeys and then change the batteries in his Rockenbok toy. Wonder why kids’ toys go through so many batteries.

7am – Write my July check-in for my mastermind group I’m a part of. Love checking in with my ladies and getting and giving support. These women rock my world!

8:15am – Take a walk around neighborhood once plan to go to yoga was foiled by Kate’s needing to nurse at 8 a.m. Take Luke with me on the walk.

9am – Pay 1st tuition installment for sons’ enrollment at new school for 2014-2015 school year. Feel proud that my business contributes to my children’s education!

9:10am – Say goodbye to boys as they head to art camp. Again cross fingers that Sean has an easy time at drop off.

9:30am – Breakfast for me! I sit outside as Kate sits in her vibrating seat. The warm air feels so good on my skin! Kate coos and smiles her toothless grin.

11am – Babysitter arrives to help with Kate!

11:30am – Write copy for a co-promotion I’m launching with my guest speaker at my live event this fall – ALCHEMY. I get excited thinking about how much fun we’re going to have at the event!

1pm – Host monthly access call for my Business Adventure School clients. Themes we focused on: Choosing list providers; Elegantly embracing your varied passions in your business; Sequencing for your IFO (opt-ins, autoresponders, thank you pages); Hiring + firing. I also shared just how lucky we are to be doing this work. How lucky we are to be ALIVE. Got teary as I recalled a few connections who are battling cancer, and one who recently passed away.

2:30pm – Social media check-in. I’m using a new social media scheduling software called Edgar that my pal Laura Roeder’s company created. I’m OBSESSED with it. It has freed up so  much time in my biz I want to cry.

3pm – Meet with former assistant to have her return a few biz things and thank her for her service. She was awesome and will be missed.

3:30pm – Work on proposal for a prospect.

4pm – Say bye to babysitter and eat a VERY late lunch of salami and cheese!

4:15pm – Leave for swim lessons with the entire crew. Revel in watching each boy LEARN how to swim. Sean has grown so much! And Luke is learning to be unafraid in the water. He starts the lesson not wanting to go into the water and ends it jumping up and down on the submerged platform. Life is good. So grateful for their two teachers who LOVE teaching children how to swim.


6:30pm – Take shower with baby Kate. It’s more efficient that way!

7pm – Nurse Kate, read to her, swaddle her and put her to bed.

7:30pm – Eat dinner that my husband prepares. What a saint! I don’t enjoy cooking and I’m glad he steps up to the plate.

9pm – Say goodnight to my boys.

9:30pm – Write this blog post and feel good doing it as it’s been brewing for a while.

11pm – Off to bed! In-laws are coming tomorrow for a few days and I’m thankful for the extra hands to help with our crew. Next week I’m hosting my Business Adventure School Inner Circle clients and my hubby can use the help from his parents with the kids! Our babysitter will be out of town of course 🙂

The life of an entrepreneur … never a dull moment. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!