The First-Time Ever + Our New Ice Rink

If you’re looking for my boys this winter, they’ll be in our front yard skating on our new rink!

This ice rink was all Steven’s doing. He saw something I couldn’t see. I’ve learned to trust his vision and he’s learned to trust mine. We still freak each other out at times, but we have that foundation of faith in each other.

Our good fortune keeps growing beyond the beyond.


When I met Steven 15 years ago, I had recently ended a 2-year relationship. I had pretty much sworn off men so I could fully focus on my public relations career. I was working on a global campaign for my client Pfizer and traveling around the world with our celebrity spokesperson Pele, the soccer superstar.

But one Friday night in 2003, Steven and I met at the front desk of our huge apartment building in New York City. I had sworn off men remember, especially Jewish men since I had dated a few and they tended to eventually freak out that I wasn’t Jewish (my Shiksa Goddess appeal could only take us so far!).

Well there he was. And there I was.

I was closed off at first. But my intuition kept nudging me to pay attention to this man.

And my intuition is never wrong. It was right on that evening. I listened. And everything changed for the better …

Are you listening to your intuition? Or are you doubting it? Forcing things to work that simply aren’t meant to? Pushing too hard? Ignoring your body and what she’s telling you about people, your work, your world?

My greatest gifts, wins + growth have come from me honoring my intuition.

It’s time I help you tune into yours so you can be, do and have what you desire in 2018.

So … for the first-time ever, I’m leading an online workshop on INTUITION.

You’ve gotta be there.unnamed-2

The theme …


Tune In. Rise Up. Do Less. Make More.

Tuesday, January 23

7:00 – 9:30 pm EST (4:00 – 6:30 p.m. PST)

You can attend online from wherever you are located in this beautiful world.

A recording will be sent to all who register.

No fancy sales page. Just a simple invitation to stop working so hard (and counterintuitively) to get what you want.

Click here to get your spot (recording included).

Absolute love,


P.S. The photo of me in this email was taken during my last mastermind retreat.

Want to join me + a few fellow ambitious women at my next retreat in Costa Rica, March 24 – 29?

There are a few spots left. Includes coaching with me, masterminding, 5 nights at our epic resort + a photo shoot.

Comment below for an application. Going to be MAGIC.

The Power of the Pause

As I write this, I’m overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s freaking HUGE. I’m in love.

Steven and I stayed the night in a hotel on Ft Lauderdale Beach while the kids stayed with his parents.

One word for you … MAGIC.


24 hours together.

To make it even sweeter, this getaway was during the tail end of my 2-week social media sabbatical + time off from work.

Holy wow.

I am a new woman.

I have a newfound appreciation for Steven because I’ve taken the time to get to know him again.

What his dreams are. What he’s afraid of. What we want to do together in this brand new year. How we can better support and love each other.

Life with young kids will have an impact on your relationship. Fact.

It’s easy to forget what it was like with just the 2 of us.

But now I remember again.

I’m grateful for my man and the close to 15 years we’ve spent loving each other.

I’m grateful for this PAUSE I’ve just taken in my work (honestly pausing is when the work truly begins).

I’m grateful I wasn’t afraid of becoming irrelevant for stepping away from social media for a bit.

I went INSIDE. Got cozy with my family. I know where I’m headed next. I’m in faith.

Whatever I missed I was meant to miss. And what I gained was gold. I will share much of this with you.

In the coming weeks I will reveal the next level of what I’m here to teach. It may surprise you … or not 😘

The power of the pause brought so much clarity and space in my head.

I am in flow.

I am home.

Sooooo excited about what we’ll create in 2018 + beyond.

Absolute love,
Jenny ❤️

I’m Joining the TODAY Parenting Team Community: Wanna Come?

new mom1

I gave birth to my first child Sean in the dead of winter in New York City.

He came 2.5 weeks early, which meant I was prepared for the birth (I studied everything I could about that!), but hadn’t yet gotten to the chapter in “The Happiest Baby on the Block” about how to actually take care of this bundle of joy, cries, pee and poop. Yikes!

I was holed up in my apartment trying to figure it all out while sleep deprived and often alone with just my baby as my hubby traveled for work.

It was an exciting yet lonely time.

Luckily in my NYC neighborhood, there was a prenatal yoga studio that offered a new mom support group and I signed us up! I needed a safe space to be around other new moms and talk through this new role we were growing into. How liberating!

My head was spinning as I was receiving so much contradictory advice on sleep, nursing, bathing, playtime, napping, and “me time.”

This group saved my life!


And I saw a need for more of these support groups (they’d usually be filled up weeks in advance and turning moms away due to space!) so I partnered with a fantastic organization for moms and moms-to-be called mommybites to start facilitating these groups for more new moms in NYC.

It was pure heaven supporting these women and their beautiful babies.

NYC is great at offering support and resources for parents and I’ll always be grateful I lived there when I became a parent.

A mom in one of my groups was Rebecca Dube. She and I really hit it off and have stayed in touch through the years.

She’s a huge believer in support for parents EVERYWHERE as the Senior Editor at, overseeing the parenting section of the TODAY show website.

We got together on a recent trip to NYC and I asked how I could support her work with my work. That’s when magic happens … when we help each other out to make a difference in the world.

Moms and moms-to-be: it’s time to move away from snarky comments, judgment and guilt.

Ready to take the PARENTING conversation to the next level?

Excellent … because I have the coolest news to share!!

NBC’s TODAY Show is launching the TODAY Parenting Team community with one gorgeous intention: SUPPORT.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.06.52 PM

It’s a place to ask and answer questions, to share your thoughts and to support other parents. Nobody is the perfect parent, but all of us have something to offer, whether it’s a practical solution, inspirational advice or just a funny story to get us through the day.

And the good peeps at TODAY have asked me to be a contributor to the platform! I’m honored and humbled.

My first post is about loving yourself enough to not lose yourself in motherhood. It’s a very real and vulnerable look at how to handle the contradictory advice you receive as a new mom that continues everyday through your parenting adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.08.46 PM

Come check it out, leave a comment and share with the mamas in your world!

I truly want to let every mother know that she’s not alone on her journey as she raises her child.

We are all in this together. ❤️

CLICK HERE to read my post and join this SUPPORTIVE community of parents raising the future generation of our world.