Drop the Fake Perfectionism (It’s a Trap)

Jenny + fire

I’ve been thinking a lot about messiness.

When business and life AREN’T perfect.

When you feel like you’re burning up inside.

When deadlines get missed.

Launches flop.

Kids get sick.

You get sick.

Misunderstandings occur between you and your partner.

You get a speeding ticket.

You feel like shit … and you don’t know why.

Are you able to stay in this … or do you run away and hide?

Can you be OPEN to what this situation is teaching you … or do you default to old unhealthy habits that simply don’t work anymore?

I ask these questions because this is what real life is made of, this is what moving to the next level in your business is all about.

The ability to be in the YIN and the YANG of if ALL.

The ability to give yourself permission to PLAY even though there are dishes in the sink, emails to be returned, Facebook posts to write, Periscopes to lead.

bonfireI explored this concept this weekend, big time. It wasn’t easy.

“Fake perfectionist” Jenny (old me) would have PUSHED through all of my feelings in the name of crossing some items off my to-do list.

But new, “Real is better” Jenny took a different road.

When my husband and I had a disagreement, I spoke up about my needs without attaching to whether or not he would fulfill them.

I worked outside in my garden and cleaned up our yard instead of going inside and working on my computer, cruising around on Facebook or promoting my mastermind GLOW.

When our cat Michael didn’t come home over the weekend, instead of freaking out, I led a family ritual where we prayed for Michael and shared our favorite memories about him. We are hopeful he will return.

When my son Luke threw up in the middle of the night on Saturday, I was fully present for him and what he needed instead of caring that the sheets were a mess with puke.

When completing an assignment yesterday, instead of re-creating the wheel I remembered that I already had something created … I simply needed to edit it to make it fit this project.

Instead of working or mindlessly cruising around social media last night, I got into bed and read “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer.

And this morning after school dropoff for my sons, instead of coming straight home and diving right into my projects, I took a 1-hour WALK in the hills and beauty that is the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Yes, I was COLD when I was doing it, but I was ALIVE and feeling GOOD.

It’s been a LONG ROAD to get to this point of allowing myself to FEEL GOOD even when things are MESSY, even when things are BROKEN or not as I thought they would be.

This ROAD is what I consider a SPIRITUAL PATH of taking STEPS even when you aren’t sure where the heck they are LEADING.

Even when you’re scared out of your head, but are driven by your FAITH that everything is going to be OKAY.

Scratch that, everything is going to be BETTER THAN OKAY.

And that feeling, that faith, that everything is going to be WAY BETTER THAN OKAY is what MOVES YOUR MISSION FORWARD.

It is what FUELS you to:

Send the email that freaks you out

Pitch the idea even when your voice quivers

Launch your new program

Ask for the sale

Write and publish your book

Launch your podcast

Create your new online course

Grow your list

Host regular webinars

Lead a retreat in an amazing location

Become a media sensation

Increase your fees + redesign your packages

Give back to your community

Build your brand + launch your website

Hit the speaking circuit

Commit to a regular content creation schedule

Embrace a 1-to-many business model and reclaim more space in your life

Generate $10,000+ a month in new revenue by actioning your ideas



And since you’re still alive if you’re reading this right now, your mission isn’t complete.

Ask yourself these 2 questions to get clarity on the next step in your journey:

  1. “What’s the hardest loss you’ve ever endured?
  2. “What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned that you MUST share with your tribe?”

Journal about your answers and commit to sharing your answers publicly. This is where the magic will happen BIG-TIME! The opportunities that present themselves to you will BLOW YOU AWAY. Guaranteed.

(Women in my GLOW mastermind will be sharing pieces of their brand message and embodying their brand essence throughout our work together. This is CRUCIAL in growing your business and fully stepping into leadership.)

spirit stick sisters

Embrace messy.

Drop the fake perfectionism (it’s a trap).

Keep your eyes on your own paper as you bring your ideas to life.

It’s GLOW time.


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I’d love the opportunity to help you grow + GLOW.


The Magic of “Me” Time

Girl on the sunset background

Busy much? If you’re like most women, you are running faster and faster just to keep up with the demands of modern living.  How often have you reached the end of the day and not known where the hours have gone?  You blink and poof, the day is done … but you still have lots on your plate and you’re simply exhausted.

The technology that was supposed to make our lives easier, has too often made us tethered to our computers, phones, work and responsibilities.  Many of us have forgotten how to just “be.”

What’s a girl to do?

Good question.

CALL-TO-ACTION ALERT: Right here, right now, I invite you to take a much-needed break from your life. Step away from the to-do list.  I know you’re a busy gal so I promise that our time together will be well spent.  What are we focusing on?  Making time for the most important person in your life: Y-O-U.

“Me,” you may be asking?  Yes, you.

You see, in my work with women, I find that many are suffering from a martyr mentality: the idea that they have to put everyone else’s needs before their own.  Many fall into the trap of trying to be “perfect.” A huge majority are plagued by the g-word: GUILT.

Does this sound familiar?  You’re not alone if you said yes.  You’re also not alone if you’re not as happy as you think you ought to be.


With all the strides women have made through the years, you’d think we’d be happier than we were in the past.  Surprisingly, this is not the case.  In fact, a very significant study called the General Social Survey found some startling statistics related to women’s happiness.  The study revealed two pieces of disheartening news:

  • Women are less happy than they were 40 years ago, compared with men
  • As women get older, they get sadder

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like those findings.  We have a women’s crisis on our hands … and it’s going to take us banding together to right the ship that has gone off course.

Where do we start?  Look in the mirror. It’s time to reignite the relationship you have with yourSELF.

Ready, set, go …

CONNECT: Be still and identify what fills you up as a woman.  Do you love jazz music, modern art, foreign films, marathons, hot baths, knitting, photography, writing?  What makes you come alive?

RELEASE GUILT: Let it go.  Feeling guilty about nurturing yourself is a waste of precious energy.  In fact, guilt and worry are two emotions that will get you nowhere … FAST.

DATE NIGHT: Make a date with yourself to do something you love.  Schedule it in your calendar.  Rest assured, the world will not stop just because you’ve taken a break.

If you find you are consistently overcommitted, exhausted and simply don’t have time for YOU, the next tip will change your life …

LET PEOPLE DOWN (with grace): Disappointing people is one of the most challenging, yet most important, components to living a powerful life. How many times have you agreed to something you did NOT want to do because you were too afraid to say no?  Practice saying “no, thanks” (do it now!).  It gets easier with time.  If it’s challenging to say that 2-letter word, buy time with the magical phrase: “Let me think about it and get back to you.”


  • Get out your calendar and schedule a date with yourself.
  • Choose an activity that you absolutely love.  Get excited about pursuing your passion.  Stumped?  Think back to when you were a kid.  What made you come alive?  Give yourself permission to explore this side of yourself that has been dormant for a while.  You never know what you’ll discover.
  • Clear your life of commitments that don’t fulfill you.  Perhaps you said yes to things that you weren’t so sure about … and now you know you don’t enjoy.  Make a phone call, send an email, call a meeting and bow out.  You’ll be amazed at how your life opens up and your happiness increases when you use your voice to create your ideal existence.

For more tips on embracing your peaceful power, I invite you to  subscribe to my newsletter.  When you do, you’ll receive a free guide: 7 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Power … NOW.  Readers have shared with me the amazing ways they have enhanced their lives by implementing these simple, yet profound, steps.  Get ready for your evolution!

If you’re looking for a FANTASTIC book on making the practice of extreme self-care a new standard of living, I HIGHLY recommend Cheryl Richardson’s book “The Art of Extreme Self-Care.” I’ve given the book to many clients because I believe in it so much.

Would love to hear what you do to carve out time for your self-care.  Let’s share insights and support one another in this wonderful and wild world of womanhood.

Until next week, have fun with ME TIME.  You’ll be SO glad you did (hint: so will everyone else in your life).