The Messages and Messengers On Your Path

You are never alone.

Even though you may feel “alone” right now, you’re not.

You’re always guided, supported, loved. And you know what else? You have messengers and messages on your path ALL THE TIME, leading the way for you to help you design the business and life that you deserve.

people-talking-social-media Let me tell you a story about how I learned this lesson.

Back in 2006, I was feeling pretty crappy. I had achieved all signs of outward success – good job with a $175,000 income attached to it, marriage to my husband Steven, high-rise apartment overlooking the Hudson River in New York City, global travel, and all the Coach bags I could buy.

Perfect, right?

Not for me. I felt stuck, sad, lost.

The problem: I wasn’t using my gifts and talents in the way I was put on this planet to do. And I was paying for it dearly. To numb my pain, I fueled my addictions: alcohol, work and needing to be liked by everyone.

Something magical happened in early January of 2007. A card landed in my mailbox at 75 West End Avenue in Manhattan. It was a belated holiday card from my Uncle Vincent and Aunt Dottie (my mom Susan’s sister). In the homemade card were photos of my aunt and uncle with their children and grandchildren along with a holiday message.

And on the back of the card was a poem that would change the course of my career and life forever.

This is what that poem said:

“Tread in solitude your pathway

Quiet heart and undismayed

You will know things strange, mysterious

Which to you no voice has said

While the crowd of petty hustlers

Grasps at vain and meager things

You will see a great world rising

Where soft, sacred music rings

Leave the dusty road to others,

Spotless keep your soul and bright

As the radiant ocean’s surface

When the sun is taking flight.”

– V Schoffel

A chill ran through my body when I read those words. I knew I couldn’t pretend any longer that the life I was living was okay. It simply wasn’t. Even though it was “fine” and very much in line with the “status quo,” it just wasn’t okay with me. You only get one life. I’m not going to waste it living a mediocre existence.

So I put that poem up on my vision board in my apartment and looked at it everyday for more than 10 months.

It was as if those words were beckoning me forward into my next chapter EVEN THOUGH I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT CHAPTER LOOKED LIKE. I was scared out of my mind, but that message told me I was going to be okay.

On Friday, November 2, 2007, I quit my 6-figure corporate job without another job lined up or a real clue what I would do next.

i quit

I was in the midst of a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and had never felt that good in my body in my entire life. Going to work in an uninspiring office to spend the majority of my waking hours working in a job that simply wasn’t for me just wasn’t an option anymore. So I quit. Yes, it was hard. But, I vowed from that day forward to follow the path to happiness.

It was that MESSAGE I received from my Uncle and Aunt that showed me the way. I’m sure of it. Never discount the power of messages and messengers on your path (both as a receiver and as a giver!).

I shared that story with my Uncle Vincent at his 70th birthday party last year. I wanted him to know what an impact his choice to include that poem (he’s a very spiritual man) had on my life. I wanted to say thanks.

I would not have the life I have now if he hadn’t been brave enough to share.

This is EXACTLY why I do what I do in my business. The amazing piece is now that I’ve consciously built my business and life from the ground up, I’m poised to earn SO much more money than I ever would if I had stayed in that job that I was afraid to leave. The money is this beautiful side effect of getting gutsy and creating a business that revolves around my natural gifts and talents AND being a smart, savvy marketer and CEO (I’ve had to learn how to step into this on my entrepreneurial journey and you will too).

My business crossed the 6-figure mark last year and we are on track to at least double our revenue in 2013. The best part? I AM HAPPY and am confident that the work I’m doing now is sustainable and nurturing on the deepest, most sacred level. I WANT TO KEEP DOING IT. It’s what I’m here to do. It’s why I’m on this planet.

Jenny on stage

This is what I’ve been looking for my entire life. Finding my calling and then living it in the world … NOTHING IS SWEETER. It gives me the chance to work with spectacular clients, live in a beautiful home and community with my family (because I run my business online I was able to leave NYC for the Berkshires in Massachusetts and my biz grew as a result), and expand as a human being.


I share this story so you can see what is possible for YOU.

Let’s bring this idea home now …

Are you excited about your work? Does it fill you on many levels – emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially?

What messages and messengers are in your life right now that want to help you move into your next level?

What kind of messenger are you and what are you here to say?

Questions to ponder … questions to play with …

Stay open. Stay nimble.


P.S. Keep your eyes and ears open because I’ve created something spectacular for you if you’re ready to boost your mission, message, marketing and money. It’s a game changer, life changer, legacy builder.

Walking Through the Fire to Freedom: Why the Retreat for Goddesses Changed My Life

Guest post by Regina D’Alesio, Storytelling + Transformation Coach,


On a bright, sunny July day in 2012, I hopped in my car and set out for Jenny Fenig’s Retreat for Goddesses in the Catskills of New York. As I got on the highway, I was anxious to get there, so I could finally relax. No cell phones, no email, no distractions. This was my time to unwind.

Coming into the Retreat, I was feeling overworked and stressed out. I was working as a corporate event planner, which at times was a 24/7 job. After working in the industry for over six years, the work no longer fulfilled me. I wanted to make a change, but was unclear about my next step – should I change careers and stay in corporate or should I branch out and start my own business?

As the event kicked off on the first night, Jenny led us through a series of exercises.  My head immediately filled with so many questions: What is my purpose? What does my dream job look like? What do I want my legacy to be?

That evening, I talked with two of my fellow goddesses who were wrestling with similar questions. Not one of us had “the answer,” but we were all supporting one another through the journey.

women walking

The design of the retreat provided a space to get quiet and give myself permission to think about where I wanted to go. In the bucolic space of nature, I had a clear view of the way I was living my life – constantly checking email, never taking vacations, too tired to spend time with my family and friends. This was not a life I wanted to be leading any more.

But how could I make the change?

chicks in a row

On the morning of our 3rd day, I listened as Julie (one of the women I chatted with on our 1st night) talked about growing tired of working in her industry, wanting change, but unsure of how to make the leap. Her story resonated so deeply with me. I felt as if she was telling my story. Her courage to change her life inspired me to make a change in my own – a BOLD change. In that moment, I decided I would leave corporate America to launch my own business.

That evening, I took the first step towards creating my dream by walking on fire (yes, Jenny arranged for a firewalking guide to lead us over fire!).

hot coals

Coming into the retreat, I thought firewalking would be a test of my courage. But as I walked across the coals, I realized this was a CELEBRATION of my courage.

That’s what the retreat did for me. It reminded me of my power, my strength, and my ability to create the life of my dreams. 

I left the retreat a very different person than when I arrived. As I drove out to the highway following the Retreat, I was free. Free from stress, worry and indecision that had plagued me for so long.


Now I am a storytelling and transformation coach helping my clients become rock star speakers. I love the work that I do, the clients that I serve and most importantly, that I am living the life of my dreams.

Regina D’Alesio is a storytelling and transformation coach. She helps her clients craft compelling presentations, attract more clients and grow their businesses. Learn more about Regina at


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Numbers + Heart = Balance: What to Do When Working a Corporate Job Just Isn’t an Option Anymore

Guest post by Wendy Sabin, Founder + CPA,

Wendy Sabin CPADespite my best efforts, my long hours at my corporate finance job left me increasingly unfulfilled.  Balancing work and family left me irritated and impatient. I deserved better.  So did my husband and 2 year old.

In December last year, I quit and started a bookkeeping business, hoping to leverage my prior accounting experience to help others grow their business.  I started from ground zero: no clients, no contacts, no income.  But I knew I could make it work.  Somehow.

I knew I had to change. I needed a realignment, had to break out of the corporate shell. I had no idea how.  But I knew the transformation would be worth it.

Enter Jenny and the Live Your Dream Challenge. How I wish I had met her earlier!  In my corporate misery, I’d looked for a retreat, an exercise, anything, that could help me answer “what do I want out of life?” Jenny’s openness about her leap from corporate to entrepreneurship was a breath of fresh air. She would help me figure it out.

Our first assignment was a vision board, something my accountant’s brain had never attempted. I was empowered to think of myself as the whole enchilada, rather than my roles: wife, mother, employee, daughter.  What did I want my life to be like?  Note to self, there’s more to Wendy than numbers!

Through our choices, we all write our own scripts. Numbers and other people’s priorities had taken over my career and my life;  I couldn’t see much else.  With Jenny’s guidance, my script revealed that travel had impacted most decisions in my life.  I happened to write my script while on vacation in New Zealand. The fire was lit! To keep traveling with my family on my schedule, my business had to work!

challengeClarity for my work and life has been the biggest gift of working with Jenny.  My work now incorporates my newly identified values of authenticity, balance, creativity, influence, and of course adventure.  My mission is to use numbers to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and maintain flexibility, so that returning to corporate isn’t an option.  I’m now working with women all over the country doing just that. Oh yes, my family time is sweeter too. Much sweeter.

Bookkeeping is simply a tool for recording business transactions. Numbers with heart gives my clients the key to growing their businesses for all the right reasons – doing what they love, making a good income, having enough quality family time.  Turns out this formula works for me too!

It’s not every day a numbers gal opens up like this. As a matter of fact I’m both energized and terrified about it.  But in order to live my dream, I need to take action, take a chance, and go public.  My hat is off to Jenny, her story, and her actions, as she inspires me, and others, to live the dream too.

Solopreneurs from across the country rely on Wendy Sabin, CPA, to keep their books up to date so they can stay laser-focused on their core business and have more fun with family and friends.  By utilizing her QuickBooks setups and tune-ups, as well as training, monthly bookkeeping, year-end planning and budgeting, Wendy’s clients are empowered to make savvy moves to grow their business.  Wendy uses her accounting, budgeting, and training expertise to help entrepreneurs get good numbers and get on with their life.



As a former (unfulfilled) corporate gal, I can SO relate to Wendy’s story. Wow.

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We start Tuesday, June 4!

LYDC bundleWhat I know is this: this program WILL change your life and the course of your business path forever. Stop struggling. Stop trying to muscle your way through by yourself. Stop wasting your life and talents away!

It’s time to get GUTSY and simplify, systematize and skyrocket your purpose-driven business (even if you’re not sure what your purpose OR business is … and are feeling kinda stuck and freaked out). Don’t be afraid. I’ve got your back and I want to help.