Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet … Again

Here we go again …


Time to expand.

Time to go deeper.

Time to become more VISIBLE.

Time to SURRENDER some more.

The best way to describe what I’m doing is that I’m coming out of the spiritual closet … again. I first wrote about coming out of the spiritual closet a year ago. It was a huge moment for me.

And here I am again. Naked. Exposed. Ready to climb new mountains, including …

  • Closing my free Facebook group of more than 4,000 members and opening up a more curated group of students of my work (I’m choosing to cultivate a sacred circle of women who have read my book and/or signed up for one my programs, retreats or courses through the years)
  • Interviewing Danielle LaPorte for my tribe of leaders about the SOUL OF SERVICE
  • Starting a regular Facebook Live show on my Facebook page (Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. EST)
  • Opening applications for my mastermind GLOW (and evolving the program so we can serve more women yet stay committed to going DEEP together)
  • Leading several VIP Strategy Retreats for amazing clients
  • Channeling my deceased sister Julie to deliver a message to a client
  • Starting the homeschool journey for both of my boys

I’m writing this after having an extraordinary few days. My husband Steven took our 3 kids to his parents (and to the US Open!) while I opted to stay home and make some magic happen.

I organized the entire house – especially focusing on the playroom, homeschool space, and my office.

I rearranged stuff, threw lots away, had a call with my Facebook ads team (we have an awesome campaign coming at ya!), played with my new revenue model spreadsheet, and created the weekly schedule for our family (color coded it and everything!) including our meal plans. (I spent very little time on the Internet – no distractions!)

And I napped in my hammock. And slept in until 9:30 a.m. one morning!

Holy shit.

I told Steven, just give me regular open space and watch what magic happens. I’m grateful he gets it and gets me.

I need regular alone time. Lots of quiet. This means I must be willing to do things by myself, away from the masses.

If you need this too, speak up about your needs and desires. You don’t do anyone any favors by ignoring your true nature.

When you get quiet, you can hear the small, still voice inside. That voice is the most powerful guide you have. Listen and heed the call.

Listening to that voice is something I help my clients to do. It sounds so easy, right? But it’s not.

We’re conditioned from a young age to listen to everyone else over ourselves. To follow the crowd. To dim our light. To fit in. Don’t be too loud. 

But when you surrender to SPIRIT and the SACRED WORK you are here to do, WATCH THE FUCK OUT.

This is the magical art and science of being a LEADER. I LOVE TO TEACH THIS STUFF to a hungry audience of women on a mission, women who are tired of the bullshit they are seeing online.

What does spiritual business leadership entail?

A connection to SPIRIT and a willingness and discipline to go inward, daily.

The guts to make moves even when you can’t see all of the steps that lie ahead.

The courage to listen to your audience and solve their problems through your elegant solutions (programs, courses, books, podcasts, workshops, retreats, masterminds, sessions, VIP Days, meditations, the list goes on!).

The mindset to price your offerings to profit and to be excited to SELL and SERVE.

Being okay with the critics you attract and trusting that you can follow Michelle Obama’s advice here:

“When they go low, we go high.”


Selling is Serving

That’s why the next season of my work is focused on helping my clients GO HIGH in their work >> high vibe, high touch, high end.

The online space is a changing … and I see too many casualties of business where coaches are giving up because they do NOT have a sustainable business model. They are trying to appeal to the masses through a cheap approach. They don’t realize the complexity of trying to grow a business by selling $97 courses alone.

This GO HIGH approach is something I’ve tested out in my own business and am in love with. The quality of client I am attracting now is top notch. These women are committed to doing the work (and slaying the dragons that step on your path along the way).

I want this for you too.

Because burnout is a bitch. And so is not earning enough in your business to give your family the life they (and YOU!) deserve.

When I first “came out of the spiritual closet” by positioning my business as the go-to for spiritual coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs, I’ve gotta tell you: I was a bit concerned about claiming the word “spiritual.”

I don’t consider myself religious, but my spirituality has become more and more core to who I am.

I call in Spirit Guides.

Talk to angels (including my sister Julie).

Pray to God.

Meditate on mountain tops.

Keep crystals on hand.

Diffuse essential oils in my home.

Infuse spirit into my creations.

Have been a practitioner of yoga for 16 years and went on a life-changing trip to India this year.

Spirituality is one of my FAVORITE topics in the whole wide world (in addition to ONLINE BUSINESS + claiming your power as a LEADER).

People who love spirituality as much as I do are my FAVORITE people in the world.

I do my best work when I blend my FAVORITES into one juicy concoction.

And my results prove it.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your spiritual foundation and talk about it in your work.

Many of us have been conditioned to hide for risk of being misunderstood or shunned, but I’m here to say: do not WORRY.

Do not be afraid.

My spiritual relationship keeps me young, curious and wise.

My spiritual relationship is my biggest strength as a CEO, coach, wife, mother and human.

And it’s one of 6 golden keys that make up the strategic framework and crucial support for your beautiful, sustainable growth.

Because I know your mission matters.

And I want to help you MOVE YOUR MISSION FORWARD.

Want to learn from me (for free)?

Awesome because I’m diving DEEP on how to help more people with your sacred work during the 7-day HIGH VIBE CHALLENGE.

Click here to reserve your spot in the free Challenge.


Would love to have you join us! Going to be a powerful journey.

Touch more lives with your message.

Leverage the tools of technology to expand your platform and make more money.

Close more sales, with ease and grace.

Rise higher in service to your tribe.

Go high: high vibe, high touch, high end.

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“The new spirituality is that it will produce an experience in human encounters in which we become a living demonstration of the basic spiritual teaching ‘We are all one.'” – Neale Donald Walsch

Stay with me … we’re going someplace worth going.

Signature xoxo Jenny

It Could Have Been Me …

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.56.01 AM
It could have happened …

It could have been me and not her. It could have been me who got sick at dad’s house in Georgia over Christmas and not been able to get on the airplane to fly home to Florida.

It could have been me who was poked and prodded and analyzed and told by doctors that they didn’t know why I was sick and maybe it was ulcers and maybe it was purely psychological and all in my head.

It could have been me who was told a tumor was found in my brain.

It could have been me who had my skull cut open to have a tumor removed from my brain.

It could have been me who had a plastic shell made for the outside of my head so I could be eased into the radiation machine at Shands Hospital.

It could have been me who had to miss weeks of 6th grade due to my treatment in Gainesville, Florida.

It could have been me staying at the Ronald McDonald House with the other sick kids and their families.

It could have been me who had a pen pal with a serious illness who lived while I died.

It could have been me who got better and beat cancer only to learn a few months later that it was back with a vengeance, this time on my brain stem and spine.

It could have been me who couldn’t keep my balance on my bike because of the tumors.

It could have been me who ate shark cartilage and went through the hell that is chemotherapy.

It could have been me who lost my hair.

It could have been me who had a surprise Valentine’s Day party in my 7th grade class a few weeks before I died.

It could have been me who had seizures.

It could have been me who felt like I had to go to the bathroom all the time and whose face got puffy and broken out because of the steroids.

It could have been me.

It could have been me who had the fucking disease called CANCER.

Julie towards the end

It could have been me who found God and asked for my Last Rites to be given as I sat in my hospital bed, praying and dying.

It could have been me saying goodbye to my healthy sister Julie and parents and family.

It could have been me writing her poem instead of my poem.

It could have been me dying at 12 years, 10 months, 7 days.


It was her. It was Julie.

It was her path … and this is mine.

For so many lost, grief-fueled years, I didn’t know why.

That energy healing and channeling session with Lisa Hines and writing and publishing my book have given me the answers.

21 years after Julie took her last breath, I have clarity.

My work is here.

Julie’s work is there.

We emitted so much ENERGY between us that we needed to split and divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer.

Divvy up and heal.

Do the work.

Share the message.

Heal the hearts.

Rise the tides.

Shine the light.

Sisters on a mission.


sisters doing hair


Dealing with Haters and Critics on Facebook

haters and critics

I’m pretty fortunate that I haven’t had to deal with too many haters and critics in my biz. I mean, there have certainly been some people who have NOT liked my work and style, but for the most part people have been pretty respectful and kind-hearted.

But … there have been SOME mean-spirited comments, including recently when a Facebook “friend” couldn’t understand why I was putting my daughter in daycare (at my next door neighbor’s home daycare no less – the same place my 2 sons went when they were younger) rather than staying home with me full-time.

This “friend” went on to quote Dr. Laura about the tragedy of women who put their children in daycare. (No offense to Dr. Laura, but we speak different languages.)

There are a lot of tragedies in this world (including women hating on other women’s choices), but getting help with your children so you can spend part of your day creating a body of work that changes the world … well that’s not one of them.

I wonder if the vast majority of men who return to work after having children are made to feel guilty for not being with their children “full time” and returning to work to support their family? They often are praised and applauded for this choice.

Why the double standard?


One of my biz chick buddies said when she had a baby and shared she was getting a nanny she received a Facebook message from one of her fans saying they were so relieved she was getting a nanny instead of putting her baby in daycare because of all of the horrible things that happen in daycare.

My buddy was taken aback by the unsolicited opinion as she wasn’t looking for approval of a choice that was very personal …


If there’s one thing not to challenge me on, it’s a woman’s right to DESIGN her own life and CHOOSE her own path when it comes to work, family, home, EVERYTHING.

There is no “one size fits all.”

Although my business path has me in the public eye, I don’t believe in taking shit from anyone, especially on Facebook which aims to foster connection … and you don’t need to in your business or life either.

big bear

I share this with you because my tribe often asks me how to handle this “underbelly” of business fame as you start RISING UP and becoming more and more visible in your work.

Have you received rude comments on Facebook that you weren’t sure how to deal with? You know, the ones that totally took you off guard?

Let me give you a tip when it comes to dealing with mean-spirited critics on Facebook:

1. Unfriend them

2. Ban/block them from your personal profile or biz page

3. Delete the comment in question (dissolve the energy from your page)

The likelihood of changing a hater’s mind and making them see your point of view is pretty slim. It’s not worth the effort.

Now there are times, when I will write a response but my intention ALWAYS is to take the high road when I make my point … then I bless them, move on, and cut the energetic cord.

I’ve got too many amazing things to focus on to waste my time on trying to convert critics. I choose to invest my energy helping my tribe.

You need to realize that there are certain people who are in your TRIBE and certain people who aren’t. If you’re trying to please everyone, you’re screwed because your message will be totally watered down and boring.

Go ahead, piss some people off. Let them not understand you. Some of these people will get triggered by you and the way you live your life and run your business … and many of them will TELL YOU how much they don’t agree with you.



Why awesome? Because now you have an even CLEARER picture of who you’re here to help and who you’re not.

If you’re trying to help everyone, you’ll help no one.

Get specific with your niche.

Think 1-inch wide and 1-mile deep.

That’s your tribe.


Your tribe loves you.

Your tribe understands you.

Your tribe needs you.

And the best part? The feeling is mutual.


Signature (Jenny)

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What To Do When the Doubts Come Marching In


“Oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts, oh when the doubts come marching in.”

It happens right?

You better believe it does.

On your journey to create YOUR soulful, profitable biz, you too will have to deal with DOUBTS. Most of them from YOU.


But don’t fret, there’s a way to RISE ABOVE so you don’t SABOTAGE your success.

In this episode of Get Gutsy TV, I share a simple tip you can implement TODAY that will help you lovingly yet firmly tell your doubts to take a hike.



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Your Story Will Change Lives: Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Hardest Loss I’ve Ever Endured

your story will change lives

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the hardest loss I’ve ever endured: the death of my younger sister Julie.

It’s hard to fathom that much time has passed, but the calendar tells me it has.

Julie died from cancer on February 27, 1994. She was 12. I was 16.

My road to recovery has been long and twisted and messy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and thank her for blessing me with her presence.

I’m a better woman because I had Julie as a sister.

This loss has marked my life in just about every way.

It’s why I live my life the way I do.

It’s why I run my business the way I do.

It’s why I parent and love and lead the way I do.

It’s shaped my path, my outlook, my heart.

It’s a pivotal moment in my story.

I set out on a journey last year to tell my story in the form of a book.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

My sister Julie and I enjoying the beach as kids.

The death of Julie was just one of the many pieces of my journey and what I’ve learned, but it’s an important moment no doubt.

My book will be published later this year and it’s no coincidence that it’s coming out 20 years after I was dealt the biggest blow of my life.

I’m honored to get it into the hands of women who are ready to see their stories as the message they are here to share to help heal the planet.

Know this: your story will change lives. Have the courage to share it.

Here’s an excerpt from my book that gives you a sense of what it was like to experience the loss of my younger sister.

I hope by me having the guts to share, you’ll be brave enough to share YOUR story, your pain, your victories, your lessons learned.

This is what’s called the Hero’s Journey. You’re on it right now.

Just getting this memory down on paper, reliving it so I could release it, has been one of the most cleansing and healing experiences of my life.

I wish the same for you.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share. It means the world to me.


Excerpt from Chapter 3: WHY

What’s that?

Mom’s groggy, shattered voice is what I pick up next.

“She is? Damnation. I’m coming. I’m coming.”

“Mom? What happened?” I ask.

“Julie’s gone. That was Nurse Patillo. She said Julie went peacefully. The family is gathering at her bedside to say goodbye. Do you want to come?”

I let out a groan, needing to release something.

Then I mutter, “no.”

I know I should go and see Julie’s dead body in her hospital bed, but I cannot move. I can’t bear to see her like that. I’ve never seen a dead body before and I don’t want to see my sister not breathing, looking like she’s sleeping when actually she’s fucking dead. I can’t. I don’t know how to be around all these adults who have been through death before and will try to comfort me when all they will do is make it worse because they will make it more real.

I can’t and I won’t.

Plus, my body is begging me for sleep, trying to make up for last night’s lack of sleep after my drunken clubbing escapade.

“Okay, Jennifer, you sleep and I’ll go,” mom says as she starts to rustle around in the dark to put on her outfit from yesterday.

I pull the covers over my head tight and curl up in a fetal position.

Mom turns on the bathroom light to brush her blonde hair, put on her pink shiny lipstick (she always wears pink shiny lipstick) and get herself semi-presentable to go see her dead daughter in the hospital.

When I wake up a few hours later, I’m freezing. Goosebumps cover my skin even though the covers are fully over me in my soft motel bed.

The hangover is still working its way out of my body. It’s as if my body has requested space for a new feeling to live inside of me: DEATH. The death of my sister.

I’m cold and I’m suffocating. I gasp for air and look over in the dark towards mom’s bed. She looks like a big lump under the covers.

What am I supposed to do now?

Take a shower? Get dressed in the outfit I threw in my overnight bag? Eat something?

No action seems worthy of this moment. Everything feels pointless.

There is a gaping, cavernous hole in my chest. I know this feeling because I’ve had holes in my chest before.

Like when mom and dad separated and dad told me he was moving out and I pretended that I wasn’t sad because I knew I was supposed to be strong and not cry.

Or when mom, Julie and I moved from Georgia to Florida and had to say goodbye to dad before I got into the moving van with my new stepdad who I hated.

Or when boyfriends would break up with me or stop calling me.

Or when the senior girls egged my townhouse because they didn’t like me.

Or when I learned that Julie had this disease called cancer and it was going to take over our life.

I’m alone, abandoned by the one person who understood me and accepted me for me. Why did she leave me? Everyone leaves me. I’m unlovable.

I rub my hands over my skin to try to claw off this layer of misery that is engulfing me.

Nausea bubbles up in my stomach. Oh shit. I’m gonna puke.

I throw off the covers and run to the bathroom and close the door so I don’t wake mom. My body heaves and I pick up the toilet cover and throw up violently into the water, tears flowing out of my eyes. Shaking and balling, I do my best to steady myself with my hands on either side of the toilet and my knees touching the tile of the bathroom. My throw-up is red from Julie’s uneaten Jell-O that I scarfed down.

Taking a deep breath, I strip off my emerald green turtleneck sweater, black bra, Gap bootleg jeans and thong panties and get into the shower. The water is scalding hot and I like it because I can feel something other than my heart being ripped out.

It’s Sunday morning.

As the hot water beats down on my skin, I resolve to do the only thing I know to do: go to New Smyrna Beach High School tomorrow acting like nothing has changed.

People are depending on me to perform. I have responsibilities: to be an A student, to cheer for our basketball team, to edit the yearbook, to look pretty, to show up at all the parties and to be happy. I can’t disappoint. I can’t fall behind. I can’t be left out of everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I have to appear perfect even though I’m far from it.

Must. Keep. Going.

The drain in the shower is clogged and the water is up to my ankles like I’m in walking in the shallow part of the ocean back home.

My thoughts are like popcorn, bouncing up and down in my brain as I try to keep up and follow them.

A voice inside of me speaks:

“You’re still here for a reason.”


What the hell is going on? What reason could possibly be the reason for me being here and my baby sister Julie being dead?

A chill goes up my spine as the anger gets all hot and prickly underneath my skin.

I don’t care if Julie was a real God lover and believer, I’m pissed at God right now and want to let Him know. How could he let this happen to her? Isn’t he in charge? Doesn’t he call all the shots?

I tell him what’s on my mind.

“God, if you are out there, can you tell me what I’m supposed to do now that you took my sister from me? Tell me! This makes no sense. None. You took the wrong girl.”

The words angrily flow out of my mouth as the water drips from my body in buckets. I prop myself up with my arm on the yellow tiled wall as I take a series of short, shallow breaths.

I wait.

“I repeat. What am I supposed to do now?”

The Voice comes again: “Tell your story. Share your pain. This is the work you are here to do. This is your mission, your why. Julie will help you.”

I stand there, stunned.


Cracked open.


To my sister Julie, for being a beacon of light and love everyday of my life. May you watch over the courageous women who choose to be visible, vulnerable and victorious as they find and live their soul’s calling … and tell their story.

My sister and our cat Puff.

My sister and our cat Puff.