Join Award-Winning Spiritual Business Coach Jenny Fenig for the LIVE Edition of Her Most Popular Course Ever >> the Tribe Building Bootcamp

Dear Spiritual Healer, Coach + Creative,

Imagine this:

  • You launch your newest creation online and within days it SELLS OUT.
  • You write a blog post that goes viral, netting you an invitation to speak at a MAJOR industry event.
  • You receive cards, emails and phone calls from happy clients, customers and fans THANKING YOU FOR CHANGING THEIR LIFE.
  • You build a community of thousands and thousands of like-minded people EAGER TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE and learn from you.
  • You hop onto Facebook Live and share a slice of your life and your teachings (in your fave yoga pants) and have people TUNING IN FROM ALL OVER THE PLANET.
  • Your email is filled with opportunities from prospects and sales from customers – and this all happened through the POWER OF AUTOMATION.
  • You DESIGN AN ALIGNED LIFESTYLE that fuels you on the deepest level.
  • You’re pumped to get to work everyday doing exactly what you were put on earth to do.


It’s all possible. All of it. All of the crazy drama around not enough clients and not enough cash flow and not enough time can go away.

But not until you GET KNOWN ONLINE.

The Internet is here to stay and it’s up to you to maximize it to its full potential to help those beautiful people you are here to serve.

Ready to step up and get serious about growing your business?

In a recent survey with entrepreneurs, I uncovered some major FEARS. Can you relate to any of this?


  • Failure
  • Loss of money
  • Not being able to get clients
  • That people won’t want to buy what I have to offer
  • If it’s not “perfect,” I can’t launch it
  • Spending money I don’t have
  • Not knowing how to get known to the clients who need me
  • Being visible
  • Not enough time to get it all done
  • Fear of success and leaving the pack behind
  • (The list goes on!)

If you said HELL YES, you’re not alone.

These issues DERAIL so many spiritual entrepreneurs … it really breaks my heart. I should know – this stuff derailed me for SO many years in biz … and still does at times. These fears are deeply rooted in our old stories, our childhood, our past lives (if you believe in that!), our tissues.

As my yoga teacher Mark says, you’ve got to “release the issues in your tissues.”

These ISSUES are at the root of why you:

  • Play it safe in your business by being too “vanilla” in your messaging and marketing
  • Hide behind your computer instead of getting out in real life and meeting prospects, clients and referral partners
  • Undercharge for your services and products and overservice your clients and customers because you have no boundaries
  • Have been tinkering around on your website for a year now and still have nothing to show for it
  • Are afraid to ask for the sale when talking to an amazing prospect
  • Make excuses (no money, no time, scared to travel) for why you can’t be attend an event that will change your business forever
  • Have inconsistent cash flow
  • Aren’t publishing regular pieces of high-value content and instead consume everyone else’s content and worry that you’ll never be “good enough”
  • Are afraid to step into a leadership role as head of the tribe you are here to serve

Unless you RELEASE these issues and truly say YES to growing your business by BUILDING YOUR TRIBE, you will stay exactly where you are now (or worse, you’ll quit because it will get too freaking hard).

Yes! Sign me up.

What is Your Tribe?


Your Tribe is your crew of ideal customers that you TOTALLY adore working with and serving. There is a distinct subset of the population that is HUNGRY for the transformation you provide. Your tribe is SO attracted to you … and once you find them and they find you, well let’s just say that’s when you reach NIRVANA, baby.

As leader of the tribe, it’s your job to be plugged into their needs and giving them what they want on a regular basis. When you do, the rewards – financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, relationship and more – will BLOW you away.

I should know. I’ve built my multi-6-figure business (after a few years of not knowing what the hell I was doing!) by leading my tribe with guts and grace.

Here’s How I Did It

I launched my business in 2008, but it looked very different than it does now. Although I had been in the business world for my entire career (Corporate America!), I had no clue how to run a business by myself. I wore every hat you can think of.

The one thing I was clear on was that I was here to serve leaders. Gutsy leaders. Spiritual leaders who desired to walk an unconventional road sharing their gifts and talents with the world. But the clarity about my tribe came from me taking imperfect action and course correcting as I go.

If there was one thing I was good at it was just GOING FOR IT and TRYING things to see what worked.

I refused to let anything stop me although there were MANY moments I wanted to give up because the money just wasn’t happening at the level I wanted it to.

And although I was attracting clients, they weren’t always the perfect fit … and I wasn’t brave enough to know when to decline an engagement because I was still muddy as to exactly WHO was in my tribe and who wasn’t.

I didn’t launch my website and newsletter until my business was 1.5 years old and it took a few years for my list to get past the 1,000 person mark.

I wasted a lot of time on projects that simply didn’t matter. I chased distractions disguised as opportunities. I was afraid to ask for what I wanted. And I held myself back from being fully ME in my business for fear of being too “out there.”

Seeing other successful entrepreneurs doing their thing very successfully online, I often sat back like a “good girl” waiting for it to be my turn instead of standing up and claiming my space in the spotlight.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom in 2011 with a measly $1,500 in profits to show for my efforts that year when I said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

Right then and there, I decided to FLY MY FREAK FLAG high and proud. I had something to say and people to serve and by God, I was going to do it now or never.

I was going to claim my EXPERT STATUS.

Expert badge

The next year – in 2012 – I led my business to $110,000 in revenue, quadrupling the revenues from the previous year.

The business has grown ever since.

Last year, we grew the business to more than a quarter of a million dollars in sales. This is also the year I won a Silver Stevie Award for COACH OF THE YEAR.

I’ve launched program after program, hosted training after training, been a guest speaker at dozens and dozens of live and virtual events, written a best-selling book, and created a slew of content that keeps my tribe engaged, served and growing. Plus I host a popular podcast called “Get Gutsy” that’s blowing up the airwaves.

People have called me a “Content Creation Machine.” I enjoy consistent cash flow. I have a kickass team (all virtual to suit my introvert style!).

Most importantly, I’m a mom to 3 young kids (I homeschool one of them!) and a wife to my sports producer husband Steven. And I create my work schedule to fit into my active lifestyle with my family and my soul’s desire for downtime in my creative cave.


How do I do it?

My building and leading my tribe of gutsy spiritual business leaders just like YOU.

When I looked at the results of my recent survey I told you about earlier, a message hit me loud and clear:


This is the missing link for you.

Once you get this, everything will shift. EVERYTHING.

So I’m so PUMPED to invite you to my online course that will help you REACH MORE, MAKE MORE and PLAY MORE.

It’s time to step into your rightful role as a LEADER.

It’s time to earn the consistent income you deserve.

It’s time to help more people.

It’s time to attract better clients.

It’s time to have more fun.

It’s time to step into the spotlight.

Yes! Sign me up.

Join me for 4 powerful weeks together!


Showing Up, Standing Out, Being Visible

Deciding to be “all in” in your business is what it takes to build a power tribe of clients, fans and team members AND will bring up all your shiz! We’ll start our journey together by focusing on getting comfortable with getting uncomfortable as you become more visible in your industry. This is a crucial first step and one that if not fully examined will hold you back from touching the lives you are here to touch.

During this training, you’ll learn:

  • How to easily make yourself stand out in a crowded industry
  • Daily, weekly and monthly actions you must take to attract prospects and customers
  • The difference between blogs and newsletters and what you need for your biz right now (not what worked 5 years ago)
  • A map of to-do’s to ensure you’re accurately and securely set-up online (don’t let your site get redirected to a crazy porn site like mine did … I’ll share my tips for ensuring your site is safe!)
  • Why being vulnerable as you share your story is more important than you think (you also need to know how “far” you should go)
  • What you need to invest in regularly in your business (ignoring this will lose you money)
  • How to not let the “I’m not good enough” message in your head sabotage your success
  • The shadow side of fame: dealing with haters, critics and FAILURE
  • Super inexpensive DIY ways to brand yourself and spread your message online fast


Finding Your People

Your tribe (present + future) NEEDS your services and offerings. But if they can’t find you, then you’re in TROUBLE … and you’re doing your people a GRAVE DISSERVICE. If you want to create consistent cash flow in your business, you must know how to attract ideal clients and customers! It’s an art and a science.

You can do this … when you know where to focus your efforts and energy (especially if you’re working on a limited schedule like I am with 3 young kiddos to raise!).

In this training, you’ll learn:

  • The key to creating ravings fans who buy from you (repeatedly), refer you and follow you
  • Free and low-cost methods to drive traffic to your website
  • Understanding the key “grabs” you need to have on your website to get your tribe’s attention
  • Why attending and speaking at events (online and offline) will skyrocket your success and how to find events that are worth your time
  • The social media channels your best customers are hanging out on, and how to leverage these platforms to find your peeps
  • Wrapping your head around the power of video (especially livestreaming video) and how to get out of hiding to create high-value videos of your own (even if you’re creating them yourself on your computer)
  • How to engage your community in social media, your blog and newsletter (even if you’re just getting started)
  • Why setting up an Autoresponder series when people opt-in to your list is a beautiful way to nurture your lead and convert them into a client
  • How to create online spaces your tribe will love to hang out and engage in instead of spots that look like a Ghost Town
  • The power of free webinars and livestreams for growing your list of prospects and launching offers that sell


Getting Amazing Shit Done And Still Having a Life

Guess what? You don’t need to work 80 hours a week to have a profitable business. You don’t even need to work 40. Quite frankly, it’s not about the number of hours you put in. It’s about using your energy for the 20% of the projects that bring in 80% of your results. Kaizen, baby. Not familiar with this concept? You will be after this training!

During this training, you’ll learn:

  • The small handful of tools you need to run your online biz like a pro (so you can sleep at night) without breaking the bank
  • How to systematize and prioritize your tasks for the biggest impact in your biz so you still have plenty of gas “in the tank” for your family, friends and health
  • How to automate time-consuming tasks like the leader you are so you can free up space in your brain to grow your business to the next level (not doing this will keep you stuck at the same level for eons)
  • Getting past procrastination and “eating the frog” when you’d rather hang out on Facebook all day commenting on cat photos and taking quizzes
  • Doing it all is lame! How to “have it all” instead without the burnout that often comes with success


Becoming a Content Creation Pro

If you want to get known online and make sweet money using your gifts and talents, creating valuable, engaging content is a MUST DO!

And it’s not that hard. It’s actually lots of fun.

But there are some PITFALLS to avoid so you don’t burnout and create content that hardly anyone will see.

Ready to grow your tribe and open up to the flow of abundance, success and love?

During this training, you’ll learn:

  • The least expensive and most valuable thing you can do in the next 30 days to get known online
  • What you MUST do with your content to reach the masses AND avoid burnout
  • A simple method for getting a ton of topic ideas for blog posts and how to create them fast
  • Balancing “free” with “fee” when crafting your content and offers
  • How to leverage the 11 reasons why people buy when making your offers for programs, products and services
  • The keys to crafting unique offers that will establish you as a real player in your field
  • How to develop content that goes viral (the more people who see your stuff, the better right?!)
  • Simple tips for writing headlines that make an impact and email subject lines that get opened
  • A throw-down challenge to create an awesome piece of content in 48 hours to share with your tribe (no more analysis paralysis! no more hiding!)

Yes! Sign me up.

I started building a tribe of fans and potential clients that are ready for my help! I now have over 5,000 Facebook fans that like my page!

This program gave my step by step instructions and tools that I needed to find my specific potential clients, and time-saving tools and tips that I disparately needed! As a result, I started building a tribe of fans and potential clients that are ready for my help! I now have over 5,000 Facebook fans that like my page! I even lead my very first online workshop while in the Tribe Building Bootcamp! The support from Jenny, her crew, and the other bootcampers gave me the confidence I needed to dive in! My advice for those thinking of working with Jenny… Go for it!! You will not regret it.

– Sarah Jones, Intuitive Life Coach,

With the program, I received guidance to start using my gifts from God to help more people and to develop a business around that.

With the program, I received guidance to start using my gifts from God to help more people and to develop a business around that. It meant a lot to me to hear a calm, joyful and confident voice leading the way through the jungle of the internet and marketing. Jenny is graceful, fun and totally genuine.

My business has already started to grow. With the resources that I learned to use, I’m building my website and I’m more visible through social media.

I also received valuable lessons about how to conduct myself, the person, while building myself, the expert, and my business. And, I got support when I felt like running away from too much novelty.

My life has grown a lot, too! This program has taught me many lessons about overcoming the fear of growth, getting in touch with my soul to reveal who I really am and what I really want, to be patient and constantly work to grow while remaining true to myself and my purpose, and to also spend time in a meaningful way for me.

If you’re considering working with Jenny, I say go for it. She is supportive, present, and cares a lot about her students. She knows what she is doing and she’s honest, reliable, gentle and fun. She’s got it all!

– Mihaela Olteanu,

“Like all of her offerings, Jenny’s take on tribe building is sincere, value packed and filled with great real world, practical tools and techniques that every new entrepreneur needs to know to grow her community.”

While I LOVE the work that I do and the women I get to do it with, getting the word out can be overwhelming. That is why I enrolled in Jenny’s Tribe Building Bootcamp last year and I am SO happy I did. Like all of her offerings, Jenny’s take on tribe building is sincere, value packed and filled with great real world, practical tools and techniques that every new entrepreneur needs to know to grow her community. I just can’t say enough good things about this program or about Jenny herself!

– Martina Rutledge, Fairy Tale Guide, Into the Wild Woods of Your Soul,

“After getting my toes wet in the free five day Tribe Building Challenge, Jenny’s Tribe Building Bootcamp was my first real introduction to what this Get Gutsy gal and brand is all about.”

I must admit – I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into – but the power and momentum behind stepping up to the ‘social media branding’ plate in a clear, cohesive, and compelling way was an invaluable experience. I am beyond grateful for the ripple that started here!

– Melissa Killeleagh, Network Marketing Professional & Life/Business Coach, (website coming soon)


“Jenny’s content is powerful and I would recommend it for any women who wants to grow her business and really start making money.”

“Jenny has taught me about business models, systems and teams and how to create a true business rather than a job.”

– Carol LeBlanc, Financial Strategist,


“I feel confident to step out.”

“I’ve learned so much from Jenny Fenig. I’m so much further ahead than I ever knew I could be. And feel confident to step out. Maybe that’s the biggest win!”

Mary Campbell, Teacher + Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister,


“It’s a spiritual practice to invest in myself and it creates the energy and space for others to invest in me.”

“I felt truly connected to Jenny after she was one of my expert speakers on my Telesummit. She is so down to earth and it really hit home that I could be a wife, entrepreneur and mom (in the future) and be successful at all 3 AND live the life I wanted with the freedom I craved.

I thank you Jenny for helping move me along on my path!”

-Erin Peluso, Life Purpose Coach,

Enrollment Ends In …

Yes! Sign me up.

I’m Jenny Fenig, Your Tribe Building Guide


Know this: I’ve walked this path before. I’m a few steps ahead of you – oh my, the view is absolutely gorgeous from here! And I have some gems to share with you so you don’t fall in the same holes I did.

You have something significant to share with your tribe. They need you RIGHT NOW to give them the transformation they seek. Will you say YES? Overwhelmed? Don’t be. I’ve got your back.

My promise to you:

  • Step-by-step easy to follow training so you can actually take action and see results (in my former life, I curated content for big-time conferences and am a pro at course design!)
  • Sacred space holding so you can uplevel in your business and life with grace and courage
  • Fun times! Business doesn’t need to be drudgery, my friend. No, it’s time to throw off the shackles and embrace being fully YOU. It’s time to fly your freak flag and get paid to do it!

You might have seen me in…

 Tribe Building Bootcamp is for you if …

  • You’re self-motivated, resourceful, and fast to implement suggestions
  • You have a deep desire to make a BIG IMPACT on the world with the way you grow your business and live your life
  • You’re committed
  • You know a golden opportunity when you see one and don’t overanalyze every single decision
  • You feel with every fiber of your being that you have a mission to fulfill on this planet and you intend to do this through your business
  • You believe that you should be well compensated for your talents, gifts and value you offer the world
  • You are ready to help solve the problems of your tribe in the way that only you can
  • You have a sense of humor and believe that business is supposed to be fun

Tribe Building Bootcamp is NOT for you if …

  • You can’t keep commitments and have difficulty honoring your word
  • You’re not willing to do the “inner work” and “outer work” necessary to move ahead
  • You love to bitch, whine and make excuses pretty much every damn day
  • You have trouble making decisions and need constant hand-holding
  • You don’t want to grow and see amazing results

Enrollment Ends In …

Yes! Sign me up.

What You’ll Get in the Tribe Building Bootcamp – LIVE Edition

Weekly Trainings


Get psyched for juicy training content, online marketing strategies and insider secrets delivered right to your inbox each week for 4 weeks. Go through this at your own pace at the time that is best for YOUR schedule. Can you say CONVENIENT?

Your training materials (a mix of audio + video) will be available on our easy-to-stay-organized membership site so you don’t need to worry about losing anything. Upon registration, you’ll receive a username and password and can dive in. We’ve got you covered.

Step-By-Step Action Guides

jenny-fenig-tribe-building-worksheetsAlong with each module, you’ll receive a step-by-step worksheet walking you through how to bring the lesson to life within your business.

You’ll implement these mission-critical assignments as you go along and watch your business grow right before your eyes.

2 Coaching Calls Led by Jenny

This is where deep connections, commitments and breakthroughs are made. I’m so excited to support you in this way. Bring your questions. I’ve got you covered.

Hot Connection Forum

Enjoy the support of our private Tribe Building Bootcamp Facebook forum. Connect with the other spiritual business leaders in the program as you take your tribe to new heights. The forum will be open until mid-June to give you the focus and connection you crave.


jenny-fenig-tribe-building-meditations-cdYoga is my foundation for life and I’m stoked to share these meditation tools with you! As Lao Tzu says, “To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.” Meditation increases your vibration, which is crucial because your vibe attracts your tribe.

Meditations you’ll receive:
Static vs. Signal

What the heck is meditation anyway and why is it so darn powerful? Oprah does it. Deepak does it. Sting does it. Top CEOs do it. Do you do it?

I’ll give you the low-down on the power of meditation in this audio, then guide you through a powerful meditation to help you quiet the STATIC and tap into powerful SIGNALS waiting to be converted into content and action in your business.

Your Voice Matters

It’s time to activate your 5th chakra in your body. This is where your VOICE lives. This is where your story lives. Dive into this 8-minute meditation when you need an extra jolt of confidence as you speak your truth.

Rolodex of Resources

jenny-fenig-tribe-building-badge-rolodex-of-resourcesWonder what tools, programs and software I use to run my online business? Get your hands on this valuable guide where I reveal my top picks in categories like web design, online meeting services, project management software, database and newsletter providers, credit card processors, video producers, transcription services and more.

I have curated this list after many years of learning what works and what’s worth investing in. This list can save you tons of time and money.

Templates + Guides

jenny-fenig-tribe-building-badge-templates-guidesLearn how to drive traffic, build your tribe and make sales.

Plus score a great guide on how to develop a great “hook” to attract new clients with your sizzling message. Mission-critical info, at your fingertips.

Yes! Sign me up.

Hot Bonus only for the 1st 30 leaders who register – valued at $97!

Make Money Love You 7-Day Cleanse

This 7-Day Cleanse clears the way for the abundance and wealth that you deserve. Training audios, videos + worksheets guide you through these mission-critical topics:

Letting Go of the Old Story ★ Your Relationship with Money ★ Allowing More Money In ★ Show Me Your Wallet ★ Business, Life + Spirit Audit ★ Cash Flow Clarity ★ Your Gutsy Dreams

Hot Bonus – valued at $297!

TRAINING + TEMPLATES >> Creating, Launching + Leading Your Very Own Multi-Day Challenge on Facebook


If there’s one thing I’ve become very good at, it’s spotting a hot trend and leveraging that trend as an opportunity to help more people, grow my business and make more money.

And this year that trend to leverage is creating, launching + leading your very own multi-day Challenges on Facebook. I have 6 of these Challenges under my belt and they have truly taken my business to the next level.

My Challenge participants share that they get new clients, leads, confidence, engaging content, and faith.

This. Shit. Works.

And I’ve learned a ton leading these Challenges and want peel back the curtain on how to create, launch + lead your very own multi-day Challenge on Facebook.

When you sign up for the Tribe Building Bootcamp, you receive instant access to this bonus workshop + workbook (I give you some VALUABLE templates from my business!). Score!

Yes! Sign me up.

Hot Bonus – valued at $497

TRAINING >> Step Into the Spotlight

It’s mission-critical that you understand how to work with the media to gain visibility for your work + attract clients.

When you say yes to the Tribe Building Bootcamp, you’ll score this online workshop led by me (you’ll get the date + time this is being offered once you register) where I will teach you how to stand out with the press, develop an online press kit, and the basics of how to pitch yourself. As a former PR exec, I know what you need to do here and am excited to help you shine.

AND … it gets better. Once you go through the steps we teach you, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch yourself for MY podcast Get Gutsy. Fun!

Yes! Sign me up.