High Vibe Challenge - September 2017

Calling All Spirit-Led Coaches, Consultants, Teachers + Creators ...

7-Day HIGH VIBE Challenge

Help More People With Your Sacred Work

* The Challenge is totally free for you to join (and you're going to LOVE it)

Starts on Wednesday, September 20

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Led by Jenny Fenig

Award-winning spiritual business coach + creator of GLOW mastermind

The HIGH VIBE Challenge Starts In ...


Jenny Fenig's Free 7-Day Challenge Gives You:

Live Trainings

You'll be invited to join me on Facebook for live video training, motivation and Q+A time. We are going deep together! And we're going to have fun.

Daily Email Lesson + Writing Prompts

Everyday I'll land in your inbox to give you a valuable sacred leadership lesson + a writing prompt so you can help more people online + offline with your sacred work (without burning out).

Confidence + Connection

Being a spiritual entrepreneur isn't for the faint of heart. Get the jolt of confidence you need to keep rising on the path. Plus, you'll love connecting with the crew of go-getters who step forward for this powerful experience.

Plus FREE Registration Bonus!

Register for the Challenge now + I'll send you my Spiritual Business Leadership Mindmap so you can see the golden keys you need to master to help more people + move your mission forward (while not sacrificing your personal life!). 

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