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A Transformative Private Coaching Day with Jenny to Help You Find the Shortest Path to Success + Do Your Big Work in the World


From: Jenny Fenig, Great Barrington, MA, USA

Dear savvy woman-on-a-mission,

Wow!  I recently wrapped up an amazing VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat with one of my top private clients, and I’m still on Cloud 9 — or more like 9,000!  The path we carved out for her to live her vision and step into her gift is so clear, so powerful, so her. And that’s just my take on things! Check out what she has to say about our day together …

“What can I say about the VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat except…THANK YOU. There was something so magical about sitting in your beautiful home looking out at the trees, feeling at once peaceful and that the world was full of exciting and limitless possibilities for me. I feel that profound shifts occurred — even in such a gentle way — and I will enjoy allowing them to fully reveal themselves in the coming weeks and months.”
– Cybele Eidenshenk

The vast ground we covered in the VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat was simply amazing … and made me want to offer more of these sessions to women like you.

You may be asking why am I so passionate about this work. You see, the truth is, I’m seeing too many women hold back from sharing their great gift with the world. You know what I’m talking about. You’re not playing full-out and it’s costing you: physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. That’s no way to live … and quite frankly, I know you want more. That’s why I’ve created this deep-dive, hands-on, energizing session to brainstorm and map out the next phase of your business and your life path.

The VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat is ideal for savvy women on-a-mission — entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, successful corporate women and corporate refugees — who are ready to take decisive action and create powerful, transformative results.

Whether your focus is on building or changing careers, starting or growing a business, creating more balance and freedom in your schedule, managing the many hats that you wear, or adding more fun and adventure into your life, this is THE experience you’re craving.

Together we will restructure, reconfigure, and re-launch for optimal results, carving out the shortest path to success. (C’mon, do you really have time to waste taking the long way here?)  You will leave empowered, motivated, inspired AND with the tools and resources to get to the next level.

This is a first-come, first-served opportunity with a limited number of spots available per month.

This private VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat is unique in that it’s:

  • Intimate and totally focused on YOU
  • POWERFUL! Sessions are conducted in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts (an easy drive from New York City and Boston; conveniently accessible by two airports). If you aren’t able to travel to me, we can conduct the session by SKYPE or iChat (although I urge you to do whatever it takes to make an in-person meeting happen!). You’ll be amazed at what you uncover when you have that much uninterrupted energy focused on your dreams, vision, truth and path.
  • All about getting your individual questions answered fully during our day together
  • Totally customized to YOUR needs and wants related to business, life, family, self
  • THE place to be if you are tired of waiting for “someday” to happen to clarify your vision and live your best life
  • Designed to give you a break from the everyday, the deadlines, the drama, the stress. This day is about you feeling refreshed, energized, empowered, enlightened, powerful, plugged in. Not only am I a coach and strategist, but I also use my training as a yoga teacher and my decade-plus experience as a devoted student to your benefit. Learn THE tools to help you quiet the mind chatter and create a life and career that feels good and right to YOU, right NOW (hint, hint: who you are AND what you want now may be different than who you were and what you wanted a few years ago)

The important details:

Here’s what I’ve lined up for those ready to take DECISIVE ACTION and do ‘whatever it takes’ to join me to create dramatic RESULTS:

  • Visioning exercises to help you get clear on what you really want, your personal truth, and to convert this into tangible actions in your life and your work
  • Uncovering any blocks that have held you back or slowed your progress up until now
  • Identifying your biggest opportunity/resource that you’re not taking advantage of (you’re essentially leaving money on the table by not recognizing this)
  • Thinking bigger about how you show up in the world
  • Guidance to help you to unearth and use your voice
  • Carving out a clear path you can travel to be the highest version of yourself
  • A marketing strategy discussion, specifically developed around your specific business goals and needs
  • Pinpointing, prioritizing, and committing to immediate next steps with measurable results for each
  • 5 hours of private mentoring, coaching and consulting support
  • Lunch (for in-person sessions)
  • 2 hours of advanced review of your existing business or marketing materials
  • A “Moving the Action Forward” guide delivered within 2 weeks, detailing my recommendations, observations, resources and tips for implementing your plan and seeing your vision take shape
  • 1 60-minute follow-up phone session one month later to gauge progress, overcome any roadblocks, and ensure you’re staying on your committed path

Here’s the low-cost, high-value investment for this VIP Coaching Retreat with me. It’s priced VERY generously, to give you every reason to say “YES!” and get your business and life on track, once and for all.

Option One (best deal)

Pay-In-Full: $1997

Option Two

2 installments of $1100

When you reserve your spot in the VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat, you also receive a hot ticket to a transformative weekend …

AMAZING BONUS: Ticket to Retreat for Goddesses – valued at $1197 (travel + lodging is additional)

“I’m in, Jenny! But I understand there are limited spots. So what’s the process for applying?!”

Simply fill out the form below, and I will personally review each candidate.

If you’re a perfect fit for the program, my team will be in touch to confirm logistics, secure your retreat date on my calendar, and get your registration and payment confirmed.


Celebrate your decision!

Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive a Client Information Questionnaire to fill out so that I can fully immerse myself into your life, business, dreams and wishes. I’ll also ask you to hone in on the 3 specific and tangible things you want to get from your time during the VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat.

No matter how you prepare for being “center stage” with my full attention, I’ll help you get crystal clear on what you really want RIGHT NOW and to convert this into immediate next steps with measurable results for each. As you know, what gets measured gets done!

I’m ready to rock it with you … woo hoo.

Jenny’s Clients Speak Up!

“Jenny, what can I say? I just knew when reading your message about the VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat that it was exactly where I should be at this juncture in my life. The beautiful Berkshires setting coupled with your gentle style of imparting wisdom helped me to re-connect with my own inner compass and chart a path forward. Thank you!”

— Julie, mom, professional, education advocate, friend

“The VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat was truly life changing. In a matter of hours I was able to clarify a path and define a plan for the next chapter of my life. Jenny is truly a master at asking the tough questions, listening and guiding you to achieve your goals. I’m so excited and thrilled to see how the decisions made that day will pan out in the coming months.”

– R.D., event planner (and aspiring rock star!)

“Jenny helps you focus and formulate actions steps to help you realize your dreams. Powerful stuff, and truly life changing.”

Juliet Keeler LeBien, Psychotherapist

I can’t wait to coach you in person and help you get crystal clear on the life, business and legacy that you deserve. Let’s do it.

Much love, light and success,



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