I couldn’t fake it anymore

Exactly 11 years ago today, life as I knew it changed. In a matter of hours, I went from an ambitious, 24-year-old public relations executive rockin’ my way through New York City … to a woman who was sad, scared, lost and changed at the core.

September 11, 2001 is a day that will go down in history. Many were affected much deeper than I was on that day. My heart still aches for the souls who perished.

I’ll never forget watching the horror unfold on TV the minute I walked into my fancy office on East 42nd Street. The days and weeks that followed passed as if in slow motion. Everything seemed surreal. We weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves after such an extreme act of terrorism was committed.

Getting back to work was not easy. Although I enjoyed being around my co-workers, I had lost all desire to pitch stories to the media (a big focus of my job) about seemingly trivial matters like a new ad campaign for a restaurant I had no desire to actually go to … or the latest candy variety to hit the shelves.

I couldn’t fake it anymore.

I knew I wasn’t using my gift and I didn’t want to waste anymore time operating at half-capacity.

The years since this massive event have been dedicated to me truly being “real” and focusing in on what I’m really good at, sharing that gift with the world, and making healthy, sustainable choices. I’ve learned that when I do that, I’m really happy … and the people around me are happy … and together we create something extremely valuable: transformation on a soul level.

I’ll tell you that as soon as you uncover and own your gifts, your life will change before your eyes. Seriously.

I know, because I’ve been where you are, and now I’m on the other side.

Are you ready to make a shift in your business and life? Are you feeling the pull to truly step up and shine your light so you can touch lives and create the lifestyle that fuels you way deep down?

Good. You should be. This is your ONE shot. I’m with you.

Click my video below and join me for a free video training adventure (free) that will push you to explore what’s holding you back from the profound happiness AND authentic, massive success you know in your heart of hearts is waiting for you!

The videos will only be up for a little while longer so get in while you can. It would be my honor to support you as you step forward to do your big work in the world.


This is your time! See you on the other side.


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