Question Corner: How Do You Get Testimonials From Your Clients?

Question: What’s a good way to get testimonials from my clients to use on my website? – Dana, New York, NY

Jenny says: Featuring client testimonials on your website and marketing materials is a fantastic way to let your success speak for itself. It’s essential. The third-party recommendation will go a long way with potential clients considering hiring you or signing up for one of your programs. Good for you for wanting to include this element on your website!

A great formula for getting written testimonials and success stories from current or past clients is to ask them to share:

1 – Where they were before they started working with you. What pain were they experiencing?

2 – Tangible results they experienced from your collaboration, program, event (#’s are helpful, when possible). Be specific and really paint a picture.

3 – Where they are now. How does their inner and outer landscape look?

If your client doesn’t like to write, ask them to put together bullet points and send to you. You’ll then convert them into full sentences and send back to them for final approval. When possible, ask them to use their full name in the testimonial. It seems more credible.

It’s typically helpful to ask them to submit the testimonial by a certain date. Requests with deadlines tend to happen more often than open-ended requests!

Here’s a great example from one of my clients:

“Before working with Jenny, I lacked focus and direction in my business, felt overwhelmed, and was overall, not very happy. After participating in the Live Your Dream Challenge, I am now much more clear, focused, and solid in the vision and direction of my business. I also feel motivated, inspired, fired-up, and more joyful about my future. Thanks, Jenny!” – Jeanne Henningsen, Founder/President,

Good luck and go for it!


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