Question Corner: How Do You Stay Focused?

Question: “How do I stay focused on my goals? I seem to so easily talk myself out of things that I really want.”  – Tracey in Michigan

Jenny says: This is a common trap for women! So many of us doubt our inner voice and deepest desires. But the only way you’ll get ahead in your business and life is to stay focused, girl. And to keep believing.

I recommend having 2 – 3 goals/focus areas that you are moving towards every month. The women in my coaching programs complete accountability reports every month and these really help them stay on track so you’re not saying YES to things that aren’t getting you closer to where you need to be. Crucial!

A HUGE year-at-a-glance calendar is one of my fave tools to help you dream really, really big. It’s up to YOU to create your life. Don’t be lazy.

Also, develop a regular spiritual practice that anchors you every morning. Perhaps it’s a warm cup of tea or coffee where you write in your journal or set your intention for the day. Maybe it’s your regular workout that allows you to feel awesome and pushes you to stay focused on what you want.

A powerful component to staying on track is by having a coach and accountability partner that you can work with to make your vision real. There is nothing better than being able to say what you want to someone who has your back, and then report back to that person that YOU DID IT. Sweet.

Want a quick dose of support to help you get focused and get moving? Check out my Quick Start Strategy Call where you and I can pow-wow about taking your business, life and spirit to the next level. You’re worth it. You can find out more here.

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