Pain + Progress Can Coexist with Vasavi Kumar

Do you need motivation to take on a new path?

Do you know there are changes you need to make or challenges you need to face head-on?

I implore you to listen to this episode and find answers, empowerment, and the catalyst you need. I have watched Vasavi Kumar make some strategic moves in her business and personal life that have served her well on the successful path she travels today. No matter where you are in life, you will NOT be disappointed by Vasavi’s straightforward approach to taking charge and taking action. Join us for this inspiring conversation!

About Our Guest

get-gutsy-podcast-speaker-Vasavi-KumarVasavi Kumar is often described as “your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination.” She is a licensed social worker, special education teacher, and a certified coach. Vasavi holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University. She’s a pro at attracting media and works with her clients to create and go after opportunities that are aligned with their brand values. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, was a regular on NBC’s Kansas City Live as the “Keepin’ It Real Guru.” and was on VH1’s Basketball Wives where she coached one of the main stars of the show. She truly believes that with impeccable character, work ethic, and unwavering values, you can do, be and have anything you want. Connect with her at

Highlights from this episode:

  • Vasavi describes her long-term therapy, since age 12, as “word vomiting and validation”
  • How Vasavi started her entrepreneurial journey in 2010 after reading an article about life coaching, even though she had no prior knowledge or marketing experience!
  • How her mentor, Lisa Nichols, taught her the foundational principles that she needed to know
  • Why she took a complete year off last year that was nothing short of EMPOWERING!
  • Her business BEFORE the year off was exhausting, doing all the things that everyone else told her she should do
  • Her business AFTER the year off has become only one-on-one work, because that is exactly what she wants to do
  • Vasavi explains why it’s important to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself
  • Can you SAY what you do in ten seconds or less? Vasavi shows you how!
  • Knowing what SHE is really good at helps others find what they are really good at
  • Are YOU motivated and fueled by the wrong things and by what other people think? Vasavi explains the dangers!
  • Vasavi describes two of her programs: Release Your Baggage and Rent My Brain
  • Vasavi explains her daily habit of pitching herself to at least two media outlets. Yes, she does it EVERY day!
  • Vasavi shares the story of how planting the coaching “seed” at an expo in NYC led to appearing as a life coach on the reality TV show Basketball Wives—three years later!
  • Growing up with a strong Indian heritage and a cardiologist mom—not the easiest life!
  • “I was trained as a kid to make a man think you need him”
  • On a personal note, Vasavi shares how she is currently approaching the dating scene after a breakup
  • Her message? Stop analyzing so much! Take action. Know who you can go to
  • Vasavi has daily spiritual practices that help her stay spiritually connected to herself
  • The gutsiest move she’s ever made? Taking a year off from her business, allowing herself to become completely irrelevant, and kicking out her ex-boyfriend

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