Moving From Business Provider to Expert with Heather DeSantis

What does it take to become known as an expert in your field?

Meet millennial Heather DeSantis, a Girl Scout throughout high school and a total firecracker, who shares her story and a slew of tips on how to generate publicity for yourself.

An ultimatum from Heather’s boss at an ad agency job led her to jump ship. Once she followed her love of public relations, Heather launched her own PR company and grew it to $400,000 in billings in one year.

If you’re ready to grow your visibility and reach in the market through the power of publicity, this episode is for you!

Gems you’ll love:

  • How 3rd party endorsements (media placements) position you as an expert
  • How to get ideas to pitch yourself to journalists
  • How to get the attention of specific editors
  • Why placements in traditional media outlets are important in our digital world
  • How to leverage media placements to warm up your list
  • How to add an opt-in box on articles about you that appear online
  • How to grow and manage a virtual team (as far away as halfway around the world!)

Heather DeSantis

About Our Guest

Heather founded her own public relations company on the dream of providing an empowering work environment for women who wish to change the world! She has had the amazing privilege of working with and sharing the stories of clients who wish to go out and make their mark on the world. From Facebook Ad Specialists, to Financial Freedom Makers, to her very own “Forrest Gump” who’s running marathons around the country for charity, she has helped many people make an impact in this content rich world!

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